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Urban Reconstruction - A Photography Clip
This is my first clip displaying my photography work. Please drop a line for feedback, so I make the next one better :o) Use head sets for maximal audio experience (the bass is kinda strong at the beginning though). Look for my facebook group "Ara Yeramian Photography" for more (and better) photos.
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Freiburg At The End Of The Day
A first try into miniature effect movie. Shot in the southern German city of Freiburg right next to the Black Forest. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Everything except the music is my own work. Music by Amon Tobin (At The End Of The Day). Please also have a look at my other clips, facebook fan page ( facebook.com/AraYeram ) and visit arayeramian(dot)com Thanks! :o)
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Charlie after the vet!
Our cat, Charlie, after being drugged by the vet!
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Dancing Hand-Black Eyed Peas
I was bored and the tune was cool!
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Up - A Photoclip
This is a collection of photos I took during my journey to Australia. The common point among these photos is the perspective. Some are shot top to bottom, others bottom to top, or even front to back. Rotating the photos gave me an insight, a new perspective and a new feeling while looking at the same photo from a different angle. I hope you enjoy it as well. For more photographs feel free to drop by at my site: arayeramian(dot)com Or on facebook: facebook.com/AraYeram PS: using headphones is recommended for ultimate audio experiece :o)
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