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Daily makeup routine read description
I did a bad job on my eyebrows but be sure to follow us on Tik Toc @elaine_and_natalie
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Room tour~Description~first video
Should I do part 2? Snapchat~elainepop9 Tic Toc~elaine_and_natalie Instagram~ elaine_and_ natalie
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Life Update
Our Tik Toc account : This Tik Tok app is soooooo fun! Follow me @elaine_and_natalie on Tik Tok and check out my videos!http://vm.tiktok.com/n3To2/
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I Tried ASMR
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My Christmas show recital ~Elaine {description}
My first spot is all the way to the left in the back then when I go off to the side I am in the middle

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