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ATM Debit Card EMI on Flipkart.com
Hi, Flipkart introduced EMI facility on debit cards, you can purchase any item from flipkart by using your ATM Debit Card, Dont needed Documentation, Processing Fee, or Any Minimum Balance. I think interest rate 14%, indias top most 4 banks connected with flipkart for provide these services, they are HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, ICICI Bank, and SBI. For Eligibility Check : https://goo.gl/Mknws6
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Mutual Fund SIP - My Another way of Earning
Guyz, I began to Mutual Funds SIP , Trending Investment System in India. My Web Link : https://bit.ly/2MfuuOL What is mutual funds? A mutual fund is formed when capital collected from different investors is invested in company shares, stocks or bonds. Shared by thousands of investors (including you), a mutual fund is managed collectively to earn the highest possible returns. The person driving this investment vehicle is a professional fund manager. Features :- 1.Money pooled from various individuals (investors) 2.Well-regulated (by SEBI) 3.Access to large portfolios 4.Professionally Managed 5.Higher returns than conventional investing 6.Allows to invest in small amounts Investing in mutual funds is the easiest means to grow your wealth. This is why the fund manager’s expertise (thereby the fund house’s reputation) is an important factor to consider. All mutual funds are registered with SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) and therefore, quite safe. My Web Link : https://bit.ly/2MfuuOL
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Free  to Join Now - Google Certified Digital Marketing Course
Friends, Google Introduced Digital Marketing Online and Offline Course for Every one, It is 100% free in online mode, Offline mode fee Rs.1500. Arround 23 modules included in this Programme, Basically it is a Fundamental Course. The objective of the program is to build capacity and equip the Startups, SMEs and Innovators with the necessary skills for utilising the power of Internet, creating their online presence, launching and executing cost-effective targeted digital marketing campaigns, reaching out to a wider audience, increasing the sales volumes, keeping a consistent connect with the potential customers, staying competitive in the market place, etc. For More Details : https://goo.gl/RGwBxz
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Part Time Job for Students Earn 30000 Monthly
Every students can earn 30000 monthly with answering of 10 questions per day based on your interested subject. Best online job in india. The company based on USA but they have two offices in india, PAN Card must required for Registration and also they will arrange a quality test via online, if you score 80% aand above, you will get active account, after you can start earning. For More Details click below the link : https://goo.gl/WCMw2z
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Home Based Business and GST Registration
Hi, Friends, Every one can start business from home, currently room rent and deposits increasing day to day, many more guyz running IT business, so that they not required office, so that they can run business from home with all registrations, try this steps and achieve your goals. For Firm Registration and GST Registration Link : https://goo.gl/YccAxM
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Online Data Entry Job with Live Payment Proof
Hi, Guyz, 2Captcha one of the best captcha trading company in the industry. You can make money with two types, Step1. Captcha Typing Step2. Affiliate Marketing 2captcha also introduced Mobile App for Android Users and Desktop App for PC Users. Choose software for fast typing, Web Based platform very slow due to heavy traffic. In indian users can withdraw dollars to BITCOIN wallet, must create any BITCOIN wallet, like uniocoin or zebpay. For Registration Video Please Click below the link : https://bit.ly/2Aec10d
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Your online job is ready - Best platform last 5 years
Remote freelancing is becoming a unique working style for aspiring professionals and others who want to make a decent living income within their place. Many online platforms come forward to give real freelance jobs for people around the world and more interestingly many companies which rely before only on traditional working atmosphere now shifting the gear into the online workforce. Up-work one of the best freelancing portal in the world. Free to Download Malayalam E-Book Step 1- Go to My Website : https://vineeshrohini.com Step 2 - Click My Store Step 3 - You can see E-book of Up-work Malayalam Step 4 - Add to Cart and Free to Checkout Step 5 - Download from Downloads menu on your dashboard or download link will get on your email inbox or spam folder.
