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Friedrich Nietzsche  - Beyond Good and Evil  - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links available below : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Beyond-Good-and-Evil-by-Friedrich-Nietzsche.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Beyond-Good-and-Evil-by-Friedrich-Nietzsche.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Beyond-Good-and-Evil-by-Friedrich-Nietzsche.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 00 : 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 01 : 00:06:02 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 02 : 01:05:31 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 03 : 01:45:30 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 04 : 02:29:34 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 05 : 02:53:04 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 06 : 03:50:29 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 07 : 04:44:05 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 08 : 04:45:14 ▫️ Chapter Good and Evil chapter 09 : 04:46:15 📝 Synopsis: Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche A searing indictment of concepts like “truth” and “language” Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche is a deeply thought provoking book that forms one of the keystones of modern thought and politics. In this book, Nietzsche takes the position that our subservience to fixed perspectives that are forced on us by our language and our ideals make us incapable of perceiving reality. He propounds the theory that ideals are not fixed but change over time, often dramatically, and end up becoming the exact opposite of what they originally were. For instance an abstraction like “good” could mean anything depending on who is using it. Wars have been fought, people have been silenced, disease and destruction have been let loose based on what is considered “good” by certain countries and people in power. Hence, the meaning and interpretation of words really depend on the will that chooses to manipulate them. The will in turn is subject to a shifting and eternally changing viewpoint, based on the power and status of those who operate it. Nietzsche then goes on to propose a new way of thinking that goes beyond such concepts like “good” and “evil.” These and other such concepts are a bold and revolutionary way of looking at the way human beings reflect, act and justify their actions. We begin to see the world not in terms of just linear, black and white or binary terms but as a more complex, multidimensional entity, where sometimes contradictory concepts seem to coexist.
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John Milton - Paradise Lost  - FULL AudioBook - Subtitles
📥 Download: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Paradise-Lost-by-John-Milton.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Paradise-Lost-by-John-Milton.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Paradise-Lost-by-John-Milton.txt 📝 Synopsis: Magnificent in its scale and scope, this monumental poem by the blind poet John Milton was the first epic conceived in the English language. It describes an omniscient, all powerful God, the Fall of Man, the Temptation in the Garden of Eden, the disgraced angel who later becomes known as Satan, the Angelic Wars fought by Archangels Michael and Raphael and the Son of God who is the real hero of this saga. The poet John Milton was more than sixty years old when he embarked on this immense work of literary creation. His father was a wealthy merchant who had embraced Protestantism despite opposition from his Catholic family. Milton grew up in a privileged environment, having been schooled at home by private tutors and traveling extensively throughout Italy. It was here that he first read Virgil and Homer and decided to create his own epic in English. Tumultuous historical events intervened, like the English Civil War and the establishment of Puritan Rule. Milton was deeply embroiled in politics and the new parliament. When the monarchy was restored, Milton found himself on the wrong side and he retreated into hiding where he began working on his dream of creating an epic to match the best in Latin and Greek. He completed it after five years of tremendous effort, since he was already totally blind when he began working. The entire work, consisting of nearly ten thousand individual lines of blank verse was dictated by Milton from memory, to a series of scribes. Paradise Lost consists of twelve smaller volumes divided into Books. Each one is devoted to a particular Biblical episode. It begins with a prologue that describes the subject of the epic, much like an introduction. The action shifts to the rebellion of Lucifer and from then on, to familiar episodes like the temptation of Adam and Eve and their disobedience to God's laws. Satan and his unholy legions are described in great detail as are their rebellion and malevolence. Adam and Eve, God and the Son of God are portrayed in brilliant, unforgettable lines and the conflict between the forces of good and evil is represented on a cosmic scale. For lovers of poetry and literature, Paradise Lost represents a seminal work of supreme importance in English literature. Present-day readers will certainly find it fascinating to decode the multitude of classical references, Biblical lore, social and cultural themes that adorn this great work.
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Mark Twain - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn " by Mark Twain and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links available below : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn-by-Mark-Twain.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn-by-Mark-Twain.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn-by-Mark-Twain.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Chapter 01 : 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 02 : 00:10:54 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 03 : 00:26:16 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 04 : 00:37:11 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 05 : 00:46:13 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 06 : 00:56:53 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 07 : 01:14:49 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 08 : 01:30:25 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 09 : 01:57:45 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 10 : 02:07:18 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 11 : 02:15:57 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 12 : 02:33:35 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 13 : 02:51:30 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 14 : 03:04:05 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 15 : 03:14:39 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 16 : 03:29:28 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 17 : 03:50:03 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 18 : 04:10:44 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 19 : 04:39:41 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 20 : 05:01:24 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 21 : 05:23:27 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 22 : 05:46:05 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 23 : 05:59:37 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 24 : 06:15:00 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 25 : 06:30:05 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 26 : 06:48:05 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 27 : 07:05:54 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 28 : 07:22:28 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 29 : 07:45:08 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 30 : 08:07:43 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 31 : 08:15:35 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 32 : 08:38:23 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 33 : 08:53:24 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 34 : 09:10:05 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 35 : 09:23:48 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 36 : 09:41:10 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 37 : 09:54:26 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 38 : 10:10:39 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 39 : 10:27:04 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 40 : 10:40:19 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 41 : 10:54:16 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 42 : 11:10:38 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 43 : 11:29:12 📝 Synopsis: Regarded as the pride and joy of American literature, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a picturesque novel depicting Huck’s epic journey from boyhood to manhood and the struggles he must face living in a corrupt society. The novel serves as a sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, another famous work by Mark Twain. The plot unfolds in several locations sometime before the Civil War. The book opens with a description of Huck’s new life as he undergoes a process of “civilization” while living with the Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson. Although he dislikes the strict regime of education, manners, church and rigid clothing, which are a necessity to fit into society, Huck prefers anything to his previous life with his drunkard father Pap. However, just as things begin to stabilize, Pap returns to the picture and demands Huck give him the money that he had previously attained during an adventure with his best friend Tom Sawyer. Huck’s refusal to do so only infuriates Pap. Just when things are improving for Huck, he is kidnapped and mistreated by his no-good father. After faking his own death and on the run, he meets Jim who is a runaway slave with a bounty to his name. Huck must decide whether to trust his gut feeling and help an innocent flee slavery, or view the poor man simply as property. Caught up between ethics and legality, Huck must make a decision. The two set out together on a raft, both in search of freedom and experience many challenges on the way whilst at the same time an emotional bond is developed. Twain’s vibrant description of the places and people along the Mississippi River is one of the jewels of the novel, as well as the use of vernacular language and the presence of dialects. Moral and ethics, racism and slavery, and hypocritical society are just some of the targeted issues presented in the novel. Celebrated throughout generations, the slanted tale of adventure does not seize to spark appreciation although simultaneously stirring controversy.
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Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius - The Consolation of Philosophy  - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Sub
Full audiobook : The Consolation of Philosophy by Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Consolation-of-Philosophy-by-Boethius.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Consolation-of-Philosophy-by-Boethius.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Consolation-of-Philosophy-by-Boethius.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Preface and Proem 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Book I, Song I: Boethius' 00:07:21 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Book I, Song II: His Depo 00:12:19 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Book I, Song III: The Mis 00:15:13 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Book I, Song IV: Nothing 00:19:22 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Book I, Song V: Boethius' 00:35:44 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Book I, Song VI: All Thin 00:42:10 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Book I, Song VII: The Per 00:48:03 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Book II, Section I, and S 00:49:27 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Book II, Section II, and 00:55:46 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Book II, Section III, and 01:01:01 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Book II, Section IV, and 01:06:42 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Book II: Section V, and S 01:15:07 ▫️ Chapter 14 : Book II, Section VI, and 01:26:42 ▫️ Chapter 15 : Book II Section VII, and 01:33:34 ▫️ Chapter 16 : Book II Section VIII, and 01:40:44 ▫️ Chapter 17 : Book III, Section I, and 01:44:24 ▫️ Chapter 18 : Book III, Section II, and 01:47:08 ▫️ Chapter 19 : Book III, Section III, an 01:56:28 ▫️ Chapter 20 : Book III, Section IV, and 02:01:49 ▫️ Chapter 21 : Book III, Section V, and 02:06:17 ▫️ Chapter 22 : Book III, Section VI, and 02:10:04 ▫️ Chapter 23 : Book III, Song VII: Pleas 02:13:20 ▫️ Chapter 24 : Book III, Song VIII: Huma 02:15:47 ▫️ Chapter 25 : Book III, section IX, Son 02:20:52 ▫️ Chapter 26 : Book III: Section X, and 02:33:00 ▫️ Chapter 27 : Book III, Section XI, and 02:46:43 ▫️ Chapter 28 : Book III, Section XII, an 02:56:40 ▫️ Chapter 29 : Book IV, Section I, and S 03:09:18 ▫️ Chapter 30 : Book IV, Section II, and 03:15:11 ▫️ Chapter 31 : Book IV, Section III, and 03:26:00 ▫️ Chapter 32 : Book IV, Section IV, and 03:34:30 ▫️ Chapter 33 : Book IV, Section V, and S 03:48:32 ▫️ Chapter 34 : Book IV, Section VI, and 03:52:37 ▫️ Chapter 35 : Book IV, Section VII, and 04:13:39 ▫️ Chapter 36 : Book V, Section I, and So 04:19:00 ▫️ Chapter 37 : Book V, Section II, and S 04:26:22 ▫️ Chapter 38 : Book V, Section III, and 04:29:35 ▫️ Chapter 39 : Book V, Section IV, and S 04:40:40 ▫️ Chapter 40 : Book V: Section V, and So 04:51:30 ▫️ Chapter 41 : Book V, Section VI and Ep 04:57:51 📝 Synopsis: Consolation of Philosophy (Latin: Consolatio Philosophiae) is a philosophical work by Boethius written in about the year 524 AD. It has been described as the single most important and influential work in the West in medieval and early Renaissance Christianity, and is also the last great work that can be called Classical.Consolation of Philosophy was written during Boethius’ one year imprisonment while awaiting trial, and eventual horrific execution, for the crime of treason by Ostrogothic King Theodoric the Great. Boethius was at the very heights of power in Rome and was brought down by treachery. It was from this experience he was inspired to write a philosophical book from prison reflecting on how a lord’s favor could change so quickly and why friends would turn against him. It has been described as ‘by far the most interesting example of prison literature the world has ever seen.’The Consolation of Philosophy stands, by its note of fatalism and its affinities with the Christian doctrine of humility, midway between the heathen philosophy of Seneca the Younger and the later Christian philosophy of consolation represented by Thomas Aquinas. – The book is heavily influenced by Plato and his dialogues (as was Boethius himself). Consolation of Philosophy (Latin: Consolatio Philosophiae) is a philosophical work by Boethius written in about the year 524 AD. It has been described as the single most important and influential work in the West in medieval and early Renaissance Christianity, and is also the last great work that can be called Classical. Consolation of Philosophy was written during Boethius’ one year imprisonment while awaiting trial, and eventual horrific execution, for the crime of treason by Ostrogothic King Theodoric the Great. Boethius was at the very heights of power in Rome and was brought down by treachery. It was from this experience he was inspired to write a philosophical book from prison reflecting on how a lord’s favor could change so quickly and why friends would turn against him. It has been described as ‘by far the most interesting example of prison literature the world has ever seen.’
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Joseph Devlin - How to Speak and Write Correctly -  HQ - FULL AudioBook - Subtitles
📥 Download: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/How-to-Speak-and-Write-Correctly-by-Joseph-Devlin.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/How-to-Speak-and-Write-Correctly-by-Joseph-Devlin.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/How-to-Speak-and-Write-Correctly-by-Joseph-Devlin.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 00 : Introduction 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 01 : Requirements of Speech 00:02:31 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Essentials of English Gra 00:15:14 ▫️ Chapter 03 : The Sentence 00:56:01 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Figurative Language 01:25:21 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Punctuation 01:42:55 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Letter Writing 02:16:06 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Errors 02:42:38 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Pitfalls to Avoid 03:09:16 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Style 03:46:37 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Suggestions 04:14:21 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Slang 04:32:56 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Writing for Newspapers 04:50:33 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Choice of Words 05:09:33 ▫️ Chapter 14 : English Language 05:23:07 ▫️ Chapter 15 : Masters and Masterpieces 05:37:29 📝 Synopsis: A book on improving eloquence, proficiency and grammar in everyday communication. ‘How to Speak and Write Correctly’ is not a manual of the styles to use in speaking and writing, nor is it a manual for grammar. It is a simple, useful book for helping ordinary people in effective communication. It lays down and explains broad rules of communication, further giving useful tips for effective communication. The book also lists common mistakes in communication and offers suggestions on how best to avoid them. The book covers the requirements of speech with the three essentials being purity, Propriety and precision. It then looks at the essentials of English grammar by looking at the divisions of grammar and how they make or break effective communication. Next, the sentence is broken down into its constituent pieces and the structure is explained so that the reader knows how to construct coherent sentences. The book also discusses how to use figurative language to convey meaning in a vivid and impressive manner. The book then delves into punctuation, highlighting some of the common misuses and how to correct them. Those that still revere the art of letter writing will not be disappointed because the book has tips and tricks on writing letters for whatever purpose. A few chapters have been dedicated to errors made by authors ever so often and how to correct them. The book also explores style and how a writer can nurture his own style in order to express himself and appeal to his audience. There are many interesting points that are highlighted in this book and readers will find ‘How to Speak and Write Correctly’ a pleasant read for both those new in the language as well as seasoned English speakers.
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Jacob Abbott  - Alexander the Great  - Full  AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : Alexander the Great by Jacob Abbott and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links available below : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Alexander-the-Great-by-Jacob-Abbott.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Alexander-the-Great-by-Jacob-Abbott.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Alexander-the-Great-by-Jacob-Abbott.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Alexander's Childhood and 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Beginning of His Reign 00:29:21 ▫️ Chapter 03 : The Reaction 00:58:27 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Crossing the Hellespont 01:27:58 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Campaign in Asia Minor 01:59:53 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Defeat of Darius 02:32:14 ▫️ Chapter 07 : The Siege of Tyre 02:59:11 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Alexander in Egypt 03:26:40 ▫️ Chapter 09 : The Great Victory 03:54:51 ▫️ Chapter 10 : The Death of Darius 04:25:33 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Deterioration of Characte 04:55:24 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Alexander's End 05:19:49 📝 Synopsis: Tutored by Aristotle, compelled to ascend the throne at the age of 20 when his illustrious father was assassinated, driven by a passion for expanding the borders of his tiny kingdom, Alexander of Macedon was one of the most towering figures of ancient history. He is brought to vivid life in this gripping volume by the American children's writer Jacob Abbott. In his short but eventful life, the young Macedonian king went on to rule over one of the most powerful and largest empires in the ancient world, breaking the hegemony of the powerful Persian dynasty of Darius. Alexander's sudden death in Babylon is one of the enduring mysteries of history. With him ended the glorious empire he had created, which stretched from the Adriatic in Europe to the Indus River on the Indian subcontinent. Jacob Abbott's book meant for young readers portrays Alexander as a military genius, endowed with remarkable intelligence, physical beauty and courage. Some of the early incidents in his life as when he tames a wild and vicious horse are described in compelling terms. Alexander's youth, his father's insistence on making him a regent for Macedonia when he was just 16 and his experiences on military campaigns with his father in Boeotia, where he displayed remarkable qualities of coolness, courage and wisdom are strikingly portrayed. Philip's separation from his wife, Olympia, Alexander's mother is also described and Abbott traces some of Alexander's less endearing qualities to this imperious queen. His haughtiness, pride and short temper which sometimes led him to be stubborn, envy and resentment of his father's powerful conquests are described as well, giving us an objective and well rounded picture of the young hero. Alexander's glorious reign and his remarkable military campaigns, the historic crossing of the Hellespont, his defeat of Darius and the conquest of territories in Asia Minor, Tyre and Egypt are the stuff of legends. At twenty-six he was the greatest ruler the ancient world had ever seen, but he had already begun to descend into a life of debauchery. His army commanders began to rebel and then followed a bloody trail of murders and assassinations. Alexander's final days are also captured in the closing chapters of this riveting book. Jacob Abbott brings all his skills as a historian and children's writer to this retelling of the life of one of the most unforgettable figures in history that appeals to both young and older readers.
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Sigmund Freud - Dream Psychology - FULL AudioBook - HQ- Subtitles
Full audiobook : Dream Psychology by Sigmund Freud and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Dream-Psychology-by-Sigmund-Freud.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Dream-Psychology-by-Sigmund-Freud.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Dream-Psychology-by-Sigmund-Freud.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 00 : Introduction 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 01 : Dreams Have a Meaning 00:13:32 ▫️ Chapter 02 : The Dream Mechanism 00:47:31 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Why the Dream Disguises t 01:29:35 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Dream Analysis 02:02:45 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Sex in Dreams 02:42:08 ▫️ Chapter 06 : The Wish in Dreams 03:26:58 ▫️ Chapter 07 : The Function of the Dream 04:13:58 ▫️ Chapter 08 : The Primary and Secondary 04:45:20 ▫️ Chapter 09 : The Unconscious and Consi 05:34:06 📝 Synopsis: From the dawn of human consciousness, dreams have always fascinated us. Do they mean something? Do dreams help us see into the future? These questions have intrigued us for centuries. Sigmund Freud was one of the first people to examine dreams seriously and interpret them in the context of our waking lives. In Dream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for Beginners, the Austrian psychoanalyst, Dr Sigmund Freud shares his exciting early discoveries that there was indeed a connection between his patients' dreams and their mental disturbances. Sigmund Freud was educated to be a neurologist, but went on to revolutionize the world of human psychology by establishing the theories of psychoanalysis. This is a clinical therapeutic method for dealing with mental disturbances. He considered dreams as extra information that the patient was unable to convey to the analyst during the waking state. Dream Psychology, first published in 1921, and translated by MD Eder, is a definitive work which changed the climate of treatments and handling of different neuroses and dysfunctional people. The book is divided into nine chapters. In many of them, Freud uses his own dreams as subjects for interpretation, while in others, he uses his patients' dreams to elucidate his theories of psychoanalysis. While some of the theories may no longer be relevant or valid in today's world, this book is indeed one of the foundation stones of Freudian psychoanalysis and marked a water-shed in the attitude towards dreams. He refuted the purely medical and purely spiritual interpretations that had been prevalent till then and proposed a completely new theory. Some of the most interesting parts of the book deal with symbols and language in dreams. Freud developed a standard system of symbols and their actual meaning based on his studies and used it to interpret and decode what his patient was really thinking and conveying. Many of the dreams he recounts were analyzed in the context of Victorian attitudes towards sexuality, repressed desires and unfulfilled wishes. By analyzing and understanding these dreams, Freud's patients were able to get a better understanding of their underlying, unexpressed motives and this set them on the path to healing. We spend nearly one third of our lives sleeping and during some of that time we dream. Some dreams are vivid enough to be remembered, others are forgotten the moment we wake. This book is an interesting and thought-provoking read that appeals to both people interested in psychology and the casual reader.
