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HOW TO DRY PAN !!! To Find Desert Gold.
Learn How to Dry Pan in the Desert to find Gold that others cannot. Go with us as we venture into the Desert and Find Gold on Bedrock using the Dry Pan method. For more then click here; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/ Jeff Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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SUPERGENE GOLD !!!  We Found The Mother Lode. Ask Jeff Williams
Rich Gold deposit of Supergene Gold with Secondary enrichment found by me and Slim with a special map. This Gold is very pure with in soft Limonite and clay and has no quartz in it . Looks like one ounce to the bucket. Yeehaw !!! Show your Support here. Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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Jeff Williams from Ask Jeff Williams.com gives you the secret tips you need for finding easy GOLD at lost and forgotten GOLD mines . How do we get Gold. By remembering that to find GOLD you must go where it has already been found. Below are the links to the sites mentioned http://www.geocommunicator.gov/blmMap/Map.jsp?MAP=SiteMapper http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/mapdata/ http://www.nbmg.unr.edu/ http://www.blm.gov/lr2000/ http://www.mindat.org/loc-97595.html Enjoy Jeff Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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THE SECRET TO PANNING GOLD !!!! Proper Technique
Just a quick demonstration of how to use a Gold pan to get the GOLD !!! If you like it then please rate it and subscribe. Thanks. Enjoy . Jeff Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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How to Choose a Metal Detector / PI vs VLF
So which machine do you think is better at finding GOLD !!!! Some say the Minelab Pulse Induction while others say the GOLD BUD II or even the new Whites TDI. Tell us what you think.
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WHERE TO FIND METEORITES !!! On Dry Lake Beds. ask Jeff Williams
You can find a Meteorite with just a magnet on a stick. We will also show you where to find meteorites in a very common place. For more click the link. http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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WHERE TO FIND GOLD !!!! East Fork of the San Gabriel . ask jeff Williams
We give you the Secret info you need to know if you plan on hunting for Flakes and Nuggets of Gold on the East Fork of the San Gabriel River. We show you the History of the river and even include bonus material of little known placed to get good Gold. We have also included the channels of people who know the East Fork of the San Gabriel area better then most, so check out there videos. You will be glad you did. https://youtu.be/AfRznFXQ9D4 https://youtu.be/zRSK49ujBPA https://youtu.be/zQBXtN9t85w https://youtu.be/F3Yah_Hp8iI https://youtu.be/_vwveVVRLBU http://www.lagoldmines.com/index.php?page=863755.txt Please Show your Support by clicking on the link below. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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RAISING THE DEAD !!! How To Do It .  ask Jeff Williams
Happy Halloween ..... Me and Nevada Jack sit around the Camp fire to tell scary stories of Haunted Houses and Ghosts I even tell the Story of How me and Slim met. We show you How even you can Raise the Dead and bring life to Skeletons with a few simple items .....plus The Secret Book of the Dead. Spooky...... Enjoy and don't forget to Rate...Share and Subscribe and as always leave me and Slim a comment cause we would like to hear what you think about all this craziness out here. Saying.....It's Halloween again ....and you want to raise the Dead......Well just follow my instructions and do exactly what I said..... Take Care everybody.... Jeff and Slim
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Bedini Motor ( Generator ) How To Build One
Watch our other energy video at ; http://youtu.be/qBMKZqNE7OE Please buy me a cup of coffee at; https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_xclick&[email protected]&currency_code=&amount=&return=&item_name=Buy+A+Me+A+Cup+Of+Coffee+for+Panning+Gold ASE Master Mechanic Jeff Williams from http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/ and http://www.nevadasghosttowns.com/ shows you how to build your own Bedini motor with easy step by step instructions. Enjoy Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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FINDING WIRE GOLD !!! Intrusion Related Deposits . Ask Jeff Williams
