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Temblores and Terremotos in Chile (Earthquakes)
http://preparetoserve.com/CHILE Temblores and Terremotos in Chile (Earthquakes).
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Countdown to Chile Miner Rescue
The Chilean miners who have been trapped for 67 days could be pulled to safety by mid-week. Seth Doane has the latest details on the complicated rescue.
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Mi Experiencia Con Los TERREMOTOS | Hola Soy German
Mi otro canal: JuegaGerman → http://bit.ly/JGsuscribete Facebook → http://bit.ly/FacebookHSG Twitter → http://bit.ly/TwitterHSG Instagram → http://instagram.com/germanchelo Snapchat: buscame como "germanchelo182"
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World reacts to Chile mine rescue
Follow us in twitter: http://twitter.com/RTVCHD CNN's Atika Shubert gets reaction from around the world on the Chile mine rescue mission
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Chile Earth Quake shook the Earth of it's axis
Chile Earth Quake shook the Earth of it's axis
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Local miner's reaction to Chile mine recovery
Local miner's reaction to Chile mine recovery
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Show organized to help victims of the earthquake in Chile
(11 Mar 2010) SHOTLIST AP Television Buenos Aires, 10 March 2010 1. Exterior of Chilean Embassy 2. Close Flag of Chile at half 3. Wide of press conference 4. Various shots of Ricardo Darin and Leon Gieco 5. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Juan Carr, Solidarity network volunteer: "The idea is do something that could be felt in Chile. That''s way we are in here, to embrace Chile." 6. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Leon Gieco, Singer: "(The show) will get started at 5 in the evening with Cerati and his band. Then "Un Leon demente" will play with Demente''s band, and last will be "Los Fabulosos Cadillacs." 7. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Ricardo Dar�n, actor: "I just want to say this, I say thank you to the people of Chile. I worked there when I did a movie with Fernando Trueba, and with a lot of staff from Chile and the rest of the world. And I felt cherished, and treated with so much love that in this moment of deep pain for them, I feel that the minimum that I can do is to try to return all that love. That is why I''m in this group." 8. Cutaway Media 9. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Vicentico, "Los Fabulosos Cadillacs" singer: "In this city we have just a few opportunities to be united, to give something good. And this is something different. It is very important that lots of people come to the show, and in that way make it felt to the other side (Chile) that this is pure love and good vibes." 10.SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Leon Gieco, Singer: "Because some day in the future we can record a video or CD, but the important thing here is creating a memory of this." 11. Wide of speakers 12. Wide of press conference room, with people applauding STORYLINE ARGENTINA HELPS CHILE WITH CHARITY CONCERT The lead actor in the Oscar-winning movie, ''''El Secreto de Sus Ojos,'''' was one of the stars at the Embassy of Chile in Buenos Aires on Wednesday (10 MAR 2010). Ricardo Dar�n, along with members of the band "Los Fabuloso Cadillacs" and singer Leon Gieco, turned out to announce details of a charity concert to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Chile. Called "Argentina abraza Chile" (Argentina embraces Chile) the event will take place on Saturday 13 March. Darin took the opportunity to explain his connection with the cause: "I say thank you to the people of Chile. I worked there when I did a movie with Fernando Trueba, and with a lot of staff from Chile and the rest of the world. And I felt cherished, and treated with so much love that in this moment of deep pain for them, I feel that the minimum that I can do is to try to return all that love. That is why I''m in this group." You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/457900622406a37cd6bee4de5d554034 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Chilean Mine - Last Rescue worker leaving the mine! Oct 13, 2010
Well, this is the moment when the last man left the mine! This was a miracle from GOD! 33 men, 33 days to drill the hole, and 25 hours of rescue! To God be the Glory forever!