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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Adventures-of-Sherlock-Holmes.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Adventures-of-Sherlock-Holmes.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Adventures-of-Sherlock-Holmes.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : A Scandal in Bohemia 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : The Red 00:57:54 ▫️ Chapter 03 : A Case of Identity 00:58:54 ▫️ Chapter 04 : The Bascombe Valley Myste 01:44:12 ▫️ Chapter 05 : The Five Orange Pips 01:45:14 ▫️ Chapter 06 : The Man With the Twisted 02:32:05 ▫️ Chapter 07 : The Adventure of the Blue 03:31:50 ▫️ Chapter 08 : The Adventure of the Spec 04:23:31 ▫️ Chapter 09 : The Adventure of the Engi 04:24:33 ▫️ Chapter 10 : The Adventure of the Nobl 05:17:22 ▫️ Chapter 11 : The Adventure of the Bery 06:09:58 ▫️ Chapter 12 : The Adventure of the Copp 07:09:18 📝 Synopsis: A concoction of twelve stories, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the third book in the original Sherlock Holmes series. It shadows the experiences of detective Sherlock Holmes, an enigmatic genius, as he tries to unravel the mystery of each investigation he partakes in. Set in late 19th century London, the novel not only creates a successful mystery plot, but also circulates through real locations including Hyde Park, the river Thames, St George’s Church in Hanover Square, as well as adding fictional places to spice things up. The vibrant reoccurring illustrations of London’s means of transportation are also worth noting. The novel begins in the famous apartment 221B Baker Street, home to Sherlock Holmes who is visited by clients in need of assistance in resolving various issues. Unsurprisingly, Sherlock Holmes works his magic in order to find a logical solution to each mystery. Narrated through the perspective of Dr. Watson, Holmes’s close friend and companion, he serves as a monitor as he accompanies or is given a full account of the sequence of events surrounding investigation details. Watson then documents each adventure and shares it with the readers which in turn act as memoirs of Holmes’s achievements. This type of narration only enhances the sense of mystery surrounding each case because of the occasional missing detail and leaves the reader wondering about the next course of action. Interestingly, Holmes offers logical explanations for each of his solutions, but nevertheless manages to keep the audience on their toes. Family fortune, reputation, social status and moral weakness are just some of the themes Doyle explores in his novel of suspense and mystery. Doyle’s use of 19th century English jargon proves to be a delightful read, whilst still maintaining a lucid style easy to follow and understand. For those embarking on their first ever encounter with the pipe-smoking, violin-playing sleuth, this is just the beginning of an unforgettable journey.
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Various - Short Science Fiction Collection  - FULL AudioBook - HQ
Full audiobook of Short,Science,Fiction,Collection by Various 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter The 4D Doodler : by Graph Waldeyer 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Bread Overhead : by Fritz Leiber 00:34:02 ▫️ Chapter Image of the Gods : by Alan Edward Nourse 01:12:20 ▫️ Chapter Martian V. F. W. : by G L Vandenburg 01:48:27 ▫️ Chapter One Shot : by James Blish 02:02:11 ▫️ Chapter Out Around Rigel : by Robert H. Wilson 02:35:19 ▫️ Chapter Pygmalion's Spectacles : by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum 03:18:47 ▫️ Chapter The Repairman : by Harry Harrison 04:03:29 ▫️ Chapter Toy Shop : by Harry Harrison 04:32:10 ▫️ Chapter Warning From The Stars : by Ron Cocking 04:44:14 📝 Synopsis: Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and case) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves sociological and technical speculations based on current or future science or technology. This is a reader-selected collection of short stories originally published between 1931 and 1963, that entered the US public domain when their copyright was not renewed.Summary by Cori Samuel, with Wikipedia input.
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H. Rider Haggard - King Solomon's Mines - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook King Solomon's Mines by H. Rider Haggard and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/King-Solomons-Mines-by-Haggard.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/King-Solomons-Mines-by-Haggard.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/King-Solomons-Mines-by-Haggard.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Chapter 01 : 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 02 : 00:28:14 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 03 : 00:51:22 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 04 : 01:21:33 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 05 : 01:46:03 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 06 : 02:20:13 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 07 : 02:48:06 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 08 : 03:28:29 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 09 : 03:49:39 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 10 : 04:22:32 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 11 : 04:57:41 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 12 : 05:34:08 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 13 : 06:02:08 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 14 : 06:25:29 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 15 : 07:12:45 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 16 : 07:42:02 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 17 : 08:11:50 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 18 : 08:43:34 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 19 : 09:11:07 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 20 : 09:36:46 📝 Synopsis of King Salomon's mines by H. Ridder Haggard King Solomon’s Mines is the story of the leader Allan Quatermain and his adventurous group of followers on their mission to find the lost brother of an aristocrat, Sir Henry Curtis. Considered similar to Robert Louise Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, Haggard’s book proved to be another must-read adventure novel in the international literary world. The African desert hides underneath its sands myths and legends that lasted for centuries in the minds of the locals. Quatermain has a mysterious map that could lead to the ancient mines of the wise King Solomon. The road to discovery is not easy, and the group of adventurers must pass through dangerous and life threatening situations. They are taken prisoner by a local tribe ruled by King Twala, a violent and cruel person who wove his path to the throne by killing his brother and abandoning his sister-in-law in the hot sun of the African desert. The novel presents a whole series of furious battles between the Englishmen and the indigenous tribes, in the end the road to King Solomon’s mines being revealed by the maleficent Gagool. The mysteries deepen when Quatermain discovers the body of the adventurer who drew the map to these mines in his own blood. But how will they get to the labyrinth of the mines and find the correct route through? This and many mysteries will keep you riveted as you read this book. King Solomon’s Mines is a great book to explore the ancient world and discover wisdom through Haggard's amazing narration.
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Charles Dickens  - A Christmas Carol  -  Full AudioBook -  HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : A Christmas Carol by Charles,Dickens, and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links available below : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Christmas-Carol-by-Charles-Dickens-de.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Christmas-Carol-by-Charles-Dickens-de.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/A-Christmas-Carol-by-Charles-Dickens.txt 📌 Chapter of Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens : ▫️ Chapter 1 : Marley's Ghost 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 2 : The First of the Three Spi 00:44:28 ▫️ Chapter 3 : The Second of the Three Sp 01:23:29 ▫️ Chapter 4 : The Last of the Spirits 02:13:43 ▫️ Chapter 5 : The End of It 02:46:50 #freebooks
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Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Robinson-Crusoe-by-Daniel-Defoe.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Robinson-Crusoe-by-Daniel-Defoe.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Robinson-Crusoe-by-Daniel-Defoe.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Chapter 1: Start in Life : 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 2: Slavery & Escape : 00:31:15 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 3a: Wrecked On a Deser : 00:59:59 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 3b, Part 2 : 01:22:05 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 4a: First Weeks On the : 01:43:08 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 4b, Part 2 : 02:03:06 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 5: Builds a House : Th 02:33:33 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 6: Ill and Conscience : 03:04:45 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 7: Agricultural Experi : 03:37:42 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 8: Surveys His Positio : 03:59:10 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 9: A Boat : 04:23:41 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 10: Tames Goats : 05:02:27 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 11: Finds Print of Man : 05:29:43 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 12: A Cave Retreat : 06:01:31 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 13: Wreck of a Spanish : 06:42:23 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 14: A Dream Realized : 07:13:47 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 15: Friday's Education : 07:52:08 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 16: Rescue of Prisoner : 08:28:22 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 17: Visit of Mutineers : 09:07:11 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 18: The Ship Recovered : 09:43:20 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 19: Return to England : 10:21:24 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 20: Fight Between Frid : 10:55:58 📝 Synopsis: Robinson Crusoe is perhaps the most famous castaway of all time. Whilst many of us have not read Defoe’s iconic book, Robinson Crusoe is a character that is familiar to us all. Aided by the hundreds of movies and theatre productions that the book spurned, Crusoe is a household name. Credited with being the first "real fiction" book, this fictional autobiography tells the tale of a young man who found himself shipwrecked on a remote island for 28 years. The story is said to be based on the dramatic life of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish castaway who lived alone for four years on a Pacific island. With a recent trend in reality TV shows based on survival and being "castaway", everybody has ideas on how they would cope alone in the wild. So, why read this novel if we think we know best? The truth is, Defoe’s portrayal of the trials and tribulations of Crusoe give raw insight into the reality and loneliness of having no companionship and no hope. Described by Samuel T. Coleridge as "The Universal Man", there is certainly lots to admire, whether you like the character or not. Many imitations have been written over the years but nothing grabs the reader quite as much as Defoe’s tales of solitude and desperation. The book has a simple narrative and at times is overly descriptive but is always engaging. Adventure fans will love the jam packed action, where we see Crusoe taming animals, hunting, venturing into cannibalism plus the odd pirate or two. The modern reader is likely to struggle with some of the moral issues that the book brings to the surface, with dubious views on slavery and strong religious overtones but don’t let this put you off. The book is a classic for a reason, it provokes deep emotion whether that be negative or positive.
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Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Pride-and-Prejudice-by-Jane-Austen.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Pride-and-Prejudice-by-Jane-Austen.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Pride-and-Prejudice-by-Jane-Austen.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Chapter 01 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Chapter 02 00:05:28 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Chapter 03 00:10:24 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Chapter 04 00:20:10 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Chapter 05 00:26:20 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Chapter 06 00:32:04 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Chapter 07 00:45:25 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Chapter 08 00:56:03 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Chapter 09 01:08:02 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Chapter 10 01:17:48 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Chapter 11 01:30:16 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Chapter 12 01:39:20 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Chapter 13 01:43:06 ▫️ Chapter 14 : Chapter 14 01:52:37 ▫️ Chapter 15 : Chapter 15 01:59:20 ▫️ Chapter 16 : Chapter 16 02:08:48 ▫️ Chapter 17 : Chapter 17 02:27:30 ▫️ Chapter 18 : Chapter 18 02:35:08 ▫️ Chapter 19 : Chapter 19 03:03:10 ▫️ Chapter 20 : Chapter 20 03:14:43 ▫️ Chapter 21 : Chapter 21 03:23:53 ▫️ Chapter 22 : Chapter 22 03:34:58 ▫️ Chapter 23 : Chapter 23 03:44:25 ▫️ Chapter 24 : Chapter 24 03:52:58 ▫️ Chapter 25 : Chapter 25 04:03:57 ▫️ Chapter 26 : Chapter 26 04:12:16 ▫️ Chapter 27 : Chapter 27 04:24:31 ▫️ Chapter 28 : Chapter 28 04:31:39 ▫️ Chapter 29 : Chapter 29 04:39:32 ▫️ Chapter 30 : Chapter 30 04:53:27 ▫️ Chapter 31 : Chapter 31 04:59:45 ▫️ Chapter 32 : Chapter 32 05:08:22 ▫️ Chapter 33 : Chapter 33 05:16:18 ▫️ Chapter 34 : Chapter 34 05:25:56 ▫️ Chapter 35 : Chapter 35 05:37:15 ▫️ Chapter 36 : Chapter 36 05:53:50 ▫️ Chapter 37 : Chapter 37 06:04:52 ▫️ Chapter 38 : Chapter 38 06:13:11 ▫️ Chapter 39 : Chapter 39 06:19:15 ▫️ Chapter 40 : Chapter 40 06:27:24 ▫️ Chapter 41 : Chapter 41 06:36:24 ▫️ Chapter 42 : Chapter 42 06:49:26 ▫️ Chapter 43 : Chapter 43 06:59:28 ▫️ Chapter 44 : Chapter 44 07:24:31 ▫️ Chapter 45 : Chapter 45 07:37:29 ▫️ Chapter 46 : Chapter 46 07:47:16 ▫️ Chapter 47 : Chapter 47 08:03:25 ▫️ Chapter 48 : Chapter 48 08:24:07 ▫️ Chapter 49 : Chapter 49 08:36:00 ▫️ Chapter 50 : Chapter 50 08:47:32 ▫️ Chapter 51 : Chapter 51 09:00:08 ▫️ Chapter 52 : Chapter 52 09:10:36 ▫️ Chapter 53 : Chapter 53 09:26:26 ▫️ Chapter 54 : Chapter 54 09:41:48 ▫️ Chapter 55 : Chapter 55 09:50:12 ▫️ Chapter 56 : Chapter 56 10:02:26 ▫️ Chapter 57 : Chapter 57 10:18:22 ▫️ Chapter 58 : Chapter 58 10:27:11 ▫️ Chapter 59 : Chapter 59 10:40:30 ▫️ Chapter 60 : Chapter 60 10:53:57 ▫️ Chapter 61 : Chapter 61 11:02:30 📝 Synopsis: Austen’s timeless romantic classic, follows the lives of the five Bennett sisters, who live in a time where an advantageous marriage and social status are considered a fundamental for any woman to stand a fair chance at life. Set at the turn of the 19th century, Pride and Prejudice catches a perfect glimpse not only of a time when women were socially and economically dependent solely on their marital status, but also as an age of enlightenment and witness of the French Revolution. This romantic novel with its hint of comic references begins with the famous quote "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." This famous quotation sets the story into motion as the eligible Mr. Bingley is introduced as he rides into town. The quote also draws in and to some extent reveals the content of the plot to come. Soon the news of the arrival of the well off Charles Bingley finds its way to the ears of the Bennett household. Having five unmarried daughters, the Bennetts are eager to match them up with suitable spouse candidates and see them prosperously married. After attending a ball, Mr. Bingley is instantly attracted to the oldest Bennett daughter Jane and it is fair to say that the feeling is mutual. Such cannot be said about his close friend Mr. Darcy who rudely refuses to dance with the second Bennett daughter Elizabeth. Consequently, Elizabeth’s first prejudice is born as she labels Mr. Darcy arrogant and obnoxious; however, she later learns never to judge a book by its cover and must swallow up her pride to achieve happiness. Pride and Prejudice witnesses the exciting courtships of the Bennett sisters and their suitors, as well as the not so joyful relationships of other characters. As the novel develops the relationships between the characters must outweigh the forces seeking to tear them apart. Experience the adventures of the Bennett sisters as they face the troublesome issues of manners, social class, family, and marriages in a male reliant society.
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Poems Every Child Should Know  - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
📥 Download: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Poems-Every-Child-Should-Know-Edited-by-Mary-E-Burt.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Poems-Every-Child-Should-Know-Edited-by-Mary-E-Burt.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Poems-Every-Child-Should-Know-Edited-by-Mary-E-Burt.txt 📝 Synopsis: A treasure trove of more than two hundred poems, this gem of an anthology compiled by Mary E Burt is indeed a most valuable set of poems to read or listen to. Published in 1904, Poems Every Child Should Know contains some well-loved verses like Thomas Gray's Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, Lewis Carroll's delightful parody Father William, Felicia Hemans' deeply-moving Casablanca and other favorites. It also has lesser-known but equally beautiful pieces like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's The Arrow and The Song, Robert Browning's The Incident of the French Camp, Eugene Field's nonsense lyrics Wynken, Blynken and Nod and a host of other wonderful verses. For modern day children, unaccustomed to reading and memorizing poetry, the book is a throwback to the days when this was the norm in most classrooms and homes. Fragments from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, in which Mark Antony pays tribute to the dead Brutus, Polonius' advice to his son Laertes from Hamlet with the stirring lines, “This above all: to thine own self be true...” are some of the masterpieces contained here. Poems Every Child Should Know also contained some of the most famous poems in English by poets like Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Browning and Milton. American poets like Walt Whitman are featured here with their immortal lines in poems like Song of Myself. Another famous American poet found here is Edgar Allan Poe with his iconic The Raven. The book is divided into six parts, with a very interesting and self explanatory preface by the author. She begins with something that readers would say when they first encounter a poetry anthology: “Is this another collection of stupid poems that children cannot use?” and goes on to explain how she selected the ones included here. Most of them were picked because they were short enough for a child to memorize. This is a now forgotten activity that can give hours of pleasure as you recall the lines long after you've put away the book. Others were chosen for the heroic and patriotic sentiments, like The Star Spangled Banner, Lord Ullin's Daughter, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Horatius at the Bridge and a host of other inspiring poems. Mary Elizabeth Burt was a gifted teacher who believed that poetry had the power to inspire, educate and mold young minds so that they could mature into valuable and useful citizens of the country. For modern day readers, this is indeed a delightful collection, which offers endless hours of pleasure as you thumb through rediscovering old favorites, and enjoying new ones.
