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HOW TO FILE A MINING CLAIM !! Lode and Placer. ask Jeff Williams
Want to know How to file a Mining claim . We cover Placer and Lode. We also are giving away a Gold Bug 2 metal detector. click for more. https://www.patreon.com/askJeffWilliams Learn how to file a mining claim so you can mine Gold yourself on your own claim without paying some company a large amount of money . Nevada mining claim booklet; http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/public-works/surveyor/documents/mining%20claim%20procedures.pdf Mining claim status; http://mylandmatters.org/Maps/ Mining Claim sign markers ; https://www.blackcatmining.com/mining-equipment/mining-claim-sign.cfm More info on filing a claim; https://www.unr.edu/Documents/science/mackay /StakeYourClaimV2.pdf Nevada BLM # 775-861-6400 Cody's Lab ; https://www.youtube.com/user/theCodyReeder How to make Nitroglycerine ; https://youtu.be/GMmYPAS9xB0
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State Police Interrupt a Gold Mining Operation in Oregon!
Our mining claim neighbors called the Cops! People living on the other side of the river where our mining claim is and not liking our mining, called the cops. It appears our neighbors just did not want their liberal utopia disturbed so they call the cops to harass us. The police were very cool as I knew one of them from checking our permits on another river couple months earlier and an Oregon DEQ meeting he showed up at. The rude lady yells to at from other side of river "you need a permit to do that"...we had them of course. She also told cops we were disrespecful and rude to her...which was totally false. She made up her own narrative about what was happening to justify her being annoyed. Liberal tactic # 3, change the narrative or just plain lie! This is the short version of the video, filmed on the Applegate River in Oregon while we were LEGALLY GOLD MINING! In the video, it is a continuous video, shot on my GoPro camera that I was wearing on my head. The video shows me mining and moving around with no editing to show what actually goes on while mining. Then my buddy is helping me move rocks while I'm using a sub-surface dredge...then the cops show up , and I tell him is where the action starts. UPDATE Jan 1st, 2015: In response to some of the comments saying we are uneducated, rednecks and other stuff...the guys in the video are as follows. One is a millionaire CPA, another a self employed business owner, two others are also self employed and owns a body shop and the other an internet marketer and freelance videographer, and lastly one is the son of the CPA guy and currently in college. Oregon Mining Law: Next time this happens, I will ask the State Police to cite the offending people who disrupt our mining operation based on this Oregon Mining Law: "ORS 517.133 Interfering with a mining operation. (1) As used in this section, "lawful mining operation" means any small scale mining operation that is in full compliance with state and federal laws. (2) A person commits the crime of interfering with a mining operation if the person intentionally: (a) Interferes with a lawful mining operation; or (b) Stops, or causes to be stopped, a lawful mining operation. (3) Interfering with a mining operation is a Class C misdemeanor. [1999 c.354 §6]" Here is the GoPro camera I was using: http://amzn.to/19yYus6
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The Abandoned Black Jack Mines | WA
Revisited the abandoned Black Jack Claims in the Silver Star Mountain area of Washington. The workings, which date to the early 1900s, consist of 3 short adits and a shaft. To see photos of this and other explorations, visit my website: www.jacobarciniega.com/abandonedmines IG: @jacobarciniega
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S3E15 Washington State Gold Mining - Building Claim Markers with Pete
It's been a busy summer and today we are building claim markers. This design is made from 4" schedule 40 PVC pipe and meets all the requirements in this state for gold claims.
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How To Find Old Gold Mining Claims & Gold Prospecting Locations
I would like to share how I find old Gold mining claims to prospect. I use a site called MineCache.com it is a over lay on Google earth it will give you all the information on open gold claims and closed gold claims who owns or who did own the claim the gps cordinence. If you are looking to file your own gold claim this is a great place to start you can also join The GPAA or AMRA or a private gold prospecting club. I hope this helps with your search for gold good luck.
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Gold mining course; Gold deposits on undercut banks.
This video is part of a "Gold Mining and Mineral Prospecting" course. In this video I talk about another place where gold deposits on creeks and rivers. Showing how rivers that undercut banks can create a rich pay area at the base of the undercuts.
