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Geneva Creek Off-Road Trail Colorado
Highlights from the top of Geneva Creek. Geneva Creek trail offers a good trail for beginners in stock 4WD's with higher ground clearance or short wheelbase. The area also offers lots of camping and hiking. Along the trail, you will see some incredible views, old mines, and buildings, including old equipment, and even an old truck. There is also hiking trails to other areas, including to shelf lake high above timberline. This trails' most unique feature, however, is it's iron fen. There are only 8 known examples of iron fens in the world, all of which occur in Colorado. For more info: http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/299-geneva-creek
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Geneva Creek 6-16-2016
Geneva Creek is a popular camping destination near Grant, CO. Any stock 4x4 can get up this road. There are optional spurs at the top but due to late spring snow we weren't able to go to the end of the road. The views at the top are great and there are some old mining structures.
Peru Creek - Montezuma, CO
For the full trail guide please visit: http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/414-peru-creek Peru Creek is an easy dirt road that travels up from the Snake River to the Horseshoe Basin passing through some of the richest mining history in the area. Several 4WD trails of varying difficulty spur off of Peru Creek. The northeastern end of the trail is closed to motor vehicles, but can be hiked all way up to Argentine Pass or Grays Peak (elev. 14,270). Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com Music: "Heavy Interlude" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/13
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Illegal Miners Arrested After Rescue From Abandoned Gold Mine In South Africa
At least 11 men have been rescued after a group of illegal miners in South Africa became trapped underground in an abandoned gold mine near Johannesburg. Those brought to the surface were checked by medics before being arrested for illegal mining. Others were refusing to come out for fear of being detained, it was reported. http://news.sky.com/story/1212420/south-africa-miners-rescued-from-disused-shaft SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: http://www.youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/skynews and https://twitter.com/skynewsbreak Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skynews For more great content go to http://news.sky.com and download our apps: iPad https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/Sky-News-for-iPad/id422583124 iPhone https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/sky-news/id316391924?mt=8 Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bskyb.skynews.android&hl=en_GB
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Ophir Pass (complete no Cut)
Ophir Pass is a convenient and scenic way to get from Silverton to Telluride. Seasonal wildflowers grow thick at higher elevations. Unlicensed vehicles are allowed on Ophir Pass Road east of the town of Ophir; however, you cannot ride through town. Watch for signs. High Point 11,789 ft.
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Cloverdale Mine Off-Road Trail - Colorado
The off-road trail to Cloverdale Mine is a mix of great scenery, history with a small amount of technical driving. This is an easy 4wd road. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com
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Gold Rush: Follow the Gold | Welcome to McKinnon Creek (360 Video)
Join Todd Hoffman and Freddy Dodge for a new gold mining season at the McKinnon Creek claim. Be sure to take a look around and explore the famous Klondike gold fields! Don't miss ALL NEW episodes of Gold Rush, Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery: http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/gold-rush For more immersive experiences, head to http://DiscoveryVR.com or download the app for your iPhone or Android device.. iPhone: http://apple.co/1Kl14XA Android: http://bit.ly/1Kl1bCy Subscribe to Discovery: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=discoverynetworks Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Discovery Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Discovery
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Trail Creek Road Off-Road Trail, Idaho Springs, CO
Trail Creek Road is an easy addition to the trails in the Saxon Mountain network of trails. The area has many old mines, and you will drive along one active mine, and at least one mine ruin that you can see from your vehicle. As you gain elevation you will be rewarded with views to the north across the valley. At the west trailhead you will be on South Spring Gulch Trail where you can decide if you wish to continue climbing up Saxon Mountain or if you want to return to Idaho Springs. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/2045-trail-creek-road http://TrailsOffroad.com
