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Unboxing Sapphire Toxic Radeon 5850 1GB and Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
Not my usual kind of video, but as it's a very needed upgrade I thought I'd make an unboxing video of it :) Now I'm running a Radeon HD 3870 X2 that I'm borrowing from a friend (http://www.youtube.com/user/primaax), and it's getting old and having a hard time keeping up with the new games. I'm borrowing this as my newest card before this one I'm unboxing here is the GeForce 7950 GT, an even slower one. I'm still running my old Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz) and some slow RAM, so it will be interesting to see what extra performance the new card will give. Also, the new HDD is much faster than the ones I already have, but I suspect that I'm not running a dedicated controller for it will hold it back from performing at its best, but new CPU, RAM and RAID controller (for 2 or 4 1TB drives) will come at a later time. And then maybe a second card like this one for a CrossFireX setup.
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Unboxing: OBH Nordica 8864 Hercules Chilli Kitchen Machine
An unboxing and assembly of the OBH Nordica 8864 Hercules Chilli Kitchen Machine. Fig Leaf Times Two by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200096 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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View from Skottinden over Ballstad
I'm almost at the top of Skottinden here (671 m / 2201 ft) look down at Ballstad below me. As you can see, it's a thing mountain top, only a few meters wide, and I'm sitting here dangling my feet over the edge, and I'm quite afraid of heights :P But it was the only way to get the camera there, I couldn't control it from there otherwise.
Pulling a Nissan Laurel 2.0 LX (1987, Facelift) up after being forced off the road
I was on my way home on a 2085 km (almost 1300 miles) trip home after picking up my new car, a Nissan Laurel 2.0 LX (C32, 1987, Facelift) which was pretty close to mint condition. The perfect car for me. On a long stretch of road in Sweden a big rig was coming in the opposite direction making a snowstorm behind it when a car behind the rig decided to try and pass it without having any idea if someone was coming in the opposite direction, which I was. I had to try and avoid the car and got caught in the snow and pulled out towards the trees, luckily, as you can see in the video, I went straight between a bunch of them not hitting any. The only thing that brushed up against one tree was the left front indicator and bumper, so the plastic over the bumper cracked and the indicator broke. On the other side below the doors the channel (if that's the correct word to use) got pushed up, so those two doors are acting a bit weird. I hope I get to fix it up so it's back to near mint condition again :'(
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Finally We Got Snow!
After a November filled with rain, we're finally getting snow! This is just me driving around a bit in a part of Alta, Norway. Recorded with the ASUS Zenfone 3 in 4K (UHD).
Protoype 1 - A F.E.A.R. Fan Movie
Note: This is a re-upload of a movie from 2006. This is to get it at better quality than the 240p YouTube reduced it to a few years ago. Below is the original description :) This is a F.E.A.R. fan movie. This is a fan movie I made for The FilePlanet F.E.A.R. Map, Movie, and Mod Contest -- Sponsored by Alienware®, NVIDIA, and Creative The movie part of the contest is over, and the three first price winners and the three second price winners have been announced over at FEARFans.com. With this movie I won one of the first place prizes, an nVidia GeForce 7 Series graphics card. To be more spesific, the card EVGA e-GeForce 7800 GS 256MB. It is a movie with both singleplayer and multiplayer content. Most of it is singleplayer as I get very bad FPS while capturing with Fraps during online play. A rule in the contest was to use only music from the Contest Music Selection put online for the competition or from the game it self (or the SDK), which is why you'll only find music from the game in this movie. Nothing more to say than Enjoy!
Combine Ball vs. Gravity Gun
This is a very short movie showing the first time I noticed that the gravity gun could not only grab the combine balls, but also stop them in the air and make them float until they hit something, are grabbed or blow up.
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Nissan Laurel C32 (1985) - Free Exhaust: Udyret (The Beast)
I like the sound, but it's way to noisy for 90 HK :P The end of the exhaust fell off, so it's even more noisy than when I bought it. I will fix it up though, little by little, it will be fantastic! The video is recorded with a Nokia N8
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Alta 2015.12.26
It's snowing today, a lot, and quite a bit of wind as well. I just wanted to document it so I could show someone the beautiful winter we are having here in Alta :D
Hoverboarding by ComradeBadger
A short movement movie showing a very little used technique for movement dubbed hoverboarding by one of the very first to do so, ComradeBadger, my old teammate from S.A.F.T.. It also shows some manual gravity gun jumps performed by me. NOTE: The hoverboarding done here by CB is also done manually!
That Feeling
when you take of these plastic covers :D I got my N9 back from repairs. I dropped it and the cover cracked, and the headphone input got unstable. All fixed on warranty.
Has Science Gone too far? Un-poppable Bubble Wrap :(
I guess the creators of this enjoy kicking puppies as well.
Rainy Summer in Kjøllefjord, Norway
It's been a rainy summer all over in Norway this year. Ah well, last summer was awesome here in northern Norway, so maybe next year :D
Heavy Rain (Nokia 808 PureView Sample)
After a few weeks of high temperatures for this area (18-25+ Celcius) and the last few days of very high humidity, the rain started. I've never experienced heavier rain than this, quite something to behold. I add this as a sample for the Nokia 808 PureView. The first cuts are from the Camera Pro software, the last two cuts are from the phones default camera software (which is very good IMO). As this happened very suddenly, it's hand held, so it's a bit wobbly, and it also made the sound weird in parts due to me holding it and moving it around.
Minesweeper on Intermediate
This is Minesweeper in Windows 7 (I believe it looks the same as in Windows Vista). I didn't manage to beat my record, maybe later. Also, it's a bit laggy when playing while using Fraps. I kinda had a brain fart on the second attempt there :P The music is from the album "Houseparty 8 - The Hardcore Ravemix", and it's "The Prophet" with "The Fat Beat" and "Bad Behavior", it's what I listened to while playing. Not my usual kind of game to upload, but Minesweeper rules.