We show what a Skarn deposit looks like that has undergone Supergene enrichment. in a Intrusion related deposit of Porphyry Granite ( Intrusive Felsic Igneous Rock ) and Limstone ( Dolomite) Large masses of Native Gold and even Wire Gold are very common in these types of Depopsits and this one is very rich. Help us make more videos at . https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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NEW GOLD MINE FOUND !!! Using a Falcon MD 20
While we were sampling the contact zones of Dolomite ( Limestone ) and Limonite we discover a new seem of GOLD !!! We will open up this new gold mine and hope it pays off. Enjoy. Where can you find Gold. In Rich Limonite, Jeff For your own Gold mine Click here; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/services.html
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TURN LEAD INTO SILVER !!! . The Parkes Process. ask Jeff Williams
Silver from Lead with this process. When zinc is added to liquid lead that contains silver as a contaminant, the silver migrates into the zinc. The zinc remains in a separate layer and is easily removed. The zinc-silver solution is then heated until the zinc vaporizes, leaving nearly pure silver behind. Cupellation can also be used for the removal of Zinc If gold is present in the liquid lead, it can also be removed and isolated by the same process. We use iron from a skillet to aid in oxidation of lead sulfide which pulls the sulfur from the lead sulfide and creates Sulfur Dioxide. The carbon from the charcoal is added to reduce it down to lead matte all in one step Now we know this is an older vid but it got pulled down for some reason and we are re posting it. If you liked this vid....well then Sonny Jim give it a Big thumbs Up and leave us a comment cause we love to read them...... So you know what I am gonna say huh... So C'mon.....Let's Go !!!!!! #askjeffwilliams
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HOW TO PAN FOR GOLD !!!!  For Beginners   ask Jeff Williams
A quick demo of how fast you should be panning when sampling in the field. We recommend you classify your material before panning it but in this vid we wanted to show how it can be done without and still find small flakes of Gold.
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GET MORE GOLD !!! Drywashing Tips and Tricks.  ask Jeff Williams
Like to Drywash for Gold, then Get More Gold doing it with these tips. Also explanation on using VLF machines and the Falcon MD 20 metal detector with your Drywasher. http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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GOLD in CALCITE. How to Find Gold in Epithermal Deposits.   ask Jeff Williams
Epithermal Gold Deposits form in Boiling Zones that leave behind formations of Quartz Adularia and Bladed Calcite. Bonanza Type Low Sulfidation Deposits can form Rich Electrum Deposits and this is what you should look for.. The best place to see this type of World Class deposit is in Virginia City , Nevada.... The Epithermal Deposit is 4 1/2 miles wide and has a 60 to 80 degree dip with a depth of 1600 feet. There is still Gold in the lower sections of Gold Canyon that was fed by the High Grade deposits of Gold Canyon... If you would like to know more about this , then click the link and become a Premium Patron. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams #askjeffwilliams
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3 Types of Rocks.Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic rock / Geography .ask Jeff Williams
There are only 3 rocks types of rocks on the Planet .Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic..... you should know what they are if you plan on looking for Gold because this is Gold Geology son. We have more vids on Geology ...just click the link and become a Premium Patron https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams #askjeffwilliams
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GOLD SLINGER !!! Product Review . ask Jeff Williams
Got a Gold Slinger and wanted to test it out......found a nice Auriferous Tertiary Channel to test it out on too. Gotta love old rivers channels in the Desert. If you would like to get your own the just click the link. https://www.facebook.com/bob.alvarez.1441
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THE FOUNDRY ..Backyard Build Under $200 bucks.     ask jeff Williams