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Self Employment  Scheme by Government of Kerala - KESRU
Hi Friends, Kerala Govt Introduced Self Employment Business Loan Scheme Named on KESRU on 1999, Details follows.. KESRU 99 (Kerala Self Employment Scheme for the Registered Unemployed) Scheme The scheme was sanctioned vide G.O.(P)No.40/99/Labour dated 30.03.1999 Bank loan up to Rs. 1,00,000 is given for starting self-employment ventures to individuals, out of which 20% is re-imbursed as Government subsidy through Employment Department. The spouse or parents of the beneficiary will be the guarantor. Beneficiary contribution is not mandatory. Eligibility All unemployed persons in the live Register of Employment Exchanges between the age limit 21 - 50 with annual family income not exceeding Rs.1,00,000/- Educational Qualification should suit the project selected. Preference will be given to those with professional or technical qualification, woman having graduation and beneficiaries of unemployment dole scheme. Students are not eligible for applying under KESRU Implementation Application forms are available free of cost from the Employment Exchange where the candidate is registered and is to be submitted there along with the project report and income certificate from the village officer. After a preliminary verification in the Employment Exchange the applications which are found eligible are forwarded to the District Employment Exchange concerned for scrutiny. Scrutinised applications are submitted by the District Employment Officer to the District Committee for sanctioning loans through Nationalised Banks, District Co-operative Banks, Scheduled Banks and KSFE. Sanctioning authority is the District Committee for KESRU where District Panchayat President is the Chairman and Employment Officer(Self Employment) is the Convener. Regional Deputy Director of Employment is the appellate authority. KESRU beneficiaries will not be submitted against temporary vacancies but will be considered for regular vacancies. Appeal Authority For rejection on matters related to Employment Exchange level verification, the Applicant can submit his appeal to the concerned Regional Deputy Director of Employment Monitoring The Director of Employment is the controlling officer of the scheme. The scheme is monitored through the Employment Officers(Self Employment) of the concerned District Employment Exchanges.
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Make Money from Smartphone Photography
Hi, You can make money from photos by using smartphone. Fotolia one of the best photo seller online by Adobe Company. Every one can sell photos and get 20-63% profit to your paypal account. You will get profit life long, every sales get profit. Take good photos and sell to fotolia. There is few more websites doing same business, you can also register there, link is given below... 1. Istockphoto. 2. Dreamstime. 3. Snappedu4u. 4. Photolia. 5. Stockxpert.
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How to Get Free CIBIL Score  Upto 12 Months on WhatsApp
Hi, Friends, You must required atleast 750 cibil score for taking any types of loans, above 79% of loans approve by checking 750 score. Wishfin one of the partner of Trans Union Cibil Limited (CIBIL), you can free to check cibil score upto 12 months free of cost. Also you can check cibil score by official cibil website. Mr.Sathish Pillai is the CMD of Trans Union Cibil Limited, 2015 onwards. arround 600 millions individuals and 30 million companies, loan informations they managing. For Cibil Score Visit the links. Official CIBIL Website : https://myscore.cibil.com Free CIBIL Score Upto 12 Months : https://www.wishfin.com/cibil-score
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How to Start Ecommerce Business in Keala - Part -2 | PesaTV.com
Simply you can start ecommerce or affiliate portal from home or any where to make handsome income through this portal. ecommerce is the next generation business system, so now biggest chance in ecommerce industry. here Mr.Vineesh says that ecommerce is simply start through following 5 steps. Step1 - Foundation of Ecommerce Software or Affiliate Portal Step2 - Software and Design Setup Step3 - Product and Services Step4 - One Touch Marketing Method including Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SMS Marketing, Facebook/Whatsapp Marketing, Email Marketing, Classifieds Marketing, etc. For Any doubts call to him on 93 88 93 93 94.
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How to Start Ecommerce Business in Keala - Part -1 | PesaTV.com
Simply you can start ecommerce or affiliate portal from home or any where to make handsome income through this portal. ecommerce is the next generation business system, so now biggest chance in ecommerce industry. here Mr.Vineesh says that ecommerce is simply start through following 5 steps. Step1 - Foundation of Ecommerce Software or Affiliate Portal Step2 - Software and Design Setup Step3 - Product and Services Step4 - One Touch Marketing Method including Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SMS Marketing, Facebook/Whatsapp Marketing, Email Marketing, Classifieds Marketing, etc. For Any doubts call to him on 93 88 93 93 94.
