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Not What You'd Expect
Vlog 033/ Pakistan Day 04 (6.20.17) Yet another day in Pakistan and more adventure! Traveling to another house and meeting new people never gets old here. All the food...well i've had maybe too much of that, but always good none the less. Slepy through most of the day, so not much activity, but that will change soon. So stick around for more vlogs! Thanks for watching. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad, Pakistan Song: Best Time (No Copyright Vlog Music) Artist: DJ Quads
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Visiting the Birthplace of my Father
Vlog 039 (7/1/17-7/2/17 This vlog contains one of the most memorable days from trip to Pakistan. I visited Rawalpindi and saw what was left of my dads home, where he spent the his first 30 years. We saw some of his old friends, I took my first ride in a rickshaw and I also went on top of a car climbing a mountain....Cant get any better than that! Enjoy. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad, Rawalpindi Pakistan Song: Shine (Vlog Music No Copyright) Artist: Joakim Karud Song: X Rated (Vlog Music Copyright Free Background Songs) Artist: Ehrling
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We Made it to Ghana
Vlog 46 1.7.18-1.8.18 | Ghana Vlog 01 Wheaton College in Ghana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiyUH385jQA I am so happy to finally upload my vlogs when I went to Ghana Africa. He re is the video from Boston to Accra, the capital of Ghana. From there we rode in a bus for 4 hours to our place of stay in Sekondi-Takoradi.....right on the coast! Get ready for some awesome videos, becasue two weeks worth of adventure is coming your way! Thanks for watching. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Boston, Amsterdam, Ghana, Africa Song One: Travellin' Artist: Dyalla Song Two: Dream Life Artist: DJ Quads Song Three: Wonderful Artist: Dyalla
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What Have I Created in Copenhagen?
Studying abroad for a semester in Copenhagen, Denmark. Three weeks into the semester, I have decided to document my creations and share my motivations and inspirations...Damn, I love this city! instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Song: Dark Skies by Danny Evo
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First Day at DPL
Vlog 32/ Pakistan Day 03 (6.19.17) Motorcycles, office buildings and the start of my business journey. Today was an introduction into the business reason as to why I am here in Pakistan. Saw some great views and explored the surrounding town. Another day in the books! Thanks for watching and make sure to check out my vlogs that are uploaded everyday! www.dplit.com instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad, Pakistan Song: Breathe (NCS Release) Artist: GLUDE
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RISE Conference 2017 | Vlog One
Vlog 040 (7/11/17) Settled into Hong Kong nicely and started the week off with the first day of the startup conference. It was awesome having media access everywhere, but it is so difficult to film interesting content for all audiences at a place like this. I tried my best, but when I got back to the hotel to edit, the audio was awful. I am going to need an external mic, which my camera does not support...anyone want to get me a new camera and mic? Hope you enjoy what I scraped together. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Hong Kong Song: Griptape (Vlog Music For YouTube) Artist: David Cutter Music & Joakim Karud
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My First Vlog 2017
Vlog 001 Filmed at Wheaton College (Massachusetts) Song: Phife for Life Artist: Otis McDonald
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Road Trip to Murree Pakistan
Vlog 037 (6.25.17) This Vlog depicts my trip to the Murree Hills, in Pakistan. Such an amazing experience, where I was able to take a road trip with family and friends on the last day of Ramadan. This was also the first day I had ever fasted in my life and somehow I survived. Could not have asked for a better day before Eid. Make sure to watch my following vlogs as I have many left from my Pakistan Travels. Thanks for watching instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Murree, Pakistan Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw5d6JTW8Oo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndz6t9U9MIY
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American's First Trip to Pakistan
Vlog 30/ Pakistan Day 01 (6.15.17 - 6.17.17) This is a crash course of the 56 hours I traveled from New Hampshire to Pakistan with my dad. Since I was a little Kid I have wanted to travel to my father's country and how I am. From my home in NH to NYC to Istanbul and finally to Islamabad... here is my journey of how I got there and what I saw! Enjoy and make sure to watch all my other vlogs, uploaded everyday! instagram: @n8thaniel Location: New Hampshire, New York, Turkey, Pakistan Song: Volatile (Bass Rebels Release No Copyright Epic Music) Artist: CelDro
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Praying in Rawalpindi
Vlog 31/ Pakistan Day 02 (6.18.17) Today was my second day in Pakistan and as expected, I slept all day due to the 9 hour time difference from the US. Even though I was only up for 5 or 6 hours, I made the most of my day and saw a lot of the culture and traditions. I am so thankful for the generosity of the people I am staying with and I am looking forward to the days to come! Thanks for watching and stay tune for my future Pakistan Vlogs!!! instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad & Rawalpindi, Pakistan Song: Pryces (Epic Vlog Music No Copyright) Artist: Better Man
