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Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
It has been called the world's greatest piggyback ride: a space shuttle, atop a Boeing 747 jet aircraft. But this is no ordinary 747, this is the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft...the SCA. This specially modified jumbo jet was not only a taxi service for the shuttle, but also helped in the development of the shuttle itself. In 30 years of flying, the majestic image of a spacecraft joined to the SCA, became a symbol of American invention and ingenuity.
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Trepel CHALLENGER Flugzeugschlepper
Ausbau des Motokompartments beim Challenger 700 von Trepel.
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Endeavour Overhead Payload Bay from Crane
Part of the EndeaVR Project by which we are utilizing leading-edge imaging technology to film, photograph and LIDAR-scan the entire Orbiter, resulting in the most comprehensive captures of a Space Shuttle interior ever assembled - the goal is to render ultra-res VR experiences by which individuals will be able to don eyewear such as the Oculus Rift, and walk or ‘fly’ through the Orbiter, able to ‘look’ anywhere, even touch surfaces and turn switches, via eventual haptic feedback gloves etc. Executive Producer David Knight Producer Ted Schilowitz Director Ben Grossman -- The entire project is being accomplished as a philanthropic effort benefitting the California Science Center, STEM education and posterity. (Thanks to Chuck Null for this shot)
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The Largest Land Vehicle On Earth - Crawler Transporter NASA's Massive Crawler
The crawler-transporters are a pair of tracked vehicles used to transport spacecraft from #NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building along the Crawlerway to Launch Complex 39. They were originally used to #transport the Saturn IB and Saturn V rockets during the Apollo, Skylab and Apollo–Soyuz programs. They were then used to transport Space Shuttles from 1981 to 2011. The crawler-transporters carry vehicles on the Mobile Launcher Platform, and after each launch return to the pad to take the platform back to the VAB. The #crawler #transporter has a mass of 2,721 tonnes and has eight tracks, two on each corner. Each track has 57 shoes, and each shoe weighs 900 kg. The #vehicle measures 40 by 35 metres. The height from ground level to the platform is adjustable from 6.1 to 7.9 m, and each side can be raised and lowered independently of the other. The crawler uses a laser guidance system and a leveling system to keep the Mobile Launcher Platform level within 10 minutes of arc while moving up the 5% grade to the launch site. -------------------------- Welcome to World Accord – a huge library of the best, the most interesting and engaging videos. We tell about the most amazing and bizarre stuff from around the world. So, if you like to learn new things, then you definitely should subscribe to us. Get your daily dose of new information on everything that surrounds you!
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Space Shuttle Enterprise (OV-101) Arrives in NYC on April 27, 2012
NASA Orbiter Enterprise (OV-101) arrives in New York City on April 27, 2012. This video was shot from the runway at JFK airport. The orbiter and the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) performed a fly by down the runway (31L) and then came around to land. This video was shot with a Canon SX200 (point and shoot) mounted on top of my Canon 7D. I rigged it that was so I can shoot video while shooting stills at the same time. As such, I apologize for the clicking of my shutter and the less than stellar aiming of the camera - but all things considered - I think it came out pretty well. It was a great day and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event. The Enterprise will be 'demated' from the SCA and will eventually make its way on a barge to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum where it will be placed on public display in July 2012. (C) 2012 Dan Adams - Jolly Roger Photography (@jollyrogerphotography) All Rights Reserved. WWW.AVIATIONPHOTOJOURNAL.COM
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Bob Cabana Scariest Moment In Space
At the NASASocial SpaceX3, a 6th grade teacher asks 4-time Shuttle Astronaut Bob Cabana about his scariest moment in space. Bob offers a story about the time that got his heart pumping - when the autopilot unexpectedly fired thrusters during a docking maneuver.