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Relocation in the Andes: Resistance to Mining Company Chinalco's Plans
Perched in the Peruvian Andes is a new town built by Chinalco, a Chinese mining company, to which 5,000 people will be relocated. Related article: http://nyti.ms/WATuuD Please visit http://nyti.ms/VEwU7O in order to embed this video Watch more videos at http://nytimes.com/video Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/nytimesvideo
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A major earthquake struck northern Chile on Wednesday, sending terrified residents fleeing into stre
HEADLINE: Major earthquake strikes Chile --------------------------------------- CAPTION: A major earthquake struck northern Chile on Wednesday, sending terrified residents fleeing into streets cut by toppled power lines. Authorities and residents reported damage and and at least 20 injured, but no deaths. The U.S. Geological Survey calculated the magnitude at 7.7. (Nov 14) ---------------------------------------- [Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:hotel in Antofagasta] The earthquake that struck northern Chile Wednesday morning sent the portico of a hotel crashing down on top of cars. But scenes of damage were rare. The U-S Geological Survey says the seven-point-seven magnitude quake struck about 800 miles north of Santiago--the capital of Chile. [Notes:people walking/running in the streets] The mid-morning earthquake sent many people into the streets. It was also felt in neighboring Bolivia and Peru. Officials say reports of injuries are limited. Geologists say that's due to the fact that the center of the earthquake was about 37 miles below the surface, which is relatively deep. [Notes:school children] In some areas, schools, hospitals and other buildings were evacuated. [Notes:dust and rocks from mine] Northern Chile is home to some of the region's largest copper mines. Mine officials say there were minor landslides, but they hadn't affected operations. Chile is part of the earthquake-prone Pacific Rim of Fire. More than 30-thousand people have died in earthquakes in the last century. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/cb2b155a008f40458946b07dacc38c2f Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Sismo de santiago
Paseo ahumada en santiago cuando nos tomaba por sorpresa el segundo sismo en medio de la calle, al frente el banco chile que se agrietaba y los vidrios a punto de explotar, la gente protegiendose y de los edificios callendo grandes pedazos de "piedra" de los cuales estuvimos a punto de ser victima. La magnitud de este temblor fue de 7.2° Richter
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cnn으로 배운다top stories
Those were some of the biggest stories that made headlines during this school year. We're going to take a look back now at the top stories from 2010- 2011, and we're including some of your comments along the way. Set your clocks back to August, and here we go. From Grace: Being a military child myself, I know that many families across America have been affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is really hard to go through a deployment when you have a loved one fighting in the war. Our goal, our goal is not just a physically secure Iraq, but an economically prosperous and stable one as well. From Megan: The rescue of the Chilean miners was one of the most touching stories reported during the whole year. The rescue was so breathtaking and the reactions of everyone were so sincere. August 5th; 2 in the afternoon; 2,300 feet underground, a shaft collapses in the San Jose copper and gold mine. 33 miners are somewhere behind the rubble, their condition unknown. The Chilean president promises every effort to rescue them. Finally, after more than 2 months buried alive, salvation. [ words ] include : 포함하다 : to contain between or within Synonyms: comprehend, embrace, involve, contain comment : 논평하다 : an observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude Synonyms: remark, note, observation, reflection go through : 겪다/경험하다 Synonyms: suffer, experience deploy : 배치하다 : to extend (a military unit) especially in width not just ~ but just ~ : not only ~ but also~ ; ~뿐만 아니라 ~도 physically : 물리적으로 economically : 경제적으로 prosperous : 변영의 : marked by success or economic well-being Synonyms: booming, boomy, flourishing, golden, halcyon, lush, palmy, roaring, thriving stable : 안정된 : firmly established : fixed, steadfast Synonyms: bombproof, fast, firm, sound, stalwart, strong, sturdy rescue : 구조~ : to free from confinement, danger, or evil : save, deliver Synonyms: bail out, bring off, deliver, save touching : 감동적인 : capable of arousing emotions of tenderness or compassion Synonyms: moving, abutting, adjoining, contiguous, flanking, breathtaking : 엄청난/놀라운 : very great : astonishing : Synonyms: exciting, exhilarating, inspiring, stimulating, stirring, thrilling sincere : 진지한/성실한 : Synonyms: honest, pure, heartfelt, unfeigned shaft : 수직갱도/ 손잡이 collapse : 붕괴~ : to break down completely Synonyms: buckle, cave (in), crumple, implode, tumble, yield, give way salvation : 구원 : preservation from destruction or failure Synonyms: deliverance, rescue http://blog.daum.net/ilgo52/?t__nil_login=myblog
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Terremoto 8,8 Richter en Chile, 27 de Febrero de 2010, 0334 a.m..mpg
Terremoto 8,8 Richter en Chile, 27 de Febrero de 2010, 0334 a.m..mpg
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Powerful 8.3 magnitude earthquake rocks Chile
Two people have been killed after a powerful earthquake off the coast of Chile. The US Geological Survey says the quake had a magnitude of 8.3. Chilean media say waves four and a half metres high are hitting the Northern coast. A Tsunami alert has been issued for most of the Pacific Ocean.