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Get Paid through Surveys, Search, Shopping - Minimum Payout Rs.350
Freinds, you can make money through Surveys, Search, Shopping, Introducing new website named on Swagbucks started in 2008 by Prodge LLC , which is coporate international firm, Swagbucks paid crores of amount to their users. Till now they are paying amount to all, their majority income from brand research and shopping, Minimum payout 5$ to paypal or flipkart voucher. Also you can participate swagbucks affiliate programme to earn 10% commission from your refferals. It is very usefull and genuine website and app. Free to Join Now : https://goo.gl/HUNNBC Paypal to Indian Bank Account : https://youtu.be/qV8MtmcNCYw Website : https://goo.gl/7nYYWY
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Drop Shipping Online Business
Drop Shipping one of the best module for earn money via online. You can create online store then add products from most famous e-commerce sites, and make higher amount that parent e-commerce site, once you got order, then make purchase order in parent e-commerce site then change shipping address of your new customer. Parent company will despatch item directly to your customer. You got best profit, customer get product immediately. E-commerce Part1 - https://youtu.be/x2A6LLN6_bw E-commerce Part2 - https://youtu.be/VllUZU4fQJI E-commerce Part3 - https://youtu.be/90jClGXoPoQ E-commerce Part4 - https://youtu.be/NwIybTkhrAM
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Data entry work  Daily payout - 101% Genuine
guyz, you can make daily 350 and more while spending of 5 to 8 hour per day, this is oldest company named on kolotibablo, they are providing different type of captcha typing jobs, normal typing, fun captcha, recaptcha, fun captcha and much more, earn upto 150 rupees from 1000 captcha's, captcha typing one the famous internet job, with instant payout to bitcoin etherium litecoin and more. You can also start reffering this job with others get something from that. Many more opportunities available on this concept. Free to Register Now : https://goo.gl/yUTq1S Website : https://goo.gl/UcfLVh
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Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Programme Malayalam 2018
Hi, Friends, here is the wonderful opportunity for you... Amazon Affiliate Programme. You can make unlimited money by using this network system. Just create free account with amazon also create one blog, then share all the products to blogger posts, finally share that blogger link to everyone via whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram, email, sms and any manner, amazon will give you remuneration, when people will purchase products from their store by using your affiliate link. Click to watch How to Create Blog - https://youtu.be/FLoRsnVaark
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Write and Earn Money through Smart Phone
Hi, Pesa TV viewers you can earn unlimited money through writing review of 8 lakhs products held on mouthshut. One of the pesa tv suscriber Dhanya George from kannur get money here bank account from mouthshut. So that it is 100% sure work. alredy added one video about this work. search previous video. http://www.mouthshut.com/
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Four Websites which gives Loan for Interest
guyz, here is the four website information which gives loan for interest, you can borrow and lend money from this RBI registered sites, many more sites in india, but i reviewed four major sites, you can read my article, also added their website links : https://goo.gl/tKPpYy
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E-Commerce Free Course - Rudset Institute Kannur - 2018
Rudset Institute - Kannur ( Joint Venture of Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank and SDME Trust ) Conducted 6 Days EDP in E-Commerce Course, this is first time in india. 33 Students Attend Course. ( Free Course with Free Food and Accommodation) Main Topics// 1. Ecommerce and Its Technology 2. Ecommerce Software Installation and Customization 3. Payment Gateway and Its Technology 4. Web Design and Development 5. Software Maintenance and Security 6. Digital Marketing All Students studied on live projects, they created 33 e-commerce stores them self. Finally Institute given certificate. For More Details Please Visit www.rudset.com
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How to Apply for New Ration Card via Akshaya Center 2018
Hi friends, The Civil Supplies Department of the Kerala Government has launched an online system for submission of application forms for new Ration Cards. Here you can download boath application forms then fill up that after submit to any akshaya center in your locality, ration card will allotted for you. Very simple steps. Download Link : https://goo.gl/zCBELX
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How to Sell Jack Fruit Seeds Online
Friends, You can make money from selling jack fruit seeds online methods, like facebook, whatsapp, email, websites, e-commerce platfroms. many more peoples looking to start any type of business, technology is very fast, so that you can choose digital business, means physical products selling through digital method, have any doubts and requirements contact : 93 88 93 93 94. Visit : https://bit.ly/2TtUyWn
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Affiliate & Digital Marketing for Ecommerce or Affiliate Portal
PesaTV's C.E.O Vineesh, Says that " Result is 100% possible while we making Digital Marketing or Affiliate Marketing" Peoples Dont know its importance. Each and every one can start ecommerce project with lowest cost and make good profits daily. He is experienced entrepreneur.