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Crawler Transporter
The crawler-transporters are a pair of tracked vehicles used to transport spacecraft from NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) along the Crawlerway to Launch Complex 39. They were originally used to transport the Saturn IB and Saturn V rockets during the Apollo, Skylab and Apollo--Soyuz programs. They were then used to transport Space Shuttles from 1981 to 2011. The crawler-transporters carry vehicles on the Mobile Launcher Platform, and after each launch return to the pad to take the platform back to the VAB. The two crawler-transporters were designed and built by Marion Power Shovel using components designed and built by Rockwell International at a cost of US$14 million each. Upon its construction, the crawler-transporter became the largest self-powered land vehicle in the world. Crawler Transporter https://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/crawler-transporter.html Mammoet Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) https://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/self-propelled-modular-transporter.html
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Nasa endeavour landing in different views
my first video. please watch. it is mine, i just dont want to pay for a hypercam. hope you enjoy
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Shuttle Towed to NJ Before Final NYC Stop
The prototype space shuttle Enterprise has arrived in New Jersey, the first half of its trip to the flight deck of a decommissioned aircraft carrier in New York City. (June 3) Subscribe to the Associated Press: http://bit.ly/APYouTube Download AP Mobile: http://www.ap.org/mobile/ Associated Press on Facebook: http://apne.ws/c7lQTV Associated Press on Twitter: http://apne.ws/bTquhb Associated Press on Google+: http://bit.ly/zuTKBL
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North Korean News Report Parody on Space Shuttle Disaster on 'Airplane II: The Sequel'
I was inspired by the montage of news on the space shuttle disaster according to different countries from the movie 'Airplane II: The Sequel' (see the scene at https://youtu.be/q8_R4AG2o1w?t=48s) that I decided to make a news parody out of it. Here I took a video of a North Korean news report so I can put the subtitles inspired by what I heard in that movie scene. I don't own anything that isn't mine. TAGS INCLUDED: North Korea, News, Parody, Space Shuttle, Airplane II: The Sequel
The Space Shuttle Joke ✅
The globe earth fantasy is quickly disappearing due to many across our flat earth realizing the real nature of this world. Amongst the many layers of deception is this - The Space Shuttle Missions... Here (UAP Channel) explains how NASA has fooled so many for so long...Now this age of deception is coming to an end, as the world wakes up to the real meaning of our existence. Thanks to UAP for allowing me to share with you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnK3gIeVugsW_MzkG82pcUQ --- ♥ Please support my channel & future projects. With thanks from Dorje ♥ https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=B6F6WYBFMTB3L — Please research Flat Earth: 1. Horizon always rises to eye level 2. Water always finds its level 3. Gyroscope's always remaining level throughout worldwide aeroplane flight travel 4. Polaris never moves from its position despite earths travel through space 5. No measurable curvature 6. Terminator line on the moon during daytime often does not coincide with suns directional light 7. Gravity is simply buoyancy & density 8. No photographic evidence of satellites 9 . Questionable flight paths in the southern hemisphere 10. The Antarctic treaty forbids freedom of movement in the Antarctic 11. Van Allen radiation belt makes space travel impossible 12. Water bubbles on ISS film footage 13. The Fake moon landing 14. The Sun & globe earth model contradictions — FAIR USE NOTICE: These works by DORJE DAKA are for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, and research. All footage taken falls under ''fair use'' of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998). Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright has been committed. This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorised by the copyright owner. This material is being made available within this transformative or derivative work for the purpose of education, commentary and criticism are being distributed without profit, and is believed to be "fair use" in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.
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NASA Research "Digs" for Domestic Air Safety
NASA TV's "The Leading Edge" examines how the agency's aeronautics researchers, in collaboration with commercial carriers like Southwest Airlines, are using the mathematical process known as "data mining" to help prevent future air mishaps.
