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How to solve The Puzzle in Chapter 6 Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Remastered
Sry for the camera being a little wobbly!
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Killer Near the Beach GTA 5
Thanks for watching! :)
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Franklin and Chops Fight with the LSPD GTA 5
Sry for the very loud clicking but all I have to record with is my phone and I have to hold it at the same time I'm holding the video so sorry for the very poor quality and loud clicking
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The Hillbilly and The Skaters GTA 5
Sorry for the poor quality
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The Weird Glitch Uncharted 3 Remaster
A weird glitch happened...
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Big Long Dive GTA 5
Thanks for watching
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Franklin Truly Michael GTA 5
Yes I'm sry for the poor quality but I really have no money and I have to hold it the same time as the controller
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I Can't Kill Him The Divison
I couldn't kill him since he was glitched
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The Alien!!! Fallout 4
The Alien...
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Hulks Great Selfie
Just another random video but when I get better equipment I will make better videos so please bare with me
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The Institute is Dead
The Institutes Small Defeat Fallout 4
Views: 14 First Middle Last
The Firefighter GTA 5
He thought he could kill me using a fire extinguisher lol
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Huge Explosion! GTA 5
Huge Explosion!
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The Harpoon Gun Fallout 4
Killin Douglas
Views: 18 First Middle Last
Do you have a Geiger Counter? Fallout 4
Sry for the terrible videos still!
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