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Stop telling Sailors that their families don’t come in their Seabags!
Want to address an old saying/habit that still plagues my Navy and to challenge those in leadership positions to assist in the matter. Stop telling Sailors that their families didn’t come in their seabag!
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PS4 and Asus MX279H (KZ Gameplay)
Uploaded some Kill Zon game play on the MX279H. I'm not a pro at all when it comes to posting reviews; I'm just letting you see the monitor in action. I had my camera angled as to no show glare.
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My 2006 NBP TL after some detailing.
I washed and detailed my TL. A Porter high speed buffer is a must for the perfect shine. Black is back, baby! This a 2006 TL which I had since Dec 2005. I keep the shine to a floss. Next time I will run thru my steps to get that shine.
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PS4 and Asus MX279H
PS4 running in Asus MX279H with no problem. I hooked it up directly to the monitor and the PS4 auto detected the setup. Played a few rounds of COD on multiplayer. Colors are more vibrant.
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Snake in my drink!
Some Japanese liquor with a snake in the bottle!
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HM-15 Blackhawks Dunk Tank AWARDEES
A little command fun and break from everyday military mission.
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A Spooky Chief Within Senior Russell
G-14 Classified Information...this story had been concealed for 20 yrs by the HM-15 Helicopter Squadron community until now. While on a C5 Load-Out to the Middle East...unnatural events started to take place. I was able to film and edit all footage on my iPhone 4S.
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