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How to stabilise dirt logging roads - Australia
This video show you how to use PolyCom Stabilising Aid to strengthen and improve this public logging road that was easily damaged during wet weather and was very dusty during dry weather. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is very cost effective and considering older style methods of maintaining logging roads where carted gravel would either wash away or create huge dust problems. PolyCom Stabilising Aid was the solution. Using PolyCom Stabilising Aid reduced the dust by massive amounts and created a strong, waterproof, and consistent flat surface for the heavy carting of logging trucks. That's why most council workers in Australia choose PolyCom Stabilising Aid for their unsealed roads maintenance method as its proven to be the most economical and sustainable choice for road maintenance in Australia. Find out more about PolyCom here: https://www.roadmaker.com.au/polycom-stabilising-aid/councils-shires.html
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Liebherr - At icy heights
Four tower cranes were in continuous operation during the construction of Europe’s tallest building, the Lakhta Tower. At dizzying elevations, a Liebherr service technician made sure that everything ran smoothly, even in extreme weather conditions. https://www.liebherr.com/en/deu/latest-news/stories/lakhta-tower/lakhta-tower.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=LH_LHO_Storys
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Watch new HD version now at http://youtu.be/M-cjCTjqUn8 Road construction using Renolith polymer - can be mixed with any original road surface material, with or without tar-sealing, for a dust-free weather-proof seal: view "Renolith for Mines" http://youtu.be/5lmwmkuhvlI. contact Mike Alexander 61(0)408797138 or email: [email protected] Sales Technical - [email protected] Web Site - www.renolithinternational.com
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Komatsu HD785 burning rear tyres
an operator of a HD785 looks for a place to park while a fire rages on position 2 & 3 tyres, he finally pulls up and gets of the machine! the safety in this mine could do with a great deal of improvement.
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Haul truck backs over high wall!
this is a training video in which they push an actual haul truck over the edge of a high wall........ the results are catastrophic!
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Loading burning coal at Moura Qld Australia
A cool video showing a Haul truck getting loaded with burning coal
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Industry Pathways Dump Truck Training Course Brisbane
Learn to drive a mining dump truck on the biggest training Caterpillar trucks in Australia. The dump truck training course is held about 30 minutes west of Brisbane on 100 hectares. The training centre is adjacent to a real mine site with plenty of heavy equipment on site which creates a challenging and realistic mine site experience when training.
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Macraes Gold Mine, South Island, New Zealand.
Working at a gold mine in the South Island of New Zealand. Started off as a serviceman ie: bitch and finally got an apprenticeship as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic with Goughs Caterpillar ie: Still a bitch hahaha.
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Loading, Transporting & Unloading Heavy Equipment
Loading, Transporting & Unloading Heavy Equipment - Iowa Department of Transportation 1999 - Video VH-596 - This video shows the special considerations involved with moving equipment too large to be self-transported over long distances. Emphasis is on visibility and respect for the size and weight of the equipment. With footage from operating work zones, good safety practices, actual safety hazards and unsafe working conditions and procedures are illustrated.
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Big Tractor Tire Repair
Big Tractor Tire Repair
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Australian Rural Road Maintenance with PolyCom Stabilising Polymer
This Australian video is about road maintenance using PolyCom Stabilising Aid. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is applied as a pavement stabilisation for roads and can simply be done using just a grader, water truck and roller by any road crew with basic knowledge. Australian roads last longer and remain stronger by using PolyCom Stabilising Aid. Local governments and councils prefer to use PolyCom Stabilising Aid because it can reduce road maintenance by up to 6 times. This means rural road maintenance in Australia has become more economical. No specialist equipment or complex procedure required. Basic rip and re compact operation with the addition of PolyCom Stabilising Aid. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is best spread out using a dry spreader. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is Australian made and produced and is environment and OHS compliant. Our team always visit new road applications or special council road projects. Find out more on our website: www.roadmaker.com.au/contact-us.html
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Extreme Dangerous 🚨 Road Crusher Destroyer Automatic Mega Machines Construction Asphalting Repair
Extreme Dangerous Road Crusher 🚨 Destroyer Automatic Modern Mega Machines Construction Asphalting Repair Modern road destruction in different countries of the world. Automatic crusher machines and devices. RAMM, BOMAG, Deere and many others. Asphalting of roads, road repair, application of resin to the road for laying road markings, paint application with a spray gun and much more. Modern construction and repair of roads. Video about how modern roads are made in Europe, USA etc. Asphalt paving with modern technology and modern technologies. Asphalting using modern equipment and latest technologies. Videos from the USA, Brazil, Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries around the world. Latest technology, mechanical engineering, CNC, intelligent technology, mega machines vs primitive technology. Watch! Modern road construction. Laying asphalt in USA, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Australia and other countries. Watch! How it is done in Europe, America and Australia? Latest technology, mechanical engineering, CNC, intelligent technology, mega machines vs primitive technology. Watch! Road Crusher Destroyer Mega Machines World Amazing Modern Road Destruction and Construction Asphalting Repair Automatic Mega Machines Latest Intelligent Technology USA Germany Australia COOPERATION 1. Send us your video to epicsmashdisaster(AT)gmail.com 2. Watch it on our compilation 3. Get links and views to your channel! Современное разрушение дорог странах мира. Автоматическое дробление асфальта и прочего дорожного покрытия машинами и прочими приспособлениями. Асфальтирование дорог, ремонт дорог, нанесение смолы на дорогу для накладки дорожной разметки, нанесение краски пульверизатором и многое другое. Современное строительство и ремонт дорог. Видео о том как делают современные дороги в Европе, США и др. Укладка асфальта с помощью современной техники и современных технологий. Видео из США, Бразилии, России, Германии, Франции, Швейцарии, Швеции и других стран всего мира. Смотрим! Современное строительство дорог. Укладка асфальта в России, США, Украине, Германии, Австралии и других странах. Как это делают в Америке, Европе, Австралии, Азии Смотрим! Współczesne budownictwo dróg. Układanie asfaltu w Rosji, Ukrainie, Niemczech i drugich krajach.