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Henry Gray - Anatomy of the Human Body - FULL Audiobook Instruction HQ
Full audiobook of Anatomy,of the Human,Body by Henry Gray Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📌 Chapter of Anatomy of the Human Body by Henry Gray : ▫️ Chapter 00 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Preface and Introduction 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 01 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Embryology; The Animal Ce 00:07:40 ▫️ Chapter 02 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Ovum 00:22:52 ▫️ Chapter 03 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Spermatozoon; Fertili 00:32:59 ▫️ Chapter 04 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Segmentation of the Ferti 00:42:24 ▫️ Chapter 05 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Neural Groove and Tub 00:54:34 ▫️ Chapter 06 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Development of the Fetal 01:04:57 ▫️ Chapter 07 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Branchial Region 01:27:18 ▫️ Chapter 08 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Development of Body Cavit 01:42:44 ▫️ Chapter 09 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Osteology: Introduction; 01:53:47 ▫️ Chapter 10 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Bone, Part 1 02:12:31 ▫️ Chapter 11 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Bone, Part 2 02:29:36 ▫️ Chapter 12 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Vertebral Column; Gen 02:42:36 ▫️ Chapter 13 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Cervical Vertebrae 02:48:34 ▫️ Chapter 14 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Thoracic Vertebrae; T 03:00:06 ▫️ Chapter 15 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Sacral and Coccygeal 03:08:09 ▫️ Chapter 16 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Vertebral Column as a 03:30:03 ▫️ Chapter 17 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Thorax; The Sternum 03:36:56 ▫️ Chapter 18 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Ribs 03:50:02 ▫️ Chapter 19 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Costal Cartilages 04:01:53 ▫️ Chapter 20 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Skull; The Occipital 04:10:10 ▫️ Chapter 21 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Parietal Bone; The Fr 04:26:10 ▫️ Chapter 22 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Temporal Bone, Part 1 04:44:30 ▫️ Chapter 23 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Temporal Bone, Part 2 04:55:49 ▫️ Chapter 24 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Sphenoid Bone 05:13:20 ▫️ Chapter 25 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Ethmoid Bone 05:35:58 ▫️ Chapter 26 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Facial Bones: The Nas 05:45:23 ▫️ Chapter 27 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Lacrimal Bone; The Zy 06:05:22 ▫️ Chapter 28 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Palatine Bone 06:14:36 ▫️ Chapter 29 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Inferior Nasal Concha 06:27:45 ▫️ Chapter 30 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Mandible; The Hyoid B 06:34:17 ▫️ Chapter 31 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Exterior of the Skull 06:53:16 ▫️ Chapter 32 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Exterior of the Skull 07:11:32 ▫️ Chapter 33 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Interior of the Skull 07:27:08 ▫️ Chapter 34 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Interior of the Skull 07:44:50 ▫️ Chapter 35 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Extremities; The Clav 08:03:18 ▫️ Chapter 36 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Scapula 08:14:23 ▫️ Chapter 37 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Humerus 08:30:48 ▫️ Chapter 38 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Ulna 08:46:46 ▫️ Chapter 39 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Radius 08:58:43 ▫️ Chapter 40 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Carpus 09:07:36 ▫️ Chapter 41 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Metacarpus 09:22:55 ▫️ Chapter 42 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Phalanges of the Hand 09:31:03 ▫️ Chapter 43 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Hip Bone 09:36:55 ▫️ Chapter 44 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Pelvis 10:03:34 ▫️ Chapter 45 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Femur, Part 1 10:15:41 ▫️ Chapter 46 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Femur, Part 2 10:36:14 ▫️ Chapter 47 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Patella; The Tibia 10:52:23 ▫️ Chapter 48 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Fibula 11:07:25 ▫️ Chapter 49 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Tarsus 11:15:52 ▫️ Chapter 50 of Anatomy of the Human Body : The Metatarsus; The Phala 11:40:07 ▫️ Chapter 51 of Anatomy of the Human Body : Comparison of Bones of Ha 11:49:30 📝 Synopsis of Anatomy of the Human Body by Henry Gray : Henry Gray’s classic anatomy textbook was first published in 1858 and has been in continuous publication ever since, revised and expanded through many successive editions. This recording is of the public-domain 1918 US edition (some information may be outdated). Henry Gray’s classic anatomy textbook was first published in 1858 and has been in continuous publication ever since, revised and expanded through many successive editions. This recording is of the public-domain 1918 US edition (some information may be outdated). #audiobook #audiobooks #bookodio
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Hans Christian Andersen  - Andersen's Fairy Tales  - FULL AudioBook  - HQ - Subttiles
Full audiobook : Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links available below: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Andersens-Fairy-Tales-by-HC-Andersen.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Andersens-Fairy-Tales-by-HC-Andersen.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Andersens-Fairy-Tales-by-HC-Andersen.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : The Emperor 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : The Swineherd 00:13:31 ▫️ Chapter 03 : The Real Princess 00:24:57 ▫️ Chapter 04 : The Shoes of Fortune 00:28:16 ▫️ Chapter 05 : The Fir Tree 00:29:22 ▫️ Chapter 06 : The Snow Queen 00:55:01 ▫️ Chapter 07 : The Leap Frog 00:56:14 ▫️ Chapter 08 : The Elderbush 01:01:20 ▫️ Chapter 09 : The Bell 01:17:31 ▫️ Chapter 10 : The Old House 01:29:19 ▫️ Chapter 11 : The Happy Family 01:48:51 ▫️ Chapter 12 : The Story of a Mother 01:57:18 ▫️ Chapter 13 : The False Collar 02:10:44 ▫️ Chapter 14 : The Shadow 02:18:52 ▫️ Chapter 15 : The Little Match Girl 02:51:17 ▫️ Chapter 16 : The Dream of Little Tuk 02:58:16 ▫️ Chapter 17 : The Naughty Boy 03:11:02 ▫️ Chapter 18 : The Red Shoes 03:17:30 📝 Synopsis: The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, The Real Princess and a host of other wonderful tales which form so much a part of childhood are part of Andersen's Fairy Tales, by Hans Christian Andersen. This volume contains eighteen selected stories. Some of them are old familiar friends, while others maybe new to some readers, but all of them equally enchanting and enthralling. Today, these stories are known almost everywhere in the world and have been translated into hundreds of languages. Their appeal is not just for children or young readers. As folktales and typical Scandinavian legends, they are a fascinating glimpse into the myths and legends, culture and ethos of the Northern Lands. Since their publication in 1835, they have continued to inspire and delight generations of children and adults. Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author whose work included plays, poetry, travelogues, novels and stories. Born in a noble Danish family, he was inspired to transcribe the tales he had heard as a child from people around him. The stories he selected were interesting, imaginative and unique. Some of them like The Little Mermaid were poignant and were not strictly just for a young audience. In fact, the story went on to capture public imagination to such an extent that today one of the most iconic monuments of Copenhagen is the statue of the Little Mermaid on the Langeline Promenade, which draws thousands of visitors every year. Andersen's first foray into writing fairytales did not meet with much success because translating them from the original Danish was quite difficult and it had only restricted readership. However, in 1845, he reached out to the rest of the world through a brilliant translation of The Little Mermaid in Bentley's Miscellany magazine. Great success followed as his stories began appearing in various English magazines and journals and a whole generation of young English speaking children discovered the treasures of Scandinavia. The stories have continued to enthrall people in many fields. Music, opera, art, literature, drama, film and television have become richer by the addition of various versions of Andersen's tales and his name has become a byword for the genre. He also inspired hundreds of other writers to come out with folktales and stories designed to captivate the imagination of young and old. Stories like The Tinder-Box convey a feeling of mystery and awe, while The Nightingale provides pathos and beauty. As an invaluable addition to any library shelf, Andersen's Fairy Tales can provide hours of reading pleasure to both young and old.
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F  Scott Fitzgerald  - This Side of Paradise - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/This-Side-of-Paradise-by-F-Scott-Fitzgerald.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/This-Side-of-Paradise-by-F-Scott-Fitzgerald.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/This-Side-of-Paradise-by-F-Scott-Fitzgerald.txt 📝 Synopsis: A romantic and witty novel that has weathered time to remain one of America’s classic pieces. In the shadows of the great Gatsby is another brilliant novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book is evidence to Fitzgerald’s literal genius because it was written by the author in his twenties to mirror his experiences at the time. It paints a picture of what it was like to be a young man or woman in the 20th century and in the wake of the First World War. The book is set on a foundation of socialist principles. The protagonist is a young man in his twenties and his emotions and intellectual ideas are affected by the issues of social class. Fitzgerald’s style of writing is sharp, clever and funny. The book is episodic in structure and the plot is set into motion by Amory’s thoughts and ideas about his progression in his emotional and intellectual faculties. The story narrates the chronicles of one Amory Blaine in his journey to self discovery, we see him develop from a young boy born with a silver spoon through to adulthood. It narrates his enrollment in the prestigious Princeton University and how he leaves the institution to pursue other things. He leaves campus to enlist in the army to fight for his country during the First World War. Upon his return, Amory goes through a series of difficulties, both financially and personally. This Side of Paradise is a wonderful read for anyone regardless of age or social class. Readers will empathize with the characters in this book because nearly everyone has at one time in their lives felt as they did at one point in the novel. Once you start reading this book you can’t stop and you'll enjoy every minute you spend reading it.
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Tom-Sawyer-by-Mark-Twain.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Tom-Sawyer-by-Mark-Twain.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Tom-Sawyer-by-Mark-Twain.txt 📝 Synopsis of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain : If ever there was a story written based unabashedly on adventure and trouble, this is it. There are treasure hunts and murderers on the run in this book that will keep you spellbound. Tom and his half-brother, Sid, lived with their aunt, Polly. Tom was a boisterous young fellow who constantly found himself in rather awkward situations that landed him into trouble. These situations were however exceedingly hilarious. On one occasion, Tom dirtied his clothes in a fight and his punishment was to whitewash the fence the following day. He cunningly got his friends to not only beg to do the work for him but also to pay him for the privilege! Tom and his friend, Huckleberry Finn visited the graveyard one night and witnessed the murder of Dr. Robinson. In fear they ran away to an island but soon came back home when they learned that their parents thought they were dead. But what became of the murderer on the run? Tom Sawyer is a story told in such an engaging manner that you'll want to read it all in one sitting. The characters are vibrant and alive and the language simple, fun and engaging. If you have the stomach for such a story full of humor and horror, this book will not disappoint.
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H. G Wells - The Invisible Man  - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Invisible-Man-by-H-G-Wells.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Invisible-Man-by-H-G-Wells.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Invisible-Man-by-H-G-Wells.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Chapters I and II. 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Chapters III and IV. 00:21:08 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Chapters V, VI, and VII. 00:44:50 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Chapters VIII, IX, X, and 01:13:39 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Chapters XII and XIII. 01:38:09 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Chapters XIV and XV. 01:52:45 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Chapters XVI and XVII. 02:08:01 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Chapters XVIII and XIX. 02:30:19 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Chapters XX and XXI. 02:48:25 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Chapters XXII and XXIII. 03:15:02 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Chapters XXIV, XXV, and X 03:43:58 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Chapters XXVII, XXVIII, a 04:04:53 📝 Synopsis: One dark and stormy night, a stranger arrives in West Sussex at a village inn. He is heavily clad in an overcoat and his face is wrapped in bandages. He takes a room at the inn, but refuses to socialize with anyone. He stays cooped up in his room all day and night, working with strange chemicals and apparatus. Suddenly, strange events begin to happen in the village. Mysterious burglaries and fires break out, culminating in a destructive rampage across the peaceful countryside. The stranger is the keeper of a terrible secret... The Invisible Man: A Grotesque Romance (to give the book its full title) by HG Wells was published in 1897. Written in novella form, this bizarre science fiction tale was first published in Pearson's Weekly as a serial and later compiled into a single book. Based on scientific theories of optics and physics, this story instantly caught the imagination of readers and has been regularly adapted to film, television and radio since it first made its appearance more than a hundred years ago. Herbert George Wells' writing career owes itself to an accident suffered in childhood. As an eight year old boy, he was once confined to bed with a broken leg. His father, a professional cricketer and failed businessman, regularly brought him books from the local library so that he could pass the time. His father's financial troubles compelled his mother to go to work as a lady's maid in a local mansion, while the children were put to work as apprentices with various local tradesmen. For Wells, this was one of the most unhappy, yet also the most profitable times in his life. The mansion where his mother worked had an enormous library where the child continued to read and educate himself. At eighteen, he went to work as a teacher in a residential school. His career flourished after that, and he won a scholarship to work under the great biologist, Thomas Huxley in London. He began writing science fiction stories in 1895 with the publication of The Time Machine, where he proposed the concept of selective time travel. Several other extremely popular Sci-Fi novels and short stories followed, interspersed with romantic stories, novels, ghost stories, film scripts, articles, satirical novels, historical and political treatises and non-fiction papers. Wells was an extremely prolific writer and continues to inspire generations of writers even today. The Invisible Man is a book that evokes great interest among readers of all ages and is an important landmark in the history of Sci-Fi writing.
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Emma Orczy - The Scarlet Pimpernel - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emma Orczy and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Scarlet-Pimpernel-by-Baroness-Emmuska-Orczy.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Scarlet-Pimpernel-by-Baroness-Emmuska-Orczy.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Scarlet-Pimpernel-by-Baroness-Emmuska-Orczy.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : PARIS: SEPTEMBER, 1792 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : DOVER: 'THE FISHERMAN'S R 00:16:55 ▫️ Chapter 03 : THE REFUGEES 00:35:59 ▫️ Chapter 04 : THE LEAGUE OF THE SCARLET 00:50:32 ▫️ Chapter 05 : MARGUERITE 01:05:20 ▫️ Chapter 06 : AN EXQUISITE OF '92 01:14:31 ▫️ Chapter 07 : THE SECRET ORCHARD 01:34:31 ▫️ Chapter 08 : THE ACCREDITED AGENT 01:47:16 ▫️ Chapter 09 : THE OUTRAGE 02:07:32 ▫️ Chapter 10 : IN THE OPERA BOX 02:19:32 ▫️ Chapter 11 : LORD GRENVILLE'S BALL 02:45:55 ▫️ Chapter 12 : THE SCRAP OF PAPER 02:59:57 ▫️ Chapter 13 : EITHER 03:16:02 ▫️ Chapter 14 : ONE O'CLOCK PRECISELY! 03:22:17 ▫️ Chapter 15 : DOUBT 03:39:48 ▫️ Chapter 16 : RICHMOND 03:52:33 ▫️ Chapter 17 : FAREWELL 04:23:24 ▫️ Chapter 18 : THE MYSTERIOUS DEVICE 04:39:41 ▫️ Chapter 19 : THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL 04:50:35 ▫️ Chapter 20 : THE FRIEND 05:09:50 ▫️ Chapter 21 : SUSPENSE 05:22:14 ▫️ Chapter 22 : CALAIS 05:37:10 ▫️ Chapter 23 : HOPE 05:53:48 ▫️ Chapter 24 : THE DEATH 06:07:11 ▫️ Chapter 25 : THE EAGLE AND THE FOX 06:19:41 ▫️ Chapter 26 : THE JEW 06:34:25 ▫️ Chapter 27 : ON THE TRACK 06:52:05 ▫️ Chapter 28 : THE PERE BLANCHARD'S HUT 07:05:12 ▫️ Chapter 29 : TRAPPED 07:24:27 ▫️ Chapter 30 : THE SCHOONER 07:32:48 ▫️ Chapter 31 : THE ESCAPE 08:00:31 📝 Synopsis: The Scarlet Pimpernel narrates the story of a rich English baronet who rescues French aristocrats facing the guillotine. He also taunted his enemies after each rescue by leaving behind a card that has a small flower on it – the scarlet pimpernel. It is a brilliant adventure story set at the time of the French Revolution. The plot is fantastic and rarely lets the readers pause for breath as it oscillates between London society and the dark night in Coastal France. The story follows a beautiful Countess who escapes from Paris as a committee there was making arrangements to send her to the guillotine. She is smuggled out by the Scarlet Pimpernel and brought to England. There she encounters young people who are part of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel and all have sworn to live and die for their leader. There is also Lady Blakeney, the wife of one of the most fashionable gentlemen in England, who is threatened by the French Ambassador to find information about the Scarlet Pimpernel. She successfully gathers the required information that would identify the man. The final stages of the book take place in France where everyone is vying to discover the hero's true identity. The Scarlet Pimpernel depends much on illusion and is a master of disguise. There is little doubt that the author is a master storyteller and the tension is successfully sustained till the climax of the story is reached in the final pages of the book. The background is historical and very complex in nature but it has been successfully used to weave an enthralling adventure story. It is a fantastic story written along the styles of Alexandre Dumas and won't disappoint the adventure seeker in you.
