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Jeff Morris of Blaina plays a tenor horn sole of "If"
This video is a tribute to Jeff Morris (who I am not related to but went to school with) who played in Blaina Silver Band for almost 58 years. He started playing at the age of five and continued to do so until his illness prevented him. This is the only copy of him playing a tenor horn and was recorded at Tredegar in South Wales many years ago, where he picked up first place for best solo with Blaina Band picking up the award for Best Band. The noise in the background is of the rain beating down on the band hall and I think adds to the melancholy music. The video was made by Jeff's sister Angela, for her family who kindly permitted me to upload it.
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Save Blaina Fire Station - WIP
This is a work in progress, draft video of a much more professional one that is currently being created for presentation to the people of South Wales, whose property and lives are being put at increased risks by the Fire Service who wish to close down Blaina Fire Station that has saved 44 lives in the last ten years. It contains a small inaccuracy in which I quote the figure 22,000 instead of 220,00 but you must remember this was prepared without a script and the mistake is corrected later in the video.
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Princess Nia
My but little girls grow up so quick. This is from a private cd that was made way back in time and I just wanted to remind a certain young lady of what she was like as a child.
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