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Girls' Generation cute maknae Seohyun
Cuteness overload xDDDD
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Taeyeon-And one(That winter,the wind blows OST)
This song is totally perfect and awesome,I can't sleep without listen this song everynight, I'm not kidding:-D In this song Taeyeon show her singing skill and her voice is soft and amazing.
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Girls' Generation funny moment - Taeyeon Sunny pilow fight
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Gary dance with Apink HD
So cute^_^ Rate and comment
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Girls' Generation Kim Taeyeon crying (HD)
Stop crying Taeyeon noona :'(
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Girls' Generation Yoona funny moment
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Girls' Generation Kim Taeyeon cute moment
How many like for the best leader Kim Taeyeon? :D
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(FANCAM)Girls' Generation Kim Taeyeon -Genie (HD)
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YONGSEO sweet moment
YongSeo daebak, YongSeo is real
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Girls' Generation - Gee (Uncle ver.)
I'm a sone,tis video is just for fun:-)why so serious?xD RATE OR COMMENT,ITS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME,thanks~Hope u enjoy the video
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Girls' Generation Seohyun - Speak Now
How many LIKE for our sweet maknae Seohyun? :D
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Kwangsoo dance with MBLAQ
I download this from instagram so the sound quality is not that good,but the video.is so funny~Dancing machine Girin,lol~~
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