Ayn Rand - Anthem  - Full AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : Anthem by Ayn Rand and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links available below : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Anthem-by-Ayn-Rand.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Anthem-by-Ayn-Rand.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Anthem-by-Ayn-Rand.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Chapter 01 : 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 02 : 00:32:16 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 03 : 00:52:16 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 04 : 00:57:06 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 05 : 01:00:58 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 06 : 01:06:12 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 07 : 01:13:20 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 08 : 01:27:04 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 09 : 01:32:26 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 10 : 01:42:26 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 11 : 01:51:18 ▫️ Chapter Chapter 12 : 01:59:11 📝 Synopsis: The title 'Anthem' is derived as an anthem to sense of self and self-governing thoughts. Anthem is a story of Equality 7-2521 who is a young man living in some unspecified future time and place. In this future era freedom and individual rights have been eradicated. The starring character of the novel is an inquisitive street cleaner. He lives in a society where people have lost their knowledge of individualism, to the extreme that people do not know words like 'I' or 'mine'. All the people live and work for their livelihood in collective groups, along with the people with power, namely the 'Councils'. There are many types of councils namely the Council of Vocations, Council of Scholars etc. The society is where all the terminology of individualism is completely restrained. They emphasize the principle that all are equal and should remain that way. Equality was an outstanding student during childhood and was very interested in learning. He wanted to become a scholar in the Council, but for his thought, he was punished by the Council which is responsible for assigning jobs to each individual. They punished him by assigning him the job of street sweeper. Equality had a thirst for knowledge that he secretly satisfy by sneaking into a tunnel every evening, where he was alone. He used the time to write, think and to perform some scientific experiments. Soon he falls in love with a woman named Liberty 5-3000. The book enumerates the quest for knowledge by this young man who struggles to find answers for many burning questions. These questions lead him to discover the mystery behind his society and the key to freedom. You'll find the book hard to put down as it tackles the question of expressing love in a society that does not recognize it.
Jack London - The Call of the Wild  - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Call of the Wild by Jack London and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Call-of-the-Wild-by-Jack-London.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Call-of-the-Wild-by-Jack-London.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Call-of-the-Wild-by-Jack-London-2.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 1 : Into the Primitive 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 2 : The Law of Club and Fang 00:25:07 ▫️ Chapter 3 : The Dominant Primordial Be 00:47:48 ▫️ Chapter 4 : Who Has Won to Mastership 01:22:14 ▫️ Chapter 5 : The Toil of Trace and Trai 01:44:25 ▫️ Chapter 6 : For the Love of a Man 02:20:24 ▫️ Chapter 7 : The Sounding of the Call 02:52:28 📝 Synopsis: Call of the Wild is an emotional rollercoaster of a novel set during the late 19th century Klondike Gold Rush. The central character is Buck, an Alaskan sled dog who is forced to adjust to the cruel climate in order to survive. If you have even a remote love of dogs then you will fall head over heels in love with this book. In fact, take away the fact that Buck is a dog and the story is the same, a struggle against greed and to live a life of freedom. London spent a year in Yokel researching the book, making it extremely detailed, very simplistic in its descriptions and genuinely heartfelt. Essentially the book explores the concept of survival of the fittest, as we join Buck’s fall from grace, when he is kidnapped for work, and the desire to rise again. Power struggles ensue when we meet Buck’s rival Spritze and we see how brutal the world can be. The vivid descriptions of nature are where this book excels. London is an expert at writing about survival in a natural world. When we are forced into extreme condition, we have to rely on our instinct, what is primitive to us, themes mirrored in Buck’s journey throughout the book. On the surface, Call to the Wild is a simple adventure story, much like London’s other works such as ‘ White Fang’ but underneath there are layers upon layers of questions and thought provoking statements that make us stand up and think about how humans can have a negative impact on nature. A book to open your mind, make you think and to connect with characters that you never thought you could talk to.
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Benjamin Franklin  - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Autobigraphy-of-Benjamin-Franklin-Ed-by-Frank-Woodworth-Pine.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Autobigraphy-of-Benjamin-Franklin-Ed-by-Frank-Woodworth-Pine.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Autobigraphy-of-Benjamin-Franklin-Ed-by-Frank-Woodworth-Pine.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 00 : Introduction 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 01 : Ancestry and Early Youth in 00:19:16 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Beginning Life as a Printer 00:45:05 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Arrival in Philadelphia 01:09:10 ▫️ Chapter 04 : First Visit to Boston 01:25:58 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Early Friends in Philadelph 01:43:58 ▫️ Chapter 06 : First Visit to London 01:54:06 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Beginning Business in Phila 02:23:53 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Business Success and First 02:58:13 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Plan for Attaining Moral Pe 03:26:03 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Poor Richard's Almanac and 03:57:44 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Interest in Public Affairs 04:19:17 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Defense of the Province 04:36:45 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Public Services and Duties 04:58:13 ▫️ Chapter 14 : Albany Plan of Union 05:30:42 ▫️ Chapter 15 : Quarrels with the Proprieta 05:36:05 ▫️ Chapter 16 : Braddock's Expedition 05:43:58 ▫️ Chapter 17 : Franklin's Defense of the F 06:10:40 ▫️ Chapter 18 : Scientific Experiments 06:29:46 ▫️ Chapter 19 : Agent of Pennsylvania in Lo 06:39:13 ▫️ Chapter 20 : Appendix 07:14:33 📝 Synopsis: Inventor, author, printer, scientist, politician, diplomat—all these terms do not even begin to fully describe the amazing and multitalented, Benjamin Franklin who was of course also one of the Founding Fathers of America. At the age of 75, in 1771 he began work on what he called his Memoirs. He was still working on it when he died in 1790 and it was published posthumously, entitled An Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The book had a complicated and controversial publication history. Strangely enough, the first volume only was first published in French, in Paris in 1791. Later in 1793 a couple of English translations appeared containing the second volume as well. In 1818 Franklin's grandson brought out a three volume edition, which left out the last unfinished fourth volume. William Temple Franklin also took great liberties with the text and made his own revisions. However, in 1868, publisher John Bigelow purchased the original and complete manuscript and brought out the most complete edition so far. The 20th century saw several scholars bring out more definitive and complete versions. An Autobiography... was written apparently to apprise his son about the events of his life and also meant to be a treatise that would lead to the self betterment of the younger generation. As a book, it is a difficult and complex read. The tone is often meandering, arrogant and condescending in turn and does not have a consistent feel. Written over an extended time period, there are large gaps in sequence and often the author contradicts his own recounting of events. In fact, it ends abruptly, without a shred of information about Franklin's seminal role in the American Revolution. Yet, two centuries after its debut, it remains widely read and acclaimed, valued for its being almost the first autobiography to have been written in English. Its extensive advice on how to go about achieving a list of virtues is probably the first ever self-help book. As a glimpse of life in 18th century America, it is unrivaled. An Autobiography... also provides readers with the immense possibilities that the New World holds. A poor middleclass youth, one of 10 children, whose parents could hardly afford to send him to school, who attains learning and honest employment by dint of sheer hard work can even today be said to represent the American Dream. With the publication of An Autobiography... it was possible for this new and emerging superpower to establish a history and tradition of its own. As a slice of history, An Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is indeed an interesting and riveting read.
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Homer - The Odyssey  - FULL AudioBook  - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Odyssey by Homer and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Odyssey-by-Homer.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Odyssey-by-Homer.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Odyssey-by-Homer.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 01 : 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 02 : 00:23:06 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 03 : 00:46:29 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 04 : 01:11:50 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 05 : 01:55:30 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 06 : 02:23:23 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 07 : 02:46:16 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 08 : 03:05:26 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 09 : 03:35:39 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 10 : 04:14:03 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 11 : 04:51:07 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 12 : 05:32:21 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 13 : 06:02:25 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 14 : 06:27:22 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 15 : 07:00:50 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 16 : 07:31:10 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 17 : 07:59:29 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 18 : 08:31:16 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 19 : 08:53:51 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 20 : 09:24:29 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 21 : 09:46:48 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 22 : 10:13:53 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 23 : 10:44:18 ▫️ Chapter The Odyssey: Book 24 : 11:11:32 📝 Synopsis: A wandering king who's a war-hero doomed to roam the earth by a vengeful God, a plethora of fantastic experiences, a wife battling the invasion of suitors who wish to replace her missing husband, a son in search of his father - the Odyssey is a rich tapestry of incredible experiences and unforgettable characters. A must-read classic for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of Western mythology, it is a sequel to the Illiad which recounts the magnificent saga of the Trojan War. The Odyssey continues on, describing the trials and tribulations of the Greeks under the leadership of Odysseus. Reputed to have been composed nearly three thousand years ago, its authorship is still being debated by scholars, though much of it is attributed to the blind poet Homer about whom very little is known. Yet the Illiad and The Odyssey remain the definitive foundations of all Western literature. The Odyssey is a magnificent epic tale that portrays the journey called life. In fact the word “odyssey” in English itself has come to mean a long and eventful journey. In the preceding book The Illiad, Odysseus called Ulysses in Roman mythology, the king of Ithaca, gets embroiled in the Trojan War through the trickery of the Greeks. But once inside, his wonderful qualities of intellect, strategy and leadership come to the foreground as he leads his soldiers to victory. The story of the Odyssey begins when the war of The Illiad ends. Odysseus and his men embark to return to Ithaca but his sworn enemy, the sea god Poseidon, stymies him at every turn, sending storms and foul weather, forcing the wanderers to take shelter in strange and sinister lands. The Odyssey is, besides, the story of Odysseus' beautiful wife Penelope, whose life becomes a struggle, fighting off the innumerable hopefuls who wish to take over her kingdom and her fortune in the absence of her husband. It is also the poignant growing-up tale of Telemachus, a faithful and steadfast son, who refuses to believe that his father won't return. There are many notable translations from the original Greek and it has also been extensively portrayed in art, literature, television and television in languages around the world. Full of human tragedy, bizarre and fantastic creatures, gods and magical beasts, the Odyssey is a treasure-chest of marvelous events. For modern-day readers, young and old alike, it provides exciting, interesting and relevant ideas of war, politics, exile and identity.
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Jane Austen - Love and Friendship - FULL Audiobook Epistolary fiction - HQ Subtitles
Full audiobook Epistolary fiction : Love and Friendship by Jane Austen and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📗 Epub :http://bit.ly/2NzdCRr 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://bit.ly/2Nunpb3 📄 Text :http://bit.ly/2Nt94f3 📌 Chapter of Love and Friendship by Jane Austen : ▫️ Chapter 1 Letters 01 of Love and Friendship by Jane Austen : 10 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 2 Letters 11 of Love and Friendship by Jane Austen : 13 00:28:06 ▫️ Chapter 3 Letters 14 of Love and Friendship by Jane Austen : 15 00:50:59 📝 Synopsis of Love and Friendship by Jane Austen : Begun when she was just eleven years old, Love and Friendship is one of Jane Austen's stories that very few readers may have encountered before. Austen experts feel that this story was written, like many others, only for the pleasure of her family and friends. It is scribbled across three notebooks, in childish handwriting, and the complete work is thought to have been written over a period of six or seven years. It is dedicated to one of her cousins, whom she was very close to, Eliza de Feuillide. Eliza herself was an extremely colorful figure and is thought to have been the illegitimate daughter of the first Governor General of India, Warren Hastings. She was also a witness to the French Revolution where her husband, the self styled Comte de Feuillide was guillotined. For the young Jane, these events must have been sheer inspiration to a writer's imagination. Love and Friendship takes the shape of an expostulatory novel. Written as a series of letters from Laura to a much younger Marianne who is her friend Isabel's daughter, it is meant to apprise the young and flighty Marianne about the dangers of infatuation and falling headlong into romantic love. The book offers an early and crucial insight into Jane Austen's style, her wonderful sense of humor and her take on contemporary society. At times, she portrays events almost in parody form, at others, she is sharp and critical, but as always, the typical Jane Austen brand of gentle, sparkling wit is highly evident. She describes the concept of “sensibility” or what we would today call “sensitivity” or “sentimentality” and how it can be taken to ridiculous extremes. The deliberately twisted and complicated plot is replete with fainting fits, deaths due to a variety of causes, including “galloping consumption,” plenty of drama, elopements galore, unbelievable coincidences and wicked philanderers—all the elements that a typical potboiler of the era would contain. Love and Friendship was written primarily for the amusement of her large and gregarious family, and young Jane was probably called upon to read her writings aloud. The reader can only imagine the sheer hilarity that the novel must have evoked. As part of a collection of Jane Austen Juvenilia, this is indeed a treasure trove for Jane Austen enthusiasts as it offers early glimpses of that brilliant talent which was to shine forth a few years later and delight readers of all ages. #audiobook #audiobooks #bookodio
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ASV- The Bible, American Standard Version - Genesi  - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook of The Bible American Standard Version 📝 Synopsis: The Bible was first translated into English some time in the 7th century by an unnamed monk known to us as the Venerable Bede. This was the Old English version and the work of translation from Vulgate Latin into Middle English was taken up again in the 14th century by the famous religious dissenter John Wycliffe. Modern translations date from the 16th century onwards and these were sourced from Greek and Hebrew versions as well as Latin. Most translations are made by a large group of scholars and a committee is set up to review and modify the work as required. This is to avoid any individual biases and assist in cross-checking references and come to a consensus on the closest meaning of words when they are translated. However, there have been notable translations by individuals as well. The ASV or the American Standard Version was first published in 1900. It's often referred to as the “Standard Bible” in the USA. There was an authorized version published in 1611 in America, but a need was felt for a new perspective. In 1871, a committee was formed of some two dozen noted Biblical scholars, linguists and historians under the aegis of Philip Schaff, a Protestant theologian. Almost all the denominations in America were represented, including Presbyterians, Baptists, Episcopalians etc. Better understanding of Greek and a broader library of manuscripts were factors that influenced the translation. Simultaneously a British team was working on the revised version, but it soon disbanded and in 1911, the final American version was published under copyright by Thomas Nelson & Sons. The language in the ASV is Elizabethan English and the name of the Almighty is Jehovah. This Bible has been the version for many others like the Philippines Language Bibles and is preferred by Jehovah's Witnesses. The ASV is much preferred by American scholars rather than the more modern versions.
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Various- Multilingual Poetry Collection FULL AudioBook - HQ
📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Afrikaans : Oktobermaand by C. Louis Leipoldt 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Brazilian Portuguese : Cancao by Goncalves Dias 00:03:40 ▫️ Chapter Brazilian Portuguese : Coracao by Machado de Assis 00:04:56 ▫️ Chapter Brazilian Portuguese : Flor da by Machado de Assis 00:06:06 ▫️ Chapter Chinese : Qing Zhou Duan Zhao by Ouyang Xiu 00:07:16 ▫️ Chapter Esperanto : Al kavaliroj de la by Julio Baghy 00:08:17 ▫️ Chapter French : Le Lac by Alphonse de Lamartine 00:10:14 ▫️ Chapter German : Der Panther by Rainer Maria Rilke 00:13:10 ▫️ Chapter German : Er ist's by Eduard Moerike 00:14:22 ▫️ Chapter German : Der Erlkoenig by Johann Wolfgang Goethe 00:15:18 ▫️ Chapter German : Der Zauberlehrling by Johann Wolfgang Goethe 00:17:12 ▫️ Chapter Hebrew : Axarey Moti by Hayyim Nachman Bialik 00:20:32 ▫️ Chapter Herew : Rak Al Atzmi by Rachel Blubstein 00:22:58 ▫️ Chapter Japanese : Kouen no isu by Sakutaro Hagiwara 00:24:19 ▫️ Chapter Latin : Eclogue IV by Vergil 00:26:00 ▫️ Chapter Old Norse : Voluspa by Anonymous 00:31:08 ▫️ Chapter Escreve : me by Florbela Espanca 00:35:02 ▫️ Chapter Se tu viesses ver : me by Florbela Espanca 00:36:11 ▫️ Chapter Spanish : En Paz by Amado Nervo 00:37:18 ▫️ Chapter Tagalog : Araw ng Kamusmusan by Ursula O. Maderal 00:38:34 📝 Synopsis: Multilingual Poetry Collection of favorite public-domain poems in languages other than English.
Albert Einstein - Relativity The Special and General Theory  - FULL AudioBook   Free download
Full audiobook : Relativity The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links available below : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Relativity-by-Albert-Einstein.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Relativity-by-Albert-Einstein.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Relativity-by-Albert-Einstein.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 00 Preface : Relativity 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 01 : Sections 01 00:02:10 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Sections 04 00:17:05 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Sections 07 00:27:44 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Sections 10 00:48:18 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Sections 13 01:05:28 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Sections 16 01:24:39 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Sections 18 01:39:02 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Sections 21 01:58:40 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Sections 24 02:19:35 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Sections 27 02:37:46 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Sections 30 02:59:16 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Appendix III 03:18:43 📝 Synopsis: Einstein wrote this book for people who are interested in understanding the Theory of Relativity but aren't experts in scientific and mathematical principles. I'm sure many people have heard about Einstein's Theory of Relativity, but most of them don't really know what it is all about. This book gives them a chance to know more about this very famous theory without the need to take a Physics course first. This book is divided into three parts. The first part explains what special relativity is all about. The second part discusses general relativity thoroughly and the last part deals with the considerations of the universe as a whole. The first part explains the principles of the special theory of relativity. Here the relationship between space and time are thoroughly discussed. The derivation of Einstein's most famous formula which is E = mc2 is also explained in this part in a very simple way. The second part which is about the general theory of relativity is about the generalization of the special theory, Einstein's thoughts about Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation and how they affect the space time continuum. The last part explains how the universe actually works on a cosmic scale. These things may sound too complicated at first glance but Einstein was able to explain them to his readers in the book without sounding too technical. Reading Einstein's “Relativity: The Special and General Theory” may not sound very attractive at first. We've all heard of Einstein's equation but how many people can actually explain what it means. This book will elucidate all the iconic thoughts of Einstein without requiring a physics degree from the reader.
