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Ever wondered what it's like to drive one of the biggest trucks in the world?
Ever wondered what it's like to drive one of the biggest trucks in the world? Meet April who does just that. April drives a Caterpillar 797f rear dump truck at Peak Downs Mine in Queensland's Bowen Basin.
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Our people. Our foundation.
We value our people and encourage the development of talented and motivated employees to support the continued performance and growth of our diverse operations. We strive to build a sense of purpose and achievement among all our people in the work we do.
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Ever wonder what it's like to be a dragline operator?
Ever wonder what it's like to be a dragline operator? In this video, Grant gives us an overview of the various controls on a Marion 8050 UDD Dragline. This machine weighs 3,000 tonne and has a boom of 99 metres... it's big!
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Únase a nosotros: Spence Growth Option
¿Estás preparado para llevar la minería al futuro? Únete al equipo de Spence Growth Option (SGO) para expandir las operaciones en nuestra mina Spence en el norte de Chile. Estaremos reclutando localmente y buscando hacer nuestra cultura aún más inclusiva y diversa. Aplica aquí: http://jobs.bhpbilliton.com/
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The Discovery at Escondida, History of BHP (English subtitles)
Employees past and present talk about the discovery at Escondida. Employees include: Kenneth Pickering, Presidente Minera Escondida 1995 - 2000, Francisco Ortiz, Geòlogo Jefe Exploración que descubrió yacimiento Escondida, Ingrid Ciesla, Gerente Relación con Operaciones, Hugo Reales, Superintendent Producción Mina, Juan Avaria (h), Eléctrico and Juan Avaria (p), Instructor de qeuipo de alto tonelaje.
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How drones are changing mining
They’re performing with Lady Gaga at the Superbowl and taking over toy store shelves across the world. And our trials suggest they’ll help transform the mining industry too. Read our latest Prospects blog to find out more about how we’re using drones to reduce costs, boost productivity and improve safety across the business. http://www.bhpb.com/npDv30aY7K2
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Rebuilding Dragline 09 at Peak Downs Mine
Dragline 09 was recently rebuilt at Peak Downs Mine. More than 330 people worked across 55 days to get the job done.
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Achieving gender balance in practice: Mooka Ore Car Repair Shop
BHP’s Mooka Ore Car Repair Shop (OCRS) is a high-tech, semi-automated production line, designed to safely conduct highly repetitive activities that are involved in maintenance of ore cars. Mooka OCRS took on the challenge of achieving a more inclusive workplace. As part of our push for continuous improvement, we redesigned the OCRS to reduce risk from activities such as shunting and overhead crane use. This not only made the workplace safer, it also made it possible for a diverse pool of talent from the local community to participate in our workforce, without requiring specialist technical qualifications.
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South Flank Project update – September 2018
Teams in the Pilbara and Perth update us on the work they’re doing to set up the BHP US$3.6 billion South Flank Project for success.
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Think big.
Imagine what we can all achieve, if we continue to think big. http://www.bhpb.com/hEaY30bHI3U
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Discovery on the "Broken Hill", History of BHP
Professor Geoffrey Blainey discusses the discovery of silver lead and the founding of BHP, 1883 - 1885.
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Our employees explain what it’s like to work at South Walker Creek Mine
Hear from our employees about what it is like to work on site at BHP Mitsui Coal’s (BMC) South Walker Creek Mine, located in the Bowen Basin, Queensland.
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Escondida 25 años
The significant milestones that have defined Minera Escondida over the past 25 years.
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Last In, First Out: the fundamental case for oil investment (4K)
After three years of oversupply and significant inventory builds, the oil market has begun to rebalance. Looking ahead to the 2020s, we see compelling market fundamentals → http://www.bhpb.com/oQYU309nIUH
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Our Charter
The BHP Charter describes our purpose and values and how we measure our success. Our Charter is the single most important means by which we communicate who we are, what we do, and what we stand for as an organisation, and is the basis for our decision-making.
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Celebrating 50 Years of Whaleback: Shane Carter
“One thing that helped me get through it was the townspeople. If there’s someone hurt, someone down; they’re there. I’m not just talking about a few, I’m talking about the whole town." Shane Carter, a Production Technician at BHP Billiton, has lived in Newman for close to 40 years and considers himself lucky to be part of such a tight-knit community. Watch the latest video commemorating the first 50 years of Mt Whaleback, and hear how Shane credits the Newman community for helping him to overcome a personal tragedy.