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100% Genuine Online Data Entry Job
Genuine Online Data Entry Job with Instant Payment 100% Free. Each and every one can do this. Requirements:- 1. 3G or Broadband Internet 2. PC or Laptop 3. Gmail ID 4. Perfect Money account 5. Nationalized Bank Account. For All Doubts Call or WhatsApp 93 88 93 93 94 100% Free Support. For Registration ;- www.captcha2cash.com For Perfect Money Account :-
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Top 10 Paying URL Shortners - Copy Paste Work
y using URL Shortening Service or Website, you can earn money online by shortening the long URLs from various websites. The best part is that you need not possess any technical skills. Moreover, it is not mandatory to have any blog or website. However, if you have one, it would be a bonus for you. Purchase E-Book Now : https://goo.gl/DwqQWp 100% Discount Coupon : VINEESH (Only for first 100 users )
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Earn Money from Watching Videos, Filling Surveys
The Earnably website is used by two groups, people like you who are looking to earn money online, and the advertisers and marketers who provide the different offers, videos, and tasks that the website offers. For advertisers and marketers, Earnably provides them with an opportunity to have their advertisements, market research, and other marketing collateral to be viewed by real people. Earnably also has a referral program, where you can earn 10% of your referrals total earnings. If your referral signs up using your referral code, they will start off with 100 points, so it is a win-win situation. The minimum cash out is $1, which will require you to spend 125 points. You can cash this out in either PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or Bitcoin. Join Now : https://bit.ly/2RntJGB Website : https://bit.ly/2AH1TLc Facebook : https://bit.ly/2RmqCyX
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Be a Bank Employe while your in Home by AdmitAd
This is the innovative system, you can read article on my official website also you can join by the link : https://goo.gl/wT2bAq
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How to Get PayTM ATM Card
Hi friends, you can see, how to get paytm debit card from paytm payment bank limited. open free bank account with paytm, then you can transfer fund to other accounts, also you can save money in your account you will get 4% interest per annum also make fixed deposit to get 7% interest per annum, it is very good project. Now you can withdraw money from any atm by using paytm rupay debit card.
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Payment Proof - Make Money from Own Malayalam Website
Hi Guyz, you can simply earn money from facebook and plenty of other ad networking platform through your own malayalam website, here you can see last 3 months payment proof . Required elements is 1. Smart phone, 2. Internet Facility, 3. PAN Card, 4. Nationalized Bank Account, 5. Mobile Friendly website. Within few days you can start earnings. If you have any doubt contact 9388939394. I already made one video previously.. Please click to watch from here: https://youtu.be/Dpyp2qWINCk
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Make Money from Affiliate Marketing
Hi, Friends, you can see how to make money from affiliate marketing with simple steps, also you can build professional website for professional look and more effective marketing. Major affiliate platform is flipkart, amazon, souq, etc. you also affiliate or web hosting services to get 10% profit on every sales. This is life long deal. So very nice business. affiliate Marketing started in 1993. Last year flipkart MD said that one guy , his monthly earning is 10 lakhs rupees from flipkart affiliate programme. So try it and Earn it.
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YouTube Monetization Policy 2018
As YouTube has recently changed its monetization policy, it’s important that you take a moment to evaluate where your channel’s at and where it’s headed. If you want to continue making money from YouTube, there are a few new guidelines your channel must meet. Here’s how to ensure your channel stays monetized. 1. You must have one thousand subscribers by February 20th. The first criteria that all channels must meet to retain their monetization is a subscriber count of one thousand. However, the new guidelines won’t be implemented until February 20th, so there is still time for smaller channels to grow their audiences. If you haven’t yet reached one thousand subscribers, don’t worry. After the new policy is set into place, channels will be re-evaluated for monetization as soon as they reach that milestone. For some extra help getting there, check out this post. 2. You must have four thousand hours of watch time within the past twelve months. The next criterion your channel must meet involves how much time viewers spend watching your videos. In order to stay monetized, each channel must have accumulated four thousand hours of watch time within the past twelve months.