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Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall  - Our Island Story - FULL AudioBook - HQ
Full audiobook of Our,Island,Story by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 000 : Introduction 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 001 : The Stories of Albion an 00:03:40 ▫️ Chapter 002 : The Coming of the Romans 00:10:58 ▫️ Chapter 003 : The Romans Come Again 00:19:37 ▫️ Chapter 004 : How Cligula Conquered Br 00:24:44 ▫️ Chapter 005 : The Story of a Warrior Q 00:32:45 ▫️ Chapter 006 : The Last of the Romans 00:41:25 ▫️ Chapter 007 : The Story of St. Alban 00:49:42 ▫️ Chapter 008 : Vortigern and King Const 00:59:51 ▫️ Chapter 009 : The Coming of Hengist an 01:08:55 ▫️ Chapter 010 : Hengist's Treachery 01:18:17 ▫️ Chapter 011 : How the Giant's Dance wa 01:25:54 ▫️ Chapter 012 : The Coming of Arthur 01:36:26 ▫️ Chapter 013 : The Founding of the Roun 01:42:55 ▫️ Chapter 014 : Gregory and the Pretty C 01:50:38 ▫️ Chapter 015 : How King Alfred Learned 02:02:15 ▫️ Chapter 016 : King Alfred in the Cowhe 02:08:42 ▫️ Chapter 017 : More About Alfred the Gr 02:18:22 ▫️ Chapter 018 : Ethelred the Unready 02:26:13 ▫️ Chapter 019 : How Edmund Ironside Foug 02:34:19 ▫️ Chapter 020 : Canute and the Waves 02:42:36 ▫️ Chapter 021 : Edward the Confessor 02:48:18 ▫️ Chapter 022 : Harold 02:59:27 ▫️ Chapter 023 : The Battle of Stamford B 03:12:45 ▫️ Chapter 024 : The Battle of Hastings 03:24:54 ▫️ Chapter 025 : William the Conqueror 03:37:23 ▫️ Chapter 026 : Death of the King 03:48:59 ▫️ Chapter 027 : William the Red 03:56:47 ▫️ Chapter 028 : The Story of the White S 04:03:39 ▫️ Chapter 029 : The Story of King Stepha 04:18:58 ▫️ Chapter 030 : Gilbert and Rohesia 04:27:23 ▫️ Chapter 031 : Thomas a Becket 04:34:56 ▫️ Chapter 032 : Conquest of Ireland 04:47:20 ▫️ Chapter 033 : Richard Couer de Lion 04:53:12 ▫️ Chapter 034 : How Blondel Found the Ki 05:05:18 ▫️ Chapter 035 : Prince Arthur 05:15:28 ▫️ Chapter 036 : The Great Charter 05:20:49 ▫️ Chapter 037 : Hubert de Burgh 05:35:34 ▫️ Chapter 038 : Simon de Montfort 05:44:27 ▫️ Chapter 039 : The Story of the Poisone 05:54:16 ▫️ Chapter 040 : The Little War of Chalon 06:01:09 ▫️ Chapter 041 : The First Prince of Wale 06:07:07 ▫️ Chapter 042 : The Hammer of the Scots 06:14:44 ▫️ Chapter 043 : Robert the Bruce and Boh 06:22:37 ▫️ Chapter 044 : The Battle of Bannockbur 06:31:46 ▫️ Chapter 045 : The Battle of Sluys 06:37:24 ▫️ Chapter 046 : The Battle of Crecy 06:43:34 ▫️ Chapter 047 : The Siege of Calais 06:56:03 ▫️ Chapter 048 : The Battle of Poitiers 07:07:57 ▫️ Chapter 049 : Wat Tyler's Rebellion 07:15:26 ▫️ Chapter 050 : How King Richard II Lost 07:28:49 ▫️ Chapter 051 : The Battle of Shrewsbury 07:34:08 ▫️ Chapter 052 : How Prince Hal was Sent 07:41:19 ▫️ Chapter 053 : The Battle of Agincourt 07:46:19 ▫️ Chapter 054 : The Maid of Orleans 07:54:48 📝 Synopsis: Tailored specially to make history more palatable and interesting to children, Our Island Story, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall, is a charmingly illustrated volume that promises hours of delight for parents as well as children. Beginning with the myths and legends about Albion, the author ensures that she captivates the child's imagination from the very first page. Unlike today's dry and non-committal history tomes that are prescribed in schools, Our Island Story is full of lyrical prose, literary allusions, heroic and tragic characters, the hunger for power and the glory of empire. There are strong elements of folklore, fairy tales, popular legends and a sense of the dramatic. It renders history full of the people who made Britain what it is today and gives modern readers a glimpse into what went into the creation of the once invincible British Empire. Our Island Story was first published in 1905. The period it covers begins with the Roman Occupation of Britain and ends with the Victorian Era. Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall utilizes a fascinating blend of fact and mythology to create a composite picture peopled by colorful characters, driven by ambition, honor, greed or lust to wield power over their fellow men. Wars and rebellions, assassinations and assignations, explorers and extremists, religion and romance are all wonderfully captured in this superbly constructed book. For young readers, Our Island Story presents what could be a mere succession of dry dates and titles in a memorable and engaging form. Older readers would find that the conversion of history into something that is vivid, dramatic and human makes them appreciate how present events have been shaped by the past. Our Island Story (originally titled Our Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls) was an instant best-seller when it first came out and has remained a popular choice for schools, libraries and individual readers. The author, Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall was a writer of children's books and nothing much is known a
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley - Frankenstein - FULL Sci Fi AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full Sci Fi audiobook : Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Frankenstein-or-Modern-Prometheus-by-Mary-W-Shelley.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Frankenstein-or-Modern-Prometheus-by-Mary-W-Shelley.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Frankenstein-or-Modern-Prometheus-by-Mary-W-Shelley.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Dedication and Preface 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Vol. I, Letter I 00:04:37 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Vol. I, Letter II 00:12:29 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Vol. I, Letter III 00:19:19 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Vol. I, Letter IV 00:21:09 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Vol. I, Chapter I 00:35:55 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Vol. I, Chapter II 00:55:56 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Vol. I, Chapter III 01:11:13 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Vol. I, Chapter IV 01:28:38 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Vol. I, Chapter V 01:44:19 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Vol. I, Chapter VI 02:01:50 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Vol. I, Chapter VII 02:26:50 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Vol. II, Chapter I 02:46:40 ▫️ Chapter 14 : Vol. II, Chapter II 03:00:24 ▫️ Chapter 15 : Vol. II, Chapter III 03:15:22 ▫️ Chapter 16 : Vol. II, Chapter IV 03:33:47 ▫️ Chapter 17 : Vol. II, Chapter V 03:47:43 ▫️ Chapter 18 : Vol. II, Chapter VI 04:01:58 ▫️ Chapter 19 : Vol. II, Chapter VII 04:13:36 ▫️ Chapter 20 : Vol. II, Chapter VIII 04:34:08 ▫️ Chapter 21 : Vol. II, Chapter IX 04:54:06 ▫️ Chapter 22 : Vol. III, Chapter I 05:07:04 ▫️ Chapter 23 : Vol. III, Chapter II 05:25:08 ▫️ Chapter 24 : Vol. III, Chapter III 05:41:12 ▫️ Chapter 25 : Vol. III, Chapter IV 06:03:57 ▫️ Chapter 26 : Vol. III, Chapter V 06:27:20 ▫️ Chapter 27 : Vol. III, Chapter VI 06:48:38 ▫️ Chapter 28 : Vol. III, Chapter VII 07:05:08 ▫️ Chapter 29 : Vol. III, Letters 07:25:06 📝 Synopsis: A precursor to gothic literature and science fiction genres, Frankenstein is a novel fuming with imagination as it depicts a well known horror story. Shelly’s gothic fiction is written in epistolary form as a means of correspondence between the failed writer Robert Walton and his sister, while he is away on a dangerous expedition in search of fame. Some major themes explored in the gothic classic are the fallibility of ambition and knowledge, revenge, prejudice, isolation, and the imperfections of society. The novel begins with the introduction of Captain Robert Walton, who is on a ship bound for the North Pole in search of scientific progress and knowledge. During his voyage, he and his crew come across a man nearly frozen and in frail condition. Taking the man onboard and nurturing him back to health, Walton is finally acquainted with Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein sees the same ambition within Walton that he too possessed and which is the reason for his current troubled state. Hence he decides to recount his life and share the miserable events leading him to his present isolated circumstance. Walton listens and records Frankenstein’s account which begins with his childhood in his family home in Geneva. Even as a young child, Frankenstein was encouraged by his parents to seek out the truth about the world, and use science as his instrument. It is this passion for knowledge that prompts him to conduct experiments in order to recreate life from lifeless matter. However, the result is not the ideal being the scientist had initially expected, and instead produces an eight foot tall creature with yellow eyes and visible muscle tissue. Repulsed by his creation, Frankenstein tries to steer clear of the monster, but only ignites the monster’s anger as it goes into a revenge spree taunting his creator. A chilling tale of murderous mayhem follows which is guaranteed to give goose bumps. Though many are familiar with Frankenstein through countless adaptations, most are unaware of the original depiction which can only be witnessed in the classic novel. Far from a simple horror story meant to scare and entertain, Frankenstein is a timeless classic which evokes vital questions about human nature and centers on important issues targeting human curiosity and the dangers of science.
Jonathan Swift - Gulliver's Travels  - full audiobook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links : 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Gullivers-Travels-by-Jonathan-Swift.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Gullivers-Travels-by-Jonathan-Swift.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Gullivers-Travels-by-Jonathan-Swift.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 00 : Introduction 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 01 : Part 1, Chapter 1 00:12:37 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Part 1, Chapter 2 00:37:32 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Part 1, Chapter 3 00:59:57 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Part 1, Chapter 4 01:18:05 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Part 1, Chapter 5 01:29:52 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Part 1, Chapter 6 01:44:09 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Part 1, Chapter 7 02:05:55 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Part 1, Chapter 8 02:23:37 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Part 2, Chapter 1 02:37:37 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Part 2, Chapter 2 03:06:33 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Part 2, Chapter 3 03:19:50 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Part 2, Chapter 4 03:43:32 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Part 2, Chapter 5 03:56:12 ▫️ Chapter 14 : Part 2, Chapter 6 04:19:27 ▫️ Chapter 15 : Part 2, Chapter 7 04:41:10 ▫️ Chapter 16 : Part 2, Chapter 8 04:58:40 ▫️ Chapter 17 : Part 3, Chapter 1 05:30:25 ▫️ Chapter 18 : Part 3, Chapter 2 05:45:16 ▫️ Chapter 19 : Part 3, Chapter 3 06:06:40 ▫️ Chapter 20 : Part 3, Chapter 4 06:20:22 ▫️ Chapter 21 : Part 3, Chapter 5 06:35:22 ▫️ Chapter 22 : Part 3, Chapter 6 06:53:10 ▫️ Chapter 23 : Part 3, Chapter 7 07:07:16 ▫️ Chapter 24 : Part 3, Chapter 8 07:17:26 ▫️ Chapter 25 : Part 3, Chapter 9 07:31:32 ▫️ Chapter 26 : Part 3, Chapter 10 07:40:52 ▫️ Chapter 27 : Part 3, Chapter 11 08:00:33 ▫️ Chapter 28 : Part 4, Chapter 1 08:09:06 ▫️ Chapter 29 : Part 4, Chapter 2 08:26:32 ▫️ Chapter 30 : Part 4, Chapter 3 08:41:36 ▫️ Chapter 31 : Part 4, Chapter 4 08:55:56 ▫️ Chapter 32 : Part 4, Chapter 5 09:09:15 ▫️ Chapter 33 : Part 4, Chapter 6 09:24:42 ▫️ Chapter 34 : Part 4, Chapter 7 09:41:50 ▫️ Chapter 35 : Part 4, Chapter 8 10:00:42 ▫️ Chapter 36 : Part 4, Chapter 9 10:15:52 ▫️ Chapter 37 : Part 4, Chapter 10 10:29:05 ▫️ Chapter 38 : Part 4, Chapter 11 10:47:24 ▫️ Chapter 39 : Part 4, Chapter 12 11:07:46 📝 Synopsis: Comprised of four parts, Gulliver’s Travels documents the bizarre, yet fascinating voyages of Lemuel Gulliver as he makes his way through several uncharted destinations, experiencing the lives of the small, the giant, the scientific, and downright eccentric societies. Narrated in first person, Swift successfully portrays Gulliver’s thoughts and reactions as he faces struggles of integration throughout his travels. Beginning with the introduction of Gulliver, an educated ship’s surgeon, who after a series of unfortunate events is victim to repeated shipwrecks, desertions, and set adrift. His first of several misadventures sees him washed up on the shores of Lilliput, home to the less than six inches tall Lilliputians, where he wakes up to the sounds of scurrying beneath him. However, roles are reversed when his misfortunes lead him to Brobdingnag, a land occupied by giants where he must experience life as an inferior and fragile being. Subsequently, he comes across a society of oppressive theoreticians, and finally an intellectual, superior race. Divided between the known and the unknown, Gulliver must put aside his prejudgments and experience the unfamiliar societies first hand. As the novel gradually progresses, the transformation of the narrator becomes evident as he draws conclusions from each and every one of his adventures. Written by the master of satire, Jonathan Swift has not only created a story of adventure, but also cunningly attacks the mere nature of society in between its lines. Abuse of power, criticism of human nature, politics, and individualism are just some of the themes explored during the enlightening journeys of the venturesome Gulliver. Swift’s witty use of metaphors and satirical style serves as a puzzle waiting to be solved. An adventure story for the young, but a critical piece for the mature, the novel has a bit of everything and appeals to all age groups. The details in which the locations are described, the escapism it offers, and its openness to interpretation is what makes Gulliver’s Travels a timeless piece of literature
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William Shakespeare - Shakespeare Monologues - FULL AudioBook - HQ
Full audiobook of Shakespeare,Monologues by William Shakespeare 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Merchant of Venice : Quality o 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Taming of the Shrew : No Shame 00:01:31 ▫️ Chapter Macbeth : They met me on the d 00:03:12 ▫️ Chapter Romeo and Juliet : More Than P 00:05:34 ▫️ Chapter Macbeth : Is this a dagger? (A 00:06:23 ▫️ Chapter A Midsummer Night's Dream : If 00:08:39 ▫️ Chapter Henry V : Prologue (Act 1, Sce 00:09:58 ▫️ Chapter King John : I defy all counsel 00:12:31 ▫️ Chapter Romeo and Juliet : Romeo, Rome 00:14:48 ▫️ Chapter Twelfth Night : I left no ring 00:16:01 ▫️ Chapter The Tempest : Be Cheerful Sir 00:17:41 ▫️ Chapter Othello : Emilia (Act 4, Scene 00:18:54 ▫️ Chapter Hamlet : Hamlet's Speech to th 00:20:51 ▫️ Chapter Richard II : Of Comfort No Man 00:23:30 ▫️ Chapter Measure for Measure : Tis One 00:26:06 📝 Synopsis: This is truly a delightful compilation of some of the best known and loved passages from William Shakespeare's plays. Most readers would be familiar with all or at least some of them. If you've studied Shakespeare in school or college, plays like The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth were probably assigned texts. However, if you haven't encountered these plays before, Shakespeare Monologues is a great volume to browse through and enjoy at leisure. It's important to know that there is a distinction between the terms “monologue” and “soliloquy.” Since Shakespeare's plays often contain both these, the reader should be informed that a monologue is a speech delivered by one person and usually made to an audience, while a soliloquy is more of a kind of self-talk and a sort of thinking aloud, delivered by a character to none but himself/herself, presuming that he/she is alone. For instance, Mark Antony's “Friends, Romans, countrymen...” speech from Julius Caesar is a monologue, while Hamlet's “To be or not to be...” is a soliloquy. This volume contains fifteen monologues from various plays. Ranging from Portia's memorable speech, “The quality of mercy is not strained...” from The Merchant of Venice, to Juliet's impassioned cry, “Wherefore art thou, Romeo?” from Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth's tormented “Is this a dagger I see before me?” which he speaks just before he commits the heinous crime of Duncan's murder. Other remarkable monologues include Kate's impassioned speech from Taming of the Shrew, “No shame but mine....” in which she's stood-up at the altar by Petruchio and blames herself for agreeing to marry a “mad-brain rudesby!” If you've read Othello, you'll probably remember Emilia, Iago's soft-spoken but perceptive wife. Her monologue, “But I do think it is their husband's fault if wives do fall....” squarely refuses to condemn a woman for having an affair outside marriage – a remarkable comment for those times. Another lovely monologue is the wonderfully evocative “If we shadows have offended...” from A Midsummer Night's Dream in which Shakespeare speaks in the voice of his fellow actors and talks about dreams and reality, the stage and real life. Lesser-known monologues are Viola's speech from Twelfth Night, “I left no ring with her...” in which she realizes that Olivia has fallen in love with her, Viola, who is disguised as a man called Cesario! Measure for Measure's “Tis one thing to be tempted...” and Richard II's “Of comfort let no man speak...” are other immortal passages. Shakespeare's Monologues is indeed a golden treasure not to be missed by any Shakespeare follower.