How to make a simple backyard foundry that reaches temps well over 2000 degrees and you can make it for under $ 200.00 bucks. Learn more by becoming a Premium patron. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams You can build a simple backyard Foundry for as little as $200.oo buck. The Body is made from a 30 gallon drum ( New ) and the the refractory cement it mixed with Perlite to withstand very High Temp. The Burner is a Reil Burner made from cast iron pipes you can buy at any plumbing shop. The valve assembly is a standard propane torch you can get at Harbor Freight. The valve has a safety valve in it to prevent blow back .. You can build this with out a welder but it makes it faster. #askjeffwilliams #bestfoundryfurnace
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HOW TO USE A DRYWASHER !!! Keene 140s.    ask Jeff Williams
Found a good spot to test our Keene 140 model Dry Washer. Its great for sampling or for two people all day. How to get Gold using a Dry washer. Below are some links to related videos we made. Enjoy. Jeff http://youtu.be/6eyYZt485Co http://youtu.be/U8IXMpe6cOo http://youtu.be/ej4Z61w2wnc http://youtu.be/-gTqTJEJV_8
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MAP GAS and FLUX !!!   Melting Gold
Melting some of the GOLD that we dug up from "the mine" We use " Flux " to remove the impurities so we have a purer gold the we can sell or use for Jewelery like rings . Below are links to related videos we made. Enjoy. Jeff http://youtu.be/ej4Z61w2wnc http://youtu.be/U8IXMpe6cOo http://youtu.be/6eyYZt485Co Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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YELLOW JACKET MINE / Haunted miners cabin
We continue our journey through the Comstock Lode and find out that some of the miners never left. Enjoy
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WHERE TO FIND GOLD !!!  In Quartz Granite ( Monzonite )
Gold Prospecting in the Desert by metal detecting old Hard Rock mines. We show you where to find gold.We discover Rich Gold in Calcite pockets inside Barite Crystals and Quartz Granite( Monzonite ).This is Free Milling Gold. If you ask the question " How do I find Gold " then this video will help. For more please visit us at ; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/ Enjoy. Jeff
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How To Find Rich Gold Veins Using MRDS. ask Jeff Williams
We found a couple mines using MRDS that are still producing Free Mill Gold. Can't believe how easy it was. We plan on giving it away. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams We found some old forgotten Gold mines on MRDS and decided to see if we could find them and take grab samples for GOLD !!! . After finding out from Land Matters website that they were abandoned me and Slim decided to have an old fashioned " Walk About " and can you believe that we found they still have GOLD in them. " YEEEEHAW " Nothing like more Gold . Gotta love it huh. PLUS........All the Gold we find from this spot..... we will be giving away !!!!! So stay tuned for details. Here is a link to both sites. https://mrdata.usgs.gov/mrds/ http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/Mining.html This video was made possible because of Patreon support . If you would like to become a Premium Patron and would like to see you name in the credits and get your ideas put into video PLUS- be automatically entered for Gold Giveaways then just click onto Patreon https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams and make a pledge of $ 10.00 or more ....It's that easy..... So You Know What I am Gonna Say Huh..... So C'mon.....Let's Go !!!!!!!! #askjeffwilliams
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DANGER !!!!  Top 9 Things that can Kill You in Old Mines
Watch this and see why you DON'T go into Old Abandoned mines... For more then just visit us at ; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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KEENES NEW DRYWASHER !!!! New Technology for Gold Recovery.. ask Jeff Williams
Keenes NEW 140S and 151S Drywashers utilize new technology to increase fine Gold recovery and we got the chance to try it out on some Old Mine dumps to see how it works. We found more Gold then we thought was possible in the time we ran the machine. It definitely is a step up from there older machines .We also explain the new features of it while explaining how they work in the field. We will be making future vids with it so that you can see how it performs. We want to say " Thanks You " to Keene Engineering for sending us one of there newest models so that we could try out in the field and a Big Cowboy " YEEHAW " to Gary Bast for helping us with the testing of it. Please Show your Support by clicking on the Link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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LOST GOLD FOUND !!!!!! Using a metal detector and Drywasher
