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Rig Wars
World Of Warcraft: "Razorfen Kraul Instance Location"
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Mainchenn the Pacifist doing quest: Gerenzo's Orders
This quest was very difficult; I tried half a dozen times before I succeeded, and another annoying factor is that the adds never respawn, so I can't try again until either a server reset or someone comes along and clears out the adds (there appears to be a Tauren skeleton nearby, indicating some unfortunate player got more than he expected). I could only do this due to the mobs' inability to figure out how to get to me, so I could grab aggro by healing, but they couldn't beat on me. I would periodically lose aggro between waves which gave me a short time to drink, but with so many mobs on Piznik, I had to go back to healing him right away. I used two mana potions, my herbalism heal, my healing belt from the aquatic form quest, and my Veildust Medicine Bag from a druid quest.
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WoW: compendium of the fallen *Quest*
WoW: compendium of the fallen *Quest* How to solve it find it here :) -Donate: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/UC48Y0raHP5ciBYfVu0rNyMw#/ Curse Client server: https://curse.com/servers/Co74Dt You can buy games CHEAP and SAFE here: https://www.g2a.com/r/best-discounts-is-here
Let's do the lost pages quest part 1
Hey sup and I am with my big sis and she is not playing with me but she will soon and we are going to do the lost pages quest enjoy :-)
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[Earthen Arise 20Elite] Solo as Level 21 Hunter
How to do the Group Quest solo on Kronos II
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