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Gold Prospecting near Grants Pass Oregon Video 6.MP4
Gold Prospecting and Panning near Grants Pass Oregon with my new Keene Gold Sluice By Greg Mulac For gold Stream Locations visit my Lost Treasure Hunting site by clicking http://treasurestories.losttreasurehunting.com/
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49er Mining Supplies Gold Prospecting Charters
Rob Goreham's 49er Mining Supplies Gold Prospecting Charters. Book your charter today for some great gold and some great memories! Call (209)588-1635
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1900' Gold pan
This is my lucky day got a 1900' gold pan and I took it for a spin at the Deep Creek Oregon and deed same panning , this is a new location for me this is nice place to go . gold rush panning kit review metal gold pans for sale steel gold pan gold mining equipment gold panning tools panning for gold supplies gold panning equipment gold mining pans gold mining tools gold mining pans for sale make your own gold pan painting gold pans estwing gold pans gold panning kits gold mining pans for sale how to find placer gold where to buy a gold pan where can i find gold how to prospect for gold
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Spiral Gold Panning Machine
I add connectors and a power supply to my spiral gold panning unit. This will allow me to run the unit on household current. The Unit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006ABHCYU/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= The connectors I bought: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FP1HXHQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks for watching!!!! If you want to support me in my video making: http://PayPal.Me/Bradslaboratory or https://www.patreon.com/bradslabratory
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Gold Prospecting Back Pack Kit
Casey Kelton shows what tools are available within the Back Pack Prospecting Kit(s) at Prospecting Innovations.com
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New Age Mining Equipment, Reverse Helix Gold Trommel, Model AU170-G
Running un-classified materials collected from a private claim in Arizona and 2 small bags of paydirt from 49er Mining Supplies. Pretty nice color showing at the end!
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Gold prospecting
gold prospecting Gold panning gold panning locations gold panning panning in oregon, panning kits for sale gold panning kits for kids Prospecting for gold 1st time boulder bedrock prospecting for gold in rivers prospecting equipment prospecting wow prospecting for gold with a metal detector prospecting for gold seminar series prospecting for gold prospecting for gold wealth screening gold prospecting how to read a river kern river gold prospecting where to find gold in rivers and streams how to find gold in a river where to look for gold in a river what to look for when panning for gold how to gold pan in a creek where to look for gold in streams gold panning in OR
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APEX Picks Gold Prospecting Equipment Tool
APEX Picks: Innovative and Best Designed picks with their unique 3 magnet design, durable strength, handle and ease while carrying. Use for rock hounding, metal detecting, prospecting and treasure hunting.
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Buncom, Oregon
Remnants of a little mining town in S.W. Oregon.
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Gold Magic 10m Spiral Panning Wheel
Took the Gold Magic out for a test spin at Dr Rocks (ocean goldfield), is a great wheel and gets the soil, shells and rocks sorted fast. The maker claims you can do 65 kilos of concentrate a hour, at my speed i reckon i was close to 20 kilos a hour. Next video of the Gold Magic will be it used up in a hills stream. I have 5 of these wheels in store at Tassie Detecting in Burnie.
