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Earl Scruggs And Lester Flatt - Cripple Creek
Flatt And Scruggs Play Cripple Creek.
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Doc Watson & Earl Scruggs Play Cripple Creek
See my entire film at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002MINVE . Or watch this clip from the same session - https://youtu.be/te_OoPaEFK0 . My classic 90 minute music documentary records Earl Scruggs and Bill Monroe and Earl and his son Randy and Doc Watson and his son Merle, in informal scenes playing & singing together. If you love Doc Watson and Bill Monroe and old time Bluegrass Music, you will love watching and listening to this. In 1972, PBS prime-timed a documentary music special on Earl Scruggs the bluegrass banjo picker. It included Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Bill Monroe, Charlie Daniels, The Morris Brothers, and Doc Watson. The film was not available to the public for over 30 years. Now it is available again. Said Bruce Elder of The All Music Guide: "Earl Scruggs was a few years past his partnership with Lester Flatt when made did 'Earl Scruggs: The Bluegrass Banjo Legend' a filled with stars effort that succeeds. There are great scenes at the Grand Ole Opry with Bill Monroe, at the homes of Doc Watson and members of Earl's North Carolina family, at the The Byrds ranch, at the home of The Morris Brothers (Salty Dog Blues), in Carmel, NY with Bob Dylan, etc. etc. The music here is glorious." Earl Scruggs: The Bluegrass Legend is the only full-length film on Earl's life & times. #docwatson #earlscruggs #cripplecreek #banjo #northcarolina
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"Cripple Creek" on the banjo, by Tracy Newman
In 1965, I did 6 episodes of a public TV series for children called "What's New." I presented folk songs from all over the world, and many instruments, to the best of my ability at the time. We shot these episodes at Brooklyn College and Joan Sheppard was the director.
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Cripple Creek - Bluegrass Banjo and Clawhammer Banjo - Free Tablature
Free tablature for this recording (4 bluegrass arrangements and 3 clawhammer arrangements) can be found on ezFolk on the following page... http://ezfolk.com/cripple-creek-bluegrass-banjo-and-clawhammer-banjo-tablature/
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Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Earl Scruggs
FMB played by Earl Scruggs and the festival banjo players at Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival in 1971.
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Billy Connolly - Cripple Creek (With Vocals)
From his England, Ireland and wales tour 2002
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Steve Martin & Earl Scruggs -  Foggy Mountain Breakdown
the best instrumental bluegrass song ever done!!
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Earl Scruggs And Friends - Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Written by Earl Scruggs Earl Scruggs, banjo - Glen Duncan, fiddle - Randy Scruggs, acoustic guitar - Steve Martin, 2nd banjo solo - Vince Gill, 1st electric guitar solo - Marty Stuart, mandolin - Gary Scruggs, harmonica - Albert Lee, 2nd electric guitar solo - Paul Shaffer, piano - Jerry Douglas, dobro - Leon Russell, organ - Glenn Worf, bass - Harry Stinson, drums
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Billy Connolly ~ Cripple Creek
Just to show it ain't all anal fixation. Billy's a pretty mean banjo player.
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Stringbean   Cripple Creek Opry 1950's
Cousin String Bean My Inspiration!
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Flatt & Scruggs - 25 instrumentals
The use of media materials is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the US Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the re-broadcast of copyright material for the purpose of commentary, criticism, and education. I do not profit from this financially, and don't ever intend to. 00:00 Earl's Breakdown 03:02 Foggy Mountain Breakdown 05:45 Lonesome Road Blues 07:48 Foggy Mountain Chimes 10:05 Foggy Mountain Special 12:10 Cumberland Gap 14:07 John Henry 16:13 Cripple Creek 18:20 Tammy's Song (ft. Doc Watson) 20:18 Jazzing (ft. Doc Watson) 22:23 Nothing To It (ft. Doc Watson) 25:13 Pick Along (ft. Doc Watson) 27:02 John Hardy Was A Desperate Man (ft. Doc Watson) 29:19 Lonesome Reuben (ft. Doc Watson) 31:42 Sally Anne 33:52 Home Sweet Home 36:07 Foggy Mountain Rock 38:30 Fireball Mail 40:22 Shuckin' The Corn 42:32 Sally Goodin 45:12 The Haskel Stomp (ft. Haskel McCormick) 47:42 Feudin' Banjos 49:26 Pick Away 51:34 Black Mountain Rag 55:08 Nashville Skyline Rag
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Banjo for beginners - play Cripple Creek!