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Roadtrip for the Weekend
Vlog 022 Location: Wheaton College, Greenwood Maine Song: April Sky (Cospe Remix) Artist: Sebastian Forslund Music from "The Epidemic Sound Player"
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Fancy Hotel and Shisha
Vlog 034/ Pakistan Day 5 (6.21.17) Today was yet another day full of experiences. Met more family and had great conversations. Finally I was able to do things with people my age and was introduced to some cool guys. From cats to a posh gathering, this was one of my favorite days yet. Make suyre to heck out my future videos as there is more to come! Thanks for watching. Shisha bar: Silk Route in Bahria Town Rawalpindi instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Bahria Town and Rawalpindi, Pakistan Song: Been Missing You Artist: Engelwood
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Exploring Pakistan on a Motorcycle
Vlog 036 / Pakistan day 08 (6.23.17) The anticipation is finally over and I have found the time to upload more of the videos from my trip toPakistan. This was my day trip to Monal during my trip to Pakistan. Riding a motorcycle up the mountain was an amazing experience and I was so glad to break fast with my cousin during Ramadan, even though I don't fast or celebrate Ramadan in my normal life. An amazing day! Look out for more of my Pakistan videos as I will be posting what I have left from my trip. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad Pakistan, Margalla Hills Song One: Collide (Copyright Free Background Music) Artist: TFLM & North 85 Song Two: Blur (No Copyright Background Music For YouTube) Artist: Julian Avila
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My Classroom in Sekondi
Vlog 49 1.10.18 | Ghana Vlog 04 Today we explored more of the surrounding area and took a taxi to some unfamiliar places! Mid day, we started our first day of teaching and had a wonderful day with the students. They were so friendly and enthusiastic about learning. More teaching and videos to come! Thanks for watching. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Artist: DJ Quads
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First Day Teaching
Vlog 050 1.11.18 | Ghana Vlog 05 This was the first days of actually teaching and we did much better than we though. It was tiresome, but well worth the time. We also went to a local bar near the naval base and I was able to give away the shoesmy track team donated for me to bring. Josh's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/smoochyhunk984 Josh's SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/joshleblanc984 instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Artist: Guggenz, PYC
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Competition Day
Vlog 052 1.13.18 | Ghana Vlog 07 Yes I know, "showtime" is one word not two, my mistake. Anyway, today was the day everyone was waiting for and working hard for. All 11 school comes and presented their ideas and only one left victorious...just gotta watch and see who wins. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Music by: PYC
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Viewer Discretion Advised
Vlog 035/ Pakistan Day 07 (6.23.17) Today was a little different. The morning started out normal, but then I was invited to watch a very traditional religious action of a goat sacrafice. It was gross, but the meaning behind it was greater then the action itself. The goat was donated to the poor so they could have food. Pretty cool. Other then that, just more exploring. Check out my up coming vlogs, thanks! instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad, Pakistan Song: Summer (Bass Rebels Release) Artist: Reeka
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Messi of Ghana
Vlog 048 1.9.18 | Ghana Vlog 03 Today was an awesome day! Played soccer on the water, explored the local streets and made many new friends. All because we did not need to teach. Sounds like a great day off to me. More adventures to come. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Music by: DJ Quads
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Vlog 29 Here is a BIG announcement for myself and my channel that I filmed on my 19th birthday. This has been long awaited, and I am happy to share with you all that I booked a trip to Pakistan. Sorry for the length, but you will not be disappointed for what I have to say. Thanks for watching and enjoy! Head of the Peacock Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEt7zR_kY5g DPL Website: http://dplit.com/ instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Wheaton College Song: Favela Artist: JNSN
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I Had to Leave Pakistan
This video depicts my unplanned departure from Pakistan. Traveling alone through two different countries was a new experience and something I will never forget. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad Pakistan, Bangkok Thailand , Hong Hong Song One: Elevate (Chill Music No Copyright Vlog Music) Artist: Lakey Inspired Song Two: Into My Life Artist: DJ Quads (Vlog Music Copyright Free)
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Visiting a Fishing Village
Vlog 047 1.8.18 | Ghana Vlog 02 This was such a great day getting to know the area and seeing how people live in the surrounding areas. The people were so welcoming and it was so enjoyable talking and making new friends. So many more adventures to come, I can't wait to share them all! Instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Song One: New Day Artist: Ikson Song Two: Yesterday Artist: Professor Xv Song Three: Beachfront Artist: Julian Avila
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21 Hours in Turkey