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Gold  Prospecting pt 2
Want to get some COOL Hunting & Fishing products CLICK link Below http://www.carolinaoutdoorstore.com/Carolina-Outdoors-Hunting---Fishing-Supply.html Be sure to like our Face Book Page at Facebook/Carolina Outdoor Magazine Tv and keep up with giveaways, videos and more Go to https://www.facebook.com/carolinaoutdoormagazine?ref=hl Our Web Site will Tell you where you can watch our shows and more http://carolinaoutdoormagazine.com Description this is part two of the gold prospecting show with cameraman Berry Shoup
This is the way I recover fine gold from all of my gold concentrates. This step is very important. I dry out all my concintrates completly then pull the black sand out with a magnet. Then I classify my cons as mutch as I can. Then I run each seperate classification throught the equipment. I also work my black sand when I'm all done working the other material. TIP: 1) Make sure all your sand is wet before you run it through your mini sluice or wheel. 2) make sure your mimi sluice and wheel are set up properly with the right pitch and water volume. 3) Keep notes on the equipment setup for each classification. It will be different because the size and weight of material you are running. So the water volum and pitch will be different. 4) Save all you black sand to sell to a refiner. 5) This video is about: An example of sampling a gravel bar to find gold and the streak.Visit my web site at www.findgoldfast.com Get the equipment I use and the most helpful up-to-date information. Here you will find the best performing gold equipment and books that will help you get more gold, keep more gold and find more gold faster than ever before here at this site: www.findgoldfast.com There is no need for anyone to waste many years of valuable time and money trying to learn the ropes to figure our what equipment to use or how to find gold and process gold anymore! I do the work and find the products that do what they say they will do and then I pass that information on to you. Also, on my web site the information I provide will teach you extremely valuable time saving, tips and useful information that most professional miners do not share and some miners do not even know. On my site I show you how to find gold faster than ever before and I show you ways to to your hobby to the next level and make money doing what you love. Visit my web site here: www.findgoldfast.com See More Awesome "HOW AND WHERE TO FIND GOLD VIDEOS" at my YouTube Channel link here: https://www.youtube.com/user/4816crane?feature=mhee
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FINDING GOLD II - Concentrating Gold - How To Find Gold! Finding Gold Series
Finding Gold III: http://youtu.be/8kyv2C_yYww Finding Gold locations: http://www.treasuresites.com/treasurebooks.htm Prospecting stickers: http://stores.ebay.com/store=417495924 for stickers How to find and process your own gold and platinum! Click "More From This User" to get all the films. Gold and platinum are 15-19 times heavier than other streambed materials and concentrate in low pressure areas and cracks that run across rivers and streams. You look for a crack on the bank, and follow it out until you meet the "gold line" and there you suck it out with your dredge. Gold will be on the outside edge of a river gravel bar, at the head of the bar (large gold but usually beneath big boulders), and at the tail end of a bar (vast concentrations due to river bars forming in the shape of an airfoil and sucking fine gold to the tail end) but be small to microscopic at the tail end. Gold will travel down a river or stream in a line, usually off center of the high pressure water. Gold will settle behind a boulder. A good place to fish, can also be an excellent place to find gold. "Black sand" is iron ore that can be readilly identified in gravel bars and is a ready indicator that gold is probably present. The most effective and economical way for the average person to find paying concentrations of gold in a river or stream is with a simple ($80) sluice that you shovel into and the riffles retain gold, platinum, gems and anything heavy for you. Gold can be found up high on the old river channels and recovered with metal detectors, a gold wheel, a highbanker, or simply by identifying the material, shoveling it in your truck and working it out later in a wheel, or your simple stream sluice. The states which have gold in vast quantities are: Maine, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Oregon. The rest have gold as well, some in very good concentrations. All have gems of some kind that a sluice will seperate and hold. Good luck finding the gold of your dreams! How to find gold!
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Oregon Gold Prospecting Little North fork Santiam River
Finding gold on public land in Oregon. Little North Fork Santiam River, downstream of Shady Cove. Using a sluice box and exploring new areas. This trip was in the middle of March 2012. Most of the day was spent sampling around looking for a spot, and then I ran around 10 buckets here at this spot. The pictures at the end is my gold from several trips. The bigger gold in the pictures I have separated is my better +20's. About a third to a half of all my +20's make it in that collection - mostly thicker stuff. http://www.youtube.com/user/ReedLukens/videos http://www.youtube.com/user/indyme2/videos http://www.youtube.com/user/ziess21/videos http://www.youtube.com/user/HurtHawks/videos I thought I had a tripod to film with, but I don't. I apologize for the glove finger being in the first shot, won't happen again.
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Arizona gold prospecting
http://e-goldprospecting.blogspot.com more article about prospecting for gold
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Gold Prospecting in Southern Oregon - 23 Southern Oregon Sluice Caught a Nugget!
Another Day Prospecting with the Southern Oregon Sluice..... it caught a lot of little stuff and one larger nugget..... it works great...! go to www.battleironstudio.com to learn more......
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Home Made Miller Table for gold prospecting cleanup
Home made miller table for gold cleanup- cutting board, sanded to 400 grit, marine RTV, few screws, stair step trim from Ace hardware, some PVC and a 600GPM live well pump from the store.
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How To Crevice For Gold
Gary teaches us how to crevice for gold. Very simple tips and technique on how to crevice for gold. Website: http://www.goldminingbasics.com/ Ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/honansmininganddivingsupplies/
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Finding Our First Nuggets
While panning cons from 49er Mining Supplies, we find 2 nuggets bigger than anything else we have found since we began panning for gold.
