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Best Binaural Recording - Sileypud (Jazzband) HQ
"Sileypud", New Haranni Poison Mixers - excerpt (John Barnes) Compiled by Ultrasone. I do not own this song.
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Balanced vs. Unbalanced Cables - How To Reduce Unwanted Noise
This video will explain the difference between recording audio with balanced vs unbalanced cables. I demonstrate exactly whats going on under the hood of balanced cables using Ableton Live and show exactly how they help to reduce noise.
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Presonus Faderport - Setup, Demo, Review for Ableton Live
This is a demo of the presonus faderport. I also explain how to set it up for use in Ableton Live.
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Audio Effect - Utility (Everything You Need To Know) Ableton Live
This tutorial video explains everything you need to know about using the audio effect utility. soundcloud.com/somaaa facebook.com/somaaamusic twitter.com/somaaamusic
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Making Acoustic Pannels for Recording Studio or Home Theatre
www.SomaRecordingStudios.com https://twitter.com/SomaaaMusic https://www.patreon.com/soma I make acoustic panels using Corning 703 compressed insulation.
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Record / Edit Multiple Tracks Simultaniously In Ableton Live
This is a quick video on how to arm and record multiple tracks in Ableton Live. This is useful if you are trying to record a drum set or multiple synthesizers at the same time. Its easy to pocket or fix timing problems in the mix by editing multiple drum tracks simultaneously.
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Audio Effect - Limiter (Everything You Need To Know) Ableton Live
This video tutorial will cover everything you need to know about Ableton Live's Limiter. We will cover everything from gain, lookahead, ceiling, release functions. Additionally I will cover iZotope's Ozone and Fab Filter's Pro L. facebook.com/somaaamusic soundcloud.com/somaaa twitter.com/somaaamusic
Views: 17383 Soma Recording Studios
How To Get a Punchy Kick in Ableton Live 9 with New Glue Compressor
This is a video explaining how I make punchy drum sounds for my songs. Soundcloud.com/somaaa Facebook.com/somaaamusic twitter.com/somaaamusic
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Cheap vs Expensive Mic Stands
Why buy expensive mic stands over cheaper ones? BECAUSE THEY WORK BETTER! I was surprised to find out that buying a high quality mic stand like K&M brand. I run through a few tests to see how an expensive vs cheap mic stand hold up to basic tasks.. I even take them both apart to compare components found in each.
What Is a Soundstage?
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmsJqzEEfco Binaural Recording - Sileypud (Jazzband) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbxbT_DNcfM More on getting a wide stereo mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgQoJum9DL4 The soundstage is a representation of tracks in a mix spread out left to right and front to back.
Crazy Ableton Live Visuals Demo and Download
Im using ableton's redux (a bitcrusher) in combination with Ganz Graf Mod X and Multimap in max for live. Ganz Graf Mod X http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/1530/ganz-graf-mod-x Somaaa's Visual Redux Effect Chain https://www.dropbox.com/s/nc6xlg5zs3a4367/Somaaa%27s%20Bitcrush%20Visual.adg
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How To Make Sub Bass for Hip-Hop and Dance Music
This is a tutorial on how to make sub bass using a simple sine wave oscillator. The Oscillator has a gate on it that is sidechained to the kick drum. Whenever the kick hits, the gate opens and allows the sine wave oscillator to be heard. I also explain what attack and release settings to use depending on your genre. In this video I use Ableton Live Suite 9.
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Mackie MCU Pro Setup and Update with Ableton Live and Logic Pro X
I had a hard time finding information about setting up and updating the firmware on the Mackie Control Universal Pro control surface so I decided to make a how to video on my own. I was not able to update the unit with Ableton Live Suite so I turned to using Logic Pro X software and it worked great. Mackie Control Surfaces Firmware Guide https://supportloudtech.netx.net/loud-public/#asset/16770/viewer/document My website SomaRecordingStudios.com If you want your music mixed or mastered by a professional, please visit my website or contact me anytime at: [email protected] I also teach lessons on production, engineering, DJing, and Ableton Live
3 Ways To Create A Buss in Ableton Live
This video demonstrates 3 different ways to make a buss in Ablation Live. You can create a group track; send 'audio to' to an audio track; use send and return tracks.
