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Introduction to GPG Encryption with CryptoPhane
This is an introductory video in the use of GPG encryption with a utility called CryptoPhane. You can use CryptoPhane to secure files transferred between you an another person without sharing a password. 1. Create a secret key 2. Public key management -Export a public key -Import a public key 3. Encrypt a file 4. Decrypt a file CryptoPhane: https://code.google.com/p/cryptophane/
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GnuPG Tutorial Part 2: Generating Keys
How to generate public and private keys
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How to use public keys for encrypted  messages
This is done iwith Cryptophane7.0 Open Source Free Encryption Software Get it Here: http://code.google.com/p/cryptophane/downloads/list
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HOWTO: Import and Export Key Rings using GnuPG Shell
How to import and export key rings in GnuPG Shell. GnuPG Shell is a cross-platform GUI for the GNU Privacy Guard. Go to http://www.tech-faq.com/gnupg-shell.shtml to download GnuPG Shell.
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OpenPGP send encrypted emails
In the last OpenPGP video we looked at how to create a public key and to distributed so that people will be able to send you encrypt it emails. In this video we will look at taking that public key and using it to actually send an encrypted email. it is pretty easy using the services menu to select the block of text that is the public key and to imported to your GPG tools Keychain. It is also extremely easy to take a public key that is in the ASCII file format and to import that into the keychain. In this video I show you how you can use Apple mail to send and receive encrypted emails with the whole of the email being encrypted. It is also possible to encrypt just part of the email and we will be looking at that in the next video. When you're looking actual emails in Apple mail they are automatically decrypted by the plug-in that connects to the keychain. I open up an email that I have sent in Gmail to show that the email that was sent was fully encrypted and that it wasn't possible for anybody to do a man in the middle attack and read whatever was in the email. ## Please subscribe to make sure you hear about all the How To videos. You can subscribe here Wizardgold Channel - http://goo.gl/zE2Uc On the Wizardgold Channel you will also find playlists so that you can see all the videos for specific areas of interest. Here is the Playlist for NoStylus - http://goo.gl/WMf7s ## Let's get Social * Twitter - http://bit.ly/a20qTwitter * FaceBook - http://bit.ly/2QJBAxO * GooglePlus - http://goo.gl/SKDeJ here is the Good and Geeky website - https//goodandgeeky.com ---------- All of the content in the video belongs to me. This is taken from your page of information about making tutorials that can be monetized. http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en-GB&answer=2490020 ... if I am doing a tutorial demonstrating use of software? You can monetise videos showing software user interface only if you have a contract with the publisher or you have paid a licensing fee. Otherwise, showing software user interface on your video has to be minimal UNLESS PROVIDING INSTRUCTIONAL OR EDUCATIONAL VALUE. The relevant section is in All Caps. Sorry for shouting. David Allen ----------------------------------------------- Want to find out when there are new videos on this channel? **Subscribe here:- ** Wizardgold Channel - http://goo.gl/zE2Uc Then have a look at the various playlists to zoom in to the videos you most want to see. I am Good and Geeky and make videos for iOS and Mac users to get the best out of the platform and be completely productive. Part of being a nerd is to drive the future - I have an electric car and I show what it is really like being an owner driver of a Nissan Leaf.
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Here the Public key and Private Key is used to Encrypt and Decrypt, The Public key named WhiteHouse is to be mailed together with key-id so that he/she can do work with it.
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Manage GPG cryptographic keys
Manage GPG keys in GNU/Linux.
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GNUPG- GPA demonstration.mpeg
Demonstration of GUI for Gnupg
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Videotutorial Enigmail
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HOWTO: Encrypt and Decrypt Files Using GnuPG Shell
How to encrypt and decrypt files using GnuPG Shell. GnuPG Shell is a cross-platform GUI for the GNU Privacy Guard. Go to http://www.tech-faq.com/gnupg-shell.shtml to download GnuPG Shell.
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PGP Demo using gpg4win
A small demo implementation of gpg4win, - How to create a certificate - Difference between sending mail using claws email client and how it appears on the normal gmail
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HOWTO: Install GnuPG Shell and Create a Key Ring
How to install GnuPG Shell and create a key ring. GnuPG Shell is a cross-platform GUI for the GNU Privacy Guard. Go to http://www.tech-faq.com/gnupg-shell.shtml to download GnuPG Shell.
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PGP With Google Chrome + Mailvelope
This is how to use RSA 4096 Encryption on all sent and received emails using PGP Keys.
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GnuPG Part One
GnuPG Demonstration
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A guide to GnuPG
The basic fundamentals of the simple network security encruption tool GnuPG, a pgp tool.
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GnuPG Part Two
GnuPG Demonstration
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Open Pgp
Visit our Open PGP products page for file, email, instant message, and command line PGP encryption and digital signature software. See why we use PKI and not passwords to protect information. http://www.articsoft.com/index.htm
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Como crear llaves para Encryptomatic Open PGP
https://www.encryptomatic.com/openpgp/ Un breve tutorial acerca de como crear llaves pare el Add in Encryptomatic Open PGP. Esto permite enviar y recibir correos de manera encryptada.
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encypt with gpg
this will show how to encypt files with gpg using windows and linux pgp for unix/linux: http://www.gnupg.org pgp for windows: http://www.gpg4win.org
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Crear Clave GPG y Exportar Clave Publica y Privada.
https://huezohuezo1990.wordpress.com/gpg_pgp Crear Clave GPG y Exportar Clave Publica y Privada. https://huezohuezo1990.wordpress.com/gpg_pgp/