Very first steps towards playing Cripple Creek in Scruggs style............. More free videos at http://jofflowson.com Cripple Creek demo starts at 10:00 Cripple Creek Verse - High Part - Low Melody High Part - Low Melody Cripple Creek Chorus - Alternating Thumb Roll - Low Melody Alternating Thumb Roll - Low Melody This video shows how to play the low melody part Thumb plays 3rd string fretted on 2nd fret Index finger plays 2nd string open (unfretted) Thumb plays 5th string open Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 3rd string open Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 4th string fretted on 2nd fret Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 4th string open Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 4th string fretted on 2nd fret Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 3rd string open (rest - no note played) Thumb and middle finger play 'pinch' 1st and 5th strings at the same time, both open. (rest) Click here for part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTz8AtLAEAw
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Flatt & Scruggs go home lyrics
amazing song i love it
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"Cripple Creek" - Butch Robins/ Bill Monroe & The Blue Grass Boys
Recorded @ The Soft Rock Cafe, Vancouver, BC November 3, 1980 Mandolin: Bill Monroe/ Banjo: Butch Robins/ Fiddle: Kenny Baker/ Guitar: Wayne Lewis/ Bass: Mark Hembree
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Heaven-Flatt & Scruggs
This is my first video please comment but please be kind thank you & God bless
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Marteka and William Lake - Cripple Creek
Subscribe to Youtube http://www.youtube.com/lovinbluegrass Find Bluegrass Lyrics http://www.bluegrasslyrics.com/ Video Copyright Lovin' Bluegrass by Carol McDuffie Do NOT duplicate without written permission. 2016 DeweyFest (October 14 & 15, 2016) 2017 DeweyFest will be held October 20 & 21 http://www.deweyfest.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Deweyfest Location Maplewood Hills Farm 6701 NC-49, Burlington, NC 27215 Right outside of Liberty, NC Promters Dewey & Leslie Brown Phone: (336) 622-3844 & (336) 570-2043 E-mail: [email protected]
I'm On My Way to Canaan's Land - Flatt and Scruggs
Flatt and Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys are my favorite Bluegrass group. This is a beautiful Bluegrass gospel song that features Earl Scruggs playing lead guitar instead of his usual 5 string. You can buy DVDs of their old Martha White Grand Ole Opry shows. There are currently 6 of them. Go to http://earlscruggs.com, click on Merchandise, and scroll down the list. I am not associated with the DVDs, Flatt and Scruggs, or that website, just a long-time huge fan.
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Willard Losinger Sings "Cripple Creek" with Banjo Accompaniment--Lyrics are Posted
This is probably the most famous and most widely performed American folk song. Just about any instruction book on how to play either bluegrass or traditional American music on the banjo, violin/fiddle, guitar, or mandolin will have Cripple Creek near the beginning. Richard Matteson provides a long list of recording artists who have recorded Cripple Creek: http://www.mattesonart.com/cripple-creek-song-history.aspx And, David Viney provides a history of the song: http://theband.hiof.no/articles/up_on_cripple_creek_viney.html Given the rather bawdy and salacious character of some of the song lyrics, I tend to regard Cripple Creek, Colorado as the location referenced by the song. As described in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvIieHZhYMs Cripple Creek was a booming mining town from about the 1890s to the 1920s. Just about every imaginable vice was available in the city, including (gasp!) gambling, sex, drugs, theaters, and rock and roll! You may read about Paula de Vere, Cripple Creek's best remembered Madame, here: http://www.mountainjackpot.com/2013/11/24/cripple-creeks-fabulous-pearl-de-vere/ Cripple Creek eventually lost a lot of its population and turned into something of a ghost town, with plenty of abandoned buildings. However, since the 1990s, legalized gambling has caused Cripple Creek, once again, to become a boom town, with (gasp!) gambling, sex, drugs, theaters, and rock and roll! Here is Tracy Newman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew6DS2bXYmk And here is Buffy Sainte-Marie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXkM11kp_tg I obviously wasn't joking about the lewd origins of the song, although these ladies would have interpreted the lyrics innocently enough. For a lot of performers, especially of the Bluegrass genre, the emphasis is on demonstrating technical mastery of one's instrument, and actually singing in a way that the audience can understand the words is deprecated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQpu2Zk1SYQ Anyway, here are my lyrics I got a gal and she loves me, She's as sweet as a bumble bee, She's got eyes of baby blue, Makes my gun shoot straight and true. CHORUS: Goin' up Cripple Creek goin' in a run Goin' up Cripple Creek to have a little fun. Goin’ up Cripple Creek, goin’ in a whirl, Goin’ up Cripple Creek, to find me a girl. I went down To Cripple Creek, To see what them gals were having to drink. Got so drunk, I fell against the wall, The old corn liqueur was the cause of it all. See them women sitting in the shade, Waiting for the money that the miners have made. Pearl de Vere runs the Old Homestead The finest brothel with the comfiest beds When Cripple Creek girls are about half-grown, They jump on a man like a dog on a bone. Drop my pants below my knees, Come on Cripple Creek when I please. My gal works in Cripple Creek, I can’t afford to see her more than once a week Kisses on the mouth, just as sweet as any wine, Wraps herself around me like a sweet potato vine. I married a wife in the month of June, Married her up by the light of the moon. Last night I lost her in a game of cards Finding another one shouldn’t be too hard
Cripple Creek  - Bass Guitar Cover Lesson in G with Chords/Lyrics
Cover Lesson with chords and lyrics ;) ...Please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE if this was a help to you! Woohootiehoo and Best of luck! CHART AT : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/461267186821145206/ ....
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Jim Rast & Knee Deep - Cripple Creek.
