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DEEP N BASS Mix Series, Vol 3: EMPATHY - Mixed by Rob Noble
For more music please visit: https://soundcloud.com/deepnbassseattle Tracklist: (intro) Dane Wilson, Gene Lee, and Rob Noble 1. SIXIS - Cyclic Time 2. Sobersoul - Compact Mood 3. Fred V & Grafix - Lush Guitar 4. Silent Witness, Survival - Feel it 5. Karma - Keep Moving 6. Makoto - Woe (featuring Deeizm) 7. Mage - Moving in Transit 8. High Performance - Spirit of the Calm 9. London Elektricity -Snow Angels 10. Amon Tobin - Dropped from the Sky 11. HATHOR - Bewitched 12. Sun in Aquarius - A Song For Those That Miss Someone 13. The Harmonist - The Way 14. Radicall & Katee - Anymore (Logarithmia Remix) 15. FatKids - Whistle 16. Electrosoul System - Passion of Space 17. Alpha Omega - Tomorrow Never Comes (A Cat's Eye EZ Listening Mix) 18. Oak - Escapist 19. Thing - Jungle Style 20. Unquote - Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven 21 Bulb (feat. Tiiu) - Gray Snow 22. Bop - The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel 23. ASC - I Share My Secrets With You Please don't forget to come to our monthly event every First Fridays of the month @ The Monkey Loft (Seattle) ... Here's a link to the next event: www.facebook.com/events/248693241966376/ Please download a free 320 MP3 of this mix.. and PLEASE share if you're feeling it! Thanks we love you!
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Michael Manahan @t Seattle's Hempfest 2009
Michael Manahan performing with the Crane Dj Laptop Stand at the worlds largest Hempfest in Seattle.
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Hanoi, Vietnam - Street food and singer
Hanging out with some new friends eating some type of strange seafood (we think maybe jellyfish) while be serenaded by a street performer..
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A night at DEEP N BASS with Greazus, Sinistarr, and residents
Make sure to follow us: https://soundcloud.com/deepnbassseattle https://www.facebook.com/deepnbass
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North Vietnam and fish gut wine
I meet a motorbike for hire guy in Hanoi and we became good friends. He took me to a small village about an hour outside the city where his family and him originate. He really wanted me to try his brothers rice wine which had fish guts and other random fish parts which has been fomenting for over 6 months.. In the background you can hear a group singing karaoke and I joined them after one too many sips of fish gut wine
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Shen live in Seattle @ The Nectar Lounge
Starborne hosted this event which included Bluetech and Welder. Shen is performing live using the Crane Dj Laptop Stand- for more info please visit www.cranehardware.com
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Just a casual stroll down the crazy streets of Hanoi, Vietnam.
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An exhibit at the Pacific Science Center
I think it's suppose to demonstrate our nervous system.. looks to me like a live Alex Grey painting....
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Flash Mob - Phase 2
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Stopped for tea in a smaller village outside of Hanoi and just observed this group of elder ladies share their stories to each other. The lady in purple ended up taking me on an adventure of her little shop and became she one of the most memorable person I encountered in Vietnam.
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Flash Mob
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