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Angry Birds Evolution 5 Star Black Birds Team
I built up my black team to all 5-star birds.
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The Walking Dead Our World Safehouses
Have you ever asked yourself "Why can't I build a safehouse?" I wanted to build another safehouse on my home turf. I can't because there are already 3 safehouses in my area. I have two choices now, I can pick another area, or I can wait until one of the safehouse "times out". Meaning it has to be leveled up within a certain time period, otherwise all survivors will leave the safehouse. You can check this time period by tapping on the safehouse and checking the "Defenses will hold for" timer.
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Code isn't valid
Xbox says code isn't valid
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Orange Lights in the Sky - Northwest Indiana - Possible UFOs?
This video was taken approximately 9:48PM 7/1/12 with my iPhone. The video quality sucks, I know. It's short, dark and shaky. I'm not saying these were actually UFOs. I don't know what they were. There were 8 to 10 of these "lights" and they hovered in a "V" pattern for a minute before each one seemed to fly away in a different direction. They seemed to be about 10-15 miles away from me. I have no idea what altitude they were hovering at. This was in Northwest Indiana, I suspect they were possibly above Gary or Michigan City. I don't know how long they were in the sky but the time span of when I first saw them to when the last one flew out of sight was about 3 minutes. This video is only about 6 seconds long. I was having a lot of difficulty getting my phone to record video.
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TWD Our World - just showing off my collection.
Heroes, weapons and perks.
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TWD Our World - Taking out some walkers in Walmart
This one didn't turn out so good and I had the audio muted.
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