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Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Expert Drums) 1080p  (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Okay first drumming video on RB4 and first proper video with better angle and full song. :) Really fun song to play
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Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed (Expert Guitar) 1080p60fps (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Great song. paul mccartney is an amazing artist. HAPPY HOLIDAYS :)!
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311 - Beautiful Disaster (Expert Guitar) 1080p60fps (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Really like alternative music and ska. This song was in Guitar Hero World tour, old good memories.
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Adidas NMD R1 PK TriColor Unboxing (grey/white)
Got these new sneakers. They are dope.
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My Coca Cola glass ''Collection''
A little coke glass collection of mine. Should have used flash, a bit too dark.
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GeForce Experience Tutorial (FINNISH)
Tutoriaali geforce experiencen asennukseen ja käyttöön! Ajurit ajantasalla. Music from http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
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Rascat Flatts - Summer Nights (Expert Drums) 1080p (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Fun song to play. I will upload now some country songs on RB4 drums. After this batch of videos, my future videos will probably be all 1080p60fps. 60fps video. My OP3 just got the 3.2.8 OxygenOS update which enables 60fps recording on 1080p, thats awesome!!! 60fps is cool and looks so smooth.
Views: 23 Lycosa
Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell (Expert Drums) 4K (PS4 Rock Band 4)
All right here is a new drumming Rock Band 4 video, I love drumming lately and I got the calibration just right for drumming after this video. I got a couple of videos recorded, that I can upload. From now on, 1080p videos are good. Expect more drumming. This is on rock band 4 standard drumkit as always. Mad catz.
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Tutorial: How to fix Phantom Breaker BattleGrounds (controller/settings fix)
This tutorial shows how to fix phantom breaker battleground game's annoying bugs and problems, if you have them. Should work for most. http://www.mediafire.com/download/vvpmyr4u1r0t04f/config20150314000.dat DOWNLOAD the Configuration file from this link.
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Tähtipommi -11 1080p pt.3
Tähtipommi, toiselta nimeltä Kaskad Bomb. LIDL:istä saa, 8e paketti jossa 3 ja jokaisessa eri efekti. Ehkä Hopea (Brocade?).
Views: 1281 Lycosa
My Gaming Setup 2015 (Full HD) and some INFORMATION
Yo yo yo guys! It's matuka/lycosa here with a new gaming setup video finally. I have a new build and new pheripherals. Also some information about the future of this channel. SPECS OF PC BELOW! Specifications of the PC ___________________________________________________________ Motherboard:Asus Maximus VII Ranger Z97 Processor:Intel Core i7 4790k (4.0ghz) CPU Cooler:Corsair Hydro H100i 240mm DVD Drive:Asus basic Storage: Samsung 1TB 7200RPM HDD, Samsung 850 PRO 128GB SSD. PSU:SeaSonic X-750 (750w) 80+ GOLD, Fully Modular GPU:Gigabyte G1 GAMING GTX 970 4GB (Medium-High OC) RAM:Kingston HyperX FURY 1600mhz 16GB (black) OS:Windows 7 ULTIMATE 64-bit Case:BitFenix Colossus (Very old case)
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Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Expert Drums) 1080p (PS4 Rock Band 4)
This is the last video of THIS batch! :) Next videos in 1080p but 60FPS!! This is a good Soul/Funk/R&B song, like these. got a couple other aweeesome soul funk r&b songs.
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Tähtipommi -11 1080p pt.2
Tähtipommi toiselta nimeltä Kaskada Bomb. 3kpl paketissa jokasessa eri efektit, 8e. Joku kulta valuva tämä.
Views: 691 Lycosa
Aerosmith - Crazy (Expert Guitar) 1080p60fps (PS4 Rock Band 4)
AeroSmith (y). Tier 3 song.
Views: 99 Lycosa
The Warning - Free Falling (Expert Drums) 1080p (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Fun song to play. Moar drumming.
Views: 88 Lycosa
The Who - Amazing Journey (Expert Guitar) 1080p60fps (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Last video of this jamming session with English friend :) THE WHO! I want to play some more difficult songs next recording time and some drums too. I like to play bass too.