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CASE Europe: Road Building Teaser
Nothing is too hard, when elements work together. #CASERoadBuilding #CASENeverStops
Haulmax Customers
The Haulmax 3900’s narrow width, low centre of gravity and dual rear axle configuration offers a solution for extended distance hauls, soft & slippery underfoot conditions and as a prime mover for service and support mine site equipment. Elphinstone have delivered almost 100 Haulmax trucks via the global Caterpillar dealer network to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa and the United States where they are providing solutions as extended distance haul trucks, service trucks, low bed tow tractors, water trucks, and wet weather / downhill haulers. Our 3900 series haul truck incorporates a complete Caterpillar powertrain, and with 95 percent of all serviceable parts being genuine Cat components, customers are able to take full advantage of the local product support capabilities provided by the global Caterpillar dealer network.
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Russia vs Europe UK USA Road Repair Nano Technology LOL Modern Asphalting Construction Paving
Russia Road Repair Nano Technology LOL vs Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Turkie Modern Automatic Asphalting Road Construction Paving Concreting COOPERATION 1. Send us your video to epicsmashdisaster(AT)gmail.com 2. Watch it on our compilation 3. Get links and views to your channel! Современные нано технологии по ремонту дорог России, ржачь! Ямочный ремонт Владивосток и другие города, асфальт в лужу, песок и т.п. Современное автоматическое строительство дорог в Европе, США, Англии, Канаде и Турции. Смотрим! Współczesne budownictwo dróg. Układanie asfaltu w Rosji, Ukrainie, Niemczech i drugich krajach.
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Ecobond Road Construction
Ecobond reinforced bitumen emulsion is an improvement on existing bitumen and BSM technologies for road construction.
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cranky loader operator
Contains Bad Language - Loader operator gets cranky with truck drivers
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Extreme Train Railway Tracks Replacement Intelligent Technology Mega Machines Railroad 2018
A fascinating video about how to change the railroad tracks and lay new railways. Mega machines, cranes, bulldozers, excavators, tractors, loaders and many other railway special heavy machinery and trains from around the world. Watch! Extreme Train Railway Tracks Replacement Heavy Machinery CNC Intelligent Technology Mega Machines Awesome Powerful Train Full HD Compilation 2018 Diesel Crane Germany COOPERATION 1. Send us your video to epicsmashdisaster(AT)gmail.com 2. Watch it on our compilation 3. Get links and views to your channel! Увлекательное видео о том как меняют железнодорожное полотно и прокладывают новые железные дороги. Мега машины, краны, бульдозеры, экскаваторы, тракторы, погрузчики, поезда, спецпоезда и многая другая спец техника разных стран мира. Смотрим!
