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Benny Solis: 2 Laps-Chuckwalla (Counter Clock-wise)
Hi everyone! Here is a video of a couple laps during one of my races out at Chuckwalla. Facebook:www.facebook.com/BenitoSolis35 Twitter: @BennySolis35 Instagram: @BennySolis35 Google+: Benny Solis
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Benny Solis: Lines & RPM at Chuckwalla (CW)
Thank you guys for the positive feedback! Here is another video. If you race CVMA or do trackways at Chuckwalla, I hope this video can help you in some way :) Send your recommendations for more!
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Benny Solis: Throttle/Brake view at Chuckwalla, Clockwise
For all my friends, fans, and followers who ride at Chuckwalla and have been asking for some shifting/braking pointers...here is a video for you all during one of my races out there with CVMA (: hope you all enjoy!! Let me know what else you guys would like to see. Thanks for the support guys, #TeamH35 !!
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Benny Solis: 1 Lap around Auto Club Speedway
Hi everyone, here is a video of me doing one lap around Auto Club Speedway! facebook: www.facebook.com/benitosolis35 twitter: www.twitter.com/bennysolis35
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Benny Solis: 2014, Pre Daytona 200
Practiced some pit stops for our Daytona 200 race....also a few shots of our new bike :) Huge thanks to all my supporters: Dunlop tires, Alpinestars, GPR, Arai, RK, Evol Technology, Oakley, C-5, H35, Renthal, Akrapovic, SpeedCell. Facebook: Benny Solis Instagram: @BennySolis35 Twitter: @BennySolis35
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Benny Solis: Throttle/Brake view at Auto Club Speedway
Here's a lap around Auto Club Speedway for you all. Enjoy! Facebook: Benny Solis Twitter: @BennySolis35 Instagram: @BennySolis35
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Benny Solis: Highside at Chuckwalla (Bowl)
Filmed 100% on the HERO3® Camera from http://GoPro.com Hi guys :) Here is the clip from my highside at Chuckwalla. The original footage belongs to Chad Lewin, who was the rider that had the GoPro on his bike and caught the whole crash on video. Facebook: http://facebook.com/BenitoSolis35 Twitter: http://twitter.com/BennySolis35 Viddy: http://viddy.com/BennySolis35
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Behind the scenes, 1 on 1 training! | VLOG 5
A bit of our typical weekends when we go do 1 on 1 training with JP43!
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The story on Moto2!! You guys have gotten us this close :)
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Benny Solis: Mexico City.
Track: Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Event: 2013 Racing Bike Capital Finale Team: EBA/NC Racing Hi guys, I competed in the Racing Bike Capital Finale in Mexico City, Mexico. Here is one lap on the 600, and one on the 1000. Hope you guys like it! Facebook: http://facebook.com/BenitoSolis35 Twitter: http://twitter.com/BennySolis35 Instagram: @BennySolis35 Google+: Benny Solis
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Support the journey of Benny Solis to Moto2!
Together as one team we can make this possible! Link: http://www.youcaring.com/bennytomoto2 Thank you all for the support. Any contribution is highly appreciated. Please spread the word by sharing!
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Daytona 200! | VLOG 4
We are racing the Daytona 200! Cant wait to show you guys whats coming up Benny Solis Tee: BennySolis35.bigcartel.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/BennySolis35 Instagram: http://instagram.com/BennySolis35
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Update on Moto2
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Benny Solis: GoPro Prototype Camera Mount Test (1)
Practicing at Chuckwalla, testing out a new GoPro Prototype Camera Mount that's developed by professional Athletes. Here's a quick sample of one of the many I have shot....tell me what you guys think :) More to come, stay tuned! :) Facebook: http://Facebook.com/BenitoSolis35 Twitter: http://Twitter.com/BennySolis35 Instagram: BennySolis35
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Todays workout :) Hope you guys like the vlogs, send your requests for more! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bennysolis35/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BenitoSolis35/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bennysolis35
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For more, send me requests! Thanks guys -Benny Solis @BennySolis35
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Hi guys! VLOG 2; enjoy and feel free to send your requests :) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bennysolis35/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BenitoSolis35/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bennysolis35 Thanks guys.
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