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Our employees explain what it’s like to work at Poitrel Mine
Hear from our employees about what it is like to work on site at BHP Mitsui Coal’s (BMC) Poitrel Mine, located in the Bowen Basin, Queensland.
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The Pilbara, History of BHP
Professor Geoffrey Blainey discusses the discovery of iron ore in the Pilbara.
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Nuestra Carta
Nuestra Carta de Valores constituye uno de los documentos más importantes de BHP.
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Light electric vehicles make their BHP debut
We’re passionate about technology that results in meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. At our Olympic Dam operation in South Australia, our investment in light electric vehicles, powered by batteries, is good news for our people and the planet. Discover more → http://www.bhpb.com/5oZU30kGnXj
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Celebrating 50 years of Whaleback: Lynne Craigie, East Pilbara Shire President
“Most of us are fairly isolated from family… so for most people, we find a family here… that isn’t replicated in many places and it’s what makes Newman, Newman.” In 2017, BHP Billiton is celebrating the first 50 years of its Whaleback mine. To commemorate this significant event, we will continue to feature just some of the inspiring individuals who have contributed to the rich tapestry of the mine and surrounding town of Newman. The next instalment in our series of films features Lynne Craigie, East Pilbara Shire President. Watch Lynne as she shares her insights into the inclusive and diverse nature of Newman, and how partnering with BHP Billiton has created a deep sense of community culture amongst the residents of Newman.
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Goonyella Riverside Excavator Build - Timelapse Video
Check out Goonyella Riverside's latest Liebherr Excavator. Watch it get built, and then watch it in action.
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Innovation, History of BHP
Professor Geoffrey Blainey discusses the BHP Research Laboratories.
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BHP Graduates and Interns
At BHP we offer you the chance to grow, to think big and make a difference. You will be a part of a global company who embraces new ideas and new voices to speak up and explore what is possible.
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From the Archives: Honderd Jaar Billiton (Dutch) (1960)
On 29 September 1860, articles of incorporation were signed and Billiton was created. For the centenary, Billiton commissioned "Honderd Jaar Billiton" by Het Cocktail-Trio. The song celebrated the achievements over Billiton's first century. Song lyrics One hundred years Billiton Precisely one hundred years ago, here in the Netherlands, far from the equator, a company was established. But the actual beginning, the true fountain of wealth, a broad stream of Tin, was offered by the island Billiton. Van Tuyl and John Loudon, two fearless men, took a chance on the island Billiton Often there was a beginning like this, now as well as then. A partnership needs to do it, first without their families. A postcard, almost white, a drill, a shaft, a tent. A region where nobody knows what’s in the ground. There you settle, close to the horizon, as a man from Billiton and think nothing of it. After the great adventure, the Tin discovery in the beginning, the broad stream of Tin was no longer exciting. One looked around the world, and applied some variation. When one found something else to continue with. With resin and Bauxite, pigment and pyrochlore and titanium dioxide the Billiton prevails. What is an era of Tin, Diniobium, Bauxite? happiness or only sorrow? What is the point? A new location every time By airplane or ship, always a different trip, following a fixed pattern. And over and over, on a mountaintop or in a valley, truly everywhere, the Billiton atmosphere. That’s how a mining company operates, despite some setbacks, which sometimes occurs, a noble way to spend time. The spoils are hoisted up, and put on transport, after which the dividend is meticulously determined. This is the way it will always go, on earth and in space, where one day one will go as well. The Billiton front and center.
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Conozca el brazo robótico gigante de Escondida
El Robot de mantenimiento de trommel ha innovado totalmente la manera en que ahora realizamos esta actividad de mantenimiento en nuestra mina de Escondida en Chile.
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Celebrating 50 years of Whaleback: Brendan Langlands
“We came here when the boom was at its best. A lot of people have come and gone since then, a lot of businesses have opened and closed, but there is still a great support network of people on the outer edge of Newman that aren’t BHP employees but they support the whole town. There’s a lot of small businesses starting to take shape, with the support of the community around it.” The next instalment in our series of videos celebrating the first 50 years of Whaleback features Brendan, a small business owner in Newman who also works at Whaleback. Watch his story about making a business work and flourish in Newman, when your heart, soul and true belief in the town is present.
