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4 Easy Steps to Delete "Other" Space and Speed Up Your Mac
To support Snazzy Labs content, get to Amazon through http://snazzyzon.com --- Few things are more annoying that low disk space on your computer. Since the launch of Yosemite (and future release of El Capitan), file management has become a little more complicated. Many tools in the App Store just won't do the trick, so I'm here to show you some root-level-access ways to clear, reduce and delete the 'other' section on your Mac and free up hard drive space. --- OmniDiskSweeper: http://snazzy.fm/omni Terminal command: sudo /Applications/OmniDiskSweeper.app/Contents/MacOS/OmniDiskSweeper (YouTube often adds a "-" mark upon copying the code. Make sure it appears exactly as you see here) AppleJack: http://snazzy.fm/applejack --- Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq Follow me on Facebook - http://facebook.com/thatsnazzyiphoneguy Follow me on Snapchat - SnazzyQ Music by TheFatRat
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Hidden Mac Tricks for macOS EXPERTS!
Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs shows you the best hidden macOS features that even longtime power users of OS X don't know! Terminal Commands: Tip 3: defaults write com.apple.SoftwareUpdate ScheduleFrequency -int 1 Tip 5: defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool FALSE Tip 7: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow LoginwindowText “ENTER HERE” (NOTE: you will have to enter your computer's admin password after this command—the password won't look like it is being entered, but it is—hit "return" once you type password to run command) Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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$682 Skylake Mac Mini Hackintosh Build
Parts list and instructions: http://snazzy.fm/hackmini I'm selling my Mac Pro but need a computer to run Mac OS X that can replace it. Since I already have a good monitor, and I don't want a MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini is my only option. The problem is that the Mac Mini hasn't been updated in almost 2 years and is ludicrously priced at $1,299 for the fully-loaded model. I decided to build my own Mac Mini that's nearly as small, just as quiet, nearly as pretty and with much higher performance for a budget of $682.
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Is a $70 Hackintosh Any Good?
Wanna build one? Get your HP 6300 here: http://amzn.to/2pOdNQ1 Follow the HP 5300 Hackintosh build guide: http://snazzy.fm/hp6300 Snazzy Labs builds a $70 hackintosh—or, as he calls it, crapintosh—computer for those who want a super tight budget PC build. Can a $70 hackintosh be any good? Can a cheap hackintosh outbench a MacBook Pro? Do Apple's iMac, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro blow this 5-year-old computer into outer space or does the hackintosh give it a run for its money?
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Make Glossy Plastic Look Like Brushed Aluminum in Under 1 Minute
Don't want to head out to the grocery store? Buy it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1pwxcN1 Ever get sick of that cheap glossy plastic that is wrapped on everything from tech to cookware to the neighbor's dog?! It shows fingerprints, dust, and scratches like crazy. This tutorial will show you how to turn that lousy gloss into a sexy matte finish that emulates brushed aluminum. Connect with me: Why I'm a Mormon - http://snazzy.fm/mormon Twitter - http://snazzy.fm/twitter Facebook - http://snazzy.fm/face Instagram - http://snazzy.fm/insta Twitch - http://snazzy.fm/twitch PSN - SnazzyLabs
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$350 Budget Hackintosh vs $1,300 iMac!
Get Your iFixit ProTech Toolkit! - http://ifixit.com/snazzylabs Build Your Own (parts/instructions)! - http://www.snazzylabs.com/diy/350-dollar-hackintosh-build/ macOS is a pretty great operating system—with apps like Final Cut Pro X, Logic, Alfred, Pixelmator, and more, it's no wonder that Apple's Mac lineup has seen such loyalty. That said, iMac is not cheap, neither is MacBook Pro, or even Mac mini! In this video, Snazzy Labs builds a High Sierra hackintosh (and shows you how to make a hackintosh) designed to outperform—or at least hang with—Apple's entire lineup: for less than $350! That's a pretty sweet hackintosh build! Follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram! http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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The Mac OS X operating system is pretty easy to use; however, learning keyboard shortcuts can really help. We have collected our top 5 keyboard shortcuts for Mac you've never used that will help optimise your productivity, workflow, and decrease stress!