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F-111 TACT Landing on Runway at Edwards AFB
This 33-second video from the mid-1980's shows the F-111 Transonic Aircraft Technology (TACT) landing on the runway at Edwards Air Force Base in California's Mojave Desert. Over a span of about 23 years from 1967 to about 1990, records show around six General Dynamic F-111 Aardvark aircraft at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (now Armstrong) at Edwards, CA. During this span, four areas of significant flight testing stand out. The first tests occurred during the late 1960's when NASA worked on evaluating problems with the early F-111A (#63-9771 and #63-9777) for the Air Force and Navy. The early 1970's through the late 1980's brought the second and third phases of testing with an on-going effort to improve the F-111A (#63-9778). The second phase called transonic aircraft technology (TACT/F-111A) added an highly efficient supercritical wing and later the third phase applied advanced wing (Mission Adaptive Wing - MAW) flight control technologies and was called Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (AFTI/F-111A). The fourth effort, using an F-111E (#67-0115), ran from 1973 to 1976, and used an engine with an electronic control system (fly-by-wire) in place of the traditional hydro-mechanical system. This project, called the integrated propulsion control system (IPCS), helped validate the Digital Electronic Engine Control (DEEC) concept. Starting in 1971 the NASA Flight Research Center and the Air Force undertook a major research and flight testing project, using F-111A (#63-9778), which would span almost 20 years before completion. Intense interest over the results coming from the NASA F-8 supercritical wing project spurred NASA and the Air Force to modify the General Dynamics-Convair F-111A to explore the application of supercritical wing technology to maneuverable military aircraft. By 1971 NASA and General Dynamics had over 1600 hours of wind tunnel time on perfecting a suitable wing. NASA Langley's Dr. Richard Whitcomb determined its shape, twist, and airfoil coordinates. General Dynamics built the wing and the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory funded the project. Thus NASA and the Air Force started the Transonic Aircraft Technology (TACT) project. Over the next few years the TACT aircraft few frequently on research flights. The supercritical wing improved the performance of the TACT/F-111A. The wing delayed the drag rise at transonic speeds and produced substantially more lift than the conventional wing. In parallel with the TACT project a series of aerodynamic experiments were flown piggyback, gathering significant data. The base drag experiment used different shapes in two base pressure areas (1) the fuselage closure between the engines and (2) the aft end of the body-of -revolution on top of the vertical fin. A joint NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and Langley Research Center natural laminar flow experiment was another test performed after the TACT project on the F-111A. Two partial wing gloves were installed on each wing with pressure ports and boundary rakes on the right glove. A series of flights indicated the airfoil installed on the partial glove improved natural laminar flow.
Endeavor Space Shuttle 2012 - Sacramento Flyover HD
Sitting atop the parking garage on 14th & H(about 10 stories up) we gather and watch the final flight of the space shuttle Endeavor as it does a low level flyby of the State Capital in Sacramento, CA on September 21st 2012. The music is not mine and no copyright infringement is intended. God Bless America. Songs: Times of Grace - Willing(acoustic) Lynyrd Skynyrd - Ready to Fly
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X-plane 11: Do NOT attempt this in real life !!!
So after a youtube troll was amusing me commenting on a video of mine the other day that I was obviously a disgrace to real world pilots because I got something wrong, I figured to hell with that guy, its my game, I can do what I like and what are the insane things you can do only in X-plane. and whats is more nuts than landing a shuttle on an Aircraft carrier. Normal programming will resume next time!
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Raytheon Space Solutions
From the ground to orbit and back, Raytheon keeps our nation and our allies ahead of the threat. Because we know space, and how to defend it. Learn more at: https://www.raytheon.com/capabilities/products/space
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SP-03 Nuclear spaceplane - mission to EVE
MODS: Procedural wing, b9, kwr, kjr, mechjeb, interstellar extended, scatterer, sve, nebula decals, tac life support, nav hud, kerbal engineer, procedural parts, -- Land on the Golden Gateby Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/ -- in the next ep, we go to another star.
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Space Shuttle Challenger Accident Investigation (1986)
Who really was at fault? The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986, when the NASA Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger (OV-099) . Video courtesy: NASA NASA documnetary detailing the events surrounding the loss of OV-099, Space Shuttle Challenger, shortly after the launch of the 25th . All copyrights (if it is copyrighted) belong to NASA. No copyright infringement is intended, just education. No money is being made off it either. Seconds From Disaster S03E12 Space Shuttle Explosion Space Shuttle Challenger.
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Building A Paper Model Of Space Shuttle Enterprise
I found this amazing website http://www.axmpaperspacescalemodels.com/ that has a free buildable model for all six shuttles built for every modification they went through. It even came with accessories like the srbs and ets as well as even the SCA 747 and the crawler. I chose to make Enterprise because of the six built it was the most visually different.