Ableton Instrument -  Operator Pt 1
This tutorial video explains everything you need to know about Ableton Live's Operator. It explains the oscillators, LFO, envelope generator, filters, and more!
Plugs Needed to Connect Phone/Laptop to DJ Mixer
A long overdue video about the cables needed to connect your phone, tablet, ipod, or laptop to any DJ mixer
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How to Use Sidechain Compression With Electronic Music
Sidechain compression with "The Color Red - By Somaaa" This video explains what a sidechain compressor is and what it is used for. I explain basic attack, release, and threshold settings for the compressor. This tutorial was made with Ableton Live Suite 9.
How To Create Audio Fades and MIDI Envelope Curves In Ableton Live 9
This tutorial demonstrates how to fade midi envelopes and audio clips. Knowing this useful tool will greatly help to speed up your production.
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Intro To Modular Synthesis
An introduction to modular synthesis. In this video I go over various types and brands of modules and demonstrate how to connects them all together to create sounds. I demonstrate this using my Eurorack synthesizer. I use brands like Doepfer, Analog Solutions, Pittsburg Modular and TipTop Eurorack moog
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How to Connect Condenser Microphone with Phantom Power to Reduce Popping Sounds
This video demonstrates the proper way to connect a condenser microphone to an audio interface or pre-amp using phantom power. Proper connection will reduce popping sounds and increase the life of your microphone. Im also showing off my new Naumann TLM 102.
Top Ableton Automation Techniques
This video demonstrates several automation techniques that will help speed up your workflow in Ableton Live.
Dubstep Wobble With Ableton's Simpler
link to sound life= files.me.com/basscreators/d5vqo5.wav
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How To Tighten Up Drums With Gating, Compression, Sidechaining, and More
Cleaning up acoustic drums to sound tighter and crisper. In this video I clean up the snare, kick, hi hat, and overheads to sound more coherent and less sloppy
How to Use a Compressor - Ableton Live 9
This video explains what a compressor is used for and what the controls do.
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Mixing Hip-Hop #1 - Vocal effects, Autotune, Pitch Effects
Studio Website - SomaRecordingStudios.com Alim's Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/limmylimm Txmmy Beat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1x8XINHAtw
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Tutorial On Groove Pool In Ableton Live
This tutorial demonstrated what the groove pool is and how its used. I go over most of the parameters and give examples on how its used.
Become An Automation Expert - Top 12 Automation Tips
This video demonstrates the top 12 things you need to know to be an expert on automation
Maintaining Headroom In Your Mix
This is a quick video describing how to tackle master channel headroom problems while you are mixing. All you have to do is add a limiter with 5-10db gain on it to your master channel at the beginning if the session. When you finally finish the song you can take the limiter off and you will instantly have plenty of headroom to go around.
Audio Effect - Overdrive (Everything You Need To Know) Ableton Live
This video goes over everything you need to know about Ableton's audio effect called overdrive. We will cover the drive knob, tone knob, dynamics, dry/wet and overdrive's banpass filter
What's New In Ableton Live 9.5?
For more information: https://www.ableton.com/en/live/new-in-9-5/ The new version of Ableton Live has just come out. Some of the new features include: Better sampling with Simpler Improved waveforms and coloring Peak and RMS meters Analog-modeled filters More sounds, samples, and drums New Max Essentials Play in time with Link Create a song with Push 2
Audio Effect EQ Eight
This video is a lesson on Ableton live's EQ 8. Its a parametric equalizer used to attenuate or boost frequencies on a track.
How To Make Remix/Bootleg Stems From Finished Songs
This tutorial demonstrates how to cut up another persons song into pieces that you can use for remixing or bootlegging. I am claiming fair use because this is an educational tutorial.
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How To Make Tracks Stand Out In A Mix - Ableton Live
Listen to the whole song here: https://soundcloud.com/somaaa/moy-rustang This video demonstrates how to use sends along with distortion, phaser, and a bitcrusher to make any element of your track more present in a mix. Download Camel Crusher here http://www.camelaudio.com/camelcrusher.php You can also use Ableton's redux or overdrive.
