Videos uploaded by user “Wallance Ngeow”
Arcade Center on IOI Puchong Jaya, Selangor Part 4 with Sega's Maimai Arcade(#Halloween2018)
Here is Video, Enjoy! Featuring Sega's Maimai Gameplay Walkthrough, Song from Jumble Rumble(A Rank)
Views: 25 Wallance Ngeow
Arcade Center on MyTown Shopping Center Cheras,
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 239 Wallance Ngeow
Back to Velocity, it is Time to Payback Time!!!!
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 8 Wallance Ngeow
Action Scene Fail(Let's Go Island Arcade Gameplay)
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 301 Wallance Ngeow
Searching Tralier
Here is Video,Enjoy, Searching in Cinema on Malaysia September 20,2018
Views: 13 Wallance Ngeow
Sekiro Shadow Die Twice TGS 2018 Trailer
Here is Video,Enjoy, Sekiro Shadow Die Twice Available on 2019,
Views: 14 Wallance Ngeow
Nerf Time Part 13 on Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 17 Wallance Ngeow
Visiting Palo Game Zone on Sunway Velocity,Cheras,Kuala Lumpur,
It's Grand Opening of This Arcade Center on Malaysia,It's time to I will Record on Palo Game Zone Arcade Center on Sunway Velocity,Kuala Lumpur, This Time Record on HD,Sorry Because Phone Storage was Full,Well Enjoy it,Part 2 will be next Video,
Views: 1233 Wallance Ngeow
Keep Walking at Outside Chatoys,
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 41 Wallance Ngeow
Arcade Center on Ulu Titam,Tebrau,Johor Bahru,
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 51 Wallance Ngeow
Arcade Center on 1 Utama Bandar Utama Selangor,(#Halloween2018)
Here is Video, Enjoy, Warning!!!! Phone Storage is Full!!!!
Views: 15 Wallance Ngeow
LA Machine Gun Footage Video 1
Hey Guy,I am Back,Here is Footage of LA Machine Gun,Check Out My Playlist Blow,Enjoy,
Views: 16 Wallance Ngeow
#SyndicateTrance #TranceFamilyFriday Tripleplay Live!(Arcade Classic Font The Mixed)
Here is Mixed Video, Enjoy Listening, Trance on Friday, Warning! This is Not Copyright Video, I don't Own the Copyrights,
Views: 27 Wallance Ngeow
#TranceQuest Seven and Eight Minutes Mixed Up Live!(Part 1)(Arcade Classic Font)
Here is all 7 & 8 Minutes Mix Video, Enjoy, Warning! This is Not Copyright Video, I don't Own the copyright,
Views: 27 Wallance Ngeow
Munafik 2 Review
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 431 Wallance Ngeow
Jubeat Arcade Walkthrough Part 3
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 6 Wallance Ngeow
More Palo Game Zone Arcade Machine,
Here Is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 19 Wallance Ngeow
Nerf War Part 4
Here is Video,Enjoy, #NerfWar
Views: 63 Wallance Ngeow
Arcade Center on Vision City,Genting Highland,Pahang(Part 1)
Here is Arcade Center on Vision City,is available on Vision City and Play Time Arcade Center,but probably One Arcade Center has Been Closed...,kinda sad,so anyway Enjoy the Video and Happy Gaming,Happy Chinese new year,
Views: 44 Wallance Ngeow
Racing time on Molly fantasy....,
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 63 Wallance Ngeow
Full Combo!(Taiko No Tatsujin Arcade)
A Little Kid is Too Strong.....,Here is Record on Palo Game Zone Arcade Center on Sunway Velocity,Cheras,Kuala Lumpur,
Views: 135 Wallance Ngeow
PS4 and Vive in Gaming Expo on Sunway Velocity,Cheras,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia(Part 2)
Here I Recording on Sunway Velocity,Cheras,I Record on HD once Again,Enjoy!
Views: 87 Wallance Ngeow
Let Go Jungle Light Gun Time!!!!!!!
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 56 Wallance Ngeow
(18+)Kodoku Meatball Machine Clip Part 2
Here is Video, Enjoy,
Views: 9 Wallance Ngeow
Venom Tralier 2(Community Video by Wallance Ngeow)
Here is Video,Enjoy, Venom in Cinema October 5,2018, #WeAreVenom,
Views: 13 Wallance Ngeow
The Enemy is Too Strong...,
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 10 Wallance Ngeow
House Of The Dead 4 Arcade Gameplay Part 4.5
Here is Video,Enjoy,
Views: 18 Wallance Ngeow
Wii LA Machinegun Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2
Here is Gameplay Footage,Enjoy,
Views: 8 Wallance Ngeow
Sega Hammer Gameplay
Here is Video,Enjoy
Views: 17 Wallance Ngeow

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