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Human Creativity
Human creativity Name of song - deorro ft dycy five hours don t hold me back
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The First Day of VFX
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upsense .
I'm a VFX artist and i designed a new device which will upgrade human senses to understand everything more clearly. -To upgrade the visual sense 'UPSENSE' will enable us to see the whole electromagnetic spectrum and to see the smallest to the grandest process in the universe. - To upgrade the hearing sense 'UPSENSE' will enable us to hear all the frequencies ; from the processes of the granges things in the universe to the tiniest. - To process all the information 'UPSENSE' has two Quantum computers with the capability to compute 250871.8 TFlop/s. witch will process all the information to make it comprehensible for the brain.
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Love Everybody
Shpongle - Divine Moments Of Truth (Original Russian Bootleg Mix)
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The Epic Voyager Type 3 final video
a space observatory that can simulate earth for the future type 2 civilization .
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Looking up at the Stars
This is for my Fellow Earthlings. One clear night one earthling looks up at the sky and he is astounded by what he saw and imagined fly through space. He imagined looking at the stars up close. He is amazed by the fact that how small he is on this tiny little blue spec and how fragile life is on this planet. He is amazed by the power of the sun. He is amazed by the vastness of space and our place in it.
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