Jules Verne - Around the World in Eighty Days - FULL  Audiobook Adventure - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook Adventure : Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📗 Epub :http://bit.ly/2GJ8xVa 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://bit.ly/2GM0Z3R 📄 Text :http://bit.ly/2GPLxnB 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Chapter I 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Chapter II 00:10:18 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Chapter III 00:18:34 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Chapter IV 00:31:58 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Chapter V 00:38:38 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Chapter VI 00:44:57 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Chapter VII 00:53:32 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Chapter VIII 00:58:56 ▫️ Chapter 09 : Chapter IX 01:05:53 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Chapter X 01:16:20 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Chapter XI 01:27:08 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Chapter XII 01:44:12 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Chapter XIII 01:58:20 ▫️ Chapter 14 : Chapter XIV 02:11:26 ▫️ Chapter 15 : Chapter XV 02:24:29 ▫️ Chapter 16 : Chapter XVI 02:36:55 ▫️ Chapter 17 : Chapter XVII 02:47:27 ▫️ Chapter 18 : Chapter XVIII 02:58:58 ▫️ Chapter 19 : Chapter XIX 03:08:08 ▫️ Chapter 20 : Chapter XX 03:22:12 ▫️ Chapter 21 : Chapter XXI 03:34:19 ▫️ Chapter 22 : Chapter XXII 03:51:07 ▫️ Chapter 23 : Chapter XXIII 04:05:10 ▫️ Chapter 24 : Chapter XXIV 04:18:24 ▫️ Chapter 25 : Chapter XXV 04:31:30 ▫️ Chapter 26 : Chapter XXVI 04:45:11 ▫️ Chapter 27 : Chapter XXVII 04:56:10 ▫️ Chapter 28 : Chapter XXVIII 05:09:13 ▫️ Chapter 29 : Chapter XXIX 05:25:22 ▫️ Chapter 30 : Chapter XXX 05:39:23 ▫️ Chapter 31 : Chapter XXXI 05:53:36 ▫️ Chapter 32 : Chapter XXXII 06:06:06 ▫️ Chapter 33 : Chapter XXXIII 06:13:51 ▫️ Chapter 34 : Chapter XXXIV 06:30:20 ▫️ Chapter 35 : Chapter XXXV 06:36:55 ▫️ Chapter 36 : Chapter XXXVI 06:47:42 ▫️ Chapter 37 : Chapter XXXVII 06:55:06 📝 Synopsis: Jules Verne is the master of classic adventure tales. Around the World in Eighty Days is just more proof that his excellent writing skills put the readers right in the book with Phileas Fogg and Passepartout. Because of a bet by his friends, Phileas sets out to get all the way around the world in eighty days. Phileas is a rich man, but also very precise about his life. He wants everything done the way he likes and will get rid of anyone who does not do that. The wager starts when he is at a local club and begins an argument about whether a person could get all the way around the world in such a short period of time. He believes he can because a new railroad has been opened in India. Because he is so sure of his mathematical figures, he takes the wager and sets off with his new valet. He has a carefully planned route for them to travel by steamer boat and railroad. Their itinerary includes crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and also across several continents. What he does not plan on is that a bank robber left England at the same time they did and a detective mistakes Phileas for the robber and follows them. Along the way, Phileas bribes people to rush their trip, they rescue a woman about to be sacrificed, ride elephants and miss their boats. They lose a few days and have to rush to make up the lost time. When they finally get to San Francisco, their adventure really speeds up! They encounter a big herd of buffalo and are also attacked by Sioux Indians. All the while, Phileas is still trying to make up lost time and get back to England in eighty days. Around the World in Eighty Days has so many wild adventures that no reader can be bored. Along with the excitement, there is also the element of mystery as the reader needs to decide if Phileas is the bank robber or not and whether he can learn to relax and be a friend to others. No one will be sorry they spent the time to read Jules Verne’s book.Jules Verne is the master of classic adventure tales. Around the World in Eighty Days is just more proof that his excellent writing skills put the readers right in the book with Phileas Fogg and Passepartout. Because of a bet by his friends, Phileas sets out to get all the way around the world in eighty days. Phileas is a rich man, but also very precise about his life. He wants everything done the way he likes and will get rid of anyone who does not do that. The wager starts when he is at a local club and begins an argument about whether a person could get all the way around the world in such a short period of time. He believes he can because a new railroad has been opened in India. Because he is so sure of his mathematical figures, he takes the wager and sets off with his new valet. He has a carefully planned route for them to travel by steamer boat and railroad. Their itinerary includes crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and also across several continents.
Various  - Short Nonfiction Collection - FULL AudioBook - HQ
Full audiobook of Short,Nonfiction,Collection by Various 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter An Answer to the Question: Wha : by Immanuel Kant 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Deity and Design : by Chapman Cohen 00:18:36 ▫️ Chapter Escape : by Christopher Benson 00:45:43 ▫️ Chapter The Future of Astronomy : by Edward C. Pickering 01:07:02 ▫️ Chapter Hints Towards An Essay on Conv : by Jonathan Swift 01:40:16 ▫️ Chapter The Hypocrisy of Puritanism : by Emma Goldman 02:00:03 ▫️ Chapter On English Composition and Oth : by Samuel Butler 02:15:57 ▫️ Chapter The Somnambulists : by Jack London 02:25:15 ▫️ Chapter Taxation : Appendix / An Essay by Lysander Spooner 02:40:36 ▫️ Chapter Why are All Men Gamblers? : by Arthur Brisbane 02:53:56 📝 Synopsis: A collection of ten short essays or other short nonfiction works in the public domain.
H  P  Lovecraft - Collected Works of H  P Lovecraft - FULL  Audiobook Fiction - HQ
Full audiobook Fiction : Collected Public Domain Works of H. P. Lovecraft by H. P. Lovecraft and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter The Alchemist : 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter The Beast In The Cave : 00:19:23 ▫️ Chapter Beyond the Wall of Sleep : 00:33:40 ▫️ Chapter The Cats of Ulthar : 01:06:34 ▫️ Chapter Celephais : 01:15:18 ▫️ Chapter The Crawling Chaos : 01:34:49 ▫️ Chapter Dagon : 01:51:43 ▫️ Chapter The Doom That Came to Sarnath : 02:06:39 ▫️ Chapter Ex Oblivione : 02:24:57 ▫️ Chapter Facts Concerning the Late Arth : 02:29:42 ▫️ Chapter Herbert West: Reanimator : par 03:03:55 ▫️ Chapter Herbert West: Reanimator : par 03:43:49 ▫️ Chapter Memory : 04:24:46 ▫️ Chapter The Music of Erich Zann : 04:27:34 ▫️ Chapter The Nameless City : 04:46:24 ▫️ Chapter Nyarlathotep : 05:14:26 ▫️ Chapter The Picture in the House : 05:22:47 ▫️ Chapter Polaris : 05:46:30 ▫️ Chapter A Reminiscence Of Dr. Samuel J : 05:56:18 ▫️ Chapter The Statement of Randolph Cart : 06:07:55 ▫️ Chapter The Street : 06:21:18 ▫️ Chapter The Terrible Old Man : 06:35:50 ▫️ Chapter The Tomb : 06:42:36 ▫️ Chapter The Tree : 07:08:35 ▫️ Chapter The White Ship : 07:19:50 📝 Synopsis: H. P. Lovecraft’s name is synonymous with horror fiction. His major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror: the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien. This collection contains 24 Lovecraft works that are in the public domain. H. P. Lovecraft’s name is synonymous with horror fiction. His major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror: the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien. This collection contains 24 Lovecraft works that are in the public domain. #bookodio
The Bible, King James - Version KJV - Introduction Audiobook Ancient Texts - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook Ancient Texts : The Bible, King James Version (KJV) - Introduction by and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📗 Epub :http://bit.ly/2Npr1uY 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://bit.ly/2NrRVma 📄 Text :http://bit.ly/2NsJfMi 📝 Synopsis: Variously known as the Greatest Story Ever Told, The Book of Books and many other names, the Bible is reputed to be the biggest bestseller of all time. Translated into thousands of world languages and studied, worshiped and revered in the four corners of the earth, the Bible remains Christianity's canonical text and is considered the Word of God. The King James Version (KJV) is a translation commissioned by the Church of England in 1604 and the work continued till 1611. However, it wasn't the first translation into English from the original Hebrew, and some portions in Aramaic. Two earlier English translations had been approved by the Anglican Church, but this third version was commissioned in response to some perceived mistakes and flaws in earlier translations which were found to be unsatisfactory by the Puritans. King James VI ascended the English throne at the age of thirteen months after his mother Mary Queen of Scots was forced to abdicate in his favor. With his reign, the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland came under the Crown. The Jacobean Age was famous for the flowering of literary and artistic movements. Shakespeare, Marlowe, John Donne and a host of poets, playwrights and writers contributed to the rich literary environment. The KJV was ordered so that it would reflect the Episcopal structure of the Anglican Church and the ordained stature of English clergy. More than 47 translators worked on it. The Old Testament was directly translated from the original Hebrew and Aramaic, while the New Testament was from a Greek version. A Catechism was added to The Book of Common Prayer. The KJV soon gained popularity and supplanted all other versions over a very short period. The version we have today has remained almost unchanged since the 19th century and is exclusively used everywhere in the Protestant world. It has had a huge impact on English literature over the four hundred odd years of its life and its literary and lyrical qualities have been praised by people of all religions. Apart from being a sacred text, it has immense cultural and literary value. Thousands of phrases, idioms and usages from the KJV have found their way into everyday communication in English. It has added to the richness and depth of the language across the centuries and inspired millions of writers, artists, poets and musicians to create beautiful and enduring works. Truly a magnificent and memorable read for people of any age or faith. #bookodio
The War of the Worlds - H  G  Wells - FULL AudioBook   HQ   Subtitles
Full audiobook of The,War of Worlds by H. G. Wells 📌 Chapters of The,War of Worlds by H. G. Wells : ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch1 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch2 00:15:40 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch3 00:25:07 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch4 00:32:04 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch5 00:40:03 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch6 00:50:19 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch7 00:56:16 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch8 01:05:09 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch9 01:12:03 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch10 01:25:08 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch11 01:39:19 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch12 01:52:08 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch13 02:15:43 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch14 02:28:15 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch15 02:52:20 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch16 03:11:36 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk1, Ch17 03:39:50 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch1 04:02:04 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch2 04:18:57 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch3 04:41:07 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch4 04:53:52 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch5 05:04:51 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch6 05:11:40 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch7 05:20:17 ▫️ Chapter Wra of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch8 05:54:29 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch9 06:14:56 ▫️ Chapter War of the Worlds : Bk2, Ch10 06:26:48 📝 Synopsis: Extraterrestrial invasion, the earth taken over by omniscient intelligences from Mars, the whole of humanity under siege and a nameless narrator who seems to be the lone survivor of the complete devastation of human civilization – scenes from a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster? Far from it! The War of the Worlds by HG Wells was written more than a century ago and went on to become an iconic work in the science fiction genre, spawning a whole new genre of literature featuring alien invaders. It was in fact the first book to present the idea of conflict between inhabitants of different planets. The story begins in an observatory in Ottershaw, when scientists note a series of mysterious explosions taking place on Mars. Some days later, the narrator who is on a walk on the Surrey Downs notices a weird cylindrical vehicle that suddenly opens to release a horde of hideous creatures who are later discovered to be Martians. The creatures are unable to breathe Earth's air and swiftly return to their vehicle. A peace delegation of humans tries to make contact but they're ruthlessly scorched to death by Martian heat-ray weapons. Thus begins the War of the Worlds. The British military swings into action, but their arms and ammunition are defenseless against sophisticated chemical weapons and heat-rays. Events race towards calamity as the nations of the earth unite to combat these fearful invaders to no avail. Survivors are reduced to scavenging for food with the cities of the world reduced to mere rubble. Can the human race survive? Will the narrator and his family escape destruction? The author, HG Wells was a science teacher in a small village in Somerset, England. However, he was also a gifted writer who wrote in several genres – science fiction, literary novels, short stories, history, politics and social sciences. A keen student of war and combat, he created a set of rules for playing war games with toy soldiers, which provides an interesting glimpse of logistics, strategy and close combat techniques. Wells' contribution to our ideas of science fiction remains unparalleled and the book has been widely filmed, staged and televised. The War of the Worlds was immortalized as a Halloween prank in a radio show that aired on CBS on October 30, 1938, causing widespread panic and chaos as listeners across the United States tuned in and began fleeing from their homes! The enduring appeal of this book makes it a must read classic for readers of all ages.
Edgar Allan Poe - Edgar Allan Poe Poems - FULL  Audiobook Poetry - HQ
Full audiobook Poetry : Edgar Allan Poe Poems by Edgar Allan Poe and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📗 Epub :http://bit.ly/2GIn0AK 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://bit.ly/2GIn0AK 📄 Text :http://bit.ly/2GIn0AK 📌 Chapter of Edgar Allan Poe Poems ▫️ Chapter 01 : The Raven 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : The Bells 00:07:47 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Ulalume 00:11:56 ▫️ Chapter 04 : To Helen 00:16:42 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Annabel Lee 00:20:19 ▫️ Chapter 06 : A Valentine 00:22:06 ▫️ Chapter 07 : An Enigma 00:23:18 ▫️ Chapter 08 : To My Mother 00:24:15 ▫️ Chapter 09 : For Annie 00:25:04 ▫️ Chapter 10 : To F 00:27:40 ▫️ Chapter 11 : To Francis S. Osgood 00:28:32 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Eldorado 00:29:08 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Eulalie 00:30:02 ▫️ Chapter 14 : To Marie Louise (Shew) 00:31:06 ▫️ Chapter 15 : The City in the Sea 00:32:11 ▫️ Chapter 16 : The Sleeper 00:34:34 ▫️ Chapter 17 : Bridal Ballad 00:37:36 ▫️ Chapter 18 : Lenore 00:38:45 ▫️ Chapter 19 : To One In Paradise 00:40:58 ▫️ Chapter 20 : The Coliseum 00:42:09 ▫️ Chapter 21 : The Haunted Palace 00:44:54 ▫️ Chapter 22 : The Conqueror Worm 00:47:00 ▫️ Chapter 23 : Silence 00:48:36 ▫️ Chapter 24 : Dream Land 00:49:35 ▫️ Chapter 25 : Hymn 00:51:48 ▫️ Chapter 26 : To Zante 00:52:29 ▫️ Chapter 27 : Sonnet to Science 00:53:28 ▫️ Chapter 28 : Forest Reverie 00:54:21 ▫️ Chapter 29 : The Valley of Unrest 00:55:43 ▫️ Chapter 30 : Israfel 00:57:05 ▫️ Chapter 31 : To 00:58:49 ▫️ Chapter 32 : To 00:59:30 ▫️ Chapter 33 : To the River 00:59:57 ▫️ Chapter 34 : Song 01:00:41 ▫️ Chapter 35 : Spirits of the Dead 01:01:31 ▫️ Chapter 36 : A Dream 01:03:05 ▫️ Chapter 37 : Romance 01:03:56 ▫️ Chapter 38 : Fairy 01:05:00 ▫️ Chapter 39 : The Lake 01:06:38 ▫️ Chapter 40 : Evening Star 01:07:41 ▫️ Chapter 41 : The Happiest Day 01:08:36 ▫️ Chapter 42 : Imitation 01:09:45 ▫️ Chapter 43 : Hymn to Aristogenton and 01:10:38 ▫️ Chapter 44 : Dreams 01:11:35 ▫️ Chapter 45 : In Youth I Have Known One 01:13:34 ▫️ Chapter 46 : A Paean 01:15:35 ▫️ Chapter 47 : Alone 01:17:28 ▫️ Chapter 48 : The Village Street 01:18:40 📝 Synopsis of Edgar Allan Poe Poems : Best known for his scary tales, mystery and detective stories and imaginative fantasy stories, Edgar Allan Poe was also a gifted poet. He wrote more than 70 poems and almost all of them have been widely appreciated by readers and critics alike. This collection contains some of his most famous ones, including the immortal Raven, which combines a sense of doom and nameless despair. With its ringing, alliterative and repetitive lines and strange, supernatural atmosphere, it remains one of Poe's best known and most quoted poems. Other poems in the anthology include The Bells, which was published after Poe's death. This poem is one of his most “acoustic” poems. It is divided into four parts and with each succeeding part, the sound of the bells becomes more and more sinister and gloomy. It was rejected several times by different publishers who felt that it skirted the thin line between verse and nonsense. However, in later years, composers like Rachmaninoff composed a sonata based on the poem and created a choral symphony for the bell sounds. Contemporary bands like Pink Floyd have also referenced it in their song “Time.” Ulalume is another well known Poe poem. This one again focuses on sound and was originally written as an elocution piece. Scholars have speculated that the poem's dark and dismal theme is similar to The Raven's and could be rooted in the grief that Poe felt after recently losing his beloved wife, Virginia. Ulalume is also full of classical allusions to different myths and legends. The original text of the poem contains a brilliant illustration by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Annabel Lee is the last complete poem written by Poe. This one also speaks of loss, love and despair. To My Mother is actually written to his mother-in-law and aunt, Maria Clemm. It is sometimes entitled Sonnet to My Mother and was published as a tribute to the mother of the woman he deeply loved, his wife Virginia. Lesser known poems like The Coliseum, The Conqueror Worm, To One in Paradise, To Francis S Osgood and others form the rest of the collection along with many others. In his short but memorable life, Poe created a whole new genre of writing. He is generally acknowledged as the father of detective fiction and also of the emerging genre of sci-fi. His works have influenced studies in fields as diverse as cosmology and cryptography. His deeply unhappy childhood and subsequent violent disagreements with his adoptive parents created much sadness in his young life, but he overcame his difficulties and found himself in writing. #bookodio
Various   Multilingual - Christmas Short Works Collection -FULL  Audiobook Fiction HQ
Full audiobook Fiction : Christmas Short Works Collection 2010 by Various - Multilingual Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 New York, 25 Dezember 1899 : by Elisabeth von Heyking 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 The Arraignment of Christma : by Anonymous 00:07:23 ▫️ Chapter 03 Babouscka : by Carolyn S Bailey 00:18:46 ▫️ Chapter 04 Bertie's Christmas Eve : by Saki (H. H. Munro) 00:22:44 ▫️ Chapter 05 A Child's Story : by Charles Dickens 00:39:02 ▫️ Chapter 06 Christmas Storms and Sunshi : by Elizabeth Gaskell 00:50:23 ▫️ Chapter 07 Christmas Weather in Scotla : by David Gray 01:24:41 ▫️ Chapter 08 Colonel Crockett's Co : opera by Rupert Hughes 01:34:12 ▫️ Chapter 09 The Fairy Christmas : by Etheldred B. Barry 02:17:45 ▫️ Chapter 10 The First Christmas Tree : by Eugene Field 02:21:36 ▫️ Chapter 11 Haensel und Gretel : by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm 02:33:15 ▫️ Chapter 12 Indian Pete's Christmas Gif : by Herbert W. Collingwood 02:53:31 ▫️ Chapter 13 Keeping Christmas : by Henry Van Dyke 03:13:48 ▫️ Chapter 14 The Legend Of The Christmas : by Charles Dickens 03:18:14 ▫️ Chapter 15 Little Jean. A Christmas St : by Nannie Lee Frayser from the Fr 03:25:06 ▫️ Chapter 16 The Little Match Girl : by Hans Andersen 03:32:12 ▫️ Chapter 17 Looking for Santa Claus : by Francis J. Finn 03:38:45 ▫️ Chapter 18 A Matter of System : by Eleanor H. Porter 03:52:01 ▫️ Chapter 19 Mattheus 1.18 : 2.23 by Biblia, trad. Antonio Ferreira 04:21:27 ▫️ Chapter 20 Mistletoe : by Walter de la Mare 04:27:32 ▫️ Chapter 21 The Mystic's Christmas : by John Greenleaf Whittier 04:28:42 ▫️ Chapter 22 Myths and Legends of Christ : by Bertha F. Herrick 04:31:28 ▫️ Chapter 23 O anjo : by Henrique Coelho Neto 04:47:12 ▫️ Chapter 24 The Peace Egg : by Juliana Horatia Ewing 04:52:14 ▫️ Chapter 25 A Story of the Christ : Child by Elizabeth Harkinson 05:25:38 ▫️ Chapter 26 The Wager of Gerald O'Rourk : by Francis J. Finn, S.J. 05:36:51 ▫️ Chapter 27 Weihnachten : by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 06:04:25 📝 Synopsis: This multilingual Christmas Short Works Collection for 2010 contains public domain short stories, essays, poems and scripture passages in English, German and Portuguese. #bookodio
Various - Short Ghost Story Collection - FULL AudioBook - HQ
Full audiobook of Short,Ghost,Story,Collection by Various 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter The Empty House : by Algernon Blackwood 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter The Judge's House : by Bram Stoker 00:40:11 ▫️ Chapter Laura : by Saki 01:24:16 ▫️ Chapter Man : size in Marble by E. Nesbitt 01:36:39 ▫️ Chapter Phantasmagoria : by Lewis Carroll 02:08:18 ▫️ Chapter Schalken the Painter : by J. Sheridan Le Fanu 02:37:14 ▫️ Chapter Shadows on the Wall : by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman 03:27:41 ▫️ Chapter Tales of Treasure : by Anonymous 03:53:53 ▫️ Chapter The Trial for Murder : by Charles Dickens 04:00:19 ▫️ Chapter Uncle Abraham's Romance : by E. Nesbit 04:29:33 📝 Synopsis: The Short Ghost Story Collection contains ten classic spooky tales written by such master craftsmen as Algernon Blackwood, Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker and Saki among others. The stories range from haunted houses to reincarnation (as a predatory otter), ancient curses in which marble statues come alive and wreak a horrible revenge and a long narrative poem that describes a dialog between a ghost and a human being. This anthology features authors like Lewis Carroll and E Nesbit who are traditionally regarded as children's writers and other practitioners of the paranormal like American writer Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. Ghost stories generally deal with anything that's considered “scary.” However, each writer has his or her own style of telling the tale. Some like Saki bring in their trademark irony, while Lewis Carroll ensures that the fantastic finds its way in. Algernon Blackwood bends the ghost story to its most classic level, as he spins out this subtle and truly chilling tale "The Empty House". Charles Dickens weighs in with a gothic tale of a jury member being haunted by the ghost of the person whose trial he is called upon to judge. "The Trial For Murder" finds Dickens in an unusually crisp, rapier-like mode with none of his elaborate and often distracting details. Sheridan Le Fanu's grim tale "Schalken the Painter" describes the bizarre experiences of a Flemish artist who falls in love with his teacher's daughter. The horror in this story is generated as much by what's left to the imagination as what's described by the narrator. A brief but equally hair-raising little gem by E Nesbit, titled "Uncle Abraham's Romance" is taken from her 1893 publication Grim Tales. A wistful story, tinged with an air of sadness, like an old keepsake, this story is sure to remain in your memory long after you've put the book down. "Shadows on the Wall" is a tale of “domestic horror” by Mary E Wilkins Freeman an early feminist writer who dabbled in other genres occasionally. This classic tale will definitely creep you out whenever you're home alone at night! It tells the tale of a mysterious crooked shadow that persistently appears on a wall, with no apparent substance to create it. For ghost story enthusiasts and anyone who revels in scary, eerie, creepy, mysterious and spectral tales of weird and uncanny happenings, here's a great collection to chill you to the bone!
