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DD420 Mining Jumbo
Sandvik DD420 is high performance twin-boom jumbo for up to 60 m² headings. Sandvik DD410 is a single boom version of the same product.
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DD310 Mining Jumbo
Sandvik's DD310 is the full power single-boom jumbo with un-compromised performance. Packs drilling power with compact design for a single-boom environment. Optimal layout of controls and excellent visibility both while drilling and tramming.
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Immersive Technologies' Sandvik DD420 Jumbo Drill Simulator (Review)
Learn more about Immersive Technologies' Sandvik DD420 Jumbo Drill training simulator: https://www.immersivetechnologies.com/products/Training-Simulator-Modules/Sandvik-DD320-DD420-DD421-Jumbo-Drill.htm Chris Morrell, experienced Jumbo operator, reviews Immersive Technologies' Sandvik DD420 Jumbo Drill Simulator.
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DD530 Mining Jumbo
Sandvik DD530 is exceptionally high performance three-boom jumbo for up to 75 m² headings.
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Sandvik DD-421 bolter
Comment faire du support de terrain avec un Jumbo très performant le DD-421... temps de forage 3m/min
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Sandvik DD422i
Sandvik DD422i development jumbo provides a clear direction to the future of mining, incorporating a wide variety of new features for more efficient drilling. Sandvik DD422i features a full-face drilling automation system that will ensure mines will consistently achieve their optimum decline profiles, with minimal over- or under-breaking -- speeding the development process and minimizing waste material or rework.
sandvik DD420
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Буровая установка Sandvik DD420 в работе
Буровая установка Sandvik DD420 в работе
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Продам DD-420
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Underground jumbo drilling (face,floor) time - lapse Sandvik DD422i
Face drilling,tramming, floor drilling
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Atlas Copco Boltec SL LBU
Reduce height roof bolter.
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Strong and Intelligent: Sandvik DT821-SC tunneling jumbo
http://www.construction.sandvik.com The Sandvik DT821-SC tunneling jumbo is designed to be strong, tough and accurate. Together with the iSURE tunneling process management tool, TPC561 control system, high frequency RD525 rock drills and advanced drill string guides, the DT821-SC offers an excavation result of the highest quality. Applications: Face drilling, bolt hole drilling and mechanized long-hole drilling
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Jumbo operator
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Sandvik DD422iE - Boliden Kylylahti mine
The electric driveline technology in our new Sandvik DD422iE development jumbo has delivered significant operating cost savings for the Boliden Kylylahti mine in Finland.
Sandvik DD422iE
Sandvik DD422iE is the mining industry’s first highly-automatic development jumbo with an electric driveline system, engineered to meet your needs for improved safety, increased productivity and reduced emissions. Sandvik DD422iE uses electric battery power instead of a diesel engine to eliminate emissions during tramming. Thanks to its revolutionary electric driveline system, our latest highly-automatic mining jumbo consumes no fuel and generates less heat and noise than conventional drivelines. The result is safer, healthier and more productive development drilling in your mine.
Sandvik DT820 Jumbo drilling
Sandvik DT820 Jumbo-Underground mine drilling
DL-420 Sandvik Op:Richarles
Perfuração de Rocha
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Sandvik DD422i/DD422iE automation upgrade
Elevate your development drilling intelligence with our new automation upgrade packages for Sandvik DD422i and Sandvik DD422iE. Learn how our boom collision avoidance system, semi-automatic drill bit changer and teleremote drill control can improve your safety and productivity.
Sandvik DT922i - the ultimate all-round tunneling jumbo
http://www.construction.sandvik.com Our new fully automated DT922i tunneling jumbo stands for true tunnelling quality, reliability and exceptional versatility. Its new articulated carrier features a next generation cabin with 25 % increased visibility and noise level less than 69 dB. Intelligent, state-of-the-art control system and Sandvik iSURE excavation management tool create a combination which will change the way you view the future of tunneling. 2015, copyright Sandvik.
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drilling jumbo working video
Jiangxi Zhongrun Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., specialized in manufacturing crawler loaders and drilling jumbos.
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Jumbo Drilling at Olovo
New Jumbo Drilling Rig MUKI FF from RESEMIN is being commissioned at the Olovo mine with staff training.