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Mohr Gold 20 Acre Placer Mining Claim on Douglas Creek in Washington State from Department of Land T
Staked by the Department of Land Transfer Information 2015 www.landtransfer.us.com
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McCue Gold 20 Acre Placer Mining Claim on Douglas Creek in Washington State from Department of Land
Staked by the Department of Land Transfer Information 2015 www.landtransfer.us.com
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How To Find Gold & Mineral Deposits!
A video which includes several points on how to find gold and minerals, what to look for and the best locations were we find our deposits. Also includes a few gold, silver and copper ore samples. Want to support us? All money will go to fund new videos and some prizes for our patrons! Please go to the link below! https://www.patreon.com/911mining https://shop.spreadshirt.com/911mining Also don't forget to follow us on Facebook! https://m.facebook.com/911mining Thank you & Enjoy! 911 Mining & Prospecting Co
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Exploring my Gold Claims pt1
I finally acquired some gold claims!! Now it's time to explore... Come watch me prospect my claims and look for gold! I found a big open pit on my claim. Where should I sample?? Comments This will be a 2 part video due to legnth. Thanks for watching! See you out there! Please Subscribe, Like and Comment on my videos 🔻🔻🔻CLICK THE LINKS BELOW🔻🔻🔻 See you out there! My website: http://goprospecting.ca PayPal Donations: https://paypal.me/GoProspecting Become a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GoProspecting Email questions to [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goprospecting.ca/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goprospecting/ Twitter: @GoProspecting My videos are shot with a Sony 4K AX53 Camcorder https://amzn.to/2DdVGbg GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera 4K https://amzn.to/2CoB1j3 Canon Vixia HF R800 Full HD Camcorder https://amzn.to/2swzCCI iPhone 8 Plus Duo wide/macro Aukey lens for use on Smartphones https://amzn.to/2RUbRCA Sound elements are royalty free and provided by: Steve Stell Epic Metal Collection www.bensound.com/ 🔻🔻Here are some items to get you started🔻🔻 Gold Panning Kits https://amzn.to/2DdUR28 Super Sluice Gold Pan https://amzn.to/2Co2jX2 Dirt Classifier https://amzn.to/2FAXH2U Blue Miners Moss https://amzn.to/2FzmTqB Snuffer Bottles https://amzn.to/2DdVaKk Glass Vials https://amzn.to/2CnSqbB Precision Scale https://amzn.to/2DdVtVu For lots more items, please visit www.goprospecting.ca
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Found!  Secret Gold Mine and Mining Camp Hidden in the Mountains
We recently stumbled upon this secret, hidden, abandoned mine and mining camp high up in the mountains. We explored one mine tunnel as well as the surface structures. A shed onsite contained an old vintage Silvertone radio/record player from 1940, a winch, a newspaper from 1957, and other artifacts. Inside the mine, we found more artifacts used by the miners, and we demonstrate in the video how those artifacts were used by the miners long ago.
S4E2 Washington State Gold Mining - Prospecting the Naches River with Pete
This is a return trip to the Naches River and I found some time for prospecting. I finally find some, but not until the last hours of the last day! The key is to keep checking those places that you suspect might have some, but more importantly - listen to others when they share what they know!
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Abandoned gold mine found on my claim, check the video link below for our new find!
Check the video below for the mine we're actually working on now! https://youtu.be/R_D0p_RItdA
Exploring mines in the desert....Birthday Present mining claims.
Exploring mines in the desert, the Lucerne Valley desert to be exact....Birthday Present mining claims. Not far from Slash X. I appologize for the video content from min 24:47-30:35. A mountain lion was behind me growling so I had to be quiet and not move........j/k, I must have hit the slo-mo button.
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Mary Clough Gold Mining Claim - Nevada - 2017
The Mary Clough mine was originally part of the Charleston Hill National Mines group, which consisted of 11 unpatented claims in the area. The company, formed in 1916, was owned by Mary L. Clough, for which the Mary Clough received its name.
