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coursera music Prod assignment 6 hd MBR
Synthesizer week. This is the cubase prologue from cubase artist 7. I do through simple synth. aspects and then add some of the more complicated ones later. Limitation to 5 minutes naturally limits how much I can show about this comprehensive synth.
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3 C pm fourth Tucson Grand Opening
A new Rock and Roll store. Amazing merchandise, many many rock and roll t-shirts and many local handmade in Tucson Items.
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coursera week 5 assignment video
Coursera Berklee Music Production MOOC course This on is the week 5 delay effects assignment It is on chorus and flanger plugins in cubase. I use cubase 7 artist and a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Featuring 2 of my guitar builds.
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june trip running wate2r
waterfalls in oregon and running brook in great basin national park.
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