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Pink Argyle Diamonds
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A Confederate Ghost Town - Garo Colorado 1863-1936
See pictures & read more below: https://www.derelictdoug.net/derelict-doug-blog/american-confederacy-ghost-town-garo-colorado-1863-1936 A piece of Colorado's forgotten history- Guiraud (now called Garo) was a small settlement near Fairplay. Today the Buffalo Peaks Ranch and the old General Store and Post Office which dates to the 1880's are all that marks the spot, The schoolhouse was moved to the South Park City Museum in South Park, Colorado. The now ghost town is five miles north of Hartsel and seven miles south of Fairplay on Colorados Highway 9. Adolphe Guiraud & his wife Marie, we're the original settlers of the area. They were born in France and made there way to America through the port of New Orleans. They spent some time in Ohio and Kansas before settling in Garo, Colorado. They established the first homestead in South Park in 1863. The Guiraud Ranch still stands and is now called the "Buffalo Peaks Ranch". Adolphe is most known as the proprietor of the original general store, the "Guirauds General Store". However; he is less known for his ties to the American Confederacy. Adolphe Guiraud played a role in the failed Confederate incursion into Colorado Territory in 1864 when he allowed the nine remaining men of Company A, Well's Battalion, 3rd Texas Cavalry, Confederate Army to stay in July of '64. The nine men that made it to Guiraud's ranch were the remnants of fifty Confederate soldiers that set out from Texas, in June of that year. These men were under orders to disrupt the union's supply trains that ran through the Colorado territory. Their second order was to raise a Confederate army from the mining towns that surrounded Park County. Fortunately, the men disbanded from the Confederacy and became outlaws and bandits. They were dubbed "The Reynolds Gang" and in newspaper accounts of the day. On July 29th the Gang of men were cornered in Geneva Gulch near Grant, Colorado. One was killed, five were taken prisoner, and two died of bullet poisoning. The five who were captured were tried and convicted of rape and stagecoach robbery. Furthermore, they were convicted of treason for their involvement in the Confederate army. They were put to death on direct orders of Colonel John Chivington. Later that year in a related incident a man named "Chub" Newitt ran the General Store and Post Office at Garo. Chub was showing a customer some pistols at the store, he was shot with one, he died a short time later. Adolphe Guiraud died without being convicted or charged for aiding the Confederacy. His wife Marie, had a 34-year widowship and went on to become weathly. She grew the ranch from 640 achers to over 5,000 achers. She sold about 1,500 pounds of beef each year (which is about 1 millions dollar in todays money) Three years after her death she was recognized by the US Department of Agriculture in a release called, "The Importance of Women on ranches & Homesteads". Garo faded and died in the late 1920's and was abandoned except for the ranches that surround it by 1936. Keep Up-To-Date with Me Here: https://derelictdoug.net Or Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Derlict_doug
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Cloverdale Trail Part 2 Westcliffe, Colorado
This is part 2 of the Cloverdale mine trip. This one has nice buildings, the mine and scenery
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Mineral Creek 4x4 Road to San Juan Chief Mill  Colorado 4x4 Trails 2016
Mineral Creek 4x4 Road to San Juan Chief Mill Colorado 4x4 Trails 2016. Uncompahgre National Forest. Jeeps and a FJ Cruiser. Part one of Day one on the trails.
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Peru Creek Trail - Part 1
A good, level 2 trail from Montezuma Road to the Pennsylvania mine. 4.7 miles each way (give yourself about 2 hours for this trail).
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Red Cone & Webster Pass Jeep Trails - Colorado
A wheeling trip of Red Cone and Webster Pass. 08/14/2016
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Tomboy Mine and Ghost Town, Colorado
While camping in Ouray I went jeeping with my brother-in-law over Ophir Pass and Imogene Pass. We stopped at Tomboy mine above Telluride and just below Imogene Pass. The abandoned mine is a great place for breathtaking views. The town and mine closed in 1927.
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Peru Creek - Colorado
An amazing camping and wheeling experience at Peru Creek, Colorado. It's close to Keystone Ski Area, and the campsite in the video is near the creek by Chihuahua Gulch. There are many dispersed campsites along the main road, and spur roads lead to historic mining sites. Access to 14ers and hiking too.