There's still Gold at the Abandoned Eldorado Gold Mine, Ontario
There's still gold at the abandoned Eldorado Gold mine in Ontario. History books state the highly improbable theory that all the gold at the now abandoned Eldorado Gold Mine in Ontario was concentrated in a single fissure, but in reality the area was leaking gold out in the pockets of the many workers. According to Kim Woodside, there were many mines that could have been productive.
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Washington State Jade
Was just going to see if there was any Gold along a gully in Western Washington State
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Liberty gold mine, Washington State, Crystalline Wire Gold
A rare form of crystallized gold that the Liberty area is known for. Sorry for the poor video quality, but it's the best I could do with what I have. This gold is so much nicer in person.
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The Washington Mine!
A trip to the high country with some friendly animals and a large shelf of ice inside an adit!
Wyatt Earp's Mining Claims
www.HauntedSaloon.com - Join the "Live" fun and laughter every Tuesday night on our "Live" old west video webcast from the Haunted Saloon at: http://www.HauntedSaloon.com
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Touring the Mining Claims
Touring our Gold Mining Claims on the Big Bug
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Mining Tiff by Hand, Washington County, MO
Video I got from archives at State Historical Society in Rolla, MO. This video was shot in approximately 1950 by Harry Blunt, who was operator of The Plaza Theater, Potosi, MO. It was shot on film with the sound apparently recorded separately; however, the sound portion has been lost. Still, for anyone interested in the history of tiff mining, there is a lot of interesting information in this video. The video starts by showing men digging tiff (or barite) with pick and shovel, and shows all the steps of the process from digging, to cleaning, to delivery. Then if shows the lifestyle of some of the miners, a protest against the move to mechanized mining, and ends by showing how tiff was processed and used.
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Liberty gold mine, Washington State, Big nuggets
A few of the larger pieces of gold that the Liberty area is known for.
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Gold Mining - How To Get On A Private Claim
THIS METHOD CAN BE USED IN ANY STATE THAT HAS MINES, EVEN THOUGHT I SAY ALASKA. 1 very effective way to get on a private claim. If you like what you see please like,sub and comment :) Good luck this season to all my fellow miners.
Washington Prospectors Mining Association HB2579
HB2579- Members need to call local reps on this bill. Just another bill to keep us out of the water when we are already controlled by WDFW.
FOR SALE - GOLD MINE. BOHEMIA OR, Sunset Mine - 1,600ft of Underground Workings!
INTERESTING IN PURCHASING THIS CLAIM? Email us! [email protected] FULL LISTING HERE: https://bonanzaclaims.github.io/SunsetMineClaim/ The Sunset Mine contains over 1,600ft of underground workings making it one of the most extensive mines offered for sale online. The mine is located in the famous Bohemia Mining District, home of the Champion, Musick, Noonday, and Helena Mines. The main Sunset Adit crosscuts two seperate veins, then drifts for over 900ft. The mine contains some spectacular mineralization and has huge potential. Oh and one more thing - you can drive right up to it! Asking price: $8,500. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
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Liberty gold mine, Washington State, 20 Gram nugget
Underground gold mining in Washington State
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S3E12 Washington State Gold Mining Prospecting the Naches River with Pete
This is a return trip to the Naches River for some more prospecting. I did more Rock Cracking and looked into a cobble pile we think was left over from earlier mining activity. This day trip was just what I needed to get out and about!
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S3E8 Washington State Gold Mining Prospecting a New Creek (No. 2) with Pete
WE visited a new creek (Creek No. 2) to look for another "pile" of gold. This new creek looks very promising. I didn't find a lot of gold on this trip, but had a real nice winter interlude on a Western Washington creek. Found some gold (not a lot), but enough to get me to go back and do a little more research!
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S1E6 Washington State Gold Mining Ocean Beach Gold - Benson Beach with Pete
This video is a compilation of two beach mining trips. The video shows how we set up and ran the processing, found the black sand, and the final cleanup from the last trip. Not a lot of gold, but we only processed 18 gallons of black sand.
