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Bitter sweets... Sort of
Tried do bitter sweets but I didn't do so well :I
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Nothing to see here... Just some wild Hula Sabers....
Here we see some hula sabers in their natural habitat.. Credit to: Kittyskookie (far left) Funshine53 (middle left) Me, fox25372 (middle right) And Noraeszters26 (far right)
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4 of den r mine XD One is spot12345s spare Credit: Me (fox25372, cheetahblur, wolfiethehuskie and violettiger2017) Artificialstars (red panda) Spot12345 (Arctic Wolf) So... Cheap wolves. Ok. Bye.
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Random stuff in Jamaa! [1] Starring wolfblade2000!
Today we run around animal jam a bit and do the summer carnival! Credit to: Fox25372 (me) Wolfblade2000 (today's star) Sorry for the music ending, just deal with it for now! (Please) Also, answer my questions please... I need a pink wrist and would like a long collors (can't be same person) Cya soon!
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Snew preforms Phantom Of The Opera
Well let's see what snow and I are up to now, shall we? I couldn't write down the lines, sorry! I'm too lazy to give credit but it's snowflake from my last video, Anyways sorry the music is short but enjoy!
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How to avoid hackers! (Slightly broken vid srry)
There have been many hackers around Jamaa. So I should how you how to avoid them. I will also eventually make how to avoid scammers as well Credit: (Me) Kbob31 Moonkittycoco2 Snowflake5752 (the doof) Also sorry I hit the time limit for my tablet, Person 1 is dogiefriends4ever Person 2 is 123red234 I have found some other CRINGY music that's longer. And i have a long list of scammers I'll post in guide 2 Cya in jamaa!
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lol u guys just got trolled big time (trolling vid 1)
This is Foxs channel XD Kbob isn't very famous Credits: Kbob31 Theawsomegamer7 Kittylo103 417hapoydonuts Lightninggirl132 Sorry guys XD I'm proud of this btw
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