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COMPANY PROFILE: SJP began operation in 1984 as a sealing device supply company, supplying mechanical packing, gasket and seals to the marine industry. Since then, the company has grown into a manufacturer of assorted variety of metallic gaskets such as Camprofile, Spiral Wound gasket, RTJ and double jacketed gasket, ranging from 1 meter to as big as 5 meters in diameter. The company has also invested into the latest process technology machine tooling such as, the CNC automated knife gasket cutters, and CNC laser cutters. These machines eliminate the need for manual processes, thus enhancing better precision output production with much better accuracy on gasket like CNAF, Filled PTFE, flexible graphite, rubber, metal inserted and steel gaskets. SJP also specializes in mechanical seals and pumps refurbishment, utilizing the latest technology and work process flow, together with stringent quality control to ensure the best seal and pump upgrades. Manufacturing excellence and continuous improvement is reflected on the approval of our quality system ISO 9002 and API 6FB standards, in addition to the many authority and customer approvals that SJP have acquired over the years. SJP are the sole distributor for Chesterton International’s range of products, as well as working in close collaboration with Teadit, SGL Carbon, Victor Reinz, Valqua and TAG, all of which enable the company to service a very wide industry group, such as Oil/gas, Oil refining, Petrochemical, Marine, Power generation, Water and Waste water, Chemical, Steel, Pulp & paper, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Food & Beverage. The Mechanical Packing Division offers both braided and die formed packing and injectable compound packing solutions to reduce leakage, extend meantime between repair and repack, and reducing fugitive emissions. Our Seal division has proven component seals, cartridge and split seals to give the end user improved reliability and extend performance of their fluid handling equipment. SJP’s ARC Division offers the latest coatings technology for elbows, pipes, pump casings, chutes, feeders, cyclones, fans, impellers etc which acts as an excellent surface protection against corrosion, erosion and chemical attack. We have the capability to re-build, repair and protect the equipment surfaces to extend the life of the equipment , efficiency and minimize downtime, all at a fraction of the cost of having the parts replaced. Our Plant Maintenance Division offers products and total system solutions for production process, facility and maintenance needs in Cleaners and Degreasers, High Temperature Greases and Lubricants, Metal Working Fluids, Maintenance specialties like Anti-Seize Compound , Penetrating Oil, Belt Dressing , moldable gasket and Corrosion Control. SJP’s manufacturing operations, servicing centers, sales and distribution with Head Office in Singapore, together with Asia Pacific offices located in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia, offers exceptional service and quality solutions at very competitive pricing to meet every customer’s needs. Our success and accomplishment is base upon a simple philosophy – “We constantly increase the overall competitiveness of our customers by continuously improving their plant’s performance…“ FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE VISIT: http://www.sjpsealtech.com/
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Haulmax Service Truck
The Haulmax 3900’s narrow width, low centre of gravity and dual rear axle configuration offers a solution for extended distance hauls and soft & slippery underfoot conditions as a prime mover for service and support mine site equipment. Elphinstone have delivered almost 100 Haulmax trucks via the global Caterpillar Dealer Network to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa and the United States where they are providing solutions as extended distance haul trucks, service trucks, low bed tow tractors, water trucks, and wet weather / downhill haulers.
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Rebuilding a QA1 Circle Track Twin Tube Shock - QA1 Tech
www.qa1.net 800.721.7761 Learn to rebuild a QA1 twin tube shock in just minutes for cleaning or replacing parts. These shocks are oil-filled and use a gas bag instead of being gas charged. Watch Marshall take apart and put back together a shock absorber that is rebuildable and revalveable.
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Workers Killed While Servicing Tires
Tires can explode with devastating force. This incident investigation slide show profiles three serious tire accidents.
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Road Construction Polymer
Road stabilisation info
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Tour First Response Team of America's equipment [2010]
When disaster and tragedy strike and hope is dim, along comes Tad Agoglia and his team of first responders. Agoglia is the founder and CEO of First Response Team of America, a nonprofit group of response workers operating a fleet of emergency vehicles to provide immediate emergency aid to areas hit by disasters. View article at http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/4/327985
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Road Rapid earth road construction info
How to create a stabilized earth road, which is water repellent and controls dust to a minimum. All season weather resistant and accessible to a highly cost efficient price.
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Dozer pushes Haul Truck up wet ramp
Dozer assists a haul truck to climb the muddy ramp,, not sure what safety would say about this!
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Puncture Prevention with Ride-On tire sealant and balancer