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Elastos Dream #1 - A World Government
The Smart Web is here, and with it the potential for an internet government that could give power and meaning to everyone. Website I mention: https://www.kialo.com/
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Space Engineers - Boeing 747 vs Fighter Jet
To prove cats can fly, unlike all the pussyphobes said in the comments, I show my flawless flying skills. It all goes well until I run into a dog fighter jet... Thanks to DolphinDude3 and vinster7 for shooting me down! Boeing 747 : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=602396097 Music (In Order) : "At Launch" by Kevin MacLeod "Black Vortex" by Kevin MacLeod Outro song : "Unity" by TheFatRat Game : Space Engineers (http://store.steampowered.com/app/244850) Version in video : 01.120 My Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/meowcaptain My Twitter : https://twitter.com/MeowCaptain Subreddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/PussyBattalion Steam Group : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/pussybattalion
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Space Age Gateway to New Atlantis Attraction Takes Shape
The home of space shuttle Atlantis continues taking shape at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Crews placed the nose cone atop the second of a replica pair of solid rocket boosters. A life-size external tank model will be built between them to form a complete "stack" the same size as the ones that lifted space shuttles into orbit for 30 years. The stack, which will reach 184 feet when finished, will straddle a walkway into the Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction's main building, a new, 90,000-square-foot exhibit hall housing Atlantis itself.
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Space Engineers Inspiration - Episode 147: Dionis, Skylark Shuttle Mk2, & JAXA Sakuya
Check out my Patreon page if you would like to support my channel: http://www.patreon.com/SKS Sleepless Knights Studios group on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SKStudios Welcome to the Space Engineers Inspiration series!! I'm basically going to be picking out random ships/maps that I just find really awesome or impressive & doing walkthrough/showcase kind of thing to show all of you some of the really crazy stuff the community has done! There will always be links to the download page along with the author's name so that you can check them out yourself too. This Episode's Links: Dionis by pizdec.exe: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=937436224 Skylark Personnel Shuttle Mk2 by MACH Velocity: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=936006172 JAXA DSSD 1701C Sakuya by DrNiggle: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=935729001 NOTE: These are in no way shape or form connected to ME. I had NO hand in making these I'm just showcasing them, they are totally someone else's work! You can get the game from its website below or from Steam Space Engineers Website: http://www.spaceengineersgame.com/ Disclaimer: Space Engineers is property of Keen Software House
RC Plane 2 - The Space Shuttle
This is just a little test/demo of the Space Shuttle in RC Plane 2 for iOS. Mainly for the people who might be in the market for buying this in-app purchase. It is fast, sensitive, and sometimes can not pull up as you may like it, but that may have more to do with the app development. 4/5 - would purchase again.
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15 BIGGEST Transport Operations Of All Time!
Most epic transportation operations in history! From oil rigs to telescopes we look at the biggest things ever moved by man
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Boeing to build the US military's hypersonic space plane
Boeing to build the US military's hypersonic space plane The mysterious X-37b spaceplane has captured the imagination of many, with some suggesting it is a spy plane and others who think it could be a space bomber. But now its big brother is one step closer to being built. The project, known as XS-1, is expected to debut in 2020, and military bosses claim it will 'bolster national security by providing short-notice, low-cost access to space.' Boeing declined to say how much it will put into development of the vehicle, which it calls Phantom Express, with DARPA, which is an agency under the U.S. Department of Defense. About the size of a business jet, Phantom Express will take off like a rocket, boost itself beyond the atmosphere and release an expendable second-stage rocket and satellite, then turn around and land like an airplane on a runway. The DARPA-Boeing venture joins a race to design a generation of reusable launch vehicles designed to cut the cost of putting payloads into space. Elon Musk's SpaceX and Blue Origin, a venture backed by Amazon.com Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, are working on reusable launch vehicles. 