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http://www.mlsprovideos.com CALIFORNIAN'S FALL IN LOVE WITH MEDFORD OREGON It is estimated that at least 30,000 Californians move to Medford every year. Folks come from San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Fresno, Sacramento, and just about every city there is in California. Medford Oregon has no sales tax, a beautiful Rogue Valley, hunting, fishing, golf, Whitewater and rafting as well as kayaking. Homes are cheap, especially if you sold you L.A. home and had tons of cash in hand. It happens every day, every month, every year that retired Californians find a new home in Medford, Oregon. The place that I have called home now for over twenty years. From the early to mid-1830s and particularly through the epoch years 1846--1869 the Oregon Trail and its many offshoots were used by about 400,000 settlers, ranchers, farmers, miners, and businessmen and their families. The Applegate's and others settled in and around Medford, Oregon. For decades now, Californians migrate to Oregon by the tens of thousands each year. Since Medford Oregon is the first major city over the California border on the I-5 Interstate, it has been a Mecca for wealthy and not so wealthy Californians to retire.
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Heavy Iron Ore Demonstration (www.globalminingequipment.com)
Running Demonstration Of A Iron Rich Ore. Global Mining Equipment, LLC, manufacturers and supplies mining equipment for small scale operations and artisanal miners throughout the world. "Quality Equipment ... built by miners for miners." Visit www.GlobalMiningEquipment.com for all of your small scale mining equipment needs.
My Creepy Grants Pass Oregon Ghost Pics!
I am a 49 year old male from hillsboro oregon just outside the portland area. I recently took a trip to southern oregon grants pass area. I have been into the paranormal stuff for a long time and have been snapping thousands of pics and some video over the last cple mnths. I have pretty much only been getting some nice greenish blue what i truly believe some are spirit orbs. I am aware of the contraversy about the orb things and i know alot of paranormal groups wont even waste there time with them anymore. But i think the proof is in the pudding with these 2 pics i got! I got a cple really big green orbs and many many small ones recently at a friends house in grants pass oregon.But thats not the only thing i got on film! On the third night i was there i got a cple of very compelling ghost pics! It was getting close to 11 pm and i was in the yard at my friends house which is 92 yrs old i was just looking for orbs really i decided to walk back to the house to call it a night. Once i got to the porch i decided to take a few more pics.There was a kiddie pool with some goldfish in it exactly 10 feet in front of me on the walkway between the house and the storage house garage ect. I shot a few pics over the pool and was pretty shocked at what i got!- Notice that i rotated the 2nd pic so you can see the face of this thing.The first pic you can see it coming in from the left of me then the 2nd pic it is hovering over the kiddie pool of goldfish but it literally stretches another 15 feet or more towards my friends car and it almost looks like its forming into a ball or orb ect ! This thing pretty much covered the whole yard its not a big big yard but not that small either! Well you guys be the judge! This is hands down the best paranormal pics i have eve ever gotten and I may never get one this awesome again! Im really thrilled about this! I do paranormal stuff as a hobby and truly enjoy it. This thing was literally 10 ft in front of me kinda creepy when i think about it! Its pretty easy to see the face of this thing as i rotated the pic for you guys to see! I think that the water may have attracted this ghost and the gold fish may have helped too as water is a good magnet for spirits ghosts ect-BOO!------I took the pics using a nikon coolpix l-28 dig cam 20.1 megapix using auto flash the sky was clear that night and it was about 50 degrees out.-PSI want everyone to know these pics are 1000% legit it took me prob close to a year and 7 k pics to get these amazing pics if you look real close at the pics above the door you will see an eyeball and right above that it looks like another ghost screaming!