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The Best Mac... Apple Doesn't Make!
40% off Slickwraps through the end of January! - http://snazzy.fm/slick Parts used for GPU enclosure: AMD RX480 - http://amzn.to/2kkriV1 Akitio Thunder2 (will require modification) - http://amzn.to/2l1bL9H Fractal Node 304 case - http://amzn.to/2lcTpV5 Apple hasn't updated Mac Pro since 2013. They might not care, but WE do! Let's update and benchmark the Mac Pro CPU and the Mac Pro GPU to an eGPU AMD RX480 so we can make Apple's oldest Mac their fastest Mac with this tech overview!
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How do headphones really work? (4K) - Part 1/5 - "All About Headphones"
We put them on our head and we listen to the music that comes out, but how do headphones really work? What does their construction consist of? And by knowing how they function, what can I take advantage of? Well, headphones are really quite simple. A few basic physics lessons will help you master headphone diaphragms and drivers in a jiffy! Other videos in the "All About Headphones" series: Introduction to All About Headphones - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzoHrghjQuQ #1 How do headphones really work? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W2z-ikIgM0 #2 Open-back vs Closed-back headphones? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS4T_1UyCHw #3 Are frequency range and spectrum graphs important? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNYitfi-43I #4 What is headphone impedance? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQWLuAEelcc #5 What is the perfect pair of headphones? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6NzECeUjSg
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How To: Replace or Clean your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air Keyboard Keys
Again, all models vary slightly; however by simply poking around gently under that key, you'll be able to identify the scissor mechanism. Email me if you need any more help. [email protected] Visit our site: http://snazzylabs.com/ Questions? Gimme a call: +1.801.214.TSIG (8744) Download TSIG app here - http://trdd.us/tsigmo iTunes Podcast - http://trdd.us/pod iTunes HD Podcast - http://trdd.us/podhd Become a Fan on Facebook - http://trdd.us/fb Add me to your Google+ Circles - http://trdd.us/plus Follow me on Twitter - http://trdd.us/twitter Follow me on Ping - http://trdd.us/ping Follow me on DailyBooth - http://trdd.us/db Follow me on Instagram - SnazzyQ Friend me on Game Center - Snazzy Friend me on Xbox Live - Quinn One (friends list is full)
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Liquid Metal in a MacBook Pro: No More Throttling!
Will liquid metal lower the temps on your MacBook enough to prevent throttling? Get your liquid metal: http://dontworryididntsellmysoulforavacuum.com Get your conformal coating: http://conformal.dontworryididntsellmysoulforavacuum.com Get your MacBook: http://macbook.dontworryididntsellmysoulforavacuum.com Get any other random crap you need: http://idgaf.dontworryididntsellmysoulforavacuum.com Liquid metal is all the rage nowadays—even though it can potentially brick your computer—it has been proven to significantly lower temperatures on beefy PC builds. But does it work on a sissy MacBook fan? Snazzy Labs' Quinn Nelson tests it to find out! Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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Apple Replaced My iMac Pro. I'm Still Mad.
I finally got a replacement for my faulty iMac Pro from the Genius Bar. I'm still mad. Uncut conversation with the Apple Store managers - https://youtu.be/KYimcxQUk34 The Apple Store Genius Bar destroyed my iMac Pro. After I made a huge fuss about it, they finally replaced it. But it sure wasn't easy to get it done and I'm still mad at Apple for their lack of "pro" customer support. Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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The Best 2017 iMac Apple Doesn't Sell!