'The reusable first stage ... would be prepared for the next flight, potentially within hours,' DARPA spokesman Jared Adams wrote in an email. The goal of the XS-1 program is to fly 10 flights within 10 days. Boeing said it is still evaluating launch sites, but DARPA´s Adams said Phantom Express would fly from Cape Canaveral, where two other Boeing space programs are based. The company took over one of the hangars used by NASA´s now-retired space shuttles for a commercial space taxi that will ferry astronauts and potentially paying passengers to and from the International Space Station, a $100 billion research laboratory that flies about 250 miles (400 km) above Earth. The first flight of Boeing´s CST-100 Starliner is scheduled for next year. Subscribe here - https://goo.gl/R7hEgm The Latest News From The Science & Technology World DR WORLD NEWS
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Clown Motel Visit
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TIE Fighter - Combat Chamber - MIS Mission 3
Try to destroy the criuser fast. Except that, it's just dogfighting. watch for advanced missiles. Level: Hard Craft: MIS (10 heavy bomb + 40 advanced concussion missile + tractor beam) Controller: Moused + Keyboard Mission goals: Primary: All completed 100% of Mod Corvette group Dagger has completed mission (1x2) 100% of Mine group M2 was destroyed (18) Bonus: All completed Lt Calamari Cruiser Planka was destroyed 100% of Shuttle group Lacoda was destroyed (1x2 if they have the time to fly out the cruiser) 100% of X-wing group Yellow was destroyed (1x3) 100% of X-wing group Gold was destroyed (1x3) 100% of A-wing group Yellow was destroyed (1x3) 100% of A-wing group Red was destroyed (1x3) 100% of A-wing group Blue was destroyed (1x3) 100% of A-wing group Gold was destroyed (1x3)
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Why Boeing Won NASA's Space-Taxi Contest
Boeing Co. BA received consistently higher rankings than Space Exploration Technologies Corp. during NASA's recent multibillion-dollar competition to build "space taxis," according to an internal agency document. The memo—dated Sept. 15 and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal—provides an inside look at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's deliberations and reveals why agency officials rated Boeing's bid better across the board than the one submitted by SpaceX, as the smaller company is called. Chicago-based Boeing ended up with a contract worth up to $4.2 billion, versus $2.6 billion for Southern California-based SpaceX. The goal is to use company-owned and operated spacecraft to start transporting astronauts into orbit by 2017. http://online.wsj.com/articles/why-boeing-beat-spacex-in-nasas-space-taxi-contest-1412207046?mod=rss_Technology http://www.wochit.com
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This Week @NASA
Administrator Charlie Bolden led members of the media on a tour of NASA's new mobile launcher at the Kennedy Space Center. The launch of NASA's National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project is fast approaching. The 15th annual NASA's Extreme Environment Mission Operations experiments are underway off Key Largo, Florida. Four NASA scientists named by President Obama as recipients of the 2010 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers were presented with their medals at a Headquarters ceremony. With NASA's support, Space Adventures, Ltd. of Vienna, Va., will conduct a global competition for students ages 14 to 18 years to design space-based experiments in either life sciences or physics. This ceremony in Los Angeles marked NASA's official title transfer and ownership of space shuttle Endeavour to the California Science Center. The four members of the STS-135 crew paid an extended visit to the Nation's Capital. This is part of a video pieced together by the Opportunity team at the Jet Propulsion Lab to show the Mars Exploration Rover's three-year trek from Victoria crater to Endeavour crater.
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The Search for Answers Lead Me to an Underworld of Ghosts, Extraterrestrials, Giants, Dead and More!