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Silver Lake
The hike and the ghost town touring
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Mayflower Mine
The Mayflower Mine in the San Juan mountains outside of Silverton Colorado. This video was taken July 4th 2016 after several days of rain, the waterfalls and streams are fuller than usual. Taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone.
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U.S. Basin Forest Road, San Juan County, Colorado, Jeep, Offroad, 4x4, Red Mountain Mining District
The U.S. Basin Forest Road in San Juan County, Colorado, takes you high above U.S. Basin, where you travel a ridge that's above 12,000 feet in elevation. You can see the Million Dollar Highway (Hwy 550) from the summit, as well as have an amazing 180-degree view of the surrounding mountains. The road begins in the Red Mountain Mining District.
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Miners Gulch Colorado
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2012 09 03 Keystone Peru Creek
Mountainbiking in Keystone, Colorado, in September 2012. Filmed with GoPro Hero2 HD. Displayed stats from Garmin Edge 800. Biking from Keystone to the end of Peru Creek, and back.
Cinnamon Gulch - Montezuma, CO
For the full trail guide please visit: http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/257-cinnamon-gulch Cinnamon Gulch is home to the remains of several large mining operations, including the Pennsylvania Mine. In 2015, the EPA launched a large project to staunch the flow of heavy metals and acidic water from the Pennsylvania. To facilitate their heavy equipment, the road along Cinnamon Gulch was improved. It is now mostly passable in 2-wheel-drive. Short spur roads off of Cinnamon Gulch offer some excellent photo ops with mine ruins and the picturesque valley below. Just be sure to respect these historic sites. Enjoy them from a safe distance. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com Music: "Heavy Interlude" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/13
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Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) - Blackhawk, Colorado
For the full trail guide please visit: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/1126-pickle-gulch-blackhawk Technically Forest Service Road 718.1 is named Blackhawk but, because much of the lower part of the trail follows Pickle Gulch and because the Pickle Gulch Group Campground is right at the trailhead, it has been known in the Colorado 4-wheeling community as Pickle Gulch Trail for several decades. This 4x4 route delivers on much of the best of what Colorado's Front Range has to offer. Expect to experience smooth tree-shaded portions, open meadows, bumpy dirt roads, steep climbs, collapsed log cabins, weathered mining structures, and views of Rocky Mountain peaks. The top of Pickle Gulch connects to the extensive network of trails around Oregon Hill and Dakota Hill offering even more mining history, spectacular views and offroad adventure. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com
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Saxon Mountain Off-Road Trail, Georgetown, CO
Saxon Mountain is an old mining trail that very quickly climbs from the 8500ft starting elevation to nearly 11,500ft. You are quickly provided with views up, down and across the I-70 corridor as you climb. This trail is NOT for anyone who gets nervous around ledges, since the trail decreases in width as you gain elevation. Combine the narrow trail with the likelihood of rock slides or new rocks on the trail, and it can be nerve wracking. But the view from the top is fantastic. Along the trail, there are mine ruins of the Anglo-Saxon, Loranzie, and Highland Mines, as well as old cabins. The trail in one spot leaves NO room for error. Near the top, there is a boulder that you must drive around, on the cliff side. With a Tacoma that has the same track as a Jeep, the passenger side tires rubbed against the boulder as the driver side tires were ON the edge of the shoulder of the roadway. Any further to the drivers side is a few hundred feet straight down. Even just having wider tires may make this obstacle impassable by pushing your drivers side tires off of the very narrow trail. The trail is not officially a directional trail, but we recommend only running this trail uphill. The narrow portions can be very dangerous if you have to yield to uphill traffic. Wide vehicles are not recommended and anything wider than a Tacoma or Jeep could have major issues. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/449-saxon-mountain/ http://TrailsOffroad.com