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How to Connect Adgebra to Blogger
Hi, Friends, In this video you can see , how to connect adgebra codes on blogger platfrom based blog, its very easy and simple, Adgebra one of the best ad platfrom based on india. Plenty of biggest channels and bloggers using same adnet work.
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Best 5 Online Works and 5 Online Business Ideas
Here you can learn 5 best online works information and also learn 5 Best online Business Ideas. This is best for all members. Fully Malayalam language.
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Open Your Office in Kochi at Rs.500
Hi, friends open office in kochi at Rs.500 onwards. There is three plans. Checkout details, if you interested signup now.... https://goo.gl/qRLsxm PLAN-1. Office Address in Kochi Postage and Courier Handling. Company Registration Cost Rs.500/M PLAN-2. Office Address in Kochi Postage and Courier Handling. Company Registration Landline Number Fax Number Rs.1000/M PLAN-3 Office Address in Kochi Postage and Courier Handling. Company Registration Landline Number Fax Number Live Reception Support Cheque Depositing Rs.1500/M Start Office Now : https://goo.gl/qRLsxm For Doubt Call : 93 88 93 93 94.
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Apple Mac Book Pro 13 Inch 2018 Unboxing Malayalam
Hi Guyz, I bought new Apple Mac book pro 13 inch - 256 gb ssd model from Fone4 Communications India Put.Ltd Kochi. I don't have any prevoius experience in Mac book pro. I think Mac is very good system for edit videos and other design works, heavy softwares like, photoshop, fcp, auto cad will open immediately without any lag. Cost around 125000 INR , but I got these at 114000 and also get hight quality bag and c to usb 4 port adapter worth 6000. Good Expereince when I purchase Mac from fone4. If you interested to buy this item contact at least 5 stores, you can see rate diffrents, then fix the actual store for buy this MacBook Pro.
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Facebook Paid Promotion
Here Live Training Malayalam of Facebook Paid Promotion by PesaTV, you can easy to target your customers in worldwide with easy way. Very simple very easy... Watch the video and follow the steps, do you have any doubts feel to free contact with us. Mob:9388939394
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How to Create BlockChain Account with Safe Mode
Here you can see, how can we create blockchain account with safe mode, Blockchain.info is the major destination for receive and send bitcoin and ethereum crypto currencies, crypto currencies are very important element in this situation, every days its rate ging to very high, in india there is separate institution available for exchange crypto currency to locan currency. now every one can easy to buy and sell crypto currency through remotano without having and documentation.
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How can we make profit from Viral Videos made by others
Friends, You can see how to make money from viral videos made by other youtubers, it is latest project made by me, simple steps to earn money via 3 ways, 1. Facebook Audience Network 2. Third Party ad platfroms 3. Skippable Video Advertisement Having any doubt contact Me : 9388939394 Website Link : https://viraluploads.com/
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Make Money with Multi Vendor Website - Trending Business in 2018
Hi, Friends, You can start multivendor business, it is an another form of ecommerce business, sellers selling products via your site to customers, you will getting commission for each sale, sellers will get profits, customers satisfied because product rate will low when competition with multiples of sellers of same product, so sellers will add more offers and lowest rates, you can integrate multi vendor option on your existing website. Have any doubt regarding multi vendor business call or whtasapp to 9388939394.
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Spend 10 Minutes Daily Make Unlimited Income Life Long - Vineesh on Live
Hi, PesaTV, and Aspirebee Software Lab C.E.O Vineesh Said that all pesa tv viewers must spend 10 minutes daily for make genuine income for life long, Blogging is Simple task , you have unlimited topics in your boath sides now, but all peoples cant do that, that is the main problem in blogging, so that follow his tutorial, and to handsome income through Professional Blogging, Important of Blog. Genuine content Professional Design with Mobile Friendly Email Subscription Face Book Like Box Social Media Integrtaion Important Pages Minimum 6 Pages and Much More. We also Design Professional Blog with Adsense Support Call 93 88 93 93 94 Get Ready your blog within 24 hours.