Views: 150 Lycosa
Max Payne 3 [FINNISH]  Let's Play  [HD] pt.8
Kaikki episootit ovat jo kuvattu 2012, ei vaan oo jaksanu renderöidä ja uploadata. Mutta nyt kun on nämä asetukset niin ei kestä niin kauan tehdä näitä, ja muutenkin inspistä on. SONY VEGAS PRO 12 Fraps 3.5.4 (15034)
Views: 102 Lycosa
Ilotulitteet 2011-2012
Tässä tulite video =)) vielä tulee koska haluan hiukan ilmapommeja lisää ja pari pataa. Sitten on AVOT! Teen videon kaskadoista.
Views: 1377 Lycosa
My fireworks 2016-2017! 1080p 60FPS  Cost 96€
Made a video of my fireworks for the new year's eve celebrations 2016!!!! Will be setting off these nice rockets, fireworks... Dont know what they are all called in english but yeah. Finnish fireworks storechain Rakettitukku. 96€. The cashier didn't checkout that one packet of shells or whatever they are called. So yeah got it for free, saved 6€ of money xD. Nice! Im trying to record my House gaming setup tour SOON! I'll name it 2017 setup because 2017 is starting so soon. Might as well.
Views: 231 Lycosa
Tähtipommi (Kaskada Bomb) -11 1080p pt.1
Toisella nimellä Kaskad Bomb. 3kpl ja eri efektit/8e. Tämä on PunaVihreä (Peony?).
Views: 921 Lycosa
Max Payne 3 [FINNISH] Let's Play [HD] pt.7
FRAPS 3.5.4 Sony Vegas PRO 10
Views: 191 Lycosa
The Outfield - Your Love (Expert Guitar) 4K (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Some camera problems not so good quality, dont know why. But oh well it still looks OK. This is in 4K :) great song also.
Views: 113 Lycosa
Outkast - Hey Ya! (Expert Drums FC) 1080p (PS4 Rock Band 4)
This song is very easy on drums so yeah, I got it FC'd like a boss :-). This is the 2nd last video from this batch, after the next video from this, will start doing 60fps videos.
Views: 59 Lycosa
Ilotulitteet 2011-2012   PÄIVITYS
Lisää tuli Nitro pata, 3kpl Viaporin Pommitusta ja Väripatruuna.
Views: 716 Lycosa
Average white band - Pick up the pieces (Expert Guitar) 1080p60fps (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Another video I did with my English friend. Jamming.
Views: 55 Lycosa
Max Payne 3 [FINNISH] Let's Play [HD] pt.12
Kesäloma alkanut, sain uuden puhelimen joten kesällä tulee videoita kamerallakin kuvattuja :). Mutta MP3 pitää uploadata loppuun. Mahtavaa lomaa kaikille! FRAPS 3.5.4 SONY VEGAS PRO 12
Views: 52 Lycosa
Max Payne 3 [FINNISH] Let's Play HD pt.3
MAXIN Seikkailut jatkuvat... :) FRAPS 3.5.4 Sony Vegas Pro 10
Views: 160 Lycosa
CS:GO Edit (de_dust2) 1080p 60fps
Some ownage in de_dust 2. Not the greatest frags but still had some fun. More to come, possibly. Nvidia ShadowPlay SONY VEGAS PRO 13.0 Song is Miike snow-Heart is full feat Run the jewels
Views: 275 Lycosa
My Gaming Setup 2011 (Full HD)
Recorded with my new SGS 2! I will record alot more because i couldn't get my usb cable working before. SPECS* Intel i5 2500k @4ghz MSI Twin Frozr GTX 560 Ti @1k mhz 1TB 7200rpm HDD 8GB Kingston RAM AsRock MoBo BitFenix Colossus XFX 550w Core Edition PSU
Views: 1951 Lycosa
L4D2 Dark Carnival Walktrough [FINNISH COMMENTARY INCLUDED] pt.1
Funny FINNISH commentary is, INCLUDED. (There will be no pt.1, it failed. Don't ask how)
Views: 673 Lycosa
Caitlyn ownage (League of Legends) 1080p 60fps
Just a random game with Caitlyn owning in bot lane :p. Basic match. There is no audio :D Recorded with GeForce Experience, 1080p 60fps.
Views: 49 Lycosa
Max Payne 3 [FINNISH] Let's Play [HD] pt.4
Bring it on. FRAPS 3.5.4 Sony Vegas Pro 10
Views: 223 Lycosa
Cho Gath 1v2 Solo Top Juke'd!