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From the Archives: World Record breaking train (2001)
In a world of superlatives and record breaking events, it's easy to become blasé about truly mammoth achievements. But on 21 June 2001, BHP Iron Ore set a world record for the longest and heaviest train. A tribute to BHP technology and progress. The train was 7.353 km, weighed 99,732.1 tonnes with 82,262.5 wet tonnes of iron ore. It travelled 276 kilometres over 10 hours and 4 minutes. Train details: Total length: 7.353 kilometres Gross mass: 99,732.1 tonnes Total mass excluding locomotives: 98,164.5 tonnes Net mass iron ore: 82,262.5 wet tonnes Total distance travelled: 276 kilometres Total running time: 10 hours 4 minutes Locomotives Model: General Electric AC6000 CW Average mass: 199.6 tonnes Length over coupler centres: 32.165 metres Engine power (traction) 4474 kW Starting tractive effort: 890 kN Fuel capacity: 20,820 litres
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Ever seen how we move a dragline?
This dragline went from Goonyella Riverside to South Walker Creek Mine – which meant we had to build a 100 kilometre road corridor. The Marion 8050 dragline weighs 3,000 tonnes, it’s 28m wide and the boom is 99m long. We used a Mammoet self-propelled trailer with 540 wheels and 128 axles. The dragline crossed 55 waterways, 17 powerlines, 4 roads, 3 rail crossings and 2 highways. Top speed: 120m/h After four months of travel, under the care of 80 workers, the dragline reached its new home. We then returned the land to its natural terrain and replanted native grasses to match the surroundings and leave minimal impact on the environment. Well done to everyone involved!
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Healthy Harold at Mt Arthur Coal, Australia
​Fun. Interesting. Helpful. These are some of the more common descriptors used by students when asked about their Life Education sessions. Thanks to a long-term partnership with BHP Billiton Mt Arthur Coal, Hunter Life Education has been able to visit more than 3,000 students in Muswellbrook and the Upper Hunter annually to help build their awareness, knowledge, strategies and skills they need to make safer and healthier life choices. About BHP Billiton We are a leading global resources company. Every day our people develop and take to market many of the world's natural resources. Follow us on Twitter, (http://www.twitter.com/bhpbilliton), LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/company/bhp-billiton) and visit our website (http://www.bhpbilliton.com).
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CEO Statement on Samarco
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The Gold Room at BHP's Olympic Dam Mine in South Australia
The team at Olympic Dam have the golden touch when it comes to making gold bars. Don't try this at home.
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BHP Ships One Billion Tonnes of Iron Ore to Japan (English)
BHP celebrates the shipment of its one billionth tonne of iron ore to Japan with customers, joint venture partners and employees in Port Hedland, Western Australia.
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BHP Pledges Support To Bush Blitz, Australia
On 22 July 2014, BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities announced a A$6 million contribution to the second stage of the unique species discovery program, Bush Blitz. BHP's contribution will be matched by the Australian Government, allowing the program to run until 2017 with A$12 million in funding. Bush Blitz is a unique species discovery partnership between the Australian Government, BHP and Earthwatch Australia.
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Curious about copper?
Curious about how copper gets from our mine to the market? Well, in the case of the largest copper mine in the world, Minera Escondida in Chile, copper concentrate travels via pipeline over 170 kilometres from over 3,000 metres of elevation to Port Coloso, where it is loaded on to massive ships for delivery around the globe. Watch how we load and ship 55,000 tons of copper concentrate.
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Feeding the World: the case for potash, part 2 (4k)
In the first episode of our potash series, we concluded that the combination of population growth, changing diets and the need for cultivated soils to support higher and higher crop yields indicates a long-term trend of steady demand growth for many decades – an attractive prospect for any commodity producer. But demand is only half the story. In this second episode, we focus on the supply side of the potash market. More http://www.bhpb.com/jqq030dR1BB
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From the Archives: The Iron Treasure Chest (1970)
From the BHP Archives, The Iron Treasure Chest (1970) from the Goldsworthy Iron Ore mine in Western Australia.
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Team of Teams
At BHP, we are embracing the digital transformation and accelerating our own Technology journey through a mindset called Team of Teams. Learn more at http://careers.bhpbilliton.com/cw/en/job/789065/technology-revolution
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Valdivian Coastal Reserve (English), Chile
At BHP our conservation efforts go beyond the environmental management requirements of our business. We have a public target to finance the conservation and ongoing management of areas of global conservation significance. Supporting the permanent conservation of 50,000 hectares of rain forest in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve contributes to this target. It is an example of our commitment to leaving a lasting legacy for the people of Chile, and for biodiversity conservation globally. About BHP Billiton We are a leading global resources company. Every day our people develop and take to market many of the world's natural resources. Follow us on Twitter, (http://www.twitter.com/bhpbilliton), LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/company/bhp-billiton) and visit our website (http://www.bhpbilliton.com).
