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Starship Troopers Soundtrack - The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug
Out of the ashes of Buenos Aires comes first sorrow, then anger.
Views: 1514 Elijah Kelley
Family Guy - Brian goes to a dog party
Since no one else uploaded it yet. From the episode "Carter & Tricia".
Views: 3921 Elijah Kelley
Moth & Harsh - Falsified Existence
An extended version of Moth's "Falsified Existence".
Views: 552 Elijah Kelley
Atomize & Kretan & Moth - Mr. Hands (ft. RaveGrobber)
This was never finished and never officially posted on YouTube. I'd love to upload it to SoundCloud, but I just reached my limit. I'd get Go Pro, but I don't wanna spend money on that just yet. Follow Moth: https://soundcloud.com/mothmusik Follow Kretan: https://soundcloud.com/kretanmusic Follow Atomize/Necrofiler: https://soundcloud.com/necrofiler
Views: 203 Elijah Kelley
Desiigner - Panda vs Code Pandorum - Chosen (100hurts, Lūx & Mits Remix) (Treadz Mashup)
Another one for y'all. Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe any time.
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All Zerg Units & Structures (Updated)
I had to update this because I discovered more units within the past couple days. Some of these units are from mods or custom campaigns. The last structure appears in various missions and I have no idea what it's called, so if anyone knows, please tell me in the comments below. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
Views: 13857 Elijah Kelley
Doom Eternal - First Encounter with the Arachnotron
I don't know why they weren't in the 2016 game. Doom Eternal coming soon.
Views: 973 Elijah Kelley
100hurts - Toxin
Views: 117 Elijah Kelley
Whitewoods - Beach Walk (Zen Remix)
I'm just gonna say it, because everyone else will: Subscribe to Pyrocynical.
Views: 72 Elijah Kelley
Deathstep Battle #2 - Influx vs White Eyes
Tracklist: Influx - Enfleshed White Eyes - Decimation Influx - Sacrificial Parasite White Eyes - Legion KRAM - When You See God (Influx Remix) KRAM - When You See God (White Eyes Remix) Mantis - Fumes (Influx Remix) White Eyes - Lacerate ft. Depravity & FilthSkreamer Influx - The Fear White Eyes - Those Chosen By The Planet
Views: 258 Elijah Kelley
100hurts - Death 2 Riddim
This was a little short, so I extended it. Yes, I actually do this kind of thing all the time. If a track is too short, I like to extend or loop it.
Views: 130 Elijah Kelley
Code Pandorum - God Complex (Kretan Remix)
This is an old track that was never released. Well, here ya go!
Views: 110 Elijah Kelley
DarkElixir - Wobblecraft
This is an old track that Wobblecraft posted a few years ago. I went looking for it the other day, but it must've been removed or something. Luckily I had the song, so I'm giving it back to YouTube.
Views: 33 Elijah Kelley
Deathmatics - Guns & Guns
Took me forever to find this. Please like, comment and subscribe for more. Free download: https://soundcloud.com/user-760139241/deathmatics-guns-guns
Views: 127 Elijah Kelley
Desiigner - Panda vs Yogi - Burial (Treadz Mashup)
Another mashup. Enough said.
Views: 209 Elijah Kelley
Synoid & Gorillz - The Mysteries (100hurts Bootleg)
100hurts' remix of "The Mysteries" by Synoid and Gorillz, out now on A New Order EP. Buy the album here: https://crowsnestaudio.bandcamp.com/album/a-new-order-ep
Views: 128 Elijah Kelley
Starcraft Universe Soundtrack - The Cerebrate (With Gameplay) David Orr Soundtrack
Me playing SC Universe. The best option for me is to choose High Templar. This will allow you to use the psionic bolt and storm abilities at your enemies without having to get too close. Another useful tip is to try and lure some of your enemies into the rockfall. The rocks will damage any entity that they touch.