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Spruce Claim, King County, Washington with Bob Jackson mining Pyrite and Quartz crystals - Part 7
The shot goes off, Bob and Mark talk about their experiences with larger pockets, and Elvis Hill gets "attacked" by "killer" bee flies. Later videos in this series will feature more of the history of Spruce and views of specimens, as well as a look around more of the property and more information about the surrounding area. https://www.MineRatMinerals.com/ https://www.facebook.com/MineRatMinerals http://stores.ebay.com/open-adit-west http://www.geologyadventures.com/ Award-winning science trips with Bob Jackson Mine Rat Minerals is a division of Open Adit West, we specialize in and sell mineral specimens from around the world. Visit our website and eBay store, and follow us on Facebook. We buy collections! Contact us via our website if you have one for sale!
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Prospecting trip to the Similkameen river placer claims
Checking out another claim on the Similkameen. This is one cell up from a claim I know well. And sure enough, both claims have lots of very fine gold. In lots of coarse black sand. This would be a perfect claim for the gold cube.
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Lucky Dollar Gold Mining Claim - Montana - 2017
The Lucky Dollar Mine, also known as the Powderly and the Silver Spoon, is located in a remote part of the Castle Mountain Mining Disctrict in Montana. It was discovered in 1887 and it appears to have been worked through the early 1900s, and again in the 1960s
Liberty gold mine, Washington State - Getting the mud out
My way of dealing with one of the many obstacles underground miners encounter. I will be doing other videos on other aspects of small scale mining in the future. My focus will be for and about small scale miners. My goal is to provide useful information about mining that will help ease the learning curve for others.
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3 Hour Hike in 2 Minutes: Gold Mine Trail, WA
Explore with me as I hike the Gold Mine Trail in the Sumas Mountains outside of Bellingham, Washington. "The Nooksack mines are located on Sumas Mt. in the Mt. Baker Mining District of Whatcom County WA at an elevation of 1600 feet. The mines were the backdrop for one of the most elaborate mining scams in history. The mines were staked in 1900, originally 8 claims. The mining camp was large and state of the art. A stamp mill, hotel, dance hall, bunk houses, mining offices were all constructed prior to development of the mines. Much of what on at the site was done under a veil of mystery. The mining company attracted 370 prominent individuals of the day as investors. A vault set up at the site, which still exists today was stocked with gold for investors to view. A dance hall complete with female companionship was also part of the investors visit. It was said the mining camp ran more like a resort than gold mine. Suspicion and curiosity of the sites operations lead to a local miner slipping into the camp by night and obtaining ore samples. Once these samples were assayed to determine the gold content, the ore was found to be worthless. Once word of this revelation became public, the operators of the mine shut the mine down and quietly fled. The mine assets were auctioned in 1906 to pay the debts accumulated. However not one of the 370 investors ever recouped a dime of the money they had invested. It was confirmed that the site had been "salted" or gold placed in the mines with the sole intent of deceiving." - http://www.ghosttownsofwashington.com/nooksack-mine.html
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S2E14 Washington State Gold Mining - Small Creek Prospecting wth Pete
Another successful trip to Waddell Creek for some local flood gold. Went back to an area that I got skunked in, but found a more promising place to work. I made this October trip just before the rains hit!
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Gold Mining in Washington State at the St. Louis and Jackson Mine.
This trip included rebuilding foot bridges and fixing mine openings so I can get to mining!
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Illinois Gold Mining Claim - Nevada - 2017
The Illinois mine is one of the largest and most valuable sites in Nevada with documented gold and silver ore reserves of over 50,000 tons with a value of over $38 million. Today the mines on the Illinois Mine property are in surprisingly good condition. Most of the workings are interconnected and the drifts and shafts in the main workings are timbered.
S2E5 Washington State Gold Mining - Small Creek Prospecting with Pete
Another prospecting trip to a small creek near home (Waddell Creek). Testing a modification I made to my prospecting sluice and maybe find a small "pile" of gold. Had a good day - found some gold - and the modification works well!
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Trip to do some hardrock mineral prospecting.
Took the family out to a couple claims this morning to get samples of the bedrock to see if we can find some gold from hard -rock gold ore. I was going to bring the rock crusher out to crush the rock on site, but found it was too heavy for us to lift into the back of the truck. So instead, we are bringing the rocks to the crusher, we will crush them back at the shop and then pan out the crushed ore. Or we might run it through the gold cube instead.
