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Epik High 에픽하이 - born hater
DOWNLOAD MP3: http://adf.ly/tTD7t -- music video mv of the new single of 에픽하이 born hater
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Dampfqueen Burgdorf
http://www.dampfqueen.ch/ Grösste Ladenfläche für E-Zigaretten in der Schweiz. Mit Onlineshop und Ladengeschäft für Dampf-Profis und Anfänger. Beste Produktqualität verknüpft mit hervorragendem Service.
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Apple kills Star Trek [Deutsch/German Sub]
Deutsche Untertitel zum Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAtje5weAU0
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Lake Zurich - A different view
"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." ― Pablo Picasso Gear: - Samsung NX1 - Samsung 16-50mm f/2.0 S Lens - TRD Beholder DS1 handheld gimbal Color Grading: - Kodak Ultramax 400 FC (ImpulZ Ultimate LUTs) NX1 Video Settings: - [email protected], 82mbit/s H265 HEVC - ISO100, f2.0, 1/250 - Sharpness: -10 - Gamma: DR - Contrast: -5 - Smart Range+: Off - Master Black Level: 0 - Luminance Level: 0-255 NLE: - Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 directly editing H265 HEVC Hardware: - Dell XPS 15 UHD, 512SSD, 16GB DDR4, Nvidia GTX960M 2GB GDDR5
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Window / Yuandao N101 Tablet PC - Review
OS: Android 4.0.4 SoC: RockChip RK 3066 CPU: ARM Cortex A9 DualCore 1.5GHz GPU: Mali-400 QuadCore RAM: 1GB Input: microSD, microUSB Output: HDMI @ 1080p, 3.5mm Jack GPS: No 3G: No OTG: Yes (Maus, Tastatur, Drucker, Webcam etc.) Interner Speicher: 32GB 1343148571766
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Thailand 2015 Aftermovie
"Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart." ― Confucius Locations: - Bangkok: Huay Khwang, Khaosan, Asoke - Pattaya, Koh Lan - Koh Pangan Tech: - Shot on Samsung NX1 100fps 1080p with 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OIS - Stabilized using Teamrebeldesign Beholder DS1 Gimbal - Edited in Premiere Pro by Natthakit K.
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Kanchanaburi Trip 2016
Shot with Samsung NX1 & SJCam Locations: - Erawan Waterfall - Mon Bridge - River Kwai
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Rosengarten Bern
The Rose Garden is one of Bern’s most beautiful parks, offering an unrivaled view of the Old Town and Aare river. When the weather is clear, the view extends far beyond the city. Not only is the Rose Garden a welcoming recreational area, it’s also a popular spot for taking memorable photos. Camera: Samsung NX1 Lens: 16-50mm f2.0 S lens Gimbal: TRD Beholder DS1 Postprocessing: Premiere Pro CC 2017 LUT: Filmconvert for Samsung NX1
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S 8/256 GB White - Unboxing & Hands On
Titled "A Chinese gem" by DxO camera tests, I had to get this phone in the best configuration of 8GB RAM / 256GB ROM. Here's the unboxing and first hands on of the 8GB White Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S.
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Jumpin Fiesch 2007 #03
Jumpin Fiesch 2007 #03
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A Swiss Summer
2018 was the hottest summer in Switzerland since 1864. We spent 3 awesome weeks touring through the country and experiencing some of the most beautiful sceneries of mother nature. Places in the video: Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Luzern, Bern, Zurich, Schynige Platte, Gelmersee, Grindelwald, Gotthard, Verzasca Valley, Locarno, Solothurn, Creux du Van (Jura) Camera: - Samsung NX1 Lenses: - Samsung 16-50mm f/2-2.8 S - Samsung 85mm f/1.4 - Samsung 16mm f/2.4 Gimbal: - Beholder DS1 Filter: - Hoya NXT
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Hua Hin by train (Sony A7III)
Going from Bangkok to Hua Hin by train during the rainy season นั่งรถไฟไปเที่ยวหัวหินช่วงหน้าฝน Gear: Sony A7III + 24-105mm f4 G Beholder DS1 Gimbal Filmconvert Pro film fuji emulation + custom grading Picture Profile: PP1 Black Level: +2 Gamma: Cine4 Color Mode: Pro Black Gamma: Wide, +4 Black Level: +2 Saturation: -5
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"Lake Zurich" Preview - Samsung NX1
Check out the full clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LdgblD-5cw Test footage to test gimbal, lens and the LUT Gear: - Samsung NX1 - Samsung 16-50mm f/2.0 S Lens - Team Rebel Design Beholder DS1 3-axis handheld gimbal Color Grading: - Kodak Ultramax 400 FC (ImpulZ Ultimate LUTs) NX1 Video Settings: - [email protected], 82mbit/s H265 HEVC - ISO100, f2.0, 1/250 - Sharpness: -10 - Gamma: DR - Contrast: -5 - Smart Range+: Off - Master Black Level: 0 - Luminance Level: 0-255 NLE: - Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 directly editing H265 HEVC Hardware: Apple Macbook Pro 13" late 2012, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Intel Gfx. Was waaaay too slow for a reasonable edit. So I edited proxy media (h264, 960x540) and interchanged them with the original files before rendering.