Click here http://bit.ly/SnazzyLabs_Dashlane to download Dashlane for free! New users can enter my discount code youtube2017 for 10% off when you upgrade to Dashlane Premium! (discount code is case sensitive) Parts I used: Intel i7-7700K CPU - http://snazzy.fm/7700k Crucial MX300 2TB SSD - http://snazzy.fm/mx300 PC4-19200 260-pin RAM - http://snazzy.fm/imacram OWC Thermal Sensor for SSD - http://snazzy.fm/owcsensor iMac Display Adhesive Kit - http://snazzy.fm/adhesivekit SSD Bracket - http://snazzy.fm/hddbracket iMac Opening Tool - http://snazzy.fm/imacwheel Footnote #1: I actually bought the mid-grade model. At the time, I wasn’t sure the CPU coolers were the same across all 27” models. I have since learned that they are; so if you buy the cheapest 5K iMac, you can do all the upgrades I mention in this video without issue. Footnote #2: This is not an instructional disassembly video. I recommend checking the guides on iFixit. They are well illustrated—provide adequate caution and warning for tricky areas—and have a community section where people provide advice. At the time of this video, there is no updated guide for the 2017 iMac; however, it's very similar to the 2014-2015 A1419 model. The only big difference is the screw placement on the motherboard. Just take your time finding all of the screws (one is hidden through the gold hole in the middle of the board) and you'll be fine. Footnote #3: A little drama that wasn't included in the video is that the first time around, the CPU got bumped out of the socket when I screwed in the cooler, so the CPU wasn't seated correctly and the computer didn't boot. Upon disassembling the machine again, I saw the CPU was out of the socket and partially bent. I bent the CPU back (silicon bends easily without damaging, luckily), reinserted it into the socket, and was more careful when I tightened the CPU cooler the second time. It's easy to wiggle the CPU out of place when installing the cooler, so be careful—and if it feels too hard to tighten the CPU socket, stop—something is wrong. Footnote #4 - My machine's GeekBench results: http://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/3385894 The 27" 5K iMac is a good computer for many; however, to users that want high-end specs, Apple charges way too much money. Snazzy Labs pulls apart a base model iMac, upgrades the CPU, SSD, and RAM; showing the world the best iMac that Apple doesn't sell! Get the world's best iMac configuration for $2,000 less than what Apple charges. This video is sponsored by Dashlane; a service that Snazzy Labs loves and uses. Learn more about how we advertise here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQCVWsc0WF0
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Reset Any Mac OS X Password without Administrative Access or Losing Data
This video will help you get out of a sticky situation when you have forgotten your Mac password and need to reset it without losing any data. This video shows how to modify the password to any account using Mac OS X 10.6 or above (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite). The command that must be run in the terminal is: resetpassword If you are using a legacy version of Mac OS X (version 10.5 or earlier), this video will show you how to reset your password: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjxAgiNqkDM Interact with me: Twitter - http://snazzy.fm/twitter Facebook - http://snazzy.fm/face Instagram - http://snazzy.fm/insta Twitch - http://snazzy.fm/twitch PSN - SnazzyLabs
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The $450 "Mac mini' You Wish Apple Sold
The $800 Apple Mac mini is a bit underwhelming, but this hackintosh isn't! Try Privacy Today! - http://privacy.com/snazzy Parts list: i5 Intel NUC (NUC8i5BEK) - http://geni.us/Sqbfyp Upgrade to i7 Intel NUC (NUC8i7BEH) - http://geni.us/8ybh G.Skill 8GB DDR4 RAM PC4-19200 - http://geni.us/KN2q MyDigitialSSD 256GB NVMe SSD - http://geni.us/nXpBOvw Upgrade to Samsung 970 Evo - http://geni.us/zZdZCDr BenQ 4K HDR FreeSync Monitor - http://geni.us/D3b9d0F Das 4 Ultimate Keyboard - http://geni.us/HbOIALU Contour UniMouse Wireless - http://geni.us/8vHmEtG Install guide - https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-intel-nuc7-nuc8-using-clover-uefi-nuc7i7bxx-nuc8i7bxx-etc.261711/ Github Patch Project - https://github.com/RehabMan/Intel-NUC-DSDT-Patch Here at Snazzy Labs, we found the Apple Mac Mini 2018 pretty disappointing. The CPU had poor thermal paste application, experienced thermal throttling, and was pretty bad value with just 128GB of storage. For less than $500, we built a hackintosh using an 8th gen Intel NUC. It's smaller, faster, cooler, and cheaper than the Mac mini and it runs macOS Mojave like a champ. What more could you ask for? Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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Mice Battle: Logitech MX Master vs Performance MX
The MX Master is about $50 more than its previous iteration, but is it $50 better? I'm not so sure! Performance MX on Amazon - http://snazzy.fm/pmx MX Master on Amazon - http://snazzy.fm/mxm Show your support! Shop on Amazon here - http://snazzyzon.com/
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Hidden Features in the New macOS Mojave!