How to find Gold using a ( VLF ) metal detector that pin points heavy concentrations of Black sand so you know where to find gold when using your Dry washer. We found this gold by a story of Lost Gold from Rock and Gem magazine. For more visit us at ; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/ Enjoy. Jeff Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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MORTAL KOMBAT !!! Buckskin Joe vs Slim.       ask jeff williams
We fight it out to give away FREE Gold Pans to our viewers. Watch as me and Slim go at it Old School style to see which Gold Prospector is the Best. Enjoy ( In Memory of Gene Roddenberry ) http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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HOW to FIND GOLD with a BLACKLIGHT !!! . ask Jeff Williams
Blacklights can be used for to find Gold. We show you which type to get . To get more tips on Finding Gold become a Premium Patron https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams Way too Cool Blacklights. http://www.fluorescents.com/products-uv-lamps.html Blacklight as seen in the Video. https://www.ultraviolet-tools.com/index.php?_a=contact Ever wanted to know what blacklight to use for Gold prospecting.....well here ya go . PLUS we have a few of our latest books left .." Where to Find Gold " if you would like one....you must be Premium Patron to get one. Just click the link and make a $10 pledge sonny Jim and you are in like Flynn PLUS there are so many other reasons to join..... Be eligible for Treasure Hunts Be eligible for 3 day Gold mining trips Drift Mine Rewards Specials on Paydirt and Books. Access to Patron-Only Quick Questions Inbox and a hole lot more.... just click the link ..... so you know w what I am gonna say huh... So C'mon....Let's Go !!!! https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams #askjeffwilliams
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GOLD PANNING !!!!! In New York City. Ask Jeff Williams
You can find Gold in New York City in a very unlikely spot in that nobody talks about . There is a lot of Schist and Garnet too. To find out more click the link and become a Premium patron. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams Here is the link to the video of us Finding Gold in the sidewalks in the Gold and Diamond District of Manhattan. https://youtu.be/kQeuDuysYgc While out looking for Gold we discover a place that has been overlooked for years and decided to sample it for Gold. There was a lot of large round river rock that gave away the location but it was buried for years until now. We also had to get permission from the city to dig here so please keep that in mind when looking. Please leave your comments below and if you have questions please ask cause me and Slim would love to hear from you. We would also like to give a big Cowboy shout out to all of our Patreons for helping us keep the Dream Alive. follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009110576303 and at ; https://www.facebook.com/Ask-Jeff-Williams-1414360875534707/ _ Jeff and Slim -
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METAL DETECTING FOR GOLD !!! Using a Gold Bug 2.  ask Jeff Williams
Do you want to know How to metal detect for Gold using a Gold Bug 2.We give you the best places to use a Gold Bug 2 when metal detecting to find the most Gold. Plus how to ground balance the unit and what equipment you should bring to help recover your Gold faster and easier along with tips and tricks. Show your Support for Me and Slim at https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams #askjeffwilliams
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BUILD an ORE CART  !!! For Gold Mining. ask Jeff Williams
Build an Ore Cart really cheap to move a lot of Dirt around ... We show you what material to use so that you can make one for pennies on the dollar. PLUS we have some Bonus material of our next Placer Gold Mining Adventure in Arizona. We offer Metal Detecting Trips in areas that are known for Monster Gold Nuggets and close to ounce Gold Nuggets have been recovered there. To go you must be a Premium Patron and to sign up just click the link and make a $10 dollar pledge and you are in. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams So come join us and find the Mother Lode....so you know what I am gonna say huh.. So C'mon....Let's Go !!!!! Watch more vids on ore cart builds. https://youtu.be/z6ssUqPEGBQ #askjeffwilliams
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HOW TO BUILD A FOUNDRY FURNACE !!! Melt  Metal. ask Jeff Williams