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sismo de 5.9 grados en la escala de Richter EN MEXICALI,
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Terremoto En Nueva Zelanda 2011 (informe especial) New Zealand Report 2011
Dos sismos de 6.3 y 5.6 grados en la escala de Richter sacudieron la Isla Sur de Nueva Zelanda, informó el Instituto de Geología y Ciencias Nucleares neozelandés. El sismo de magnitud 6.3 se produjo a las 12:51 del martes a 5 km de la ciudad y a sólo 4 km de profundidad, según el Instituto de Geofísica de Estados Unidos. Le siguieron varias réplicas que llegaron a ser de 5.6 grados de intensidad. Nueva Zelanda se ubican en el Pacífico en el llamado ``anillo de fuego'', un perímetro de zonas sísmicas y volcánicas que se extiende de Chile, en Sudamérica, hasta Alaska y desciende de nuevo hacia el sur en ese océano. se ubica en una zona en la que colisionan dos placas tectónicas. El país registra al menos 14.000 sismos cada año, aunque apenas 150 son perceptibles para la población y menos de 10 causan daños. Christchurch, la segunda ciudad con 340.000 habitantes, ahora en estado de emergencia, había sido golpeada el 4 de septiembre de 2010 por un sismo de magnitud 7 que no causó muertos aunque sí destrozos considerables. tras el sismo que el martes se produjo en la segunda ciudad de Nueva Zelanda, Christchurch. Al menos 65 personas murieron y cerca de 200 podrían estar atrapadas entre los escombros, La policía añadió que se reportaron edificios colapsados e incendios en Christchurch, y las autoridades señalaron que hay personas atrapadas en algunos inmuebles Personas heridas y a menudo manchadas de sangre salían de los inmuebles y caminaban renqueantes por las calles, apoyándose unas en otras, según imágenes de la televisión, que había mostrado escenas de pánico poco después del temblor. En la plaza principal de la ciudad se oían gritos y la aguja de la catedral de Christchurch se desgajó. "Varios decesos fueron señalados en diferentes puntos del centro de la ciudad, donde dos autobuses fueron aplastados por cascotes caídos de las alturas. Un médico y los servicios de emergencia se encuentran en el lugar", indicó la policía. En declaraciones a la emisora, el ministro de Defensa Civil, John Carter, indicó que las líneas de telefonía celular colapsaron poco después del sismo de 6.3 grados, por lo que pidió restringir su uso para que las personas que estén atrapadas llamen a los servicios de emergencia. La empresa de electricidad Orion New Zealand también reportó la suspensión del servicio, debido a que su planta local fue dañada, para evitar riesgos de incendio en las viviendas vecinas. El terremoto más mortífero desde que existen las estadísticas se cobró 256 muertos el 3 de febrero de 1931 en la bahía de Hawke, sur de la isla del Norte
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Earthquake testimony in Chile
A video from Baptists in Chile on the earthquake that affected the South American country on February 27, 2010
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Erdbeben Chile
Tsunami 2meter hoch Erdbeben 8.2
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The January 2nd 2011 Araucania, Chile earthquake occurred as a result of shallow thrust faulting on or near the subduction interface between the Nazca and South America tectonic plates. At the location of this event, the Nazca plate moves east-northeastwards with respect to South America at a rate of approximately 74 mm/yr. The Nazca plate, oceanic in origin, subducts beneath the South America plate at a shallow angle along the Peru-Chile trench, and is seismically active to depths of approximately 200 km near the epicenter of today's earthquake, through further north seismicity continues to depths exceeding 600 km.