The new macOS Mojave has a lot more to it than just a new dark mode. Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq Apple announced the macOS Mojave 11.4 beta at WWDC opening up a new world of possibility for Mac OS X. At long last, we have a dark mode, improved continuity options, and more. But Apple didn't announce several hidden tricks in macOS Mojave—tricks that we're going to show you—that will change how you use your MacBook, iMac, or iMac Pro.
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Fix Thermal Throttling on Your Mac?!
Arctic MX-2/MX-4 on Amazon - http://amzn.to/2gVtRvx Grizzly Kryonaut on Amazon - http://amzn.to/2gSUlKr Last week's video addressed thermal throttling that some of Apple's computers suffer from. Inadequate cooling has hampered the performance of MacBook Pro and even iMac. Snazzy Labs' Quinn Nelson takes on the task of cooling down his MacBook Pro to keep the fans quiet, temperatures low, and CPU performance high. Follow Quinn on Twitter: http://twitter.com/snazzyq Like Snazzy Labs on Facebook: http://facebook.com/snazzylabs
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Worst Product Ever Made: Ring by Logbar
What started as a near million dollar Kickstarter, was transformed into one of the most disastrous product launches of all time. Not only did Logbar release a terribly unattractive and poorly designed piece of hardware, but the software puts a nail in the coffin. For the outrageous $269 price tag, Logbar won't be around long.
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The Quietest Mac Ever Made!
Parts list and build guide: http://snazzylabs.com/article/the-quietest-mac-ever Giveaway entry: http://snazzylabs.com/article/the-quietest-mac-ever Giveaway PC ships with a licensed copy of Windows 10 and not macOS. After Snazzy Labs' successful video from last year where we built a $682 Hackintosh that crushed Apple's Mac mini, we decided to create another macOS PC build that would be even better. We decided to build the quietest computer ever. We built Sherlock. It's a hackintosh that runs macOS, Final Cut, Premiere, etc. It looks like Apple's famous G4 cube, and does everything Apple's computers do for a fraction of the price—all without making a single noise. iMac vs hackintosh? 2016 MacBook Pro vs quietest computer ever? You betcha.
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The Self-Destructing DVD That Failed: Retro Review of FlexPlay
FlexPlay was one of the more interesting takes on temporary disposable DVD rentals. Circuit City tried its own DIVX which multi-million dollar failure due to ridiculous DRM standards and the necessity for a phone line for verification. Unfortunately, due to the strong-arm Blockbuster corporation and other limitations such as shelf life and price, Flexplay became one of the larger product failures of the last decade. Follow me on Twitter - @SnazzyQ Follow me on Instagram - @SnazzyQ Follow me on Snapchat - SnazzyQ Follow me on Facebook - http://snazzy.fm/face
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Top 7 Hidden Tricks in OS X Yosemite
Mac OS X brings a slew of features to the classic operating system. Many of the greatest enhancements are found under-hood, while many are flagship features like Continuity and Handoff. Apple, however, implemented lots of new features that most people haven't found yet. I'm here to show them to you because they might completely change your workflow.
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KILLER macOS Tricks Hidden in Terminal!
Terminal Commands - http://www.snazzylabs.com/five-advanced-tricks-for-mac-users/ Terminal is macOS' command line utility. What may seem daunting at first is actually pretty easy to use! Snazzy Labs' Quinn Nelson shows our top 5 favorite Terminal tricks for Mac. Discover all of the hidden tricks and tips in your favorite operating system to maximize productivity and customization!
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Top 5 Hidden Mac Tricks in macOS Sierra
Support Snazzy Labs (and reduce pesky ads) by shopping with our Amazon affiliate link! http://amzn.to/2do3lax This video will help Mac users-beginners or experts-find hidden yet very useful tricks in Apple's new macOS Sierra. While the changes from Mac OS X El Capitan are relatively minor, they can come in handy. Follow me on Twitter - http://snazzy.fm/twitter Follow me on Instagram - http://snazzy.fm/insta Follow me on Facebook - http://snazzy.fm/face Follow me on Snapchat - http://snazzy.fm/snap
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An AMD Ryzen... Mac?!