Puncture Proof your tires with Ride-On tire sealant. We trial some Ride-On tire balancer and sealant in our HJ Holden ute then we run the tyre over a nail filled board. LSM Technologies, from Brisbane are the Australian distributor for Ride-On Tyre (tire) Protection System ("Ride-On TPS") – a revolutionary line of Tyre Sealants & Balancers formulated to enhance Road Safety by preventing flats, increasing tyre (tire) life and maintaining longer set-point pressures. Just a few of the features and benefits of Ride-On TPS Sealants are: • Fuel savings, better handling, braking, longer set- point pressures, • Eliminates porosity leaks, balance tyres and dampens vibration, corrosion protection for rims, cooler tyres, increased casing life, • Reduces downtime, puncture sealing, does not effect retreading or repairs, easier mounting and de-mounting, saves labour. • Is safe to use and is fully water dispersible. Ride-On TPS tire sealants extend tire life by hydrodynamically balancing tire and wheel assemblies; lowering tire operating temperatures and helping tires maintain their set-point pressures. Ride-On Tyre Protection System (TPS) tyre Sealants & Balancer are available in various formulations to meet every application and tyre need. • HDOTR – Heavy-Duty Off-Road Formula- note up to 50 km / hour only. • ATV – ATV and Off-Road™ Formula- note up to 80 km / hour only. • CHS – Commercial High-Speed Formula- any speed. • AUTO / SUV – Automotive (Car) & Light Truck Formula- any speed. • MOT – Motorcycle Formula- any speed. • BIKE- ON – Bicycle Formula- any speed. Ride-On Tire Protection System (Ride-On TPS) tire sealant from Inovex Industries seals punctures from nails, thorns, screws and other debris for the life of the tire. It does not interfere with retreading and is non-corrosive, the company says. While you drive, a protective layer of Ride-On TPS - a gel like substance containing fibers six times stronger than steel - coats the inner liner of your tires. This protective coating not only makes your tires virtually impervious to flats, but also actively balances them for LIFE! For more information contact LSM Technologies and ask for the Ride-On product we installed in our green Holden Ute. Call: +61 (0) 7 3725 8100 [email protected] There are other brands of tire sealants on the market such as; Slime Tubeless Tire Sealant that the maker’s claim prevents and repairs flats in tubeless tires caused by punctures up to a quarter-inch. Non-flammable, non-toxic and non-aerosol, this sealant installs easily through the valve, and for bikes, between the rim and the tire bead. Slime works repeatedly – when a puncture occurs, the escaping air forces Slime with FibroSeal technology in the puncture wound to seal the puncture. This product is virtually mess-free, cleans up with water, and lasts for up to two years. Another is Commercial-grade Ultraseal™ is a very heavy-duty tire sealant that pays for itself by maximizing tire performance. Used in all high-speed and off-road vehicles including industrial, farming and mining equipment. When installed, Ultraseal™ protects against tread separation and permanently seals leaks resulting in reduced tire wear and longer life. It guards against punctures, flats and blowouts which reduces downtime and improves safety. Industrial-grade Ultra Seal seals wounds caused by objects up to 1/4" in diameter. Inhibits rust and corrosion on steel belts, wheels and rims. Provides all-weather protection (operates from -40°F to 300°F) and won't freeze or evaporate inside tire. Water-soluble fluid for easy cleanup. Quick and easy to use, just inject through the valve stem with pump in inflated tire. One application lasts the life of the tire. Pump required and sold separately (Item No. P229). Packaged in a white 5-gallon pail. U.S. Military approved NSN80300 #12894502. USA made. NOTE: Not for ultra high performance tires and vehicles or vehicles with tire pressure monitoring systems. Designed to be used as a prevention, not to repair damage that has already occurred to the tire. Other brands include; Puncturesafe, Liquid Patch, PermaSeal, and Stan’s “The Solution” which allows you to convert standard tyres to tubeless with Stan’s No-Tubes kit.
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"Big 5!" (Fuel & Lube, Water, Cable Reel, Rock Spreader, Dump Body)
We Design & Manufacture Equipment for Surface Mining Applications. The "Big 5" in this video represents our CORE PRODUCT lines. Watch the video to see this equipment in action and check out our Products online at www.gfworldwide.com.
How to Keep Your Mining Rigs cool in the Summer
How I keep my mining rigs cool in the summer heat in south Florida. Sorry for the poor quality. This was taken with an old GoPro 3. If you guys like I'll try it again with my phone and see if thats any better. Tips are Awesome but not necessary. BTC - 1ASbgjo7axgK7k15MDrNPCYcJNndJTGAzD LTC - LPvnNyEPjNokR8MTkJoCP6mEgyKnVk3skh ETH - 0x61294A66DaCce0844CAaa6122016db6e4AfCa2aA ETC - 0xdDd334d407359435fAAEa0CF31A24afb635b2832 Dash - Xe94ZJB8UG9kLFgbjSTHdYPSJRxpnctmU1 UBIQ - 0xe51092ba21E9d44E21Cd07bC48487810c83f7b77 Decred - DsYi4yF1V3QgRajDBd3ZeZHiVLHmPSXvTjk Musicoin - 0x9feb2add0efac0cbb131702a4a5e0ea5e1c3f0ea
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Coal Mining in BC: Brian Veitenheimer, Light Vehicle Mechanic, USW
Get the facts at http://coalalliance.ca/ and join the conversation at http://workingwithcoal.ca/. Brian Veitenheimer, Light Vehicle Mechanic with USW has worked in the coal industry for 4 years. Hear him speak about his experience. Coal Mining in BC Facts: - Coal creates over 26,000 B.C. jobs in mining, transport, equipment and other related sectors. - Coal generates over $3.2 billion in economic activity in B.C. each year. - Coal produces about $715 million in public revenues for all levels of government that go to support critical services such as health care and education. - Coal is Port Metro Vancouver’s principal export and accounts for approximately 25% of the Port’s total volume each year. Coal Alliance Members: BNSF Railway - http://www.bnsf.com/ Canadian Pacific - http://www.cpr.ca/en CN - http://www.cn.ca/ Coal Association of Canada - http://www.coal.ca/ Fraser Surrey Docks - http://www.fsd.bc.ca/ Mining Association of BC - http://www.mining.bc.ca/ Neptune Terminals - http://www.neptuneterminals.com/ Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd. - http://pct.ca/ Teck Resources - http://www.teck.com/ Westshore Terminals - http://www.westshore.com/ Cloud Peak Energy - http://cloudpeakenergy.com/
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Heavy equipment training in forestry road construction 2013 | CFPML
Photos prises lors de la formation "Heavy equipment training in forestry road construction" offerte à Wemindji du 17 juin au 27 septembre 2013 par le Centre de formation professionnelle de Mont-Laurier (CFPML). En collaboration avec le Cree School Board, la Cree Nation of Wemindji et Construction Tawich. Centre de formation professionnelle de Mont-Laurier | CFPML
