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Caroline Wilson: Sex, Lies & Videotapes
The episode that didn't go to air. Caro's sex scandal. This time it's North Melbourne in her line of fire. She won't stop until she has done the lot. A taste of her own medicine. Please join our Caroline Wilson hate group http://www.facebook.com/groups/225003194298663/
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AFL Falcons
Falcons, Umpires, Clangers, Kicks. The funniest footy moments of 2011 and some time fillers from previous years. The 2011 season, more so than any previous year, saw an unbelievable trend in falcons in AFL football. Here are all that I could find on youtube plus a heap more I spotted during games that didn't make the tv highlight reels. Thanks to my good mate Dezza for sending me clips of a few falcons I coudn't get. Please enjoy.
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Dane Swan 2011
Highlights and statistics from Dane Swan's 2011 season. Thanks to my mate Dezza of "youmagpietube" for the Brownlow Medal presentation footage.
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Say Goodbye, GAME OVER
A tongue in cheek against Collingwood's opponents, especially if the fat lady starts singing well before the final siren. :o) Sorry the animation sync was perfect before compiling but it jumps a few frames now.
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The MOP Chop
Here it is, as promised. The Leukaemia Foundation's "World's Greatest Shave" footage for those who couldn't make it to the event.. Thank you all for your sponsorship and moral support. You can still donate. http://my.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=474234#.URgtGkfJXAY.facebook
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Ruger's bath time
I can never understand the drama people have bathing their pets. This is how all of my pets have treated bath time... with the exception of a few cats I've owned. Ruger, my 3 y.o. German Sheppard x Husky, was a little hesitant due to being exhausted after being scared by fireworks and on the run for eight and a half hours. But he returned home on his own accord and needed a bath. He usually lays on the bathroom floor while his bath is running.
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Drunk Bazinga
Bazinga my lorikeet acting the goose. He isn't really drunk, just crazy.
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67 Camaro
Sorry to the rightful owner of this video. I was tagged in it on Facebook by a mate but fb lost it then my mate couldn't find it online again. Lucky my internet was so laggy at the time I tried to view it that I decided to download it to view later. Awesome ride. The '67 to '69 Camaros are my favourite of all cars.
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Collingwood contested marks 2011_ part A
Even after selecting only the best Collingwood contested marks of 2011 my original video was to long for YouTube. So here it is in two parts. Part B can be found here: http://youtu.be/gB1wGvqVggY
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Caroline Asshole Wilson (revised)
Sports gossip columnist for The Age newspaper, Caroline Wilson loathe her or hate her, she just has to go. Please join the hate group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/225003194298663/
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To Janine with all of our thoughts, prayers, love & support
Just some of Janine's closest friends conveying their love and support via video prior to her operation this Thursday.
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Magpie Magic
A collection of some incredible goals by some magical magpies
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Fearny's Poppet Dance
Just a little something to brighten your day. :)
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Collingwood contested marks 2011_ part B
Even after selecting only the best Collingwood contested marks of 2011 my original video was to long for YouTube. So here it is in two parts. Part A can be found here: http://youtu.be/_6sZydwKMsM
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Hawthorn friendly fire
To those who came to our FaceBook page calling Collingwood "cheats"
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Wild Bird Daycare Centre 2
Hand feeding and patting a young wild magpie from the local area
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Collingwood's Grand Final history
A presentation of Collingwood's Grand Final history (highs & lows)
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Let 'em in
A pair of Rainbow Lorikeets seem to have moved in. Residing on my front verandah for the past 5 days and nights. Music by Paul McCartney and Wings Video by MadOnPies and winged friends
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Wild Bird Daycare Centre 3
Hand feeding and patting a young wild magpie from the local area
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Some funny furry toy
This thing is sound activated. It records sound until it there is a break or pause in the immediate sound and plays it back at a higher pitch. Funny shit when you're drinking.
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Don't Trust The Mayans
pronounced "mah-yuh n" Sung to the tune of "I Did It My Way" (Frank Sinatra) 20/12/2012 Sorry it was a rush job, I had to upload it before the world ended. Phew, I just made it. :o) BTW yanks, the date format is correct. You guys have it wrong.
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Joffa & Dee's Grand Finale
Requested by Joffa created by MadOnPies.
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October Fires
Just some photos and footage I took and put together of the aftermath of the October 2012 fires in my area and Collingwood Park. It lead me to assisting a few residents in saving houses in McCorry Drive, Collingwood Park under serious threat from re-ignited fires.
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Wild Bird Daycare Centre 1
Hand feeding a young wild magpie from the local area
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