Sponsor for this episode: Privacy - https://privacy.com/snazzy Check out Dom's build: http://snazzy.fm/ryzendom Geekbench results (actually better than what's listed in vid): http://snazzy.fm/ryzentosh Get Ryzen Install help from AMD-OSX (read forums before asking for help in Discord): http://amd-osx.com Giveaway Terms and Conditions: - Giveaway open to anyone currently living on Earth. If the selected winner lives outside of North America, the computer will not be shipped to you due to high shipping costs. You'll instead receive the value of the computer in cash ($971.35 USD) to build your own machine! - No purchase necessary. Sign up for a free account at Privacy.com using the link above. International contestants can't use the service (yet!) but you can create an account in order to enter. Privacy captures your signup once you put in your email/password. You don't have to complete the rest of the sign up process (address/phone/etc) if you're not located in the United States. - One (1) winner will be selected by Privacy.com at random on 1 September 2017. - Privacy.com will not sell your information as per its privacy policy. - The computer/prize will ship with a licensed Windows copy—not macOS. A lot of consumers have been frustrated with Intel these last few years. With essentially no competition, innovation has slowed and prices have hiked upwards. The iMac, Mac Pro, and MacBook lines have suffered due to inefficient processors that put of a lot of heat but while providing mediocre performance. AMD's new Ryzen architecture has taken the PC market by storm. It's highly unlikely that Apple will drop Intel as a partner in favor of AMD, but that doesn't mean we can't make our own AMD Ryzen Macs! This AMD Ryzen Hackintosh build is off-the-charts cool and provides a great way to get a cheap Mac with killer performance making it the best Mac ever. Video sponsored by Privacy.com
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The Mac Pro Apple SHOULD Be Selling!
A $1,400 hackintosh can't outperform a $5,000 Mac. Right...? Download Dashlane for free at http://dashlane.com/snazzylabs Watch the build video! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03BNdwaDd20 Step-by-step hackintosh guide that I like - http://snazzy.fm/RnR3D Step-by-step guide for a build very close to this one - http://snazzy.fm/TY2ES Parts list: BenQ EW3270U - http://geni.us/9biq9Xu Phanteks Pro M Case - http://geni.us/7nny6 Intel i7-8700K CPU - http://geni.us/xk9Vl0e Gigabyte AORUS Z370 Motherboard - http://geni.us/v6PiE Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 RAM - http://geni.us/hCrIS Samsung 970 PRO NVMe SSD - http://geni.us/k3I0B EVGA 750W P2 PSU - http://geni.us/dyAoX Thermaltake Asetek AIO - http://geni.us/dSUWA AMD RX 470 - http://geni.us/6sHaA Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq Many pro Mac users are tired of Apple's underwhelming offerings with iMac Pro and since there isn't a Mac Pro anymore (and won't be until 2019), a lot of pro users are building Hackintosh computers. But is it worth it? Quinn from Snazzy Labs builds a killer hackintosh with an AMD GPU, Intel CPU, and other great hardware for the ultimate hackintosh build of 2018!
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Apple MacBook with eGPU vs Gaming PC?! YES!
Buying an eGPU for your MacBook Pro is less crazy than it seems. If you want to play AAA games on your MacBook without building an entirely separate budget gaming PC, using an eGPU on your MacBook Pro is far more enticing than you might think—1080 Ti or not! Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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Is Apple's Cheapest Mac Any Good?
Is the $799 2018 Mac mini any good? Not really... The first 500 people to click my link will get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE! https://skl.sh/snazzy2 Mac mini has been the golden child of Apple's lineup. As Apple's budget machine, it has typically contained similar (if not the same) CPUs as Apple's more premium iMac lineup—just without a display, mouse, and keyboard. But despite smashing success from 2006-2012, Apple seemed to have forgotten about Mac mini. Until now. Was the wait worth it? And was the $300 price increase justified? Snazzy Labs' host, Quinn Nelson, breaks it down. Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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Drool-Inducing Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Headphone Amp Review
The Woo Audio WA7 is a mighty fine headphone amplifier. It isn't without its downsides, but it is one of the best options available in this price range. You can't go wrong with Fireflies. Gear seen in this video: Woo Audio WA7 Resonessence Labs Concero HD DAC Schiit Modi DAC Audeze LCD-3 Headphones Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones BeyerDynamic DT990 600 ohm Edition Headphones Denon D7000 Headphones Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones More info - http://wooaudio.com/products/wa7fireflies.html Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on FB - http://facebook.com/thatsnazzyiphoneguy Follow me on Insta - http://instagram.com/snazzyq Follow me on Snapchat - SnazzyQ
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Increase Your Mac's Storage Space for Cheap!