Want to know How to Build a Foundry Furnace Build for melting and casting metals. Quick and easy tutorial on how they are built with common Parts you can find anywhere. Part 2 shows greater details on construction of Reil Burner and refractory cement.. Or you can visit us at ; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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SECRET GOLD MINE !!! Mine for Gold.. Ask Jeff Williams
Join us as we travel back to our Secret Gold Mine to dig up some more of that Yellow Metal and then Melt it down into a nice Button of GOLD. Below are some links to other related videos. Enjoy Jeff http://youtu.be/-xR0an9dJ6s http://youtu.be/6eyYZt485Co http://youtu.be/ej4Z61w2wnc Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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HOW TO FILE A MINING CLAIM !! Lode and Placer. ask Jeff Williams
Want to know How to file a Mining claim . We cover Placer and Lode. We also are giving away a Gold Bug 2 metal detector. click for more. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams Learn how to file a mining claim so you can mine Gold yourself on your own claim without paying some company a large amount of money . Nevada mining claim booklet; http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/public-works/surveyor/documents/mining%20claim%20procedures.pdf Mining claim status; http://mylandmatters.org/Maps/ Mining Claim sign markers ; https://www.blackcatmining.com/mining-equipment/mining-claim-sign.cfm More info on filing a claim; https://www.unr.edu/Documents/science/mackay /StakeYourClaimV2.pdf Nevada BLM # 775-861-6400 Cody's Lab ; https://www.youtube.com/user/theCodyReeder How to make Nitroglycerine ; https://youtu.be/GMmYPAS9xB0
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HOW DO I FIND GOLD !!!! - Getting Started
If you asked the question " How do I find Gold " Well this video will get you started in the right direction. http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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TUNNEL DIGGING!!!! For Gold!!!! Ask Jeff Williams
Our latest discovery of Gold resting on top of Caliche. We follow on old seam of gravel that has the Shiney in it.Later we will be setting up a Gold Cube in the tunnels to process out the Gold right on the spot and show you how to set the Gold Cube up in the process. It is a Modern Day Minecraft. Please Show your support by going to Patreon and making a pledge. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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HAND DREDGE PROSPECTING !!!! For Gold Flakes. ask Jeff Williams
Sniping and Production mode Mother Sucker Hand Suction Dredge for getting Gold from Rivers and Creeks. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams Today we decide to try out our new Hand Dredge on a small creek to test for Gold. The unit we are using has to modes.....Sniping for testing the area and for hunting Bedrock cracks and Crevices and......... Production Mode for pulling up large amounts of material to be fed into a vented 5 Gallon bucket. * SPECIAL NOTE * Mark the top of the discharge valve so as to keep the flapper valve ( Doggy Door ) up right and thus making it easier to seal. On this model look for the word " Bur Cam " and there should be a # 1 to the side of it. Mark this with white out as this is the top of the Flapper Valve. Try to keep this mark up right at all times for better sealing. We got our unit from Motherlode Prospecting Supplies. http://motherlodeprospecting.com/ For better results you can attach the discharge tube of the Mother Sucker to a 36 inch Prospector Bazooka Gold trap sluice and work it continuously all day...... http://www.bazookagoldtrap.com/prospectors/ This video was made possible because of Patreon support from people like : Ian and Allan Banks, Cameron McNichols, Reuben and Drake Valles, Garret, Craig Robertson, Robert Edwards, Chris Prospector, Wil Robo, Michael Brick, Ronald Tolvtvar, Jake Carlton, Shaun and Deborah Delcambre, Jim Younie, Scott R Younie, Adam Dailey, Daniel Bradbury, Robert Triggs, Curtis Meyers, Jim Smith, Rene Paz, Steve Ramsey, Ray Villiard, Curtis ( Corky ) Hardy, Dan Ballard, Christopher Harrison, Jim Jecker, Steve R Williams, Larry Englehart, Stoney Wallace, Jeff Harville, Ted Zingarelli, Keith Perron, AJ Witten, Grace plus Dad Trip, Ken Merriman, Fernadez Smith, Richy Salgado, Brandht MacDuffee, Andy White, Patrick Ockenfels, Richard Marucha, David Edgar, Lynn Smith, Robert " BoBo " Perry, Michael Terry, Loren Raleigh, Linda and Craig Olsen, Rory Romero, JKnudtson17, Benjamin Kopper, Jacob Miller, Lora Green, Jeff Aregood, Robert McBeath, Bruce Hodge, Ronald Patrick Meyer, Billy Schrider, Curtis Berry, Leo Briand, " DirtBike " Dave Cohen, Tim Pratt, Caleb and Sierra Crawford, Larry Cole, Wyatt James Taylor, Craig J Baker, Brandan Blankership, John Shaw, Kaden Bosnell, Jenna