Vlog 044 This is the journey from Islamabad, Pakistan to Istanbul, Turkey for a 21 hour layover. With no sleep and little direction, we find our way to local wonders and become blown away. The tramcar was free and I managed to get my foot stuck in the door of the train. Enjoy the long vlog and look out for my journey back to the US. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad, Pakistan and Istanbul, Turkey Song One: Spark Artist: Dyalla Song Two: Star Wars Remix Artist: Dyalla Song Three: Chill (Free Vlog Music For YouTube) Artist: Joakim Karud Song Four: Jetplane (Quick Mix) Artist: Dyalla Song Five: TBT (Vlog Music No Copyright Background Songs) Artist: DJ Quads
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College Advice - Gary Vaynerchuk | Vlog Two
Vlog 041 (7/12/17) Day two of the RISE Conference of 2017, I started the day off late, but when I got to the event, I was able to ask, famous Gary Vaynerchuk, a pressing question I have had. His answer blunt, as usual, but valuable nonetheless. After the Conference, Syed and myself walked around Hong Kong and had a long day walking around. Stick around for tomorrow when I post the last day of the conference. Thanks for watching instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Hong Kong Song: Thankful (Vlog Background Music Free No Copyright Songs) Artist: Julian Avila
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Street Performers of Ghana
Vlog 051 1.12.18 | Ghana Vlog 06 This is my final day teaching in Ghana, where I was able to get to know my students better and had a great time. Their entrepreneurship skills came together so nicely and everyone was so proud of the work and progress made. By the end of the night, local dancers came to perform and I put my dancing skills to the test too! Thanks for watching. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Artist: David Cutter
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Last Day in Ghana
Vlog 054 1.16.18-1.17.18 | Ghana Vlog 08 Well folks, this is it. The last of my vlogs from Ghana. I had an amazing time getting to know everyone and on the last day, I was able to meet more people, whom are all doing amazing things at Ashesi University. I could not be happier with how the trip turned out and I hope this is not the last I see of Ghana. Cheers. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Accra, Ghana Artists: Joakim Karud and Ikson
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Outdoor College Track Meet
Vlog 026 Location: Wheaton College, Bridgewater State University Song: Head Up High Artist: DJ Quads
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How to Avoid Debt and Live Happier
Giving my two cents on how to live debt free and happy, in a world that needs the change. A Film by Nate Chretien-Mansur 2017 Song: Millionaire Artist: DJ Quads
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Exploring Downtown Burlington
Vlog 004 Location: Burlington, Vermont Music: Sunday Artist: Otis McDonald
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Custom Dorm Room Table
Vlog 012 Location: Wheaton College, Mansfield MA Song: Follow Me Artist: Murtagh & Aiobahn
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Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge
Vlog 018 Location: Wheaton College (Massachusetts) Song: Into the Ether (Future Bass No Copyright Music) Artist:Defqwop
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Head of the Peacock | Wheaton College
Vlog 28 Every year, at Wheaton college (Massachusetts), teams of students make boats and race them on our campuses pond. Many fail and few actually complete the race. Hope you enjoy. Location: Wheaton College Song One: Rollercoaster Artist: Tobu Song Two: Lovelight In Your Eyes Artist: Funky Fella
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Istanbul to New York City
Vlog 45 (7.16.17-7.17.17) This is it. My final stretch back home from my trip to Pakistan. From my 21 hour layover in Turkey, to my flight to NYC, then several modes of transportation to Boston and finally home. It was an amazing trip overall and it is sad to see it come to an end. Good news though. I have more vlogs to upload from a totally different place in the world. Stay tuned instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Istanbul, NYC, Boston, New Hampshire Song One: Say Goodnight Artist One: Joakim Karud Song Two: Smile Artist Two: Dixxy
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Road Trip to Vermont
Vlog 003 Location: MA, NH, VT Music: Words Artist: KcaaZ
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Why I make Youtube Videos
Vlog 016 Location: Wheaton College Song: Something New (Vlog Music No Copyright Background Music) Artist: Joakim Karud
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Visiting the Faisal Mosque on Eid
Vlog 038 (6/26/17) School is finally over for the semester, so I have time again to edit. In this vlog I visit the Faisal Mosque on Eid. This was an awesome experience and I am so happy I was able to share it with my father. Later on in the day I played Snooker and Pool with my cousin Muhammad and he beat me 3 games in a row. Hope you enjoyed and Look out for more vlogs, as I finally have time to edit and upload. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Islamabad Paksitan Song: Oh My Life (Copyright Free Background Music) Artist: Dyalla Song:Celebrate (Vlog Music For YouTube) Artist: Joakim Karud
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Inside Dracula's Castle on Halloween
I spent Halloween at Dracula's Castle, aka Bran Castle in Romania, and was shocked tp what I saw. From corridors to torture rooms, this place is incredible...Long live Spooky season! instagram: @n8thanielcm Location: Bran, Romania
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My track coach tries to pole vault!