How To Get A Wide Stereo Mix in Ableton Live
In this video I mix a song from start to finish and explain what techniques you should use to make your mix sound wide and clear. If you have a muddy mix what doesn't sound as professional as you want it to, it may be because your mix is trampling over itself. Examples are: delay, chorus, stereo width, reverb and simple panning to the left and right. In this video I use Ableton Live Suite 9, but you can use these techniques with any DAW
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Cage the Elephant - Always Something (Somaaa Remix)
Download Free on Somaaa's Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/somaaa/always-something-somaaa-remix facebook.com/somaaamusic
Introduction to Mixing and Mastering + iZotope Ozone in Ableton live
This video covers basic mixing and mastering techniques in Ableton. facebook.com/somaaamusic soundcloud.com/somaaa twitter.com/somaaamusic
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Ableton Live - MIDI Effect - Pitch
Everything you need to know about Ableton Live's MIDI effect called 'pitch'
Audio Effect - Auto Pan (Everything You Need To Know) Ableton Live
This video is a tutorial on everything you need to know about Ableton Live's Audio Effect Auto Pan.
Messing with Ableton Live (Somaaa- Inspite)
This was made by me months ago and was sitting in my Ableton folder collecting figurative dust when i decided to ship it out to youtube
Compressor Attack and Release Settings
This video demonstrated what various attack and release settings do on a compressor. Im using Ableton 9 Suite with the default compressor in ableton.
Convert Harmony, Melody, Drums to MIDI (Ableton Tutorial)
This video covers converting audio clips to MIDI. Ableton allows for conversion of harmonies, melodies, and drum sounds to be converted and translated into MIDI notes that you can play with any instrument in live. facebook.com/somaaamusic soundcloud.com/somaaa twitter.com/somaaamusic Somaaa.com
How To DJ With Ableton Live - Full Setup
Link to template: http://goo.gl/9QMVr This video demonstrates one of many ways you can DJ withAbleton Live. With this setup you can have 2 mixing channels (or more) and several additional effects channels.
Ableton Instrument - Analog Part 1
This video covers most of the important features of Analog in Ableton Live. It covers the oscillators, various filters, amplifier, LFOs an global parameters.
Why Use a Shockmount? - Rycote InVision USM
This video goes over using a shockmount vs using the standard microphone mount that comes with many mics like the TLM 102. I tap along the boom arm on a mic stand and show that without a shock mount a lot more low end frequencies are picked up. The shock mount being used today is the purple Aston version of the Rycote InVision USM
How To Make a Supersaw Synthesizer Sound!
This video demonstrates how to make a supersaw/ultrasaw type sound using Ableton Live. All techniques used in this video can be mirrored on any other capable synth, plugin, VST, or DAW.
Korg MS2000 Repair Walkthrough
I fixed some loose soldering on the circuit board. I walk though the steps you need to follow to successfully take apart and put back together this synthesizer.Be careful! There are plenty of things to go wrong
Make a Pitched Hip-Hop Kick (like Heartless by Kanye West)
I use the synth Analog in Ableton Live to create a pitched kickdrum similar to the one in the song Heartless by Kanye West. I briefly touch on layering kicks and using parallel compression to beef up your percussion.
Mixing Hip-Hop Music 2 - Vocal layering, effects, and techniques
Studio Website - SomaRecordingStudios.com https://soundcloud.com/tye-gunna https://soundcloud.com/damianmancini In this video I spend time mixing some hip-hop / rap vocals to a pre-made instrumental beat. I go over different techniques that I use on a lot of tracks that I record and mix. If you are interested in submitting a mix or working with me, please visit my website and contact me at the bottom of the page.
Starting Vocal Chain for Mixing ANYTHING (especially hip-hop / R&B)
Studio Website - SoundsLikeSoma.com Limm's Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/limmylimm Showing some BASIC-ish mixing techniques for vocals. Even though I'm mixing a more melodic hip-hop / R&B track, these techniques carry over to any genre or DAW. Try it out for yourself on your next song. Mixing Hip-Hop #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCHEGRjqUfw&t=749s Mixing Hip-Hop #2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfPMhlY8UIY If you are interested in submitting a mix or working with me, please visit my website to email me. [email protected]

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