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All 2015/2016 Premier League Anthems
Sorry for the songs that are either Unofficial, Sung in a Stadium, or not the anthem, but a different song. If you have any corrections, I can change it.
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How to fix Zeusmos 2.6.9 Captcha code problem!
How to fix Zeusmos 2.6.9 Captcha code problem! The BYA source:http://repo.biteyourapple.net
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Katniss needs some damn Snickers.
Mama Everdeen forgot to buy Katniss's favorite chocolate bar... May the odds be ever in your favour, mister cat.
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FIFA 14 - Funny Montage - #1
A little fun Montage of funny things that happened during my FIFA 14 Game of Atlético Madrid VS Getafe CF. Can we get 10 Likes for A Part 2? 15 Likes and I'll work extra hard, hehe. Enjoy
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Is Spongebob... Illuminati?
Find out, IS SPONGEBOB ILLUMINATI!? Along with countless other famous peoplez. Well... not countless... 5, but still, ya know what I mean. (Not including Spongebob and Squidward). Oh, btw, please don't sue me... person who made the "Spooky Illuminati music", oh, and the guy who composed that Mockingjay song from The Hunger Games, wait, what, his name is James Newton Howard? Okay, please don't sue me Mr. James Newton Howard :P Oh, and yes, "The Mockingjay" song is in this video, now stop reading this long, boring, shitty description and watch the goddamn video. Bich. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any music in this video, or images.
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The Modern Sitcom
The Big Bang Theory airs Monday nights only on CBS at 9:30 ET.
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Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Huge, weird, crazy glitch.
I had so many problems with the game, but by far, this was the biggest, I restarted the game and it's now back to normal, but that was hilarious, I hope you guys enjoyed it, :P.
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Bar Who And Ad All Night Ham Ve RAAAAACH!
Chrrrrriisssss! STOP SINGING! IT HURTS!!!!!!!
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Horses Bumping Uglies in Skyrim
Not much to say.
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