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thai2english custom transliteration scheme
In this brief video you can see how to add or customize transliteration schemes to thai2english. Notice how special characters for IPA need to be entered as HTML encoded entities. use this online HTML encoder to encode custom IPA letters into their respective HTML code: http://www.web2generators.com/html/entities
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Smart Note - awesome hand writing recognition
Awesome and accurate multilingual hand writing recognitionon Android with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It's my preferred note book app. ===[ DOWNLOAD http://adf.ly/wC2Fg ]=== Languages I tested: Hangul (Korean) Thai English German and a lot more
Views: 851 Jan Badertscher
Re: isaac hayes - Ike's Mood
---[VIEW NEW VERSION]--- The beat is selfmade. Accap from NAS - One Mic. Props goin' to NAS! It's an old version of my remix. This is completely out of sync! I appologize for that. I have a clean Instrumental to sell. Just hit me back ;)
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Jumpin Fiesch 2007 #01
Jumpin Fiesch 2007 #01
Views: 1123 Jan Badertscher
short review - N90 RK3066 Dual core tablet
A brief overview after I got the McBub version of the N90 with the new SoC: Rockchip RK3066 dual core tablet. Sorry for my english and for the bullshit about the kernel deep sleep problem, which is simply wrong haha.
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Schoko-Kuss Torte (chocolate marshmallow cake)
Rezept für Schoko-Kuss Torte Recipe for chocolate marshmallow cake ตำราอาหารเผื่อของหวาน: ขนมเค็ก ช็อกโกแลต "Marshmallow" You need / Zutaten / เครื่อง: - Chocolate Marshmallows 6 or more / Neger-Küsse 6 Stück oder mehr / มาชเมลโลช็อกโกแล็ต6อัน - low fat quark 500g / magerquark 500g / Quark (หางนมเปรี้ยวแห้ง!) - flan case or baked pastry case for black forrest cake / torten-boden für schwarzwälder torte / พื้นเค้ก (ของเค้กป่าไม้ดำ) - 1 banana / 1 banane / กล้วย1ผล - whipped cream 500ml / sahne 500ml / ครีม500ml ------ If you can't find Quark in Thailand: - 2 l whole milk (blue cap, Meji brand) - 1 starter yoghurt (Dutchie brand) Warm milk up to a temperature where you can still stick your finger in and it feels comfortable, about 40 C. Whisk the starter yoghurt well with the milk, pour into a container. Now you need a cheese cloth made from cotton. Sterilize the cloth in boiling water (add some drops of lemon or lime) for about 10 minutes. Put it on a colander on top of a bowl. Pour the container with the thick milk into the cotton cloth and let it drain for about 4 hours. Make sure that the cloth doesn't sit in the whey. Transfer the Quark into a container and keep in fridge.
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Jumpin Fiesch 2007 #02
Jumpin Fiesch 2007 #02
Views: 426 Jan Badertscher
Bircher Müesli Recipe
Bircher Musli Recipe from Dr. Bircher, the inventor of the healthy Musli from Switzerland.