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Sandvik DD2710
Sandvik DD2710 single-boom electro-hydraulic jumbo delivers a high-quality drill to value-conscious mining companies while incorporating the same industry-leading safety and technology as other Sandvik Mining products.
Recuperação do BRAÇO DO JUMBO DD321
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Sandvik DS310 hanging screen underground mining
hanging screen with a Sandvik DS310 with no screen holder
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Jumbo Dd 321
Este video se subi� de un tel�fono Android.
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DL310 Production Drill
DL310 offers excellent productivity measures with proven components for long hole drilling.
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Proyecto Minero chuquicamata subterráneo , perforación de avance Macro Bloques S03-04 , perforación realizada con Jumbo sandvik DD321 40c. 🇨🇱 #sandvik #züblin #codelco #strabag #pmchs
Fully automated drilling following drill pattern sequence with Sandvik DD422i
Following pattern sequence for continuous drilling.
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Sandvik DS411 Rock support drill
Sandvik DS411 is a fully mechanized and consistent rock bolt installation. This video illustrates the mesh handler boom functionality. http://mining.sandvik.com/en/products/equipment/underground-drilling-and-bolting/rock-support-drills/ds411
The difference is electrifying - Sandvik DD422iE
Meet us at MINExpo in September. We’ll be revealing the Sandvik DD422iE mining jumbo and a number of other products designed to increase your profitability and decrease your operational costs.
Dobby drill jumbo
Dobby drill jumbo works in tunnel.
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Sandvik DD422i in action (drilling, tramming)
This is an underground gold mine. It is about 1 km below the surface. You can see the underground roads.
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Bolting and Meshing an underground mine heading.
This is where the jumbo operator has finished scaling the heading to remove most of the loose rocks. He then manipulates sheets of mesh, 2.4m wide and up to 5m long, into position with the jumbo's boom(s). He then drills holes and 'bolts' (pins) the mesh onto the rock surface with a variety of 'rock bolts', measuring from 900mm long, to 3000mm long (generally about 47mm thick). My job is to train him how to do this, especially when using different and new bolts, that he might not be familiar with. This guy is an artist. No names, as we are not discussing which mine it is. I wrote him a nice report for his boss!
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Jumbo bolting
A two-boom jumbo drill bores bolt holes in the wall of a fibrecreted heading
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DS420 Rock Support Drill Rigs
Sandvik DS420 is a one man operated compact mechanized cable bolter that delivers long term rock reinforcement to underground mines, mine development and production and dilution control to mass mining methods.
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Sandvik Production drill automation
Sandvik Production drill rigs offer versatile automation options from one hole data to fan automation and data transfer enabling constant productivity levels with superior drilling accuracy and effective use of non-productive time.
Sandvik DL432i
Sandvik DL432i is a fully-mechanized, highly versatile and compact electro-hydraulic top hammer longhole drill. It is designed for underground mass mining in 3.2 x 3.2 meters or larger production drifts.
Underground Jumbo in Western Australia.
A Jumbo scaling where I use to work in Western Australia.
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RUC Mining & the Sandvik DS421 C Cabolt simulator
RUC is the first Company in the world to take delivery of the Sandvik DS421-C Cabolt simulator, which we now have installed at Freeport mine where we operate 16 cabolt rigs on behalf of PT Freeport Indonesia installing on average 95,000m of cable bolts per month.
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Sandvik DS421 - Pioneer in cable bolting
Sandvik DS421 is a self-contained efficient cable bolting rig for rock re-inforcement in underground mines and tunnels with small and medium cross sections. It is the latest update of cable bolter, formerly known as Cabolt, the first fully mechanized cable bolting rig in the mining market.
Jumbo sandvick 2 brazos, Operation jumbo sandvik DD 321
Barrenado con Jumbo sandvick de dos brazos
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Top hammer triumph
Rapid development drilling is essential at Peñoles’ Sabinas polymetallic mine in Mexico. The silver-lead-zinc-copper operation has reduced tooling costs by as much as 35 percent using the Sandvik Alpha 330 top hammer solution.
Dt1330i jumbo sandvik model 2011 the
The filipino igorot man at hongkong
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