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Finals Muskateers vs Ginebra Oman
PhilcoSoc Basketball tournament May 5 2017 Asia Express Muskateers vs Ginebra Oman
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Mga Bahagi ng Libro (2017)
Mga bahagi ng libro
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Pay parking in Muscat, Oman
Pay Parking in Muscat
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SBL Game 2 Tigers vs Lens 11Nov2016
SBL Game 2 Tigers is twice to beat to advance to the finals. They lose game 1 defeated by Lens Buddies on a physical game last November 4 2016. Coming on 2nd do or die game. Tigers showed that they cannot over again just be shoved and brawled upon. The game however lasted to 3rd quarter with 1 minute and 18 secs left. Leading by 16 points on 60-44 final score Tigers are considered the winning team by the SBL Committee. Game 1 Semi Finals Tigers vs Lens (Nov 4 2016) https://youtu.be/1VII-ntXMxY?list=PL81Vt_5UiNCbcy16adLhOutCh7EQnvBzT.
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Wow Kids Muscat Grand Mall
Kuya Miguel and Ganda having a time out from school in Wow Kids Muscat Grand Mall Recorded Oct 29 2016 Visit Wow Kids at: http://www.muscatgrandmall.com/store-directory/wow-kids/
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Grade 3 Patience doing the mannequin challenge
Grade 3 students of Philippine school Oman participated on the mannequin challenge during their recess last Nov 18 2016
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The Men of Muscat Tigers ~ Muscat, Oman
Taken at Seeb Covered court Muscat, Oman Filipino Men just love basketball. Diversion for Filipino OFWs in Oman.
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Little talker
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An Audience sent out of a game
Mar 31 2017 Badar AlSama versus Ginebra SemiFinals Friendly basketball match. However, other than the player, the audience also got heated from the game and was couteously asked to leave by the game facilitators.
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Family Boodle Fight
Thanksgiving celebration
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Game 4 Muscat Tigers vs. Lenz Buddies Sept 9 2016
Game 4 Muscat Tigers vs. Lenz Buddies Sept 9 2016 Final Score 89 Muscat Tigers - 74 Lenz Buddies
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SBL D1 Tigers vs New Rest
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Inter  Church Basketball League
April 7 2017 In Muscat Club in Wadi Kabir Oman
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Pinoy Chix vs Mortada april 28 2017
Last 3 minutes
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Mubarak Tigers vs Ilonggos May 21 2016 2nd Qtr
@Seeb Court Mubarak Tigers 1W 3L
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Tigers vs Lens Buddies 5.6.16 Part 1
Part 1 Game 1 of Tigers Basketball game. From Seeb Basketball league of OFWs Muscat, Oman Day 1 May 6 2016 @ Seeb Covered Court.
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Loving Ice Cream
Just want to cool off from Muscat's super hot day
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Game 8: Tigers vs MCT Oct. 07 2016
Seeb Basketball League Game 8: Tigers vs MCT 100716 Final Score 78 - 65 Recorded using Samsung Note5 at Mawaleh Seeb Covered Court Game 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX4QVorxVzc&feature=youtu.be Please Like and subscribe
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Game 9: Tigers vs NUP Oct  14 2016
Game 9: Tigers vs NUP Oct 14 2016 Seeb Basketball League Final Score 77- 61 Replay of Game 8: https://youtu.be/2n0Q3mVPxhk Game 10 of Tigers vs Lens Budddies will on on October 21 2016 5PM @ Seeb Covered Court
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Tigers vs Lens Buddies May 6'16 Part 3
At Seeb Court Muscat, Oman.
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Tigers vs Spartans Part 1 5.11.16
3 Parts Video
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Game 6 Muscat Tigers Vs Target September 30 2016 (2nd half)
Game 6 Final Score 75 - 61 Seeb Basketball League (Mawaleh) Please LIKE and SHARE
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Mubarak Tigers vs Ilonggos 3rd and 4th Qtr May 21 2016
@SeebCourt Muscat Oman OFW Basketball League
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Game 5 Muscat Tigers vs. MCT  Sept 16 2016
Game 5 Muscat Tigers Sept 16 2016 Final Score 84 -63 Non-Pro Video taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 5
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Boodle Fight
Family Get together
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Semi Finals Muscat Tigers vs Lens Buddies Nov 4 2016
Muscat Tigers are twice to beat to enter the finals. SBL 2016
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Mubarak Tigers vs Lens Buddies
Sorry for the Video Title. This is Tigers vs Buddies Basketball at Muscat Seeb covered court.
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