This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Visit Us Today || www.SizzleCity.com || 626.274.6028 || From 1957 to 1980, the intersection of Washington and Rosemead boulevards was home to the Ford Motor Co. Los Angeles assembly plant, where the Ford Falcon, the company's first compact car, and the Thunderbird were built. The plant fell victim to the declining demand for big cars, Ford said at the time. It employed 1,670 people. In its place came Northrop Grumman Corp. In 1982, the aerospace and technology giant opened its largest top-secret military plant, which had no windows and required trucks to make deliveries in the middle of the night. At its height, the plant employed more than 12,000 people and was known for developing the B-2 stealth bomber. The Los Angeles aerospace industry declined, and the plant closed in 1999. By the end, it had 2,000 workers. The city then helped develop a portion of the site into the Pico Rivera Towne Center, a 630,000-square-foot open-air shopping center. When Wal-Mart arrived, the low prices were an immediate hit in the largely Latino town. It was open 24 hours; the aisles were often jammed http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-walmart-pico-rivera-20150427-story.html PICO RIVERA — A major expansion at Northrop Corp. has helped push the city's building permit valuation to a record high of $31.3 million in the first quarter of the year. That total--more than quadrupling the $7.3 million in building permits issued in the first three months of 1984--includes other commercial development and 130 residential units, according to John Walker, director of planning and building for the city. Northrop, though, has accounted for more than half of the permit valuation, Walker said. "They have spent a phenomenal amount," he said. Stealth Bomber Division http://articles.latimes.com/1985-04-25/news/hl-12420_1_northrop Northrop Will Add 4,500 Workers : Many Are Expected to Be Assigned to Stealth Program In what appears to signal a significant milestone in the growth of the stealth bomber program, Northrop said Wednesday that it will hire 4,500 new workers in the remainder of this year, primarily in Southern California. On another matter, Jones said the company intends to continue marketing the F-20 jet fighter to the Air Force, despite the crash of one of its two F-20 test aircraft Tuesday. "Any loss is obviously bad, but I think the long-term effect can only be determined when we know the cause of the accident," Jones told reporters after the meeting. John J. Richardson, Northrop vice president of industrial relations, said about 70% or about 3,000 of the new jobs will be scattered at five plants in Southern California and the balance at its defense electronics plant in suburban Chicago and its gyroscope manufacturing plant in Norwood, Mass. The hiring will boost employment by several hundred at each of the firm's major employment divisions around Los Angeles, including its electro-mechanical in Anaheim, electronics in Hawthorne and unmanned aircraft in Newbury Park, a company spokeswoman added. But the largest single effect of the new hiring is expected to be felt at the firm's advanced systems division in Pico Rivera, which is currently developing the stealth bomber under contract to the Air Force. Much Activity Evident Northrop is prevented by law from discussing the program, but a high level of activity is evident in the stealth operations. Northrop posted a 34% surge in first-quarter sales. Its aircraft segment sales jumped $299 million, and much of that is believed to be from stealth revenues. The firm is currently building a large aircraft assembly plant in Palmdale, which is known within aerospace circles as the final assembly site for the stealth plane. In addition, Northrop completed just last week the construction of a 72,000-square-foot office building at its Pico Rivera site, a former automobile factory, and will begin building a structure of similar size within weeks, according to Pico Rivera city officials. It is also expected to start soon on another 40,000-square-foot addition. Those additions have followed the construction of more than 700,000 square feet of space in the past 2 1/2 years at Pico Rivera. Since Northrop bought the Pico Rivera site, it has invested $70 million in construction. Thank you all for watching please don't forget to like, share and subscribe. Please be good to one another and of course be good to yourself. Please use this opportunity to prepare for the worst and hope for the best everyone. You are loved.
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Eeloo Base #4, Stations and Kethane, Kerbal Space Program
Building a Kerbin space station and finding kethane around Eeloo.
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Harv Returns to KSP! [#01]
If you liked the video, like the video! Livestream! http://www.twitch.tv/HOCgaming T-SHIRTS! http://hocgaming.spreadshirt.co.uk Follow Harv on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HOCgamer Contact Harv at: [email protected]
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Space Shuttle destroyed the ISS in Space Engineers
this video shows a collision of spaceships. if you want to send your spaceships to me and I let them crash. Dieses Video zeit einen zusammen prall von Raumschiffen. Wenn ihr wollt schickt mir euer Raumschiffe und ich lass sie crashen.
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The mod of my dreams!!! Transporter Mod on the Workshop: http://bit.ly/1tmZTSq ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for watching the Video! --- Links --- Patreon - http://bit.ly/1Kt6guK Steam Group - http://bit.ly/1XAAcXG Twitter - http://bit.ly/1mZxL26 Facebook Page - http://on.fb.me/1PNIAy1 Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/captainjackyt --- Space Engineer SERVERS --- Check out Server Blend for Top Quality Servers today! https://serverblend.com/my/aff.php?aff=84 I personally reccomend Server Blend - Captain Jack! --- Music --- The Music i use in videos is either by, www.epidemicsound.com www.machinimasound.com --- Patreons --- Get featured HERE! *Patreons as of 02/05/2016* GD Taylor Dac1199
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NASA Office of Communications
A few of the projects we've worked on the past couple of months. This was a small part of a presentation to the NASA Advisory Council.
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KerbalCon - Streaming Saturday 29th on KSPTV!
