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The how to annoy everyone game part one..
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Hope you enjoy and those who like scary, i am very sorry because it is only a little scary in the music.
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Hope you guys enjoy and help me reach my 100 subscribers please i will post one extra video for every 200 subscribers per week so 2 vids per week.
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please subscribe and try to post this anywhere like facebook, Google+, ect.
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Welcome to Giant Survival, a game where you work together with others to bring down giants, collect cash to buy items, and have fun!\n\nI give credit to dylanbuider for the classic masterpiece idea, time to revive it :D\n\n(Anti exploits and ban/warn system are in new servers.)\n\n\nNEW UPDATE INCLUDES:\n-Bug fixes and improvements\n-New gear: Boombox! Play any songs you like!\n-New map : mini skyscraper!\n-Balanced giant health even MORE!\n-New foggy coin rain and coin rain rounds! It will rain gold, silver, and bronze coins!\n-More music!\n-You now have 100 more seconds to build on build rounds!\n\nThe game was not finished, and got popular without notice. I will update this a LOT to keep it fresh and happy. Have any suggestions or ideas, PLEASE put them in the comments! Who knows, Your idea may come to life ;)\n\nShutdown = UPDATE, so rejoin :)\n\n Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/Giant-Survival-place?id=180714690\n\nFor more games visit http://www.roblox.com
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sadly this got boring so i made a new park.
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