Kenneth Grahame  -The Golden Age  - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Golden Age by Kenneth Grahame and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Golden-Age-by-Kenneth-Grahame.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Golden-Age-by-Kenneth-Grahame.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Golden-Age-by-Kenneth-Grahame.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Prologue: The Olympians 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : A Holiday 00:07:33 ▫️ Chapter 03 : A Whitewashed Uncle 00:21:20 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Alarums and Excursions 00:28:58 ▫️ Chapter 05 : The Finding of the Prince 00:41:25 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Sawdust and Sin 00:56:02 ▫️ Chapter 07 : 'Young Adam Cupid' 01:09:37 ▫️ Chapter 08 : The Burglars 01:22:27 ▫️ Chapter 09 : A Harvesting 01:36:39 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Snowbound 01:53:48 ▫️ Chapter 11 : What They Talked About 02:03:47 ▫️ Chapter 12 : The Argonauts 02:11:12 ▫️ Chapter 13 : The Roman Road 02:30:36 ▫️ Chapter 14 : The Secret Drawer 02:50:15 ▫️ Chapter 15 : 'Exit Tyrannus' 03:03:15 ▫️ Chapter 16 : The Blue Room 03:12:17 ▫️ Chapter 17 : A Falling Out 03:29:55 ▫️ Chapter 18 : 'Lusisti Satis' 03:41:58 📝 Synopsis: If you've loved and cherished The Wind in The Willows, you'll be delighted to read The Golden Age. In this book of reminiscences by Kenneth Grahame, the much loved creator of Winnie The Pooh, readers are granted an insight into the writer's childhood. The opening lines of the Prologue provide a poignant reminder of Grahame's childhood. When he was just five, his mother died in childbirth and his father who had a long standing problem with alcoholism consigned his four children, including the newborn baby, to the care of their grandmother in Berkshire. The rambling old house was a treasure trove of passages and attics, filled with old things and provided the children with plenty of excitement. Their uncle who was a member of the clergy in a neighboring village, often came to take them boating and walking in the nearby woods. These are the memories that are so charmingly captured in Grahame's books. Though he was a brilliant pupil, financial issues did not allow him to pursue further education at college. Instead, he went to work in a bank. His writing career began relatively early on, with the publication of short stories in various magazines when he was just 20 years old. However, it was in 1908, when he was more than 40 that The Wind in The Willows was published, which was received with great admiration and enjoyment by both adults and children. The Golden Age was published in 1895. Some of the stories in it had already appeared in various magazines. It was greeted by poets like Swinburne with much praise and almost instantly regarded as a classic. What's interesting about The Golden Age is that in this book, Grahame uses the metaphor of Ancient Greek legends and stories as parallels to his own life. The adults are termed “The Olympians” appearing remote, inaccessible and lofty to a child. Their activities are incomprehensible to the young mind while they had no interest in the doings of their wards. Grahame's humorous yet ironical tone lends a touch of fun to the adult world as seen through the eyes of a child. Other chapters describe the fun of being outdoors, visitors and relatives who come to the house, childhood games of Roundheads and Royalists, King Arthur's Knights, bandits and damsels in distress, knights errant, soldiers and princesses and everything else that a group of high spirited children could devise out of their boundless imaginations. Youthful escapades, stolen fruit, daredevil stunts and the carefree days of childhood are vividly captured in The Golden Age. For modern day readers, these recollections are interesting and in almost complete contrast to children's lives today, yet the book is an amusing and easy read for all ages.
Frances Hodgson Burnett - The Secret Garden -FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Secret-Garden-by-Frances-Hodgson-Burnett.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Secret-Garden-by-Frances-Hodgson-Burnett.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Secret-Garden-by-Frances-Hodgson-Burnett.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : There is No One Left 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Mistress Mary Quite Contr 00:10:35 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Across the Moor 00:24:42 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Martha 00:32:20 ▫️ Chapter 05 : The Cry in The Corridor 00:59:49 ▫️ Chapter 06 : There Was Someone Crying 01:11:29 ▫️ Chapter 07 : The Key to the Garden 01:23:16 ▫️ Chapter 08 : The Robin Who Showed the 01:34:08 ▫️ Chapter 09 : The Strangest House Any O 01:48:41 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Dickon 02:05:20 ▫️ Chapter 11 : The Nest of the Missel Th 02:26:06 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Might I Have a Bit of Ear 02:39:39 ▫️ Chapter 13 : I am Colin 02:53:49 ▫️ Chapter 14 : A Young Rajah 03:16:30 ▫️ Chapter 15 : Nest Building 03:36:24 ▫️ Chapter 16 : I Won't! Said Mary 03:56:25 ▫️ Chapter 17 : A Tantrum 04:08:26 ▫️ Chapter 18 : Tha' Munnot Waste No Time 04:20:45 ▫️ Chapter 19 : It Has Come 04:32:34 ▫️ Chapter 20 : I Shall Live Forever 04:51:04 ▫️ Chapter 21 : Ben Weatherstaff 05:05:02 ▫️ Chapter 22 : When the Sun Went Down 05:23:45 ▫️ Chapter 23 : Magic 05:33:21 ▫️ Chapter 24 : Let Them Laugh 05:55:53 ▫️ Chapter 25 : The Curtain 06:17:13 ▫️ Chapter 26 : It's Mother! 06:29:36 ▫️ Chapter 27 : In the Garden 06:46:43 📝 Synopsis: One of the most delightful and enduring classics of children's literature, The Secret Garden by Victorian author Frances Hodgson Burnett has remained a firm favorite with children the world over ever since it made its first appearance. Initially published as a serial story in 1910 in The American Magazine, it was brought out in novel form in 1911. The plot centers round Mary Lennox, a young English girl who returns to England from India, having suffered the immense trauma by losing both her parents in a cholera epidemic. However, her memories of her parents are not pleasant, as they were a selfish, neglectful and pleasure-seeking couple. Mary is given to the care of her uncle Archibald Craven, whom she has never met. She travels to his home, Misselthwaite Manor located in the gloomy Yorkshire, a vast change from the sunny and warm climate she was used to. When she arrives, she is a rude, stubborn and given to stormy temper tantrums. However, her nature undergoes a gradual transformation when she learns of the tragedies that have befallen her strict and disciplinarian uncle whom she earlier feared and despised. Once when he's away from home, Mary discovers a charming walled garden which is always kept locked. The mystery deepens when she hears sounds of sobbing from somewhere within her uncle's vast mansion. The kindly servants ignore her queries or pretend they haven't heard, spiking Mary's curiosity. The Secret Garden appeals to both young and old alike. It has wonderful elements of mystery, spirituality, charming characters and an authentic rendering of childhood emotions and experiences. Commonsense, truth and kindness, compassion and a belief in the essential goodness of human beings lie at the heart of this unforgettable story. It is the best known of Frances Hodgson Burnett's works, though most of us have definitely heard of, if not read, her other novel Little Lord Fauntleroy. The book has been adapted extensively on stage, film and television and translated into all the world's major languages. In 1991, a Japanese anime version was launched for television in Japan. It remains a popular and beloved story of a child's journey into maturity, and a must-read for every child, parent, teacher and anyone who would enjoy this fascinating glimpse of childhood.
E M  Berens - Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome - FULL  Audiobook Children - HQ - Sub
Full audiobook Children : Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📗 Epub :http://bit.ly/2NDLfS1 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://bit.ly/2NDLdJT 📄 Text :http://bit.ly/2NCZmqE 📌 Chapter of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : ▫️ Chapter 01 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Preface, Part I: Myths, a 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : The Second Dynasty: Chron 00:17:29 ▫️ Chapter 03 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Olympian D 00:41:15 ▫️ Chapter 04 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Olympian D 00:52:44 ▫️ Chapter 05 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Olympian D 01:10:10 ▫️ Chapter 06 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Olympian D 01:38:19 ▫️ Chapter 07 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Olympian D 02:18:57 ▫️ Chapter 08 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Olympian D 02:24:14 ▫️ Chapter 09 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Olympian D 02:49:01 ▫️ Chapter 10 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Sea Divini 03:10:30 ▫️ Chapter 11 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Sea Divini 03:31:49 ▫️ Chapter 12 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Sea Divini 03:46:22 ▫️ Chapter 13 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Sea Divini 04:03:14 ▫️ Chapter 14 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Minor Divi 04:17:17 ▫️ Chapter 15 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Night and 04:27:26 ▫️ Chapter 16 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Night and 04:56:42 ▫️ Chapter 17 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Night and 05:15:02 ▫️ Chapter 18 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Third Dynasty: Roman Divi 05:47:14 ▫️ Chapter 19 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Public Worship of the Anc 06:06:01 ▫️ Chapter 20 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Greek Festivals 06:23:39 ▫️ Chapter 21 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Roman Festivals 06:30:35 ▫️ Chapter 22 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Legends: Cadmus and Perse 06:33:58 ▫️ Chapter 23 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Legends: Ion and Daedelus 06:51:31 ▫️ Chapter 24 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Legends: The Argonauts 06:59:05 ▫️ Chapter 25 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : 1 07:46:57 ▫️ Chapter 25 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : 2 08:18:21 ▫️ Chapter 26 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Legends: Bellerophon and 08:49:14 ▫️ Chapter 27 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Legends: Oedipus and The 09:14:48 ▫️ Chapter 28 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Legends: The Epigoni, Alc 09:31:00 ▫️ Chapter 29 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : The Siege of Troy 09:46:47 ▫️ Chapter 30 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Return of the Greeks from 10:36:19 📝 Synopsis of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens : Silver footed, fair haired Thetis, Ares the God of War, Nike the Goddess of Victory, The Furies and The Muses, Zeus the presiding deity of the Universe and the magical, mysterious Olympus, are some of the amazing, mythical Greek and Roman deities you'll encounter in this book. Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by EM Berens was originally intended for young readers. #audiobook #audiobooks #bookodio
Lucy Maud Montgomery - Chronicles of Avonlea - FULL  Audiobook Children - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook Children : Chronicles of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📗 Epub :http://bit.ly/2Nw63ec 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://bit.ly/2NzdykF 📄 Text :http://bit.ly/2NqysCp 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Ch. 01 : Hurrying Ludovic 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 02 : Old Lady Lloyd, pt. 1 00:19:13 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 02 : Old Lady Lloyd, pt. 2 00:40:35 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 02 : Old Lady Lloyd, pt. 3 00:51:24 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 02 : Old Lady Lloyd, pt. 4 01:01:56 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 02 : Old Lady Lloyd, pt. 5 01:12:23 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 02 : Old Lady Lloyd, pt. 6 01:27:08 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 03 : Each In His Own Tongu 01:37:04 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 03 : Each In His Own Tongu 01:54:31 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 03 : Each In His Own Tongu 02:10:28 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 04 : Little Joscelyn, pt. 02:25:36 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 04 : Little Joscelyn, pt. 02:37:40 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 05 : The Winning of Lucind 02:48:48 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 05 : The Winning of Lucind 03:03:18 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 06 : Old Man Shaw's Girl, 03:15:20 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 06 : Old Man Shaw's Girl, 03:26:19 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 07 : Aunt Olivia's Beau, p 03:40:20 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 07 : Aunt Olivia's Beau, p 03:56:46 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 08 : The Quarantine at Ale 04:11:33 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 08 : The Quarantine at Ale 04:28:18 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 09 : Pa Sloane's Purchase, 04:46:36 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 09 : Pa Sloane's Purchase, 04:55:01 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 10 : The Courting of Priss 05:03:16 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 10 : The Courting of Priss 05:13:45 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 11 : The Miracle at Carmod 05:25:02 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 11 : The Miracle at Carmod 05:39:14 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 12 : The End of a Quarrel, 05:53:34 ▫️ Chapter Ch. 12 : The End of a Quarrel, 06:04:20 📝 Synopsis: A collection of short stories first published in 1912, the book focuses on events occurring in the popular fictional village of Avonlea, which is notorious as the hometown of Anne Shirley. Comprised of 12 short stories, the Chronicles of Avonlea present a different view of the town, with the introduction of many new gripping characters, which prove to be just as endearing as their most renowned resident. Tales of everyday snippets of life proving to be humorous, identifiable, and heartwarming, the collection is an effective reinvigoration to the classic setting. Montgomery’s short stories are loosely related to the Anne of Green Gables series, incorporating the charming Anne as a minor role in one of the stories and briefly mentioning her in others. It also features some other familiar characters, although the plots are independent of the series and are based on the experiences on other Avonlea locals. One of the most gripping stories in the collection, which holds the power to enchant, is “Each in His Own Tongue” where Montgomery portrays the sacred nature of art and its hidden value. The tale involves a young boy who has a love and gift for the violin, but his passion is frowned upon by his grandfather who is a reverend, and frowns upon the idea of the boy becoming a musician. However, the boy’s talents are well known and appreciated by various residents, and although he is forbidden he still continues to play the violin. Much to the dismay of the minister, the captivating tune does in fact have the ability to serve a higher purpose and is even able to match the foundations of his own capacity as a church member. Nevertheless, each story portrays its own unique plot guaranteed to entertain with its colorful variety. Focusing on universal themes about mankind, the book conveys the flaws of critical behavior that is sure to leave a poignant mark later in life. In addition it deals with compassion, taking risks, and absolute dedication in order to attain one’s hopes and dreams, while serving as a reminder to not allow pride the luxury to govern one’s choices. #bookodio
James Allen - Above Life's Turmoil - FULL  Audiobook Advice - HQ
Full audiobook of Above,Life's,Turmoil by James Allen ?? Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📌 Chapter of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : ▫️ Chapter 0 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : Foreword, True Happiness, 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 1 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : The Overcoming of Self, Th 00:12:35 ▫️ Chapter 2 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : The Man of Integrity, Disc 00:28:52 ▫️ Chapter 3 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : Belief, the Basis of Actio 00:40:14 ▫️ Chapter 4 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : Thought and Action, Your M 00:53:55 ▫️ Chapter 5 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : Sowing and Reaping, The Re 01:03:45 ▫️ Chapter 6 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : The Supreme Justice, The U 01:18:10 ▫️ Chapter 7 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : Self 01:34:20 ▫️ Chapter 8 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : The Glorious Conquest, Con 01:52:30 ▫️ Chapter 9 of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : The Temple of Brotherhood, 02:03:51 📝 Synopsis of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen : Combining elements of Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism with concepts dealing with self discipline, motivation and the power of positive thinking, James Allen's 1910 inspirational book Above Life's Turmoil is a pioneering work in self-help literature. One of the factors that makes the book appealing is that it doesn't purport to be a magic formula that will help you to get whatever you want. Instead, it aims to give the reader self knowledge and self conquest which will ultimately lead to inner peace in a turbulent world. This is something that every modern day reader will certainly appreciate, since a lot of books promise to show you how to create wealth, achieve success, find your dream partner and so on, without tackling the core issue of attaining inner calmness. Above Life's Turmoil is divided into a compilation of very brief twenty-one chapters, including a foreword by the author. Some of the topics covered include True Happiness, The Overcoming of Self, The Uses of Temptation, Sowing and Reaping, Your Mental Attitude, Universal Brotherhood and others. Allen uses concepts like affirmation and examines different perspectives to explain his ideas. However, readers looking for a typical “How To” book will not find that here. Above Life's Turmoil adopts more of a meditative, philosophical tone that readers can reflect on and study at leisure for the best results. James Allen was born in a working class family in England in the early 20th century. His mother was illiterate and his father was a factory worker. Following the tragic and mysterious death of his father, Allen left school and went to work as a stationer and private secretary in several manufacturing firms. Later he found employment as a journalist and soon began to develop an interest in spiritual matters. His first book, From Poverty to Power was published in 1901 and he set up a magazine dealing with spiritual themes in the same year. A year later, he published As Man Thinketh, his most famous book, which deals with the concept of retribution or karma and the natural laws of action and reaction in the spiritual world. James Allen went on to write nearly 20 books on similar themes and his wife continued to publish several of his manuscripts posthumously after his death at the young age of 48. One of the factors that makes Above Life's Turmoil and others by Allen appealing is that the message he wants to convey is very simple and sincere. An interesting and rewarding read for seekers of spiritual solace though it may not offer any practical solutions. #audiobook #audiobooks #bookodio