Young, Jeff Millikan, Trevor Hylle, Joshua Trontvet, Clark Morrison, more old stuff.com, Jay Wagner, Nikolai Flint, Ben Bowman, Jason Higdon, Gary Farebrother, gary Shelton, Dennis M Jerrell Sr. David Lester, Brandon Dixon, Evilos, William Moses Rinker, Ryan Sullivan, Julian Larsen, Curtis Jenkins, Dan Di Carlos, Craig Martin, James Gibson, David Bellamy, Chris Hammond, Armando Prado, Jerry Garretson Jr., Hagen Tannberg, Mare, Richard Jones, Kristopher Young, Dan Blair, Dallas Villanueva, Randal Hudson, Anthony Sadowski, Jordan Armstrong, Steven R Williams, Lars ( maybe from Metallica ) Marc Mitchell, Keru, William " Billy Bob " Butcher, Edward Steven, Mark Silvestro, Hart Epps, Lorie Franceschi, Mark Stephen, Robert Cartwright, Jonathan and McKenzie Cohen ( The Happy Dancer ), Brian Morris, Kyle Ledbetter, Tony Berby, Thomas McQuire,, Duane Robertson, Melchor Apodaca, Mike Mixon, Sean Ashley, Brian M., Joel Stigner, Michael Scott Gillispie, Robert Dunn, Sarah Foley, Sarah and Nick Potter, John Olsen, Chris Wright, Gene Ingram, Kim Varian, Hyrum Adamson, Robert Helmig, Robert Abreu, Steve Hawkins, Smokin Lizard, Robert Berget, Lonnie Trickel, Curt Lessard, Judd and Myra Wilkinson, Janis Brants Brennan, Tom Leslie, Dennis Faulk, Rocco Triple, Michael Lubao, G- Dog, Luke Goulty, David Kline, Robert Butterfield, Steve Newbanks, Jeremy Taylor, Conor Hinds, Josh Surratt, Art Vallero, Matthew Johns, Phillip Nelson, Klint Washburn, Daniel Bingamon, Jay Johansen, John Stepisnik, Ed Bragg, Scott Hagen, Robert Davis, Richard Davis, Cole Turner, Tim Stevenson, Eirk Tuin, Dennis Dayton from Indiana Gold Hunters, Gary Bast ( Tommy knockers Paydirt and mining supplies )Jordan Davis, Jimo's Gold Dredge Concentrates, Bear Groom, Paul Drake , Jimmy Jones, Scott Baumgartner, Max Barry , Joanne Lighthart and many, many more awesome people on my Patreon page. If you would like to become a Premium Patron and would like to see you name in the credits and get your ideas put into video PLUS- be automatically entered for Gold Giveaways then just click onto Patreon https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams and make a pledge of $ 10.00 or more ....It's that easy..... So You know what I am gonna say huh..... So C'mon....Lets Go !!!!!!! - Jeff and Slim -
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HOW TO USE A GOLD CUBE !!! with Impact Mill.
Learn How To Use a Gold Cube the RIGHT way and recover very fine Gold. To prove this we run an Impact Mill to feed the Cube with 150 mesh Limonite and Barite. Must watch if you cannot afford a Shaker Table. Enjoy. Jeff For more please visit us at; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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HOW TO PAN FOR GOLD LIKE A PRO !!!!! And Find More Gold... ask Jeff Willliams
Tips and Tricks on How you can Pan for Gold faster then ever before and more efficient with no Gold loss using a Garret Super Sluice Gold pan. Great for quick sample panning for Placer or Lode Gold plus using your snuffer bottle to clean black sand away from your Gold in the pan. Click on the link to get some of Mike Paydirt from Chicken Alaska. http://www.chickengold.com/contact.html Lou & Mike Busby Box 70 Chicken, Alaska 99732 Phone - 907-782-4427 or 520-413-1480 Winter mobile: 907-399-0005 Email: [email protected] Show your Support for Me and Slim at https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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RECREATIONAL GOLD MINING !!!! What Equipment To Use. Ask Jeff Wlliams
On our Gold Mining Tours we use all different types of equipment that the average miner can afford for recreational Gold mining and today we are using a couple of Lode mining ( Hard Rock ) and Placer mining machines that we think are a must for the small scale miner. If you want your own Gold mining equipment , then check out the links below. We got our Impact Mill ( K & M Crusher ) from Steve over at : http://www.makeyourowngoldbars.com/km-krushers and the the rest of the equipment from : ( We are no longer associated with Desert Outfitters. If we decide to do our own tours , then we will post a vid to let all of our viewers know. Thanks. )
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MY PERSONAL GHOST TOWN !!! New Announcements for 2016. Ask Jeff Williams
Me and Slim will be hosting a Radio Show along with Kevin Hoagland on Prospectors Radio this Sunday http://www.goldprospectorsspaceradio.com/ at 7: 30 pm EST ( 4: 30 PST ) in our own personal Ghost Town. Call in and we will answer your questions, do some giveaways and have a great time too. Sound like fun to you....I thought so .....so you know what I am gonna say huh.....So C'mon.....Let's Go!!!!!!!