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The Wimer Covered Bridge
The Wimer Covered Bridge is eight miles north of Rogue River, Oregon, at the junction of E. Evans Creek Road and Covered Bridge Road. Just yards away, across from the old City Hall building, is the Wimer Market and filling station, the hub of the community. The Wimer bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places; originally built in 1892, replaced in 1927, and refurbished in 1962. As a significant Southern Oregon landmark, its total collapse on July 6th of 2003 was shocking news. The community of Wimer and the Evans Valley rallied together to raise over 300 thousand dollars to add to federal and county funds for its reconstruction, and a replica of the bridge was completed in 2008. The bridge has been a focal point of the community for generations. Beneath it was a hangout for kids; a place to enjoy some candy and a drink from the Wimer Market next door, share secrets, wade in the clear, cool water; catch tadpoles, pick blackberries, and listen to the idyllic sounds of Evans Creek. It was discovered that the inside of the bridge had great acoustics for singing. In the past Wimer threw itself an annual summer party called Wimer Days. It included a parade through the bridge, a dance, a BBQ, and fireworks. Evans Creek flows south under the bridge at Wimer, then winds its way under the Minthorne Bridge, and through Palmerton Park in the City of Rogue River before emptying into the Rogue just west of the Depot St. Bridge. The creek is one of many tributaries that feed the Rogue River, which begins near Crater Lake and runs 215 miles westward from the Cascade Range. It flows through Shady Cove, Gold Hill, Rogue River, Grants Pass, Galice, and Agness before reaching the Pacific at Gold Beach. Famous for its salmon runs and natural beauty, the course of the Rogue River has been home to Native Americans for 8,500 years. Before the bridge collapsed in 2003, its weight limit was three tons. The new bridge is rated for 10. It has only one lane, is 170' long, with a covered span of 86'. It features a shingle roof, narrow windows above the trusses, and a Queen post truss design. The bridge is a local treasure, one of only 50 remaining covered bridges in Oregon, and a destination for history buffs and other visitors: a real find that's off the beaten path and a momentary reprieve from the world of high tech. It's become a favorite rally point for recreational cycling groups and classic car and hot rod clubs. Local wood sculptor Larry Johnson created and donated the two totem poles at the bridge, the larger one in 1999. He called them "labors of love." Assisted by Brad German, he also made the totem poles overlooking the playing fields at Rogue River High School and the Jackson County Library in the City of Rogue River. The bridge has also served as a wedding chapel. The first couple to be married inside the bridge was Bruce Sund and Cheryl Martin in 1991. Seen from downstream, the bridge can look like a barn built over water. Only the flying buttresses indicate that it's in fact a covered bridge. Installed in 1986, a steel plaque at the south end of the bridge says that gold mining started in 1849, Wimer's first store opened in the 1860s, and its first school, a log cabin, was built in 1870. Discover more about the history of Southern Oregon in the book Rogue River, by local author Cheryl Martin Sund. It's full of historic photographs from the archives of the Woodville Museum. Sund is currently working on a new book on the history of Wimer and the Evans Valley. Video ©2012 by Johnson ArtWorks http://www.johnsonartworks.com/video.htm [email protected] Soundtrack: Nobody But You, and Open Tuning by Prolificarts The book Images of America: Rogue River can be purchased at the Woodville Museum http://www.oregonmuseums.org/SectionIndex.asp?SectionID=9 or from Arcadia Publishing http://www.arcadiapublishing.com
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'Weed Country Adventures' mixes rafting with marijuana
Summer is here, and rafting is always a popular pastime on the Rogue, but a new company is hoping to enhance the experience with marijuana.
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The Southern Oregon Gold Exchange avi
We can pay you more for your Gold Silver Platinum jewelry and coins because of our lower overhead! Medford gold buyer silver buyer platinum buyer jewelry buyer coin buyer Southern Oregon Gold Exchange Medfordgoldbuyer.com
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gold dredge
Gold Dredge and dredging equipment deals for commercial and private prospecting :: http://www.golddredge.org
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Capitol Prospecting #1 (:30)
This video is about Capitol Prospecting in Salem, Oregon
Mama's Minerals - How to Set-up & Use a Gold Miner Spiral Gold Panning Machine