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150 ton Rock Spreader
Ground Force Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks play a critical role in your HAUL ROAD MAINTENANCE and TRACTION-CONTROL NEEDS. Our Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks are designed to fit any chassis on the market and easily switch out with your Ground Force Worldwide Water Body. High quality materials and innovative engineering makes these Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks a must have for your operation. These Rock Spreader Trucks are proven to perform in extreme weather conditions and are a perfect solution for your haul road maintenance needs. www.gfworldwide.com | 1(208) 664-9291 | [email protected]
Contractor Foreman - Expense Reports (ContractorForeman.com)
In this training we will show you how to quickly generate Expense Reports within http://ContractorForeman.com For more training sessions or to schedule your own one-on-one free demo, go to http://ContractorForeman.com Use your FREE account from ContractorForeman.com Who says you can’t have it all without spending an arm and a leg? Contractor Foreman gives you access to 22 powerful modules for one VERY low price. Use one module or use them all – it’s still the best deal around. Everything from Estimates to Invoicing, Project Management, Payments, Timesheets, Safety Meetings & Checklists, Vehicle & Equipment Logs, Reports, Expense Tracking, Job Costing & more. Super simple and fast to use. Save time on construction management training. Contractor Foreman works on, iOS, Android, phone or tablet as well as Windows, Apple or Linux computers. Dashboard: The most critical information you need all in one place. Projects: All project management and customer related items accessible from one screen. Change Orders: Do your job costing correctly. Project mgt done right w/ approvals & signoffs. Manage it right with Project change orders. Safety Meetings: Stay OSHA compliant. Track your meetings, tailgate talks, toolbox safety meetings topics & attendees. Checklists: Create custom checklists for JHA, JSA, site audits, pre/post-job and equipment inspections. Estimates: Whether it’s an estimate on the fly or a detailed estimate, you can crank them out in a professional format. We deliver construction Estimating software. Invoices/Payments: Get paid faster. Invoice & email from the field. Post Payments received & send them directly to office. Punchlists: A solid construction punchlist app. Punch list lets you send items right from the App to responsible parties. Track dates & incomplete items. Daily Logs: The fastest way to manage your construction Daily Reports. Track weather, work, material, visitors, delays. Everything you need to run a job properly. Appointments: Sales calls, meeting, who’s attending, where & when. It’s all there. Timesheets: No more lost construction time sheets or coffee stains. Track employee sheets, crew/group clock-in, all with pre-built reporting. Expenses: No more lost receipts or receipts from 2 months ago. Our Expense tracking tool keeps the data you need in front of you in real time. Vehicle & Equipment Logs: Quit losing money on deductions. Effortlessly collect IRS deductions. Equipment Maintenance Logs keep you informed & ahead of the game. Inspections: Effortless Inspection software so you can stay on top of progress and avoid delays. Incidents & OSHA 300: Track incidents, accidents, and near misses. Employee Write Ups: In today's legal world you have a need to document things the right way. Correspondence: RFI’s, Issues, schedule notices, compliance, we pretty much cover your bases here. Directory: Build for speed and function. Find what you need fast. Call or email from the app. Reports: Easily export the data you need. To Do’s & Notes: Compile & share notes & to do’s. Mark them as complete and move on. File & Photos: Attach project critical pics & files to projects, print, sort, Freedom to do what you need. Contractor Foreman is the Perfect Construction Software for These Types of Contractors Carpentry, Carpet and Flooring, Commercial & Public Works, Concrete, Drilling & Mining, Drywall, Electrical, Excavation & Site Work, Fencing, Framer, Framing, GC's, General Construction, Guttering, Home Builder, HVAC & R, Insulation, Janitorial, Landscapers, Landscaping, Manufacturing, Masonry, Mechanical, Painter, Painting, Paving & Road Work, Plumber, Auto Service, Carpenter, Plumbing, Property Management, Remodelers, Remodeling, Electrician, Restoration, Roofers, Roofing, Siding, Tile & Marble, Transportation, Utilities, Waste Management, Window & Door Modules and safety meeting topics are perfect for contractors with the following licenses: ABC, AGC, AIA, NARI, OSHA, OSH, HBA, NAHB, MBA, BIA, BPI, HERS, EPA, ASA, NAWIC, IADC, MCA, MCAA, NRCA, IIPP, BX, IREM, FEMA, NARPM, NECA, NPMA, NUCA, BBB, USGBC, DOT, UIG, DBE, LEED, DBIA, HACIA, NCHH, SAM, SBA, CCR, Cal/OSH, JSA, HAZWOPER, NIOSH, OH&S
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Germans Submarine landed in North America. Secret Weather Station U-537 Labrador Canada
WWII Secret Weather Station "Kurt" deployed by U-537 Submarine at Martin's Bay Labrador Canada. Kurt Wetterstation location 2.5Km west on the mainland west of the south tip of Oo-olilik Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. geo:lat=60.077087908682955 geo:lon=-64.37833786010742 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_%28weapon%29 Canadian War Museum, Ottawa http://www.warmuseum.ca/splash http://www.uboat.net/ops/weather_stations.htm The U-537 made the only armed German landing on North American soil in WWII. U-537 left Kiel, Germany on September 18, 1943. She made a brief stop in Bergen, Norway and headed out to sea again on 30 Sept. The boat went on patrol in the western North Atlantic under Kptlt. Peter Schrewe. Its task was to set up an automatic weather station on the coast of Labrador. U-537 carried a scientist, Dr. Kurt Sommermeyer, and Wetter-Funkgerät (WFL) number 26 (the sixth in a series of 21 such stations) manufactured by Siemens. It consisted of various measuring instruments, a 150-watt Lorenz 150 FK-.type transmitter and ten canisters with nickel-cadmium and dry-cell high-voltage batteries. On October 22 U-537 arrived at Martin Bay at the northern tip of Labrador. For the next 48 hours U-537 lay at anchor while the crew manhandled the 220-pound canisters, along with a tripod and mast, into rubber boats and then onshore. The weather station was set up 400 yards inland on a 170 feet high hill. At 5:40 P.M. on October 23, having ensured that the station was functioning properly, Schrewe weighed anchor and set off for an anti-shipping patrol off Newfoundland. His patrol was uneventful and on December 8 U-537 returned to Lorient, France. Reports indicate that the weather station sent out normal transmissions for a few days, but then there was apparent jamming on that frequency (about which nothing is known; no evidence has yet turned up that the Allies learned about the equipment). Map of Martin Bay Labrador Kurt site Location: http://nlarchaeology.