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GOLD GEOLOGY . What Rocks to Look For. ask Jeff Williams
Went out to the Desert to find Gold and we got more then we bargained for. They call me the Gold Digger. Lol https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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ROCK CRUSHER !!! Where To Buy One . Ask Jeff Williams
Quick demo of the New K & M Rock Crusher that you can get over at: http://www.makeyourowngoldbars.com/in-stock-rock-crushers or call them at ( 714 ) 847- 4289 Just tell Steve that Jeff and Slim sent you and get a great deal on a Gas or Electric powered unit. They come in two different sizes and are light enough to take to the field. Plus some great info on our tours next year. Show your Support by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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DRY PANNING FOR GOLD !!! In Dayton, Nevada.
We show you How this lost art of Dry Panning Gold is performed with good results. Filmed in Historic Dayton Nevada, in Gold Canyon. There is still Gold in them thar hills. For more just visit us at; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/services.html Jeff
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We go back to our spot to find Gold with a Dry Washer. Gold in all of the samples of Limonite and we pull out some Gold that was left behind by the Old Timer's. For more please visit us at ; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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MOUNTAIN OF GOLD!!!! Finding Gold in Mine dumps
Finding Gold is fun but a mountain of Gold is even better. We visit an old Gold mine and show you how the mine dumps can be a good spot to mine gold for yourself. Another example of " Where can I find Gold " For more visit us at ; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/ Enjoy . Jeff Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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GOLD BOOK ! The Golden Nugget of Books. ask jeff williams
Get your Gold Book today while they last . It's The Golden Nuggets of Books and it has the knowledge you need to find Gold. Both Lode and Placer from Basic to Expert BUT you must be a Premium Patron to get one. Click the link and make a $10 pledge to get in like Flynn. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams We are now offering a Gold Book that is a must for anyone looking for Gold. Detailed illustrations and photo's of specific rocks that carry Gold. Get this Gold Book and have the edge over everyone else who is looking for Gold.... PLUS inside there are links to pages that contain info on lost Tertiary channels that have ancient Gold in them still to this day. Get yours before they are gone. Just click the link and make a $10 pledge and you are in like Flynn https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams So you know what I am gonna say huh....So C'mon....Let's Go #askjeffwilliams #goldbook
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How to Find Gold in the Desert. A short video on how to sample for Placer Gold in the Desert. If you asked yourself " How do i find gold" then this video might help. Below is a link to our other videos on the subject; http://youtu.be/ej4Z61w2wnc http://youtu.be/U8IXMpe6cOo http://youtu.be/-xR0an9dJ6s Show your Support for Jeff by clicking the link. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams
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FINDING GOLD !!!! Drywashing in Gold Basin, Arizona. ask Jeff Williams
This is part 2 to Finding Gold in Lost Basin / Gold Basin. You will see where to look and what to use to find Gold on your first try. Finding Gold out here is easy if you know what to do. To see more visit us at; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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METAL DETECTING for GOLD !!! Finding Gold Nuggets at King Tut mine
Gold Nuggets and Flakes are here and we tell you where to look to find them. Complete info on all USGS reports of the Famous Gold Basin and Lost Basin ( King Tut placer's ) area. If you want Gold this is the place. ( part 1 ) Visit us at our place at; http://www.askjeffwilliams.com/
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