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Old Mine Hidden Under House in the Superstition Mountains
Was out exploring in the Superstition Mountains and came across a bunch of old home foundations dating back to a time when the Superstition Mountain range was a hot spot for mining. But the tunnel under this home was new. What is down there?
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Video 3 - Adventures into the Superstition Wilderness, Pit Mine & Roger's Trough
In the 3rd episode of my Superstition Mountain series, I take you on a 3 day adventure that ends up at one of the most controversial places in the Superstition Mountain range.
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Video 4 - The Peralta Stone Maps - Truth or Hoax? With Frank Augustine
Join Frank Augustine and I as we explore the legend behind the Peralta Stone Maps and find never before seen evidence, Herman Petrash's old cabin and some abandoned mines within the Superstition Mountain Range.
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Video 12 - A Day with Tom Kollenborn
Join Frank Augustine and Ryan Gordon as they spend a day with Superstition Mountain historian Tom Kollenborn. We discuss the infamous Bob Ward and show treasure signs and symbols that allegedly lead to Peralta Treasure.
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DJI Phantom Pro 3 4K Footage - The Apache Trail - Superstition Mountains Arizona
Watch in 4K!! DJI Phantom 3 Pro operated by Ryan Gordon along the Apache Trail in the Superstition Mountains Arizona Music by Steve Jablonsky - Dinobot Charge
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Video 1 - Debunking Legend of the Superstition Mountains - History Channel
Just like you - I watched Legend of the Superstition Mountains on the History Channel - and I thought it was a bunch of crap. So I went out on my own to try and figure it out - ultimately debunking certain aspects of the TV series.
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Video 2 - Journey to the Bat Cave in the Superstition Mountains
Most of us learned about the bat cave near Canyon Lake by watching the reality series on History Channel called "Legend of the Superstition Mountains". Was it all hype or was it truth? Check out the 2nd installment to my debunking series. Notice - Everything in this video is purely my own opinion and I invite you to make your own!
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Video 11- Ghosts of the Superstitions & Fisher F75 Tutorial Part 1/2
The Superstitions are full ghosts....ghosts of the miners that dedicated their lives to mining. Join Mike McChesney, Frank Augustine and Ryan Gordon as we explore some of the old foundations in the Superstition Mountains. Also join us for "The Gold Bug Moment". Take a photo of yourself with your Gold Bug Metal Detector by Fisher Labs and post them to Frank's Facebook page (( facebook.com/Frank.Augustine.904 )) to receive coordinates of a gold location.
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Video 9 - Gold Bug Pro in a Spanish Arrastra & Gold Mining in the Bradshaws
Join Frank Augustine, Woody Wampler and Ryan Gordon as they go mining in the Bradshaw Mountains.
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Video 10 - Using a Gold Bug Pro and exploring an unknown mine in the Bradshaw Mountains.