Full written tutorial coming soon. In the meantime, these links will help get you up and running: Create install media: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201372 Create fusion drive: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/pro-tip-how-to-create-and-disable-a-fusion-drive/ Apple charges a lot of money for an SSD upgrade. Furthermore, rather than use M.2 solid state drives, Apple uses proprietary PCIe SSD that are as expensive as they are fast. Rather than fork over big money to Apple (or to upgrade your existing Mac's SSD), Snazzy Labs' Quinn Nelson shows the advantages to a Fusion Drive. Combining the value of a cheap SSD or HDD and the speed of an NVMe SSD, you can increase your usable Mac storage without sacrificing performance!
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Inside a Huge Data Center Filled with Apple Mac Computers
Snazzy Labs visits a company that takes Mac mini and Mac Pro to the next level! Check out MacStadium (not sponsored): https://www.macstadium.com/ "Macs aren't for pros," they said. "Oh, no professionals are dumb enough to use Apple products," they murmured. Well guess what?! They're wrong! MacStadium has colocations of Mac servers located all around the world! Mac mini, Mac Pro, and iMac Pro are all used by Fortune 500 companies and developers for enterprise-class infrastructure and private clouds. Snazzy Labs' host, Quinn Nelson, takes a tour of one of America's most quirky tech companies. Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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Advanced iOS Tips You Probably Don't Know!
You might know iOS pretty well. But do you know it THIS well? Try Dashlane free: http://dashlane.com/snazzylabs and use the coupon 'snazzylabs' for 10% off Dashlane Premium! Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq iOS has been around for a lot of years and new features are added frequently. Some are obvious and even highlighted in the keynote; however, a lot of iOS tricks are hidden deep into menus and even without contextual cues. This video unveils the most rare and unusual iOS tips that exist!
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DIY Clear Atomic Purple Nintendo Switch!
Nintendo Switch Colored Shells on Amazon (don't use tools that come with it!) - http://amzn.to/2yqfmDz Proper cheap toolkit - http://amzn.to/2wQO2SF I used the iFixit ProTech Tool Kit - https://www.ifixit.com/snazzylabs Lens dye I used (Lavender) - http://snazzy.fm/dye A joy-con teardown tutorial I like - http://snazzy.fm/joyconstripdown Nintendo Switch is this year's hottest new console! The Joy-Con controllers are awesome, but having the same console as everyone else is kinda lame. Re-live the 90s with this DIY Atomic Purple Nintendo Switch video! You'll be able to dye your Joy-Con or console to your heart's content! Having a custom Switch that nobody else will have is awesome. So leave the Nintendo Switch accessories behind and make your own masterpiece!
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Can You Upgrade the 2018 Apple Mac mini?! - RAM Upgrade Tutorial and Teardown
Can you upgrade the RAM, CPU, and SSD in the 2018 Mac mini? iFixit ProTech Toolkit - http://ifixit.com/snazzylabs After 4 years of waiting, Apple updated the Mac mini at long last. Is the new model better than the previous Mac mini? How is the internal design—and most importantly—is the cooling assembly good enough to handle the workload you're going to send it or are you going to need thermal paste? Liquid metal? Find all this and more in this Snazzy Labs exclusive Mac mini teardown and RAM replacement tutorial. Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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What Does Liquid Metal Look like After 3 Months Inside a MacBook Pro?