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Pomeroy Lake Off Road Trail- St. Elmo, Colorado
For the full trail guide please visit: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/423-pomeroy-lakes If you enjoy mining history, alpine fishing and camping then this trail is a must do. You will gain a glimpse of the areas mining history as you begin the trail at the old townsite of Romley. You will then pass several arial tram towers that are still standing before you reach the Mary Murphy Mine area, which offers an opportunity to explore several of the old structures that are still standing. After the mine you will continue through meadows and heavy timber before you reach the parking area at an elevation of 12,109' with a view of Lower Pomeroy Lake. Upper Pomeroy Lake is about a mile hike farther up the basin along an old road and is situated below Pomeroy Mountain (13,151'). Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com Music: Big Dipper Auricle Rock 3 - Jinglepunks
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Argentine Pass, Colorado.  Fall 2016
A trip up to one of the coolest mine buildings in Colorado! Santiago Mine! http://freemusicarchive.org/
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Guanella Pass 9-13-14 Hill Climb 12,200 Feet
Guanella Pass Colorado 9-13-14. Guanella Pass forest service road 119. This trail takes you to an area near Revenue Mountain and Geneva Peak. There is an old abandon mining area up there. GPS 39*34'49.18"N 105*48'43.59"W about 12,200 Feet
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Jenny Creek  Offroad Trail-  Near Denver, Colorado
For the full trail guide please visit: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/1254-jenny-creek Jenny Creek is a short fun OHV trail that spurs off Rollins Pass East Trail. This straight through trail is accessible during the summer months typically July - October. Some of the Highlights are the Jenny Creek water crossing, beautiful dense forest scenery, pine beetle kill clear cut area and the alpine lakes also located at the top of Rollins Pass. A few small rock sections keep the trail interesting from a technical standpoint. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com
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Deer Creek and Saints John Trails Colorado 4 Wheeling Jeep Rubicon
Combined the Deer Creek and Saints John trails out of Montezuma for a beautiful 4 wheel drive trail.
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Barbour Fork
Highlight from a Barbour Fork run, October 21st 2016.
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Mosquito Pass - Near Leadville or Alma Colorado - Four 4 Wheeling - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon CO
Mosquito Pass is a super scenic and fairly mild trail. This is definitely one of the prettiest and highest trails you can Jeep on in CO. Lots of gorgeous views, multiple mines, mountain lakes, and 13k feet elevation make this one fantastic trail. Trail link: http://www.traildamage.com/trails/index.php?id=41
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Mineral Creek to Engineer Pass to Lake City Part 1 of 2
Alpine Loop 9-5-15 This is the Alpine Loop (minus side trails) from Mineral Creek (Ouray) over Engineer Pass to Lake City and back over Cinnamon Pass to Animas Forks (Silverton). Then entire day was about 9 hrs with photo and bathroom stops and lunch in Lake City. You could do it faster but then you’d miss out on all the sights. There are also easier and harder legs that you can take. Music provided by: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-... Front video shot with Garmin Virb Elite. Side/rear view shot with GoPro Hero2.
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Cascade Creek Off-Road Trail, Near Denver Colorado
For a complete trail guide including GPX go to: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/249-cascade-creek Moderate and forested off-road trail near Denver, Colorado that can be used to access other jeep trails such as Saxon Mountain and Spring Creek.
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Beaver Ridge Off-Road Trail Near Alma Colorado
Highlights for this trail include amazing views of South Park Valley, Alma, Montgomery Reservoir, and more. This trail also offers some great chances to see Colorado's mining history. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/217-beaver-ridge http://TrailsOffroad.com
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Clear Lake Colorado 4x4 Trails 2016
Clear Lake Colorado 4x4 Trails 2016. Day three part one.