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Every one can start e-commerce business at Rs.15000 only
Aspirebee will develop ecommerce website at Rs.15000 for interested online business seekers. same time you can use affiliate portal + ecommmerce + Blogging on this ackage. This is basic package. This is best plan for startups. interested people can call 9388939394.
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How Create Gmail Account, Blog and YouTube Channel
This is the exclusive video for all of the freshers, including How Create Gmail Account, Blog and YouTube Channel. Every one can easy to make money with google without any investment. You can surf our other videos get more updates, also if you have any doubt free to contact us on 93 88 93 93 94.
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How to start digital goods selling company | Make Life Long Income | PesaTV.com
Delivering non-tangible goods? Need an outlet to sell your band's next album? Maybe just photos, files, art or an eBook? Aspirebee Software Lab makes it easy to start a business and sell digital products online. It takes only 48 hours to open an online store and start selling digital goods. For more call: 9388939394
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Earn Money  Every Week through Own Website
Friends, You can earn money every week from own website. Create own professional website with propeller ads integration make unlimited money. Minimum payment 5$. This is only and one best ads platform.Propeller Ads is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers. Watch Videos & Read Article : https://goo.gl/jyut1a PropellerAds Register Now : https://goo.gl/wiibFG
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Kudumbashreebazaar.com Product Unboxing
Hi friends, i bought chembu chips via kudumbashreebazaar.com, it takes upto 7 days for delivery in kerala, via normal post, and their packing is not a good. But product quality is better than others, invoice system also oldest method, cannot get e-bill, If they ready to change these bad factors definitely kudumbashreebazaar.com can reach best e-commerce platform in kerala. All are purchase any of the item from kudumbashreebazaar.com, participate their success.
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10 Online Business Ideas to Make Huge  Profit
10 Online Business Ideas, every one can start at below 10000 Rupees.. Very simple but humble to earn unlimited money, better than online job, better than physical business, one time investment long time return, Aspirebee Software Lab made these projects below Rs.10000, PesaTV helpline: 93 88 93 93 94.
Views: 18013 Vineesh Rohini
Make Money From Facebook
Here, vineesh said that you can simply make money while creating one wordpress website, and connect to facebook audience network then you can make money from facebook, you can use any language, simple way , easy, no termination, no pin verification, easy steps.
Views: 10929 Vineesh Rohini
How to Buy Domain , Unlimited Hosting and SSL at Cheapest Cost
Here you can see "How to Buy Domain , Unlimited Hosting and SSL at Cheapest Cost" Domain Cost Rs.399 for .com and Unlimited Hosting and SSL cost Rs.1788 . Easy to buy domain and hosting through bank deposit, malayalam support, live chat facility and more. for purchase please visit www.aspirebee.com for doubts call : 9388939394
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Write and Earn Money - Payment Proof
Here you can make money while writing a review of each and every items you are using daytoday life. This is best option for make money online. Payment proof is here. Positive review you will get 20 MS Points and Negetive Review you will get 40 MS Points, 1 Ms Point = 1 Indian Rupee. You can write unlimited reviews per day. Minimum Payout Rs.500. Adharcard and one another Id proof required for complete registration. For Registration Click this Link: http://www.mouthshut.com/contest?ref=PESATV&inv_via=fb&act=reg
Views: 6478 Vineesh Rohini
How to Make a Website by Wordpress CMS
Hi, Guyz, You can see here, How to Make a Website by Wordpress. Now you can buy Unlimited SSD Cloud Hosting and Domain Name Registration by Aspirebee Software Lab. If you buy from Aspirebee, you will get extra support from our Team. For purchase https://www.aspirebee.com/ . For any doubt call: 93 88 93 93 94.
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Earn 1000 Daily Through This Magical App - PayTM Payout
Hello friends, we back with a latest offer in which you can earn lot of paytm cash easily. RozDhan is a app in which you can download and share the videos with your friends and family while you can earn money with our daily quiz by answering 12 simple questions. Earn more money by sharing our app. App Download Link : https://goo.gl/h1mdZu Invitation Code : 00U2FM Step by Step Details : https://goo.gl/rae6QV Help Line : +91-9388939394
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