Mama's Minerals - Learn how to set-up and operate a Gold Miner Spiral Gold Panning Machine. For more details or to purchase a spiral machine, go to http://mamasminerals.com/products/Gold-Miner-Spiral-Gold-Panning-Machine.html Product Description The Gold Miner is one of the most affordable and efficient spiral gold panning machines on the market. It's self-contained, weighs less than 10 pounds, and measures 20" long, 15" wide, and 12" high. Powerful for its size, highly portable, and simple to set up and use, this gold machine processes an average of 60 pounds of concentrate per hour -- all due to the 500 GPH re-circulating pump, computer-designed concentrate agitators, and 13" wheel with 7 spiral leads running at approximately 12 RPMs. A 1/4" recess at the beginning of each spiral lead helps agitate the concentrate. The Gold Miner can be packed in, or used at home with concentrates you've packed out. Just add 3 gallons of water and this incredible piece of equipment will extract flour gold cleanly, even fine gold from black sand. A simple add-on, the micro-adjuster, enables you to adjust and secure the pan angle; it's rugged, won't strip out, and will last for years. Four vent holes help dissipate condensation when in storage. The Gold Miner -- powered by a 12-volt DC battery (not included) -- has a heavy duty, totally enclosed gearbox, which helps provide optimal motor performance and reliability in the field. The Gold Miner package includes: 13" spiral wheel; pump, filter,and spray bar assembly; catch cup for gold; drive unit with frame; tailings container; carrying case with cover (high-impact plastic like a cooler); and start-up guide and owners manual. It has a full 5-year warranty. Purchase Here: http://mamasminerals.com/products/Gold-Miner-Spiral-Gold-Panning-Machine.html
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gold panning sluice box | gold mining trommel machine
http://www.tmac2.com gold minng trommel machine gold paning sluice box gold claims gold mining trommel machine gold panning sluice box gold mining trommel machine gold panning gold claims gold mining trommel gold panning sluice box gold claims machine gold panning sluice box gold claims mining trommel machine gold panning sluice box gold claims Gold prospecting trommels We build top quality gold prospecting trommels designed to provide maximum recover in gold panning. Our trommels come in a wide variety of sizes, from smaller recreational units handled by one man to bigger ones for commercial gold panning operations and other commercial uses. They also can be used for recirculation units for use in areas with smaller amounts of water. some types act generallyas a classifier with the revolving action being used to break up clay and separate any gold that might be caught in organic material or
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Gareth Hatch @ Securing Our Safety Hardrock Mining Committee Summit
Recorded Saturday 10-May-2014 inside Grants Pass City Council Chambers.
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Wilderville Oregon Flood January 17 2016
1,17,2016 Wilderville Oregon the creek flooding the banks by the Wilderville store and cafe in Wilderville OR. Please like AND share.
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Gun Dealer Indicted On Federal Charges
A Grants Pass gun dealer is accused of selling several firearms to a known felon, but the dealer says he is innocent. The U.S. Attorney' s office is also accusing the manager and dealer of the store 2nd Amendment Guns of falsifying paperwork.
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Prospecting with Grandpa's Gold Show Summer 2010 #6
Gold prospecting at Beech Creek in Buchanan Ga. Finally Grandpa gets to work at the east end of the property.
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Blue Bowl Tutoral for processing of GOLD concentrates
A step by step description of how to use the blue bowl system in the separation of black sands and other materials from gold.
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Mike Higbee - Armadillo Mining Shop
Mike Higbee, former owner of the largest mining shop in the country, talks about who his customers are, why they do what they do, and how most small scale miners are good stewards of the environment.
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first rattle snake of the year
found near a road close to applegate lake Oregon
Fine Gold Mat for Daily Clean Up
- 6-inch Proline dredge platform with an extra set of pontoons on the front end (dredge is in brand new condition). - Non-slip decking to allow ease of movement and gear-storage on the platform. - T-tie-offs on all four corners - Twin 9-HP motors in brand new condition - 263-Gast compressor with storage tank and pressure gauge that will supply air to 2 divers (brand new condition) - Tachometers on both motors so you can set the desired RPM's. - Standard Proline recovery system that originally came with the dredge (new condition). - Oversized 6-inch power jet and flare that will prevent nearly all plug-ups. Quick connect system allows the suction hose to be easily removed by triggering two snaps. - 25-foot 6-inch suction hose in new condition. - Six-inch swivel nozzle with break-away flap in new condition. - Double-screen classification system for the best fine-gold recovery possible on a suction dredge, with a high-grade recovery system at the head of the box for quick and easy daily or controlled sampling.
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Oregon Miners and Oathkeepers square off
For more, visit us at http://www.jasonstapleton.com Check out the highlights from today's episode. Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/Jason_Stapleton Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/TheLiveShowTV Are you interested in advertising on The Jason Stapleton Program? Reach out to us at [email protected] We’d love to talk with you. Sponsors Trade Pro Futures: http://tradeprofutures.com/ The industry's top futures and forex trading platforms. Trade Empowered: http://www.tradeempowered.com/ Learn how to day-trade, swing-trade, or become a profitable long term trader. Main Street Alpha: http://mainstreetalpha.com/ A social site that links up professional successful traders with verifiable track records to capital. Foundation for Economic Education: http://fee.org/ FEE’s mission is to inspire, educate and connect future leaders with the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society.