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Baldwin Lake Off-Road Trail - Buena Vista, Colorado
For the full trail guide please visit: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/2453-baldwin-lake The Baldwin Lake Off-Road Trail follows the Baldwin Creek drainage gaining elevation as it climbs out of Baldwin Gulch. The trail offers postcard worthy views of Baldwin Lake as it sits in the basin below Grizzly Mountain (13,708'). The trail is part of the Mount Antero Trail system, and is a side trip off the Mount Antero Trail. Baldwin Lake offers the opportunity for high alpine fishing and the trail continues into the basin above giving a glimpse of the areas past mining history. Views of Mount Antero (14,275') are prominent on the return trip down the valley. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com Music: Jim Beam - JP
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Webster Pass, a Colorado 4wd Trail
For the full trail guide please visit: http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/488-webster-pass Webster Pass is perhaps the best known and certainly most traveled of the three main passes between Summit County and Park County in Colorado. It connects to two very popular, very challenging 4WD trails, Red Cone and Radical Hill. The summit, above 12,000 feet, offers spectacular views of both counties and a great vantage point to watch rigs descending the white-knuckle ride down from Red Cone. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com Music: "Heavy Interlude" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/13
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Three Mile Creek Trail, Hiking Colorado
I take a couple mile hike on the Three Mile Creek Trail near Bailey Colorado with my dog Loki and make a small fire and lunch.
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Aspen to Ashcroft Ghost Town, via Castle Creek Road
Like Drivelapse? Friend it: http://www.facebook.com/takemytripdotcom This drive takes you from Aspen, Colorado, out Castle Creek Road, to Ashcroft Ghost Town, then back to town. Music used with written permission: Artist: Lee Fraged Tracks may include: Skunk Ghost (tup007) Bless The Sinners (original fix) (tup007) Bring Your Own Booze (Art035) Helix (TDN009) http://soundcloud.com/lee-fraged You can find information on my rights to use this music here: http://takemytrip.com/music.htm
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Sheridan Hill Off-Road Trail, Idaho Springs, CO
Sheridan Hill is a fun trail that is less popular than other trails in the expansive Yankee Hill trail system. You can access it by many different trails along the way, and connect to Rollinsville, Alice, and Central City without dealing with asphalt! It is slightly tighter trail in spots and has a few more technical spots than its neighboring trails. But it shares the great views of the surrounding mountains and has more secluded camp sites. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/457-sheridan-hill http://TrailsOffroad.com
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Carson Ghost Town Trail Colorado
This is the trail leading up to Carson Ghost Town. The day was gorgeous we went up and I think the video will help you see what a lot of the trail is and what you can expect to the point where you are very close to the town.
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Kingston Peak, Colorado 4x4 Trail
http://coloradooverlandroutesandelements.com/ Kingston Peak trail is Section 2A of our Central City Trifecta route, which connects Denver to Idaho Springs via the roads and trails to and through Central City. It is one of the most popular trails on Colorado's front range. Highlights include spectacular views of the Continental Divide, the James Peak Lakes hiking trail, the Rock House and the Enchanted Forest. This section connects with 2B, Yankee Hill Road. http://coloradooverlandroutesandelements.com/
Sugarloaf Mountain Jeep Trail - Boulder, Colorado
Off-roading Sugarloaf Mountain is an easy scenic off-road trail that takes about an hour to complete. It’s located in the foothills just west of Boulder, Colorado and is accessible year around. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/470-sugarloaf-mountain http://TrailsOffroad.com
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Yard and Dock operations
Yard job on Splitrock Mining Co.
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Democrat Mountain Off-Road Trail: Empire, Colorado
For a complete trail guide and GPX track: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/280-democrat-mountain This little known off-road trail near Denver, Colorado is a fun trail for a quick escape into the mountains.
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Yankee Boy Basin 4x4 Road - Ouray, Colorado
For the full trail guide please visit: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/1160-yankee-boy-basin TRAIL HIGHLIGHTS Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: https://www.trailsoffroad.com
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Natural Bridge Loop Off-Road Trail: Buena Vista, Colorado
https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/2235-fourmile-area-natural-bridge-loop The Natural Bridge Loop is a scenic trail with a hiking option located just north of the Town of Buena Vista. The trail snakes back and forth over small ridges and through gullies before reaching the Natural Bridge rock formation. While an impressive photo opportunity from the road, the optional .75 mile hike to the bridge allows for an up close look and an amazing overlook of the Arkansas River Valley below. The return trip is equally as impressive with panoramic views of the 14,000' Collegiate Peaks as the backdrop. Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at: http://TrailsOffroad.com Music: Fat Stack Jinglepunks
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