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High above Washington State 7,488 Feet - All that Color!
Went up to Slate Peak, here in Washington State. Our visit to our new claim was great, and more video will be uploaded this week. The drones filming capabilities is just pure awesomeness. You can see in the background as it pans to the left, the old Mining town of Barron, Washington and the Slate Creek Drainage. Just pure beauty!
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Gold mining in the Yukon: Gold panning, sluicing, and more.
Take a short trip with me to Dawson City, Canada. Have a look at how the "average, not for TV" miner gets gold. No staged arguments, breakdowns, or deadlines. No scripted drama, or ridiculous million ounce goals. Just average miners trying to make a few bucks and have a little fun doing it. The mining season lasts from May to the first of October, or as soon as the water freezes. Thanks for watching. This is a copy of a previously uploaded video. I was forced to re upload this video due to technical reasons, sorry for any inconvenience.
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Sylvania Gold Mining Claim - Nevada - 2017
The Sylvania Mine Property, located in a remote area near the Nevada/California border, covers the old Bullion, 4 Aces and Sylvania Mines. The mine camp on the property has often been referred to as the “Ghost Town” Sylvania. But there was never any town of Sylvania, only the mine camp which was so expansive it had often been mistaken for an entire town. . . . . . Don't forget to check out our friends at TVR Exploring! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeD7ZrrrgGhkVhE5EIPrBwA They make a lot of rad videos exploring old, abandoned mines. If you want an in depth look at these abandoned mines, definitely go check them out!
Liberty gold mine - 2 Huge gold nuggets from Corbley's potato patch mine. Part 1
Two extraordinary gold nuggets. A sixteen ounce, and a thirteen ounce, found on the same day on the potato patch mine in Liberty, Washington. Part 1
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Smith & Powell #2
Smith and Powell patented Placer Mining Claim. Nevada County
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Prospecting trip to Blakeburn Creek Gold claim
Got another claim on Blakeburn Creek. This time right up at the top. Took a day to check out the different small creeks and the main creek on this claim. Did some gold panning, and a lot of exploring. Also stopped by the coal mine to get a few shots.
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General Metal Corp
General Metals Announces Independence Claims Acquisition RENO, NV, United States, via eTeligis Inc., 05/08/2014 - - General Metals Corporation (OTCQB: GNMT) (www.generalmetalscorporation.com) (the "Company") announced today that its subsidiary General Gold Corporation has reached an agreement with Independence Gold-Silver Mines, Inc. ("IGS"), of Seattle, Washington to exercise its claim purchase option granted under the mining lease between the parties. The mining lease called for a $3 million payment to purchase the claims and payment of a royalty of 1.875% on any and all mineral production from the property. The Company and ISG renegotiated the terms of the claim purchase option whereby the Company acquires 100% of the mining claims known as the Wilson-Independence Mine, located near Battle Mountain, Nevada. The Company will pay IGS a total of $625,000 in two payments and will issue Company shares and warrants to IGS and will reduce IGS' mineral royalty, currently at 5%, to 2.125%. The initial payment to IGS of $275,000 along with $150,000 in deferred advanced minimum royalty payments was made on April 25, 2014. The balance, $350,000, is due no later than August 23, 2014. The Company issued 16,379,600 common shares of the Company to IGS to bring their holdings in the Company to a total of 4.995% of the outstanding shares. Additionally, IGS will receive warrants to acquire a further 7.5 million shares of the Company's common stock at a price equivalent to the Volume Weighted Average Price for the 20 trading days beginning May 15, 2014. These warrants expire in two years and cannot be exercised before August 23, 2014 and carry a provision that the exercise thereof will require ISG to file with the Security and Exchange Commission.
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Gold panning canyon creek wa.
Honey hole.
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Wyatt Earp's 100 Mining Claims
www.HauntedSaloon.com - Join the "Live" fun and laughter every Tuesday night on our "Live" old west video webcast from the Haunted Saloon at: http://www.HauntedSaloon.com
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