2789 Merlin Rd. Grants Pass, Oregon
Home & Property, with possibility of splitting. Built in 1957, has been remodeled and brought up to code (approx. ten years ago). Newer septic, heating, wiring, drywall, newer insulated windows and roof. 1500sf shop. Come and check out all the possibilities this property has to offer.
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Prospecting with Grandpa's Gold Show "A Class Act"
Gold prospecting and You Tube notoriety gets Grandpa a guest appearance at the Catoosa County Home School Co-op 3rd grade class in Ringgold, Ga. Repurposing and recycling garbage is the topic today. Enjoy!!!
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The Burl Gallery in Kerby, Oregon
http://www.unscriptedmind.com The Burl Gallery located in Kerby, Oregon (a former gold mining town south of Grants Pass with a population of 400) looks like another unasuming wood art shop along the highways 101 and 199 but believe me it's far from ordinary. This clip is taken from inside one of the treehouses on the property. If it weren't for a huge and bizarre welcome sign, if you can call it that, I would have driven right past the place. The fountain like heap streaming with bright purple water compelled me to pull over for a closer look and a photo. What was to be a picture or two turned into dozens and dozens as I saw more and more wonderful and whimsical burled wood creations around every corner - from garden decorations to treehouses, from lamps to rocking horses, from plaques to statues and more (you gotta see it to believe it). The gallery and yard is owned by 77 year old Harry Shinerock and is a place where artists gather to create and carve from burled wood. They also have some pottery and metalwork thrown into the mix. The property doesn't look like much from the road but it is deceivingly large and definitely worth finding!
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Warrant read during SWAT eviction on Slate Creek Road in Josephine County, Oregon (April 2014)
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Ruch Oregon |hiking trails
Ruch Oregon |hiking trails 3972 Little Applegate Road Jacksonville Oregon 97530 - This beautiful Applegate Valley creek side 2 bedroom 2 bath log home with vaulted ceilings is constructed on nearly 6 heavily wooded and private acres. Very quite rural living within a short distance to nearby towns of Ruch and Jacksonville for schools or shopping. A large back deck overlooks the year round creek and the well supplies an abundance of water. Large detached multi-car garage and separate out building for plenty of storage. Endless hiking, mountain biking and horseback trails encompass the surrounding area's. Applegate Valley is predicted to grow 8 to 10 percent in value in 2014. Property is also close to Medford Oregon and Interstate 5. Medford has an International Airport and is home to two extension campuses for the Rogue Community College and for Southern Oregon University as well as two medical centers, Rogue Valley Medical Center and Providence Medical Center. Historic Jacksonville, site of one of the first placer gold claims in 1851-pan for gold in your own creek on the property! Home of the Britt Festival-nationally recognized music festival, and heart of the Southern Oregon wine region and gateway to the Applegate Valley World Class Wine Trail For close by entertainment you can stop by a local award winning vineyard on your way to check out the Britt Festival in Jacksonville. There you will find some of your favorite artists playing "Concerts under the Stars" all within minutes of home. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bwpMGLkYkk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1MsNbIy-6A 3972 Little Applegate Road Jacksonville Oregon 97530,,,multi-car garage,horseback trails,
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Desert Fox Spiral Panner
http://www.goldrushtradingpost.com/desert_fox_panner • The Desert Fox is a compact, light-weight gold panning machine you can take anywhere. Weighing under 10 pounds even with a rugged folding stand, it folds up and stores neatly in its Action Packer tub. • Operate it right out of the tub, or remove it from the case and use it in a stream. • The Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine is aptly named because it was designed to conserve water and will operate on just three gallons. It sets up quickly and easily and can run 70 pounds of concentrates in an hour-- it's both a separator and a concentrator in one self-contained panning machine. • Recovers an amazing amount of flour gold so you never lose even the smallest pieces (which all add up!). • Read the • Use the Fox in combination with the Mountain Goat Gold Trommel and you have a complete one-person small mining operation!
"We Are The 99%" rally - Nov, 17 , 2011-Gold River , CA
At noon on Nov. 17 about 40, young and older citizens met at the offices Congressman Dan Lungren's in Gold River, CA to present him with the Contract on Social Justice. Father John Day spoke about the importance of social justice in a capitalist society "We Are the 99%" action for MoveOn.org
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Armed Man Barricaded In Blue River
Oregon State Police and other law enforcement are attempting to make contact with a man who is believed to be armed inside a cabin in Blue River. Visit www.registerguard.com for all the latest. (Chelsea Gorrow/The Register-Guard)
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