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The Sims 3 Tutorial: The Seasonal lot marker
This is a tutorial on how too use the Seasonal lot marker for the Sims 3. I'm really bad at recording my voice, so sorry if some things I say are hard too understand. I'm kinda nervous, but I hope you still find this useful. Too simply explain with text how too do it: 1. Type in the cheat "TestingCheatsEnabled true" 2. Type in the cheat "BuyDebug" 3. Go to buymode in your lot 4. Find the seasonal lot marker in your Debug category in buymode 5. Place it anywhere on your lot 6. Press CTRL+Shift+Left mousebutton on the marker 7. Set to whatever season you like too adjust your lot after I'm Swedish so English is not my native language.
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Sims 3 Speed build: Castle Simsalot
A castle speed build. Just because I can. Hope you'll enjoy it :) Download link: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=7294218
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Sims 3 - Let's build pt.2 (Victorian Mansion)
Let's build part 2. I put wallpapers and windows in. Sorry for being very quiet. I think I'm a bit sick, and just awaken as well. Hope you'll enjoy it
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The Sims 3 Review: Storybrook County
Storybrook County download page: http://www.mysimrealty.com/WORLDS_StorybrookCounty.html It require following expansions: World adventure, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets (Generations optional). I have never done a review. But I felt these towns/cities/worlds, not made by EA deserves more attention. My mic sucks and yes I sound exhasted. I'm sorry about that! Okey!? Please comment on how I can impove on my review skills which are 0 right now.
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Sims 3 Speed build: Modern eco
Today I'm building an eco-friendly house. Once again, sorry for poor sound quality.
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Gta | Customizing | Enus Stafford
Another video were we take a look at the Enus Stafford that released earlier today!
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Sims 3 - Let's build Pt.1 (Victorian mansion)
My new Let's build series. A Victorian mansion. You will follow me, building a large victorian house. I will tell you my thoughts and tell you how I think. I do hope you'll enjoy it!
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GTA | Customizing | Mammoth Patriot Stretch
Another video, showing of the customizations available for the Mammoth Patriot Stretch that released in the After Hours DLC to GTA.
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GTA | After Hours | The Kifflom Shirt
What's really useless and takes years to get? The Kifflom Shirt!
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GTA | Customizing | B-11 Strikeforce
Taking a look and giving a first impression of the new B-11 Strikeforce in GTA
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GTA | Exploring | Stone hatchet and the 250000 GTA$ challenge
Just me checking out the new thing were you unlock the Stone Hatchet in GTA as well as the melee challeneg to get 250000 GTA$.
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Sims 3 Speed build: Victoria Hill
This is the Victoria Hill. A victorian styled house. I was really nervous and it feels really weird talking into a mic, especially when you're not sure what to say. I'm not 100% happy with it, especially the garden, but overall, I don't think it turned out to bad. Not my best Victorian house though Hope you'll enjoy the video!
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Sims 3 house build and introduction
Hi everyone. I'm Andiders, and I thought I was gonna start doing Sims 3 videos. Because I like Sims 3 and I got plenty of free time. Hope you'll like it. Sorry for bad sound quality.
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GTA | Customizing | Declasse Scramjet
Sorry for the heavy breathing, will have to do adjustments to my microphone...
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Sims 3 - Let's build pt.3 (Victorian Mansion
Next part, the garden. I've tried to improve my "performance" when doing these. Hopefully you like it.
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Sims 3 Speed build: The Woodland cabin "Svenholm"
A new Sims 3 house, cabin style. My female friend decided it was going to be called "Svenholm". Fresh Prince car mods: http://www.freshprincecreations.com/ts3vehiclespg.htm That's where I got my cars from. Really great mods!
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Sims 3 Speed build: Cajun's retreat
Wanted to do something different. Hope you'll enjoy. Sound might be out of sync.
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Humble Play | Company of Heroes 2 | How does this game work!?
Another episode, filled with confusion and semi-offensive stereotype russian accents!
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GTA | Customizing | Dinka Jester Classic
A video of me showing of the customizations on the new Dinka Jester Classic in GTA.
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Humble Play | The Flame in the Flood | Broken raft means the end 2# Finale
I did not expect this series to end so soon. But what can you do when you're so new to rafting?
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Sniper Elite 4 | Authentic Plus 2# | Totally did this on the first try, what you on about?
Me and Christopher travels to Bitanti Village in Italy. We kill a bunch of nazis and totally do not die four times!
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GTA | Customizing | Ocelot Swinger
Just me taking a look at the Ocelot Swinger that was released in the new DLC After Hours!
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GTA | After Hours | Exploring the DLC
Me exploring the new GTA DLC, also later joined by my good friend.
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Sniper Elite 4 | Authentic Plus 3# |
the Swedish Snipers continues their journey, now into the forests surrounding the Regilino Viaduct!
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Sniper elite 4 | Authentic Plus 1# | How not to Snipe
Me and my friend Christopher plays Sniper Elite 4. On Authentic Plus! We perfected the game in Marksman difficulty, but are we as good in Authentic? *SPOILER* No... No, we're not!
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Humble Play | Company of heroes 2 | Soviet panzers! 3#
I continue my quest to defeat the nazis! And now, with tanks!
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GTA | Tutorial | After hours
A video of me briefly explaining how the After Hours DLC works in GTA. It explains how everything you need to know to get started with your nightclub
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Humble Play | Company of Heroes 2 | Kill 'em nazis#1
I decided to play one of the games Humble Bundle has been gifting for free!
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GTA | Customizing | Canis Freecrawler
Taking a look at the Canis Freecrawler, recently released into GTA Online
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey | Start of a new adventure 1#
I decided to give Assassin's Creed Odyssey a chance! Follow me on my journey! Excuse me for my sound quality. Later realized I had the wrong settings on my mic...
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GTA | Customizing | Terrorbyte & Oppressor MKII
Taking a look and customizing the new Terrorbyte and Oppressor MKII and giving my first thoughts on them
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GTA | Customizing | HVY Menacer
Just another video taking a look at the recently released HVY Menacer in GTA Online
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey | Lumber thieves and the unbeatable Talos
Just an episode of getting my behind kicked and taking down some lumber thieves...
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Humble Play | The Flame in the Flood | Rafts and survival 1#
Once upon a time, Humble Bundle gifted this game for free. Now I play it to see what it is.
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey | The blood fever and the Obsidian eye
We continue to run errands for Markos. I don't like him.
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey | Godmode wolves kills me!
I continue on, as Kassandra. I meet a godmode wolf and overpowered guards! Malaka!
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GTA | Customizing | Speedo, Mule & Pounder Custom
Just me seeing what customization options the new After Hours DLC delivery vehicles have. Enjoy!
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Sims 3 - Let's build pt.4 (Victorian Mansion)
Repainting the house, because I didn't like it the color. Hope you'll enjoy!
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