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Jotunn Gravitational Bombardment System
Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles... Music: EVE - Emergent Threats Credits: Whiplash141 - Various Fundamental Scripts 5URG3 - Inspiration Lore: In 2103, CDI, along with its industrial partner KUS, made a push for Europa to meet increasing demands for Ice in the wake of the Enceladus blockade. Having watched Europa for some time from a distance, CEU saw CDI expand and decided to take the moon for themselves before it was too late. They jumped into low Europa orbit and began orbital bombardment of what few facilities CDI had established. The Phoenix Republic immediately declared open war on CEU, and the Navy moved to defend CDI, along with the corporation's own naval forces. Back in the Saturn system, the RIA began investigating CEU's new weapon, and secretly made contact with WMI, the minds behind CEU's technology. The RIA offered WMI a deal, and they agreed to sell Phoenix the same technology. PFS was chosen to build the new weapon, due to its close ties with the Navy, along with the fact that it was based on Titan, meaning that it could carry out construction away from the conflict in Jovian space. By 2104, PFS unveiled the Jotunn in a massive propaganda stunt for all of Sol to see, ensuring the CEU received the very pointed threat that Phoenix would see the Jotunn bombard the CEU capitol of Ceres, should it refuse to withdraw.
CSX Unit Canned Train For Molten Sulphur
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CSX WET ROCK 12-5-09
CSX Wet rock coming from C.F. Industries
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