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/kurt.jpg http://nlarchaeology.wordpress.com/ It consisted of several measuring instruments, a telemetry system and a 150 watt Lorenz 150 FK-type transmitter http://www.laud.no/ww2/lo40k/index.htm. It also had 10 cylindrical canisters which were about 3 feet tall and weighed around 220 lb each. One canister contained the instruments and was attached to a 10-metre (33 ft) antenna mast. A second, shorter mast carried an anemometer and wind vane. The other canisters contained nickel-cadmium batteries that powered the station. The WFL would broadcast weather readings every three hours during a two minute transmission on 3940 kHz. The system could work for up to six months, depending on the number of battery canisters. All of this material had to be carried from the U-Boat, put into rubber dinghies, rowed ashore and carried ¼ of a mile inshore to be installed at the station. This was all done in a little over 24 hours by hand and in October in northern Labrador, meaning most of it was done in near darkness. http://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/articles/feature2.html Special U-Boot Missions In North America, Iceland and Canada 1942-44 Playlist of Weapon WWII War Museum Canada : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC302AF405EC8D0E4 TilTul http://tiltul.com LinksYouWantToRemember CIMG9560
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A frogman is someone who is trained in scuba diving or swimming underwater in a tactical capacity that includes police or military work. Such personnel are also known by the more formal names of combat diver, combatant diver, or combat swimmer. The word frogman first arose in the stage name The Fearless Frogman of Paul Boyton in the 1870s and later was claimed by John Spence, an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy, to have been applied to him while he was training in a green waterproof suit. The term frogman is occasionally used to refer to a civilian scuba diver. Some sport diving clubs include the word Frogmen in their names.[citation needed] The preferred term by scuba users is diver, but the frogman epithet persists in informal usage by non-divers, especially in the media and often referring to professional scuba divers, such as in a police diving role. In the U.S. military and intelligence community, divers trained in scuba or CCUBA who deploy for tactical assault missions are called "combat divers". This term is used to refer to the Navy SEALs, operatives of the CIA's Special Activities Division, elements of Marine Recon, Army Ranger Regimental Reconnaissance Company members, Army Special Forces divers, Air Force Pararescue, Air Force Combat Controllers, U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmers, United States Naval Search and Rescue Swimmers, United States Air Force Special Operations Weather Technicians, and the Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units. In Britain, police divers have often been called "police frogmen". Some countries' tactical diver organizations include a translation of the word frogman in their official names, e.g., Denmark's Frømandskorpset; others call themselves "combat divers" or similar. Others call themselves by indefinite names such as "special group 13" and "special operations unit". Many nations and some irregular armed groups deploy or have deployed combat frogmen. Tactical diving is a branch of professional diving carried out by armed forces and tactical units. They may be divided into: Combat/assault divers. Special mission work divers (called Clearance Divers in the British Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy), who do general work underwater. Work divers who are trained in defusing mines and removing other explosives underwater. These groups may overlap, and the same men may serve as assault divers and work divers, such as the Australian Clearance Diving Branch (RAN). The range of operations performed by these operatives includes: Amphibious assault: stealthy deployment of land or boarding forces. The vast majority of combat swimmer missions are simply to get "from here to there" and arrive suitably equipped and in sufficient physical condition to fight on arrival. The deployment of tactical forces using the arrival by water to assault land targets, oil platforms, or surface ship targets (as in boardings for seizure of evidence) is a major driver behind the equipping and training of combat swimmers. The purposes are many, but include feint and deception, counter-drug, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, and counter-proliferation missions. Sabotage: This includes putting limpet mines on ships. Clandestine surveying: Surveying a beach before a troop landing, or other forms of unauthorized underwater surveying in denied waters. Clandestine underwater work, e.g.: Recovering underwater objects. Clandestine fitting of monitoring devices on submarine communications cables in enemy waters. Investigating unidentified divers, or a sonar echo that may be unidentified divers. Diving sea-police work may be included here. See anti-frogman techniques. Checking ships, boats, structures, and harbors for limpet mines and other sabotage; and ordinary routine maintenance in war conditions. If the inspection divers during this find attacking frogmen laying mines, this category may merge into the previous category. Underwater mine clearance and bomb disposal. Typically, a frogman with closed circuit oxygen rebreathing equipment will stay within a depth limit of 20 feet (6.1 m) with limited deeper excursions to a maximum of 50 feet (15 m) because of the risk of seizure due to acute oxygen toxicity. The use of nitrox or mixed gas rebreathers can extend this depth range considerably, but this may be beyond the scope of operations, depending on the unit.