Vlog 014 Location: Wheaton College, MA Songs: Joy She Brings (Vlog Music No Copyright) Artist: Brock Berrigan
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This is a Chair and an Explanation
Explaining myself in terms of vlogging and how I am going to structure the uploading of this channel. Location: Wheaton College Song: Fresh Cut (No Copyright Vlog Music) Artist:Dyalla
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Crazy Airport in Thailand
Vlog 043 (7/13/17-7/13/17) This was is a travel vlog of my trip from Hong Kong to Islamabad, with a layover in Bangkok, Thailand. I had a great time traveling alone and it was a great experience figuring out foreign transportation. This vlog was one I forgot to edit after my last Hong Kong video, hope you enjoy. instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Hong Kong, Bangkok, Islamabad Song: Vinyl (Vlog Music Copyright Free) Artist: Julian Avila Song: Lets dance (Vlog Music No Copyright Background Songs) Artist: Pryces
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Playing With a Kendama
Vlog 024 https://www.youtube.com/user/KendamaUSA Location: Wheaton College and Surroundings Song: After School (Vlog Music No Copyright) Artist: Lakey Inspired
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College Track Recruits
Vlog 006 Location: Wheaton College Song: Oceanside Artist: Ark North
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Surprise Party on Valentines Day
Vlog 013 Location: Wheaton College Song: On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) NCS Release Artist: Cartoon
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Crazy College Dorm Room Party
Vlog 025 My apologies. Please excuse the double endings. Location: Wheaton College, Surrounding Areas Song: Spring Colour Artist: Cospe Music from "The Epidemic Sound Player"
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Riding in the Bed of a Pickup
Vlog 002 Filmed at Wheaton College and in neighboring town. Song: Otis McMusic Artist: Otis McDonald
Views: 585 n8thaniel
Italian Dinner Date with College Roommate
Vlog 015 Location: Wheaton College, Rhode Island Song: Echoes NCS Release Artist: LFZ
Views: 174 n8thaniel
Last Day | Vlog Three
Vlog 042 (7.13.17) Last Day at Rise and I left early to go exploring the city with my friend peter. We traveled on foot, which ended up being a mistake, but also super fun. Thanks for watching and thanks for being patient with my uploads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XgLAdQtP5g www.urbal.co instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Hong Kong Song: Jaaz Artist: JNSN Song: TBT Artist: DJ Quads
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Replacing the Bose QC35 Headphones
Vlog 020 Location: Wheaton College, Mansfield Massachusetts Song: Ocean (Drumstep No Copyright) Artist: Zacc Nash
Views: 1094 n8thaniel
Rescued Roommate from Blizzard
Vlog 009 Location: Wheaton College, Mansfield MA Song: Moonlight (Melodic House No Copyright Music) Artist: Seffy
Views: 464 n8thaniel
One Word | RISE Conference 2017
Rise 2017 was a great startup conference held in Hong Kong. There was great diversity and lots of motivated people. With one word, here is what they had to say. Enjoy. https://riseconf.com/ instagram: @n8thaniel Location: Hong Kong Song: Happy Feeling (Chill Vlog Music No Copyright) Artist: DJ Quads
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How to Build a Cheap Overhead Camera Mount
Demonstrating how to make a simple and effective overhead camera rig out of PVC pipes. Location: Wheaton College Song: Lakey Inspired Artist: Monroe
Views: 207 n8thaniel

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