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A shiny ten subscriberz special
I dunno...I just wanted to mess about with this and see what uploading is like, sorry for the general awfulness of this, I just wanted ten people to notice my existence...This was unscripted btw, I just wanted to play something under other's eyes for once and this happened.
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A Hoovy tries to save some Shpees
The video is quite choppy near the start and the point where I exit the spawn doors, I apologize for this but through some divine intervention the rest of the video is mostly spared of this.
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"Like my outfit?"
Like the producer of top notch quality I am I left my mic on, enjoy the controller noises and occasional sniffle from me...I guess using a keyboard and mouse would be more pleasing to the eye but...I like using controller better for BGS games.
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Dungeon Crawling
With earlier videos you'd see slow down and me starting the recording, I've fixed that and got down to editing down my longer recordings (over 15 minutes was a no go). I hope you'll also notice that it's HD now, I record in 720p though as my computer is not the best. No one will ever read this that I haven't already told :3.
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Boxtrot spy tries, dies, and lies about it
Ugh, this video...I put the least amount of effort into this one out of all of them, including the twenty I never uploaded...Also "This was his last tf2 video, he's dead."
Views: 17 A Dead Beaver
A Good Death
It's on legendary difficulty okay...;-;...
Views: 17 A Dead Beaver
"Do Drugs Kid, It Makes Me Money."
Selling skooma to little girls is perfectly moral, don't judge me.
Views: 22 A Dead Beaver

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