The Unofficial KerbalKon! http://www.twitch.tv/HOCgaming I'll be streaming from 19:00 to 21:00 UTC, but the event is running from 17:00 to 09:00 UTC the next day! Go use Google and convert that to your timezone. Seriously. It's not hard. I don't wanna see ANYONE in these comments asking what time it is, or when it is in their timezone. T-SHIRTS! http://hocgaming.spreadshirt.co.uk Follow Harv on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HOCgamer Livestream! http://www.twitch.tv/HOCgaming Contact Harv at: [email protected] Kerbal Space Program is available at http://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com There is also a free demo, if you just want to try the basic game out first.
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Comfortably Numb (HD)
From the wall
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Speaker John Herrington - DisruptED 2019
John B. Herrington, is the first member of a federally recognized tribe (Chickasaw) to travel to space. He is a Distinguished Naval Graduate from Aviation Officer Candidate School, awarded Legion of Merit, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, NASA Spaceflight Medal, Navy Commendation Medal and various other service awards. He is the recipient of two honorary Doctorates of Science. One from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and the other from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Learn more about Dr. John Herrington at www.keyspeakers.com
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NASA Recovery of Orion Spacecraft
PACIFIC OCEAN (Oct. 28, 2016) Navy divers assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 3 and Mobile Dive and Salvage Company 3-1 conduct towing techniques and safety procedures for a training capsule called the boilerplate-testing article (BTA), belonging to NASA’s Orion program, in the Pacific Ocean Oct. 28, 2016. NASA is currently testing the BTA with help from USS San Diego (LPD 22) utilizing NASA and Naval technology with the goal of reducing manning and increasing safety. On January 14, 2004, U.S. President George W. Bush announced the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) as part of the Vision for Space Exploration. The CEV was partly a reaction to the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, the subsequent findings and report by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB), and the White House's review of the American space program. The CEV effectively replaced the conceptual Orbital Space Plane (OSP), which was proposed after the cancellation of the Lockheed Martin X-33 program to produce a replacement for the space shuttle. As the Vision for Space Exploration was developed into the Constellation program under NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe, the Crew Exploration Vehicle was renamed the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle, after the constellation of the same name.[
30 Years Of Service - Great Employees at Wells Aircraft, Hutchinson, Kansas
30 Years Of Service, http://www.wellsac.com/ Wells Aircraft, Inc. has been in business for over 65 years. Based at the Hutchinson Municipal Airport (KHUT) in Hutchinson, KS, Wells is at the center of the heartland. Wells Aircraft is your one stop for all of your aircraft needs. We provide the best service at the lowest prices. Whether you need airframe, engine, avionics, or a 15 minute turnaround, we can help! We now offer rental cars to serve you better. From compacts to full sizes, we can help make your stay more comfortable. Contact us today to reserve your car. SERVICE: Our maintenance technicians are FAA Certified with years of experience on all types of aircraft. From a Cessna 172 to a turbo-prop, you can be assured that your plane will be given the best care available. We offer complete aircraft maintenance and repair for all piston and turbine engine aircraft. We can provide you with all of your aircraft needs including annual and 100 hour inspections and engine removal and reinstallation. With some of the best rates around, you can bet that your plane will be repaired for the best possible price with the highest quality. 620-663-1546
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STS-125: Crew 2
STS-125: Final Shuttle Mission to Hubble Space Telescope Johnson, a Seattle native and former Navy test pilot and NASA research pilot, was selected as an astronaut in 1998. He will be making his first space flight. Feustel, Good, and McArthur were each selected as astronauts in 2000. Feustel, a native of Lake Orion, Mich., was an exploration geophysicist in the petroleum industry at the time of his selection by NASA. Good is from Broadview Heights, Ohio, and is an Air Force colonel, weapons systems officer and graduate of the Air Force Test Pilot School, having logged more than 2,100 hours in 30 different types of aircraft. McArthur, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, considers California her home state. She has a doctorate in oceanography from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California-San Diego.