Views: 218 Jan Badertscher
Solution for Logitech MX Master Bluetooth Issue & Lag
The Logitech MX Master has a well known problem with Windows 10 and Bluetooth. It lags and is unusable. This has nothing to do with Logitech, but with a feature in Windows called "Bluetooth Collaboration". After disabling it on the Wireless Chipset on most PCs and Laptops, the mouse will work without issues and lags. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Right click on network/wifi icon on the bottom right side of your task-bar 2. Open Network and Sharing Center 3. Change adapter options (right side on windows 10) 4. Right click on your Wifi or Ethernet Icon, select properties 5. click configure 6. Select the tab "Advanced" 7. Find "Bluetooth collaboration" in the property list 8. Under value, click disable
Views: 45769 Jan Badertscher
Fireworks factory explodes in Mexico (stabilized)
Stabilized and slow-motion footage of the explosions Story: Amateur footage shows fireworks igniting and flattening a fireworks market in Mexico City on Tuesday, reportedly killing at least 31 people and injuring 70. The San Pablito market, which sits on the northern outskirts of the city, was engulfed in fire back in 2005
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Kicked in the head by a train (slow motion)
Slow Motion version of the video clip with frame blending using Twixtor.
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Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong
"The Tian Tan Buddha symbolizes the harmonious relationship between man and nature, people and faith. Surrounding the Buddha are six smaller bronze statues known as "The Offering of the Six Devas". These symbolize the Six Perfections of generosity, morality, patience, zeal, meditation, and wisdom, all of which are necessary for enlightenment. The Buddha's right hand is raised, representing the removal of affliction, while the left rests open on his lap in a gesture of generosity. One of the most renowned features inside the Buddha is a relic of Gautama Buddha, consisting of some of his alleged cremated remains." Shot on Samsung NX1 with 16-50mm f3.5-5.6
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Birthday Pohn
วันเกิดพี่พร กล้อง: Samsung NX1 เลนส์: Samsung 16-50 f/2.0 Stabilizer: TRD Beholder DS1
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Eviva España - Bundesplatz Bern Fanzone Euro Finale
Auf dem Bundesplatz in Bern in der Euro 2008 Fanzone!
Views: 537 Jan Badertscher
Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Full HD Test Video
Dieses Video wurde von einem Android-Telefon hochgeladen.
Views: 553 Jan Badertscher
Google Nexus 7: Unpacking & speed/size comparison
Short unpacking, size and browser speed comparison Samsung Galaxy Note (5.2") Google Nexus 7 (7" Quad Core) Yuandao N101 (10" Dual Core)
Views: 489 Jan Badertscher
Sampling some new song
Passion's "already in love" sample
Views: 97 Jan Badertscher
Samsung Galaxy S5 4K video test (dusk)
Testing 4K video recording in difficult lightning environment
Views: 92 Jan Badertscher
Anti-Shake Test YouTube
Anti-Shake Filter enabled on the right side. Captured with a Google Nexus S Smartphone
Views: 484 Jan Badertscher
Lord - My mom's dog
Shot with Samsung NX1 16-50 f/2.0 TRD Beholder DS1 gymbal LUT: Kodak Ultramax 400
Views: 146 Jan Badertscher
Hulk is bursting a balloon in slow motion
The Hulk bumping up a balloon until it bursts. Recorded with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 in Slow Motion mode.
Views: 116 Jan Badertscher
Slow motion hailstorm พายุลูกเห็บ
Slomo 1/8 recording of a light hailstorm. Switzerland in the canton of Berne
Views: 58 Jan Badertscher
Xiaomi Mi Mix Review - The bezel less phone
Xiaomi showcased the Mi Mix to an international audience at CES 2017 today. The Mix is a concept phone currently produced in low quantity, that features a high screen to body ratio, piezoelectric acoustic ear phone piece and other innovations. Specs: Dimensions: 81.9 x 158.8 x 7.9 mm Material: Ceramic Weight: 209 g SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro CPU: 2x 2.35 GHz Kryo, 2x 2.0 GHz Kryo, Cores: 4 GPU: Qualcomm Adreno 530, 653 MHz RAM: 4 GB, 1866 MHz Storage: 128 GB UFS 2.0 Display: 6.4 in, IPS, 1080 x 2040 pixels, 24 bit, 84% display area Battery: 4400 mAh, Li-Polymer OS: MIUI V8 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) Camera: OmniVision OV16880, 16M pixels, f/2.0 SIM card: Dual Nano-SIM Wi-Fi: a, b, g, n, n 5GHz, ac, Dual band, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct USB: 3.0, USB Type-C, QuickCharge 3.0 Bluetooth: 4.2 Positioning: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
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