Battlecast Prime Cho Gath Gone wild...... Juked 2 guys when i was alone against them. Queen - Another One Bites The Dust
Views: 492 Lycosa
War Thunder:Bomber&Assaulter&Tank Tutorials! 1080p 60fps MAX Settings PC
Testing out war thunder and Dxtory Recording. Great stuff :). This F2P game is quite amazing and fun, also runs SMOOTHLY on my PC. Gigabyte GTX 970 4GB G1 GAMING Intel Core i7 4790k 4ghz Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB DDR3 1600mhz Windows 7 64-bit Running from Samsung 850 PRO 128GB SSD.
Views: 136 Lycosa
Major Ziggs gone crazeh     [LoL 2012]
Premium black and gold so cool Ziggs, i liek it better than mad scien. I get some nice fun kills. I will again play ziggs, old school, i used to play him alot. ATM I love AP CARRY MID Role, so yeah i will play that alot. xLycosaX EUNE 2012 LVL 30. LoL Replays + Fraps
Views: 460 Lycosa
Rage Against The Machine - Bulls on Parade (Expert Guitar) 1080p60fps (PS4 Rock Band 4)
First 60fps video!! Pretty smooth, smoother than before! Also in this video good calibration. almost got FC on this song, quite close....
Views: 40 Lycosa
L4D2 Dark Carnival Walktrough Hard [Finnish Commentary Included] pt.4
LAST PART, thx for watching.
Views: 436 Lycosa
Morgana support DuoQueue game (1080p 60fps)
Playing morgana support with premade duoqueue in botlane. Silver EUW.
Views: 79 Lycosa
MAX Payne 3 [FINNISH] Let's Play [HD] pt.6
Views: 251 Lycosa
Testing 1080p video with the 1+3 - Rock Band 4 (PS4)
Hey guys, I got Rock Band 4 and the instruments for PS4 recently. I got a PS4 2-3 months ago. It's the 1TB version with custom Uncharted 4 ltd edt paintjob on the console and gamepad. This is just a test with my new awesome phone, that has a better camea than my SGS5 Mini had. 1080p 30fps. I hope 60fps will come to 1+3 soon, perhaps. but yeah. The phone can also take 4K video, I'll test that later, might record in 4K. But I will do at least 1080p. I might do more RB4 videos, I love rock band 4. Guitar+Drums mostly. Im somewhat good at RB4 but nothing amazing. PSN is matuka125, you can add me. Dont worry, I will angle the phone camera better next time, try to. Red hot chili peppers - Otherside (Expert on Guitar)
Views: 54 Lycosa
Max Payne 3 [FINNISH] Let's Play HD pt.2
Dodiih jatketaas Maxin seikkailuja. Suhtkoht alussa leikkasin kohan jossa näkyi steamista tuo keygen/keycode niinjuu se oli se. Sitten kun taas recordaan lisää, laitan peliääniä hiukan pienemmälle. FRAPS 3.5.4 Sony Vegas PRO 10
Views: 193 Lycosa
Chicago - If you leave me now (Expert Guitar) 1080p60fps (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Awesome song. Tier 3, not that easy, just to show I can play some harder songs too. I have FCd this song before but wanted to record this song.
Views: 46 Lycosa
Max Payne 3 [FINNISH] Let's Play [HD] pt.14
Lisää Max Paynea pois kiintolevyltä tilaa viemästä ja katsottavaksi. FRAPS 3.5.4 SONY VEGAS PRO 12
Views: 132 Lycosa
Weezer-King of the world (Expert Drums) 1080p (PS4 Rock Band 4)
Hey guys this is the last video from this batch :) like this song a lot... Feel good rock from Weezer's new white album. Enjoy. Will record more soon, and the house gaming setup vid.... need to record that.
Views: 49 Lycosa
Virtual FireworkShow          -LYCOSA-
Created with FWSim. www.fwsim.com A fun show that i made. I made this with the free trial in about 2-3 hours. Songs; Don't you Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
Views: 111 Lycosa
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot (Expert Guitar) 1080p60fps (PS4 Rock Band 4)
This one didnt go so perfectly, a couple of mistakes. But the song is AWESOME!! :D. Sorry for the bad singing, I can't help but sing along. These videos are kind of let's play vids, these are not meant to be my high score FC performances ;)! I'm nearing 200 subscribers btw... Would be cool to get 200 subs :). Then House gaming setup video 2017!!!
Views: 26 Lycosa

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