Views: 695 Elijah Kelley
100hurts & Kretan - Devil
In addition to extending songs, I'm just a straight up 100hurts fan. Follow him here: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/100hurts Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100hurts/
Views: 141 Elijah Kelley
100hurts & Griefer - 1000 Leagues Under The Sea
100hurts has a LOT of unfinished songs.
Views: 140 Elijah Kelley
Getter - Told You ft. Ookay
Would this make a good YouTube intro?
Views: 142 Elijah Kelley
Bionic Jive - Burn
Copyright Bionic Jive, 2012
Views: 66 Elijah Kelley
Dude sounds like duck singing Jacquees' "Persian Rugs"
Found this vine here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57ThMAIE_Lw
Views: 21414 Elijah Kelley
Kadaver - Betrayal
Free download: https://soundcloud.com/damagedsounds/kadaver-betrayal-damaged
Views: 395 Elijah Kelley
Purifier Colossus Quotes - Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void
Purifier colossus quotes from Legacy of the Void
Views: 5290 Elijah Kelley
100hurts - Freak
Happy 100hurts day, everyone! I'm gonna try to upload as many 100hurts songs as I can.
Views: 92 Elijah Kelley
Why is your report card on the ceiling?!
Vine by Jay Versace
Views: 8234 Elijah Kelley
1.8.7. Deathstep - The Purge
For the next 12 hours, all crime is legal. Please feel free to like, subscribe, and share!
Views: 112 Elijah Kelley
Hey Peter
The original meme
Views: 4562 Elijah Kelley
Invictous - Mexico (Defect Remix)
My cousin and I were listening to the Static:Reset remix the other day, and he thought it was a Donald Trump remix. I couldn't help but laugh when he said that. This one was actually never finished, and I basically extend songs as a hobby.
Views: 44 Elijah Kelley
Today's the Day I Learn to Fly
Vine by Nick Colletti.
Views: 9021 Elijah Kelley
Patrick Laughing Meme
Remember this dank meme? Feel old yet, kids?
Views: 2566 Elijah Kelley
Felipe's Not Your Dad
Something to help ease the pain
Views: 9740 Elijah Kelley
If Dehaka was a Co-op Commander
Dehaka would make a great co op commander.
Views: 1478 Elijah Kelley
Whitewoods - Beach Walk
a.k.a. Pyrocynical's outro song Speaking of which, subscribe to him here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Pyrocynical
Views: 23 Elijah Kelley
So, what do you think about space travel?
Do cats hate space travel?
Views: 4164 Elijah Kelley
Nitro - Machine Gunn Eddie (Fixed)
Amplified bass and everything. Whoever did the final mixing for this album must have either hated Nitro or just didn't know how to do their job right.
Views: 38 Elijah Kelley
DJ Troubl' ft. Foreign Beggars & Moona - Who's the Fool vs Moth - The Portal
I really wanted to mix a Foreign Beggars song with a Moth song.
Views: 54 Elijah Kelley
100hurts Deathstep Mix Part 2
Here's another mix for y'all. Enjoy! Follow 100hurts: https://soundcloud.com/100hurts Tracklist: 100hurts - Energy 100hurts - The Presence of Evil 100hurts - Nightmare Synoid & Gorillz - The Mysteries (100hurts Bootleg) 100hurts - Sin 100hurts - Death 2 Riddim 100hurts - A Soul's Edge 100hurts & Lord Swan3x - Final Battle
Views: 99 Elijah Kelley
No, cause I don't brush my teeth!
Vine by Yunglame
Views: 2222 Elijah Kelley
Megalodon & BadMedia - Switch
Megalodon made a lot of music back in 2011 and 2012. Most of it was never released.
Views: 64 Elijah Kelley
100hurts - The Presence of Evil
Prepare yourselves, as I take you into a reality in which you may never return. Follow 100hurts: https://www.facebook.com/100hurts/ https://soundcloud.com/100hurts
Views: 63 Elijah Kelley

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