Try Setapp for Mac (I know it’s an ad, but I legit love it) -  https://stpp.co/snazzylabs Get Liquid Metal on Amazon - http://geni.us/liquidmetal Get Arctic MX-2 on Amazon (fav thermal paste) - http://geni.us/arcticmx Get a MacBook Pro on Amazon - http://geni.us/mbpro Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq A few months ago, I put Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal inside my 2017 MacBook Pro. Not only did the thermals improve over 15% from the stock thermal paste, but my fans stayed quieter and my clockspeed boost maintained a higher level. With upcoming operating systems like macOS Mojave, owning a liquid metal laptop may not seem like a bad idea, but it has been 3 months and liquid metal may already have some downsides not often emphasized upon.
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Hackintosh a... REAL Mac?!
Just because it's an old computer doesn't mean its a worthless computer. Try Privacy and get $5 free - http://privacy.com/snazzy macOS Mojave Patcher - http://dosdude1.com/mojave/ Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq Apple is often criticized for overcharging when it comes to hardware. When it comes to mobile devices, they typically make well by offering many years of free updates to iOS. On the Mac, however, most machines enter un-supported vintage status after just 6 years. In Windows land, there are computers many years older running the latest build of Windows 10. But what if you could use the same method that Hackintosh computers use to run a vintage Mac on the latest-and-greatest macOS Mojave and later? Well, turns out you can.
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Retro Review: eMac Education Macintosh G4 with Mac OS X and Classic circa 2002
My Toll-Free Telephone Number: +1 (855) 5-SNAZZY My Web sites: Personal Blog - http://unorganizedramblings.com/ Company Home - http://snazzylabs.com Podcast Network - http://snazzy.fm Socialize with Me: Twitter - http://trdd.us/twitter Facebook Fandom - http://trdd.us/fb Google+ - http://trdd.us/plus Instagram - SnazzyQ Game Center - Snazzy Turntable.fm DJ Room - http://trdd.us/tt Other Super Neat Things: Download TSIG app here - http://trdd.us/tsigmo Our Videos in iTunes - http://trdd.us/podhd
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How Good is Tesla Autopilot?
Just how autonomous is Tesla Autopilot in 2018? The first 500 people to click my link will get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE! https://skl.sh/snazzy3 Tesla had a good year. They posted profitability for the first quarter ever, they scaled up manufacturing demand for the Tesla Model 3, and they improved Tesla Autopilot. Elon Musk didn't fly through the year without controversy; however, it seems that TSLA has finally found its foothold. One of Tesla's promises has been the improvement of self-driving cars for an autonomous future. Are we close? Are we far? Does Tesla Autopilot fail or succeed at the end of 2018? Let's find out. Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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How Does LaserDisc Work and Why Did It Fail?
LaserDisc was the incredible format that never took off. The problem? The technology was just simply too ahead-of-its-time. What could have been the world's most important format until the DVD died off because of high prices and inadequate global distribution. Learn more about the history and technology of LaserDisc.
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Sound, Torture Test, and Review of the Fugoo Tough
In such a saturated market, it's hard to know which portable bluetooth speaker is the best. Fugoo is a new company, but they're doing things great already. They are making a speaker that sounds better than its competition such as the Logitech UE Boom, Bose SoundLink Mini and SOL Republic Deck. Not to mention that this thing is nearly indestructible! I hard to love this speaker more than I already do. Pick your Fugoo up on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IBJ3OBO/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00IBJ3OBO&linkCode=as2&tag=that0d-20 Thanks for watching and as always, stay snazzy!
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10 Mac Tricks You've Probably Never Heard Of!
Try Dashlane free from: http://dashlane.com/snazzylabs and use the coupon SNAZZYLABS for 10% off Dashlane Premium! Snazzy Labs is back yet again with another video full of awesome macOS tricks and tips you've probably never used for your favorite osx tech! Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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DIY NES Classic Mini Killer!
Parts list and additional instructions - http://snazzy.fm/nes Original inspiration derived from tutorial at Howchoo - http://snazzy.fm/howchoo Take game emulation of your favorite 80s and 90s classics to the next level with this dirt-cheap yet highly functional DIY build. Turn an old Nintendo NES cartridge into a modern gaming system. Relieve your childhood with your favorite titles upscaled to 4K!
