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Kirby: Canvas Curse Walkthrough Part 2: Conceptual Creation, A
The game shows some more of it's uniqueness here! I sorta' look like a total beginner here, but I still have yet to master playing the game this way, lol! I'll get through it all though! Rainbow Run however will be quite a challenge until I get this down. ----- Time Stamps: -Main Game- -Level 1: Reddy Land- 0:00 1-3 Ravine Road (100%) BOSS GAME! 5:06 Block Attack Lv. 1 -Level 2: Arange Gorge- 9:22 2-1 Ghost Grounds (Just coin 2. I could have gotten 1 going up and right at 11:43, but forgot it. I have to go back to this level anyway so meh.) ----- Here are my other main accounts if you'd like to follow them: My deviantART: http://www.pkgam.deviantart.com My Tumblr: http://www.pkgam.tumblr.com My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PkGam ----- Enjoy! (This video was made under "Fair Use")
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