Arnold Bennett - How to Live on Twenty Four Hours a Day - FULL  Audiobook Advice HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook Advice : How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more audiobooks : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📗 Epub :http://bit.ly/2NpqitZ 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://bit.ly/2NpqhpV 📄 Text :http://bit.ly/2NvXjEY 📌 Chapter of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : ▫️ Chapter 00 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Preface 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 01 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : The Daily Miracle 00:11:16 ▫️ Chapter 03 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : The Desire to Exceed One' 00:18:42 ▫️ Chapter 03 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Precautions Before Beginn 00:25:46 ▫️ Chapter 04 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : The Cause of the Troubles 00:32:49 ▫️ Chapter 05 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Tennis and the Immortal S 00:40:02 ▫️ Chapter 06 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Remember Human Nature 00:47:47 ▫️ Chapter 07 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Controlling the Mind 00:54:31 ▫️ Chapter 08 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : The Reflective Mood 01:01:29 ▫️ Chapter 09 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Interest in the Arts 01:08:47 ▫️ Chapter 10 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Nothing in Life is Humdru 01:15:31 ▫️ Chapter 11 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Serious Reading 01:22:09 ▫️ Chapter 12 of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : Dangers to Avoid 01:29:32 📝 Synopsis of How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett : This book is a classic piece on self improvement teaching you to live to the fullest. Judging from the title of the book, the reader might expect that the book is a manual on how to manage your time better. Nothing could be further from the truth, this book is a flowery and witty self help book aimed at helping readers improve the quality of their lives, in fact it is one of the firsts of its kind in the world. Bennett describes the twenty four hours in a day as a miracle and that it should be used for the betterment of health, wealth, respect, pleasure and contentment. He then further goes to highlight the need for one to desire to exceed his daily program and to strive for more. He explains the need to be dissatisfied with the daily arrangement in one's life in order to strive to do better. He explains that a person’s attitude is the make or break factor in becoming a better person, drawing examples from the lives of characters invented in the book. Bennett explains that the mind is an instrument that can be used to one's advantage if you learn to control it. He highlights the importance of concentration in living life to the fullest. He abhors idleness and encourages readers to be wry of it and avoid it at all costs, he suggests finding innovative ways to keep busy and enjoy life. For a rather short book written over a century ago, ‘How to Live on 24 Hours a Day’ is a masterpiece that is as practical today as it was then. Readers will find that this book is the bedrock for the millions of self help books in the market today because its principles still resonate in today’s literature. #audiobook #audiobooks #bookodio
Sun Tzu - The Art of War - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Art of War by Sun Tzu and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Art-of-War-by-Sun-Tzu.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Art-of-War-by-Sun-Tzu.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Art-of-War-by-Sun-Tzu-2.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Laying Plans 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : Waging War 00:07:29 ▫️ Chapter 03 : Attack by Strategem 00:14:14 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Tactical Dispositions 00:21:15 ▫️ Chapter 05 : Energy 00:27:01 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Weak Points and Strong 00:34:23 ▫️ Chapter 07 : Maneuvering 00:44:38 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Variation in Tactics 00:54:02 ▫️ Chapter 09 : The Army on the March 00:58:46 ▫️ Chapter 10 : Terrain 01:10:49 ▫️ Chapter 11 : The Nine Situations 01:21:01 ▫️ Chapter 12 : The Attack by Fire 01:39:35 ▫️ Chapter 13 : The Use of Spies 01:45:20 📝 Synopsis: The Art of War is a 6th Century BC Chinese treatise on war and military strategy known for its timeless examples of strategy and planning. There is intense interest in this ancient work since it teaches how to be victorious in conflict and that the final victory ultimately is to see war as an effort to win minds and hearts rather than a mere acquisition of territory and wealth. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a two thousand year old work, reputedly authored by a famous military general and strategist who lived in ancient China. Apart from this, he is also revered and respected in many South Asian countries as a learned philosopher. The book is divided into thirteen chapters and there is historical evidence to prove that it was written over a period of time and perhaps with many borrowings and collaborations with other similar works of the period. However, it was also heavily criticized by generations of scholars and thinkers in later centuries as it advocated deception and spying as accepted strategies in war. Many scholars have also doubted whether a figure such as Sun Tzu existed at all and have found several inaccuracies in terms of the timeframe in which the book was supposed to have been written. Many feel that the original work may have undergone several revisions over the centuries before being consolidated in its present form. Whatever the nature of these opinions The Art of War remains a fascinating, valuable and extremely interesting work. Each chapter explores a different aspect of war. Beginning with elaborate plans that should be put in place before the commencement of war, the book goes on to describe different situations in which wars are fought, the kind of strategies employed in various types of terrain, understanding the nature of the enemy and finally positioning, timing and methods of attack. For present day corporate warriors, The Art of War is an invaluable text. Business management, sports and politics are some of the fields where it has found immense application. Conflict resolution theory has been immeasurably enhanced with the addition of Sun Tzu's millennia-old tried and tested methods. It also provides valuable assistance in the grooming of leaders, understanding and appreciating the opponent and leveraging one's own advantages. The Art of War provides compelling reading for anyone who is interested in the dynamics of negotiation, competition, mediation, planning and arbitration.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  - The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Memoirs-of-Sherlock-Holmes-by-Sir-Arthur-Conan-Doyle.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Memoirs-of-Sherlock-Holmes-by-Sir-Arthur-Conan-Doyle.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/The-Memoirs-of-Sherlock-Holmes-by-Sir-Arthur-Conan-Doyle.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Silver Blaze 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : The Yellow Face 00:46:00 ▫️ Chapter 03 : The Stock 01:28:26 ▫️ Chapter 04 : The Gloria Scott 02:07:50 ▫️ Chapter 05 : The Musgrave Ritual 02:53:31 ▫️ Chapter 06 : The Reigate Puzzle 03:41:20 ▫️ Chapter 07 : The Crooked Man 04:20:21 ▫️ Chapter 08 : The Resident Patient 05:00:04 ▫️ Chapter 09 : The Greek Interpreter 05:49:06 ▫️ Chapter 10 : The Naval Treaty 06:30:06 ▫️ Chapter 11 : The Final Problem 06:31:12 📝 Synopsis: For more than a century and a quarter, fans of detective fiction have enjoyed the doings of the iconic sleuth, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. In the company of his faithful companion, Dr Watson, Holmes has consistently delighted generations of readers. Created by a Scottish writer and physician, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this immortal private eye has solved cases for kings and commoners, lovely damsels and little old ladies, engineers and country squires and a legion of others who come to him in distress and perplexity. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of 12 stories featuring the pipe-smoking, violin-playing eccentric central character. The collection first appeared in 1894 in serial form in The Strand Magazine and then was later compiled into a single volume. The stories featured here include such gems as The Silver Blaze which is about the disappearance of a famous race-horse. This story is memorable for its “curious incident of the dog in the night-time” remark by Holmes. Other riveting tales in the book include The Adventure of the Gloria Scott – a rare story narrated by Holmes himself. Also there is The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter where we finally get to meet a member of Holmes' family, his brother Mycroft, who is reputed to have an even sharper brain than Sherlock's. Additionally there is The Adventure of the Naval Treaty, with a spy-versus-spy plot. Then there is also The Adventure of the Yellow Face in which Holmes gets it all wrong, and a host of other compelling tales culminating in the story that shook the nation when it first came out – The Final Problem. In The Final Problem, Holmes meets his death at the hands of the evil criminal kingpin, Dr Moriarty. The two engage in a deathly duel at the edge of the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland and a broken-hearted Dr Watson returns to England, having lost his dearest friend forever. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of unique stories that showcase Holmes' prodigious intellect, Victorian London, wonderful descriptions of rural landscapes and above all, gems of deductive wisdom. The stories are a fore-runner to many investigative methods that were adopted in police practice later. If you've never read a Holmes story before, this could be the start of a wonderful new literary adventure and if Holmes is an old favorite, these stories will only add to the appeal.
12 Creepy Tales - Edgar Allan Poe - Fantasy FULL Audiobook - HQ Subtitles
Full Fantasy audiobook : 12 Creepy Tales by Edgar Allan Poe and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: Click on subscribe for more Full Fantasy audiobook : http://bit.ly/audioboook or visit https://bookodio.com 📗 Epub :http://bit.ly/2GJMe1s 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://bit.ly/2GJDhW3 📄 Text :http://bit.ly/2GImXF4 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : THE TELL 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF 00:13:50 ▫️ Chapter 03 : THE BLACK CAT. 00:39:35 ▫️ Chapter 04 : THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF 01:01:54 ▫️ Chapter 05 : THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEA 01:46:15 ▫️ Chapter 06 : THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO 02:04:24 ▫️ Chapter 07 : THE PREMATURE BURIAL 02:20:52 ▫️ Chapter 08 : BERENICE 03:00:49 ▫️ Chapter 09 : LIGEIA 03:17:26 ▫️ Chapter 10 : HOP 03:58:37 ▫️ Chapter 11 : THE RAVEN 04:23:24 ▫️ Chapter 12 : THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM 04:32:26 📝 Synopsis: From the master of the psychological horror genre comes this brilliant collection 12 Creepy Tales by Edgar Allan Poe. It features some of his classics like The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat and The Cask of Amontillado which are supreme examples of his craft. The Black Cat is a truly horrifying story of a death-row confession of guilt by a serial killer. The much loved family cat becomes the agent of his destruction and inevitable descent into crime and madness. Another superb story is The Facts in the Case of M Valdemar. In this chilling tale, a mesmerist uses his skill to put a man into a trance at the exact moment of death. Poe wrote this story based on a newspaper report that he read about a New York doctor who was supposed to have conducted an operation after placing the patient under hypnosis. Such was Poe's talent that the story was mistaken for a genuine scientific report when it first came out! Writers and poets like Kipling and Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote personally to Poe, congratulating him on creating such a fantastic story. For sheer suspense and Gothic horror, The Masque of the Red Death is unrivaled. Set in some unnamed country, in an unnamed time, it tells of Prince Prospero who retreats into a sealed fortress with his trusted friends to escape a scourge called the Red Death, a mysterious and fatal disease that is decimating the countryside. The images of death, blood and disease linger in the mind long after you put the book down. A crumbling ruin steeped in an atmosphere of doom and decay... the last descendant of a noble family... an opium addict and his deluded fantasies&emdash;these form the elements of one of Poe's most atmospheric creepy tales The Fall of the House of Usher. It is also one of his most famous stories and is considered to depict Poe as being at the peak of his craftsmanship. The surreal feeling of this story has made it a perfect choice for adaptation on film and television. Another truly scary tale is The Pit and The Pendulum, which describes the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition in medieval Spain in the sixteenth century. The collection also features Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem The Raven which is guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of even the most skeptical of readers. Whether you're a horror story fan or not, 12 Creepy Tales by Edgar Allan Poe is a great addition to your bookshelf.
Various - 37 American Poems   -  Full Audio Book  -  HQ
Full audiobook of 37,American,Poems by Various, 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter 01 : Contemplations by Anne Bradstreet 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter 02 : To a LADY on her remarkabl by Phillis Wheatley 00:02:50 ▫️ Chapter 03 : The Star by Francis Scott Key 00:05:15 ▫️ Chapter 04 : Home, Sweet Home by John H. Payne 00:07:47 ▫️ Chapter 05 : The Wild Honeysuckle by Philip M. Freneau 00:09:42 ▫️ Chapter 06 : Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant 00:11:25 ▫️ Chapter 07 : The Village Blacksmith by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 00:16:37 ▫️ Chapter 08 : Seed by John Greenleaf Whittier 00:19:06 ▫️ Chapter 09 : The Snow by Ralph Waldo Emerson 00:21:02 ▫️ Chapter 10 : In Vain by Emily Dickinson 00:23:03 ▫️ Chapter 11 : Woodman, Spare that Tree! by George P. Morris 00:24:53 ▫️ Chapter 12 : Spring by Eliza Paul Kirkbride Gurney 00:26:31 ▫️ Chapter 13 : Lenore by Edgar Allan Poe 00:28:02 ▫️ Chapter 14 : The Mocking by Sidney Lanier 00:30:53 ▫️ Chapter 15 : The Path That Leads to Hom by Edgar Guest 00:32:10 ▫️ Chapter 16 : The March into Virginia, E by Herman Melville 00:34:14 ▫️ Chapter 17 : Whoever You Are Holding Me by Walt Whitman 00:36:32 ▫️ Chapter 18 : May by Helen Hunt Jackson 00:40:05 ▫️ Chapter 19 : Sweeney Among The Nighteng by T.S. Eliot 00:41:18 ▫️ Chapter 20 : A Late Walk by Robert Frost 00:43:28 ▫️ Chapter 21 : Sheltered Garden by H.D. \(Hilda Doolittle\) 00:44:34 ▫️ Chapter 22 : Pauline Barrett by Edgar Lee Masters 00:47:02 ▫️ Chapter 23 : Springfield Magical by Vachel Lindsay 00:48:43 ▫️ Chapter 24 : Five Sonnets by Edna St Vincent Millay 00:50:04 ▫️ Chapter 25 : Manhattan by Lola Ridge 00:54:37 ▫️ Chapter 26 : Ships That Pass In The Nig by Paul Laurence Dunbar 00:56:14 ▫️ Chapter 27 : O Black and Unknown Bards by James Weldon Johnson 00:57:39 ▫️ Chapter 28 : The Heart of A Woman by Georgia Douglas Johnson 01:01:00 ▫️ Chapter 29 : Translation by Anne Spencer 01:01:55 ▫️ Chapter 30 : Queen Anne\'s Lace by William Carlos Williams 01:03:02 ▫️ Chapter 31 : Wild Peaches by Elinor Wylie 01:04:18 ▫️ Chapter 32 : Spring Night by Sara Teasdale 01:08:12 ▫️ Chapter 33 : Mourn Not The Dead by Ralph Chaplin 01:09:40 ▫️ Chapter 34 : Poem XII, from Hugh Selwyn by Ezra Pound 01:10:40 ▫️ Chapter 35 : Reformers: A Hymn of Hate by Dorothy Parker 01:12:26 ▫️ Chapter 36 : Lilacs by Amy Lowell 01:17:13 ▫️ Chapter 37 : Tetelestai by Conrad Aiken 01:22:31 📝 Synopsis: Here are 37 distinctively American poems, covering the mid-17th – early 20th Centuries, from Anne Bradstreet to Dorothy Parker’s sole PD work. #poems #audiobook #poetry