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iPhone Brightness Button Toggle Hack
Say goodbye to that pesky old brightness slider in Control Center with this awesome hacker workaround. Now use the triple home button press shortcut to control your screen brightness! Accessibility features to the benefit of all-no Cydia tweaks or jailbreak required! Please subscribe, like, and comment. I'll try to reply to everyone! :D
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5 Advanced Mac Tricks You've Never Used
Terminal commands: http://snazzy.fm/5tips Tip 1: 0:18 Tip 2: 2:19 Tip 3: 6:03 Tip 4: 7:03 Tip 5: 7:52 Mac OS X, now named macOS has become remarkably popular in the last several years since its official debut in 2001. Even though the OS is intuitive to use and many users consider themselves "experts," I have five advanced tips you've likely never used.
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Is Apple Ruining Your Mac's Performance?
Spread the 💙 and visit iFixit: http://ifixit.com/snazzylabs Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq Apple's Mac lineup has a long history of being the quietest computers in the biz. Have you ever wondered exactly how they stay so quiet? It's simple! The fan speed is runs super low. That's why MacBook can get so hot in your lap! But is heat harming the performance of your Mac? Spoiler alert: it is. Thermal throttling is very, very real.
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The BEST GPU for Mac! NVIDIA vs AMD!
Follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/snazzyq NVIDIA has just released their Pascal drivers for macOS and Snazzy Labs puts them to the test. Can the NVIDIA 1080 Ti compare with the last-gen champion 980 Ti? Does CUDA acceleration outperform Apple's Metal API that is utilized by the AMD RX480? Do the benefits of a Razer Core or external GPU outweigh the annoyances, or should you just build a hackintosh? Snazzy Labs puts the Akitio Thunder2 to the test with eGPU benchmarks for gaming on Mac and hardware-accelerated video editing.
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Ultimate MacBook Showdown: MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air vs MacBook
The MacBook Air just doesn't make sense anymore... Sign up for Storyblocks Video today - https://www.storyblocks.com/SnazzyLabs Buy MacBook Pro - http://geni.us/COZ3AvE Buy MacBook Air - http://geni.us/bBAC4 Buy 12" MacBook - http://geni.us/evtJvSB Apple continues to make their phones, tablets, and laptops thinner and thinner each year. MacBook Air remains an underpowered laptop with a form factor that's nearly identical to MacBook Pro—and for nearly the same price. Apple's product stack is confusing as-is, but having the 12" MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro all cost the same makes things even tricker. In this video, we'll test everything—from thickness, weight, keyboard, trackpad, TouchID, I/O and USB, Thunderbolt, displays, speakers, webcam, battery, SSD speed, Geekbench, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, thermal performance, fan noise, and at the end... declare a victor—the BEST Apple Laptop!
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Are frequency response and spectrum graphs important? (4K) - Part 3/5 - "All About Headphones"
Headphone frequency range is something that store associates will bombard you with, but what is frequency range, and is it even important? Frequency spectrum graphs can be mighty helpful in deciding if a headphone can properly produce music to your liking and genre choices, but how can you read one? We explain how! Other videos in the "All About Headphones" series: Introduction to All About Headphones - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzoHrghjQuQ #1 How do headphones really work? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W2z-ikIgM0 #2 Open-back vs Closed-back headphones? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS4T_1UyCHw #3 Are frequency range and spectrum graphs important? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNYitfi-43I #4 What is headphone impedance? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQWLuAEelcc #5 What is the perfect pair of headphones? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6NzECeUjSg
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Amazing FREE Mac Utilities You Must Download!
There are a lot of amazing free apps for Mac, but these are the best. Nightowl - https://nightowl.kramser.xyz/ Spectacle - https://www.spectacleapp.com Helium - http://heliumfloats.com/ Alfred - https://alfredapp.com Plug - https://www.plugformac.com/ Encrypto - https://macpaw.com/encrypto Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/snazzyq Follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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Hidden macOS Finder Tips You Probably Don't Know!
macOS Finder is a powerful tool, but not an intuitive one. This video will help you become an expert at using the Finder! Is Tesla Autopilot Ready for 2019? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO_1vn1ZKRM Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/snazzy Twitter: http://twitter.com/snazzyq Instagram: http://instagram.com/snazzyq
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