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Landon Lecture | Adm. Richard Truly
Recorded: December 12, 1990 Former Astronaut, and current NASA Administrator Personal Data: Born in Fayette, Mississippi, on November 12, 1937. Married. Three children. Education: Attended schools in Fayette and Meridian, Mississippi; received a bachelor of aeronautical engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1959. Special honors: Decorations include the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legion of Merit, Navy Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Meritorious Service Award. His NASA awards include the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, two NASA Space Flight Medals, and two NASA Exceptional Service Medals. He is also the recipient of the Air Force Association's David C. Shilling Award (1978), Society of Experimental Test Pilot's Ivan C. Kincheloe Award (1978), the American Astronautical Society's Flight Achievement Award (1977), the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Haley Space Flight Award (1980), the Robert H. Goddard Memorial Trophy (1982), the Thomas D. White Space Trophy (1982), the Robert J. Collier Trophy (1982), the Harmon International Trophy (1982), the Federation Aeronautique Internationale Gold Space Medal (1984), the Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Eagle Scout Award , and the Medal of Honor of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Experience: Truly was ordered to flight school and was designated a Naval Aviator on October 7, 1960. His initial tour of duty was in Fighter Squadron 33 where he flew F-8 Crusaders aboard USS Intrepid (CVA-11) and USS Enterprise (CVN-65) and made more than 300 carrier landings. From 1963 to 1965, he was first a student and later an instructor at the U.S. Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, California. In 1965, he was among the first military astronauts selected to the USAF Manned Orbiting Laboratory program in Los Angeles, California. He became an astronaut for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in August 1969. He was a member of the Astronaut support crew and capsule communicator for all three of the manned Skylab missions (1973) and the Apollo-Soyuz mission (1975). Truly was pilot for one of the two-man crews that flew the 747/Space Shuttle Enterprise approach and landing test flights during 1977. He was then assigned as a backup pilot for STS-1, the first orbital flight test of the Shuttle. His first flight into space (STS-2, November 12-14, 1981) was as pilot of the Space Shuttle Columbia, significant at the first manned spacecraft to be reflown in space. His second flight (STS-8, August 30 to September 5, 1983) was as commander of the Space Shuttle Challenger, which was the first night launch and landing in the Shuttle program. As a Naval Aviator and test pilot, Truly has over 7,000 hours in numerous military jet aircraft. Truly left NASA in 1983 to become the first commander of the Naval Space Command, Dahlgren, Virginia. He served as NASA Administrator from 1989-1992.
Drones over Disney
I took this at 2:30 am over the Polynesian...there was a high pitch remote control airplane noise Also there was a kite shaped canopy over the drone supporting flight
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Voyage to the Mun in Kerbal Space Program
A Kerbal Space Program flight inspired by the Apollo "J-class" missions (Apollo 15, 16 and 17).
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Можно ли бегать после силовой тренировки? Правда ли, что бег сжигает мышечную массу?
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RNAS Culdrose 771 squadron Search&Rescue..Last flight of the Seakings.
771 Squadron of RNAS Culdrose put all the Sea Kings together for one last flight over Cornwall today to mark the occasion. very poignant and touching gesture. was a moment in history. Thanks Culdrose.. here seen flying over Geevor Tin Mine, also the last of its kind in Cornwall !!
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NASA Antares Rocket Explodes During Launch
This you-tube channel, is a non profit educational news blog and as such claims all privileges of the "fair use" doctrine that applies to copyright laws. NASA Antares Rocket Explodes During Launch (Private Spaceship) NASA Rocket Explodes During Launch Private Spaceship Bound for Space Station Explodes on Launch A private spaceship bound for the International Space Station exploded shortly after launch on Tuesday. Orbital Sciences' unmanned Cygnus spacecraft exploded as it blasted off atop an Antares rocket a few seconds after liftoff Tuesday evening from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. NASA Mission Control reported via its TV channel that no personnel were in the blast radius and no injuries have been reported. The launch was scheduled to take place at 6:22 Eastern time, but "suffered an accident" and exploded on the platform. It came after a "flawless countdown," NASA said, during which "the team was not tracking any issues." The rocket launch was to be Orbital Sciences' third official cargo mission to the Space Station for NASA under a $1.9 billion contract, which calls for a total of eight delivery missions. The robotic Cygnus spacecraft — also built by Orbital — was filled with 5,000 pounds of food, water, experiments and other gear for the astronauts currently living aboard the space station. An accident investigation team is being formed from NASA and Orbital personnel.
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