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Hollow Point Bullets Recalled That Don't Explode In Targets
Steel Hawk Inc. is offering a full refund to customers who bought the non-flesh-shredding bullets. For More Breaking News: http://www.theonion.com/video Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: http://bit.ly/xzrBUA Like The Onion on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/theonion Follow The Onion on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/theonion
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MEP part collection # 3
HIYAAAAAAAAAAA i've been meaning to put one of these together for a while now....and i didn't even include EVERYTHING...i left out a few short/shitty ones that no one would care about lolol. don't worry ur not missing much!! u know wut i forgot to put.....MY PARTS FOR UR B-DAY MEP CHOCO! x3 ANYWAY... JYANPU STARTOOO ( b/c someone has been watching/listening to the new OP theme non-stop) pics from the most recent colorspread of One Piece...i'm too lazy to look up the chapter... google it. SONG: I don't care - [reggae version] by 2ne1 - i hope me using this song isn't giving the message 'i don't care about editing anything anymore' - of course i thought of this AFTER i used the song... LOL i doubt anyone will actually look into it that far like i did... OK FORGET IT...I'M RAMBLING... 1. BLUE MEP, 0:06 yup, this is for a group that specializes in HORROR. I LOVE HOW I DID THE MOVEMENT IN THIS ONE...i'm surprised it turned out so well x333 2. Running up that Hill, 0:35 i also did a nice little movement thing in this one that i like.... i guess that's becoming my new thing? and of course I use shion/satoshi... u can kinda go to that arc for either ANGST, SADNESS, AND/OR PSYCHOTIC BITCHES... so it covers a wide range of emotions...... xDDD 3. Hello Hurricane, 0:59 i ended up doing two back to back parts on this one, i can't remember why though...someone must have dropped out or something. BUT REALLY...I DON'T LIKE THESE AT ALL... THEY SUCK....... *looks at rating* now i'm thinking i shoulda rated them LOWER. 4. Cancelled THING, 1:49 hahaha i love this. twas kinda difficult to make, but i think it turned out pretty funny! LING!! YAY! ;DD 5. Must have done something right MEP, 2:20 ok so this is for a studio i'm in ...that is DEDICATED to CRACK PAIRINGS.... which are REALLY REALLY fun videos to make for me! I believe this is the first time i've made a video about a shojo-ai couple! and it's one of my favorite things i've made!! it really would be an amazing couple if they existed in the same manga! xDD 6. F + M Megamix, 2:45 jesus.... this is ...the most...FRUSTRATING TIME...i've ever had making ...ANYTHING........ THAT FUCKING DRUMMING SONG... I LOVE THE SONG.....HATE EDITING TO IT.... and i'm sure i edited really shitty to it b/c of that... *sighhhh* w/e 7. Witchcraft MEP, 3:17 ok this is a mangapawns thing. Basically the game we were playing was to make an mep w/ as many mangas in it as possible and the other team got a point for everyone they guessed right! We ended up losing by like...one point i think? but it was really fun! ;D 8. Memories Ever After MEP, 3:49 first time editing w/ Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! woo! but yea i really like this alot....it has to do w/ that curtain scene, and then the end w/ the fireworks! x333 so cool! LOL it cut off at the end a little bit.... meh oh well.... SORRY FOR THE INACTIVITY GUYS... I had an MEP addiction and literally HAD to sign up for almost everyone I saw........ so that's why there are so many here...this is what i've been doing instead of making full videos... badddd kimmehhhh *smacks self* but i'm controlling my mep addiction now, and it's gotten a lot better! :) ENJOY GUYS! and write me awesome comments! i love them x3
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