Videos uploaded by user “magicpretzel”
HHKB2 and FC660C with KBDFans Topre Rings
Sound test of the boards after applying KBDFans' version of hyperspheres.
Views: 1752 magicpretzel
Kira60, SA 1965 and Box Whites
Specs: - Kira60 case - SP SA 1965 keycaps - brass plate - Kailh box white switches - gh60 satan PCB
Views: 1169 magicpretzel
NIZ Plum 87 Pro with 65g domes
Got the 65g domes from eBay. The board feels really great and snappy versus the stock 35g. Some rattling can be heard on the spacebar (thin costar wire).
Views: 2431 magicpretzel
BKE Redux (Light Gray) on a X-Silenced HHKB
This is very snappy due to the way the dome collapses. You might need hyperspheres to silence this.
Views: 810 magicpretzel
Kira60 with Kailh Box Whites and GMK Honeywell
Specs: Kira60 case by /u/thesiscamper Brass plate Kailh Box Whites GMK Honeywell GH60 Satan PCB Screwed-in PCB stabs Coiled cable from ZapCables
Views: 971 magicpretzel
M60-A with no weight
Just a quick typing test. Better one later.
Views: 423 magicpretzel
FC660C Silenced and Lubed
Uses the KBDFans rings and some MechLube 2 from EK.
Views: 427 magicpretzel
Kira60 with brass plate and cherrios
Kira60 Brass plate 78g Zealios in black cherry housings GMK Carbon
Views: 267 magicpretzel
Real Force 87UB55 Typing Sounds
Lubed and silenced (kbdfans flat rings) RF87 55g domes.
Views: 162 magicpretzel
Norbauer + Novatouch
No lube, with hyper spheres, DSA doubleshots
Views: 246 magicpretzel
Filco Minila with Browns
Typing sounds on the Filco Minila with Browns
Views: 614 magicpretzel
IKBC 2017 Poker 2 with Browns
Typing sounds on the Poker 2 2017 with MX Browns.
Views: 983 magicpretzel
HHKB Pro 2 with Landing Pads and Lubed Sliders
Unconnected typing test on an HHKB Pro 2 with lubed sliders and soft landing pads.
Views: 375 magicpretzel
HHKB Pro 2 Sounds
Typing sounds on the HHKB Pro 2
Views: 213 magicpretzel
Leopold FC660C Typing Sounds
Typing sounds on the Leopold FC660C (Topre)
Views: 187 magicpretzel

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