I Build America Presents: APAC-Central, Inc.
I Build America presents APAC-Central, Inc. and their dedication to their work and all of the hardworking employees who are helping pave the infrastructure of Missouri.
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-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Our Excavator Can Do Anything!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M74rf9nh6FE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Mader Racing Escort takes out the under 2L title at  Barbagallo Raceway
This time last weekend, the Mader Racing Escort was dashing around Barbagallo Raceway for the 2018 Torque Trophy. Flying the Mader flag, the YB Cosworth powered Mk2 Escort took out the under 2L title with nice weather and an impressive field of big horsepower cars on the track. Mader Group is proud to support a growing number of events across Australia. This particular sponsorship reminds us of the importance of work-life balance which is often lost in the rise of never-ending workdays. No time to do the things you love? Ask us about our lifestyle rosters, [email protected] --- We’re mechanically minded people. We provide people, expertise and equipment to keep earthmoving equipment, excavators, wheel loaders, graders, water trucks, drill rigs or other mining and civil equipment working 24/7. We work across Australia and the world, making light work of heavy equipment maintenance. Visit www.madergroup.com.au
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Orebody 25 Newman, wet weather escape route
01:03:2009 after 5 inches of rain our haul road was the safest way out of the mine.......apparently
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Haul Truck Operator - Student Profile
Learn about how College of the Rockie's Haul Truck Operator program can help you prepare to enter the workforce.
World Amazing Modern Road Construction Machines (Automatic Road Making Machine) #HD720p
World Amazing Modern Road Construction Machines (Automatic Road Making Machine) #HD720p ☑️Blogspot . World Amazing Modern Agriculture Tractor Automatic Hay Baling Equipment and Loading #HD720p #Tractor ☑️Blogspot . Military Engineering Machinery: Road Building #PEB World Amazing Modern Agriculture Equipment and Mega Machines: Hay Bale Handling Tractor, Loader . [Smart Machines] World Amazing Modern Road Construction Asphalting VOGELE DYNAPAC Truck Mega Machin Video on how to build modern roads in .
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Coorong Council
We all take roads for granted -- complain when there are road works holding us up from our ever important errands, or seethe with anger when we hit a pothole. But do we ever spare a thought for the men and women who make our roads -- particularly in the regions? South Australian Councils manage and maintain almost 75,000 kilometres of local roads. Coorong Council's David Mosel and Ron Downs no all about keeping roads open for locals, tourists and heavy transport operators. Coorong's road staff work 12 hour shifts -- all weather over their vast rural and urban road network. Grader operators certainly get to know the locals and will often grade driveways, with Council permission, when they are needed.
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Video gallery - road construction and maintenance photos featuring PolyCom Stabilising Aid
This video is a photo gallery of road and soil stabilising projects using PolyCom Stabilising Aid. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is Australian made and manufactured for difficult soil conditions and remediation of sub-grade in civil, mining and government departments. PolyCom is an alternative to traditional and more complex forms of soil stabilisation.PolyCom is unlike any other polymer stabilisation aid and is unique in it's application and usage. OH&S compliant and very simple to use with excellent environmental credentials. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is distributed in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA and TAS. Our team go the extra mile and will work with you on-site to find the right solution for your roads. We're proud to provide leading innovative road stabilisation to strengthen Australian roads and reduce road maintenance costs. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is the preferred method by Australian local government authorities, council workers, civil works engineers, contractors and ground road workers. Road construction and road stabilisation in Australia at it's best. More information and links to distributors at www.roadmaker.com.au
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#MineTricks What is a SAFE GPU Temperature for Mining?
Today i show you a new minetrick, you must know the safe temparatures of your cards! Discord chat of the Channel: https://discord.gg/6PwuaTq Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/buriedone/ Or check out all cards at: http://www.buriedone.com/hardware.html Join everyone at the BuriedONE Blockchain Community (BBC.. Lol?) Discord: https://discord.gg/6PwuaTq
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Transport in Australia: Railways At Work
Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1964. Directed by Bern Gandy. A classroom film featuring the railways of Australia. It also deals with freight, rolling stock, prime-movers and break of gauge.