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Celebración 25 Años de Escondida e Inauguración de OGP1
Imagenes de la ceremonia de celebración del 25 aniversario de Minera Escondida e inauguración de su tercera planta concentradora. Región de Antofagasta, Chile, 7 de abril de 2016.
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Beyond the Surface: The History of BHP
On 13 August 1885, the Broken Hill Propriety Company Limited was formed. To celebrate the anniversary of this momentous occasion Beyond the Surface looks back at the milestone events and people that have shaped our Company.
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BHP Graduate Program Advice from Sharna Glover
Hear from Sharna Glober on her role at BHP, her experiences and advice to people starting out their careers through the BHP Grad Program.
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BHP's Capital Allocation Framework
All projects must meet our strict investment hurdles and be in the best interest of shareholders. Learn more about our Capital Allocation Framework.
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Join the BMA Hay Point Engineering team!
BMA (a BHP joint venture) has an opportunity for a lead mechanical project engineer to join the Hay Point Engineering team. Get involved in an exciting portfolio of projects, and live at the gateway to the Whitsundays!
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The Olympic Dam experience
It’s an exciting time to be part of the #OlympicDamSquad – hear from our team about why they love it! If you’re interested in future Olympic Dam opportunities, register your interest to join us here: http://careers.bhpbilliton.com/cw/en/job/792174/expressions-of-interest
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BHP Careers – Join the BMA Engineering team
BMA is Australia’s largest seaborne coking coal supplier, part of BHP. The BMA Engineering Function is now formed, and we are seeking Engineers, Project Managers, Technical Leaders, STEM Professionals to join our team. Be part of the team formed to make BMA stronger, smarter and safer. Apply today - http://www.bhpb.com/dIgB30kdHsq
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Celebrating 50 years of Whaleback: General Manager Whaleback, Pat Bourke
On this day 50 years ago, construction on the world’s largest open cut iron ore mine started at Mount Whaleback. In the decades since, it has undergone significant development, and today the 5.5km long pit holds a special place in the hearts and minds of employees past and present, community members and visitors alike. When Whaleback was developed 50 years ago, the objective was to export five million tonnes of iron ore a year; a figure that was exceeded in its first year by exporting six million tonnes. Since then, the mine has gone from strength to strength; from setting a monthly railing record of 3,625,500 tonnes hauled by 279 trains in 1977, to producing 43.1 million tonnes in 2016 alone. Whaleback has been the backbone of the Pilbara’s iron ore industry for five decades and is the oldest iron ore mine still operating. Its growth and success would not have been possible without the continued efforts and support of our employees, communities, partners and customers. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to celebrate all of the things that make the town of Newman and our mine great, through a series of videos featuring just some of the individuals who have contributed to the rich tapestry of the mine and surrounding town.
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BHP marks 50 year milestone with Japan | BHPが日本とのパートナーシップ50周年を祝賀
BHP today celebrated its 50 year partnership with Japan at an event with representatives from the Japanese, Australian and British governments, customers, joint venture partners and employees at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo. | 本日、BHPは、日本政府、オーストラリア政府、英国政府、顧客、ジョイントベンチャー・パートナー、従業員の代表者が集い東京のオーストラリア大使館にて、日本とのパートナーシップ50周年を祝賀しました。
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Driving Road Safety at Goonyella Riverside Mine, Australia
Light vehicle rollovers and collisions with heavy vehicles are two of our most significant safety risks at BHP. During a 24-hour period, an average of 400 light to medium vehicles enter Goonyella Riverside Coal Mine in Queensland, Australia. Each of these vehicles has the potential to interact with 69 off-road mining trucks. To reduce the risk of light vehicle roll-overs and interactions with heavy vehicles on site, the team implemented the Driving Road Safety Program. Three key elements to the Program involved firstly, separating light and heavy vehicles, secondly moving to five-star Australasian New Car Assessment Program light vehicles and thirdly introducing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Since the project was completed, there have been no roll-over events recorded. The program has decreased the number of roads shared by heavy and light vehicles, and therefore the potential for collisions, by 49 per cent and reduced the number of four-way intersections from 17 to two. The UAVs provide timely and accurate data for monitoring of road construction and conditions and environmental hazards, and reduce the potential for pit interaction between people and vehicles.
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