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Flatt and Scruggs - Footprints in The Snow
Flatt and Scruggs - Footprints in The Snow
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Betse & Clarke - Cripple Creek
Betse & Clarke perform Cripple Creek (from Ernie Carpenter). Betse Ellis and Clarke Wyatt perform this tune, using fiddlesticks at first, as part an all acoustic concert in the living room of a California farmhouse as part of the Deep End Sessions house concerts. April 21, 2018. Directed by David Bunn; Audio by Stephen Schauer; Cameras by Cody Edison, Alex Blair, Julie Cabral and Stephen Schauer (DP). Edited by Alex Blair & David Bunn. © Deep End Sessions 2018
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This is Doc and Arnold Watson along with me playing Cripple Creek at Doc's house circa 1980. Note Uncle Arnold's distinct two finger banjo style and of course Doc's great picking and singing. I loved them both so very much.
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Wabash Cannonball Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs with Lyrics 360p
Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs
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Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs - Down the road
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs - Down the road
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Flatt & Scruggs - Down the Road (July 30, 1956)
Now down the road just a mile or two, lives a little girl named Pearly Blue. About so high and her hair is brown, the Prettiest thing boys in this town
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Flatt and Scruggs - Wildwood Flower
Flatt and Scruggs Live at Carnegie Hall
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Flatt & Scruggs / Blue Ridge Cabin Home
mid '50s bluegrass
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Loudon Wainwright (Earl Scruggs) - The Swimming Song (Lyrics)
This version of The Swimming Song is from The Earl Scruggs Review album. Loudon sings lead, but the banjo is 3-finger banjo played by Earl. Lyrics This summer I went swimming This summer I might have drowned But I held my breath, I kicked my feet Moved my arms around I moved my arms around This summer I swam in the ocean And I swam in a swimming pool Salt my wounds, chlorined my eyes I'm a self-destructive fool Self-destructive fool This summer I did the back stroke And you know that that's not all I did the breast stroke, the butterfly And the old Australian crawl The old Australian crawl This summer I swam in a public place And a reservoir to boot At the latter I was informal At the former I wore my suit I wore my swimming suit Oh, this summer I did swan dives And jack-knives for you all And once when you weren't looking I did a cannon-ball I did a cannon-ball This summer I went swimming This summer I might have drowned But I held my breath, I kicked my feet And moved my arms around I moved my arms around
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Jimmy Brown the Newsboy - Flatt and Scruggs
Earl Scruggs is the great innovator and master of the 5-string banjo; but many do not know that he was (is) also excellent on the guitar. This song, Jimmy Brown the Newsboy, features Earl on lead guitar. Earl said that he learned a lot about guitar from his friend and neighbor, Mama Maybelle Carter. His style is very similar, except for finger movement. Enjoy! If you are interested, you may purchase DVDs of these old Martha White Grand Ole Opry shows at http://earlscruggs.com, click on Merchandise, and scroll down to find them. I have no association with them or with Flatt and Scruggs, except as a long-time fan.
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Flatt and Scruggs - Mountain Dew
Flatt and Scruggs live at Carnegie Hall
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Your Love Is Like a Flower-Flatt & Scruggs
Your Love Is Like a Flower-Flatt & Scruggs
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Earl Scruggs - Some of Shelley's Blues
Earl Scruggs The Earl Scruggs Revue (1973) Columbia KC-32426 1. If I'd Only Come and Gone 2. Tears 3. Some of Shelly's Blues 4. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry 5. Step it Up And Go 6. Back Slider's Wine 7. Down in The Flood 8. Love in My Town 9. Holiday Hotel 10. Come On Train 11. Salty Dog 12. Station Break
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Flatts and Scruggs - My Cora Is Gone
Only the coolest love songs have banjo haha... This one has one of my favourite banjo solos out of any.
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Flatt and Scruggs - Down The Road
Flatt and Scruggs - Down The Road
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Cripple Creek
Cripple Creek is played here by the Saw Mountain String Band. We are: Marcy -- vocal, fiddle, jaw's harp; Jeff -- 5 string banjo; and Michael -- vocal, guitar, mandolin, & bass.
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Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs - On My Mind
If you are the owner of some rights, tell me and i will delete the video immediately
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Flatt and Scruggs ~ Pearl Pearl Pearl
For the first time on YouTube, the original Columbia Records release. Featured on the TV series The Beverly Hillbillies. #8 on the Country Chart 5/63
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Mountain Dew-The Stanley Brothers
*If you are someone who objects to the use of this song for copyright reasons please let me know and I will remove it.
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Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Original 1949)
One of the greatest instrumentals ever recorded. The 1949 recording was used in the movie Bonnie and Clyde and then re-recorded after the film. The original version, in my opinion, was far superior to the more familier version that most people know and play today. It's faster, there were no breaks and the noting was more complicated. Earl Scruggs at his very best.
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1714 Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs - I'll Go Stepping Too
Let's have some bluegrass! Here is I'll Go Stepping Too by Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs. The tune was recorded in Nashville on August 29, 1953. The Westerner http://thewesterner.blogspot.com/
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The Nashville Gamblers - GOIN'UP CRIPPLE CREEK
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