Part 2 of our Bradshaw Mountain Trips with Kevin Leonard from Bradshaw Mining Tours. This is our second trip to the Bradshaws – and with good reason. The Lost Dutchman, also known as Jacob Waltz, arrived in these mountains in 1863 and within a few weeks, had already filed his first claim on what he called the Gross Lode on September 21, 1863. He then went on to file the Big Rebel in 1864 and the General Grant in 1865. In video 9, you saw that this area is full of mines. We know that Jacob had 3 himself. But for some reason – a reason that none of us can figure out completely – he left the Bradshaws and his partners and would spend the rest of his life in the Superstion Mountain area. Did Jacob hear rumors of the Peralta Family while in the Bradshaws? Legend says that in 1847 the Peralta’s were massacred by the Apache, leaving gold ore scattered about on the desert floor. The Peralta’s are said to have had 18 very rich mines – and for me – I believe Jacob wanted in on that bonanza. Jacob made a permanent residence in the Salt River Valley in 1868 and from 1872 to his death in 1891, Legend says he worked one of the richest gold mines known to man. Folks like Tom Kollenborn have done a lot of research on The Lost Dutchman and Frank, Woody and I thank him for allowing all of us to build from his tremendous research. facebook.com/BradshawMiningTours http://www.desertusa.com/mb3/viewforum.php?f=31
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Phantom 4 Pro Peralta Trail Superstition Mountains
Shot from the parking lot of the trailhead, outside of the wilderness area boundaries. Shot with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro by Ryan Gordon
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DJI Phantom 3 Pro Footage at Superstition Mountains
DJI Phantom 3 Professional in the Superstition Mountains / Canyon Lake and some of the valley's on the west side of the range. Music by Steve Jablonsky "My Name is Lincoln & Optimus" For those interested in the rules about flying a drone in the wilderness area, I have met with the Mesa Ranger District in person to inquire. There is only one "law" all the rest are suggestions. The Law: "You may not take off / land / operate from within the Wilderness area"" I directly asked "May I stand outside of the boundary and fly the drone into the wilderness area" Law Enforcement Ranger "Yes you may, just be courteous of other citizens and do not land or take off from within the boundaries"
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DJI Phantom 3 Pro Footage - Wave Cave Superstition Mountains
Using my DJI Phantom 3 Pro to search for "The Apache Kid Cave" or "Wave Cave" deep within the Superstition Mountains. Please observe all regulations / tips while flying drones http://www.fs.fed.us/science-technology/fire/unmanned-aircraft-systems/responsible-use Music by Steve Jablonsky https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/transformers-the-score/id265018176 Wave Cave Photo by Hans Brakob www.oldslowhans.com
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Aerial Arizona DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone  Footage
Aerial Arizona shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional and DJI Inspire 1 Professional Music by: Ryan Taubert - Reverie of Hope Steven Jablsonky - Sam on the Roof
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Video 11- Ghosts of the Superstitions & Gold Bug Moment Part 2/2
Also join us for "The Gold Bug Moment". Take a photo of yourself with your Gold Bug Metal Detector by Fisher Labs and post them to Frank's Facebook page (( facebook.com/Frank.Augustine.904 )) to receive coordinates of a gold location.
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Video 5 - Exploration of Herman Petrash's Cabin with Frank Augustine
Join Frank Augustine and Ryan Gordon as we finish our investigation at the well hidden cabin of Herman Petrash, the father of all Dutch Hunters. Make sure to stick around to witness us finding a once in a lifetime find possibly relating to Julia Thomas.
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Video 8 - In the Search of Truth: The Peralta Stone Maps
The finale to the Stone Maps series. Interviews with 3 of Travis Tumlinson's relatives and my final analysis on the legend.
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The Hunt -  DJI Phantom 3 Pro Footage - Peralta Canyon Arizona
Shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Music by Steve Jablonsky "Scorponok & Soccent Attack" Rules for drones within the Superstition Mountains / Wilderness: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/tonto/home/?cid=STELPRD3847988
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Video 7 - A Day with the Tumlinson's : The Peralta Stone Maps
Join me as I drive to Southern Texas to meet with the relatives of Travis Tumlinson to obtain the original manuscript written by Travis, Challenge for Superstition Gold. The original interview is just under 1 hour long. I have selected only a few clips to show as part of this interview.
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Video 6 - On Tumlinson's Trail : The Peralta Stone Maps
Join Frank Augustine and Ryan Gordon as we explore the Peralta Stone Maps in arguably the most in-depth video review, ever.
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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Casa Grande Domes
Music: Beyond Good & Evil : Audiomachine Casa Grande Domes in Arizona. Filmed with a Phantom 4 Pro by Ryan Gordon. ND32 Filter 60/1000 Shutter Speed
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John Jackson "PegLeg" Tumlinson's Cabin and other carvings
J.J. Tumlinson Cabin. Where Travis Tumlinson, the author of the Peralta Stone Maps, carved as a little boy.
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