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МИ -28 Ночной охотник, вертолет не имеющий аналогов
МИ -28 Ночной охотник, вертолет не имеющий аналогов ►►► ПОДПИШИСЬ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4chJCyYp1a0tAKPwkqK-Uw?sub_confirmation=1 смотри еще: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9ymSujFIR0 ************************************************** MANJES - первый анимационный развлекательный канал Предлагаем видео на разные темы. Обновление канала происходит регулярно. Если содержание устраивает, просим комментировать, подписываться на канал! НА КАНАЛЕ ПРИСУТСТВУЮТ ВИДЕО С СУБТИТРАМИ - НЕ ЗАБЫВАЙТЕ ВКЛЮЧИТЬ СУБТИТРЫ! ************************************************** Боевой вертолет Ми-28Н "Ночной охотник" является ударным вертолетом, предназначенным для поиска и уничтожения танков, бронированной и небронированной техники, а также пехоты противника на поле боя и малоскоростных воздушных целей. Задачами частей (подразделений) боевых вертолетов Ми-28Н «Ночной охотник» являются: • огневая поддержка передовых частей сухопутных войск; • действия в составе противотанкового резерва; • сопровождение и поддержка тактических воздушных десантов и подразделений десантно-штурмовых соединений; • борьба с тактическими воздушными десантами противника; • борьба с малоскоростными низколетящими воздушными целями. Основными объектами действий вертолета Ми-28Н «Ночной охотник» являются: • танки, САУ и средства войсковой ПВО; • боевые машины пехоты, бронетранспортеры и автомашины; • отдельные орудия (пусковые установки), батареи полевой и атомной артиллерии; • легкая боевая техника (отдельные огневые точки); • не укрытые пехотные подразделения; • вертолеты и низколетящие малоскоростные самолеты в воздухе. Комплекс бортового радиоэлектронного оборудования вертолета обеспечивает: • решение пилотажных и навигационных задач в простых и сложных метеорологических условиях на малых и предельно малых высотах с облетом и обходом препятствий в автоматизированном режиме; • применение оружия днем и ночью в простых и сложных метеоусловиях, как при визуальной видимости целей, так и с помощью технических средств; • эффективное применение средств связи. В состав комплекса входит стабилизированная обзорно-прицельная станция оператора с оптическим, тепловым и телевизионным каналами наблюдения; тепловизионная станция летчика и лазерный дальномер; нашлемная система целеуказания и индикации, очки ночного видения летчика; система электронной индикации на цветных жидкокристаллических дисплеях; инерциальная и спутниковая навигационные системы, а также система навигации по физическим полям Земли; комплекс средств связи; РЛС кругового обзора. В состав вооружения Ми-28Н "Ночной охотник" входят неуправляемые авиационные ракеты (калибр 80 и 130 мм) и авиационные пушки ГШ-23 калибра 23 мм, размещенные в неподвижных универсальных пушечных контейнерах УПК-23-250. Это вооружение применяет летчик. Вертолет может использоваться и как постановщик минных заграждений, для этого на точки подвески устанавливаются специальные контейнеры. К уникальным средствам защиты машины и экипажа относится и лазерная станция подавления, которую для "Суперохотника" разработали в КРЭТ. Новая разработка позволит уводить от вертолета все существующие и разрабатываемые ракеты с тепловой головкой самонаведения. Для модернизированного "Ночного охотника" создаются улучшенные лопасти несущего винта - они увеличат крейсерскую скорость машины на 13 процентов, а максимальную - на 10. Сейчас Ми-28Н способен разгоняться до 340 километров в час. *************************************************** Название видео. МИ -28 Ночной охотник, вертолет не имеющий аналогов https://youtu.be/fHt8w2m82Fs *************************************************** ♔ Мои контакты ♔ ★ Skype: manzess ◄◄◄ ★ Whats App: +7 (952) 921-98-11 ◄◄◄ ★ |̳̿В̳̿|контакте: http://vk.com/manzes ◄◄◄ смотри также (полет над городом миг 29, анимация 3d, HD, видео, высокое качество ): https://youtu.be/0EEt623dBkc смотри также (красивый танец на улице, анимация 3d, хорошее качество,HD, приколы ): https://youtu.be/YfJE6aTg6Ww смотри также: (Дружеская беседа) https://youtu.be/8CvqLo5U7yc смотри также: (семейная драма, анимация 3d, HD, видео, высокое качество): https://youtu.be/h_IsHyNu9_c смотри также: (герои, анимация 3d, HD, видео, высокое качество): https://youtu.be/czE56un6h-s смотри также: танцуем ХИП-ХОП, анимация, Майнкрафт, танцы видео, анимация 3d, хорошее качество, HD, приколы) - https://youtu.be/tkuZUwZAA8g Название видео. МИ -28 Ночной охотник, вертолет не имеющий аналогов https://youtu.be/fHt8w2m82Fs
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