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This Is How You React When You've Been Through Worse Earthquakes
Chile earthquake: 8.3-magnitude quake strikes off coast-Chile is in one of the most earthquake-prone regions in the world.
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Terremoto en Chile 2010 - Como ayudar - Con imágenes
Hice este video con el fin de los interesados en colaborar a los damnificados con el terremoto en Chile puedan hacerlo. Si no les interesa no hagan comentarios en contra de Chile ya que estamos pasando no por un muy buen momento y deberiamos como mundo ayudarnos los unos a los otros y si no pues es invitado a salir de este video y no dar niun comentario acerca de él. Aquí están las formas más otros detalles por si no lograron verlo en el video: DONACIONES EN DINERO -Cruz Roja: N° cuenta corriente: 362883 Banco Estado a nombre de: Cruz Roja Chilena RUT: 70.512.100-1 -Caritas Chile: N° cuenta corriente: 0-082-18-0080-1 Banco Santander RUT: 70.020.800-1 -Desde el exterior: Las donaciones serán canalizadas por Unicef y por Direct Relief International. Se puede donar en el siguiente sitio: http://www.google.com/intl/es/relief/chileearthquake/ -Un techo para Chile recibe donaciones por teléfono e Internet con tarjeta de crédito y efectivo, y transferencias desde el exterior en http://www.untechoparachile.cl/static/comoColaborar/donaciones.html -Hogar de Cristo es una ONG que recibe donaciones y reparte ayuda. Se puede donar con tarjeta de crédito en http://www.hogardecristo.cl/index.php/colabora-con-nosotros/donaciones/dinero/ DONACIONES EN ESPECIES Se necesitan alimentos no perecibles (arroz, azúcar, aceite, etc.), líquidos (agua embotellada, leche), productos de higiene y pañales, ropa. En algunos lugares también se reciben frazadas y sacos de dormir. -Iglesias: Se recibirán sólo alimentos no perecibles (arroz, fideos, leche en polvo, aceite), no vestuario ni medicamentos, en todas las parroquias del país desde las 12 hrs. Para buscar la más cercana, http://www.iglesia.cl/parroquias/index.php -Cruz Roja: Recibe alimentos no perecibles, agua, pañales y ropa en su bodega en Seminario 973, Ñuñoa, Santiago. -Iquique: La municipalidad de Iquique estará recibiendo ayuda en el Estadio Viejo frente a Cavancha por Avenida Prat y recibirá pañales, leche, alimentos no perecibles, líquidos (agua y leche), y frazadas. Para más información llamar al 057514736. -Copiapó: Llevar aportes el Lunes 1 desde las 16:00 hrs a Chacabuco 780 (entre Infante y Portales). -5ta región: Se recibirán especies el Lunes 1 de Marzo desdelas 9 am en la Casa Central de la PUCV. Reciben pañales, frazadas, alimentos, art. aseo, etc.!. -Puerto Montt: Se recibirá leche, agua y pañales. Hay que ir a dejarlos a las escuela 6 (Escuela España) a partir del día Lunes 1 de Marzo. El día miércoles serán llevados en un avión Hércules de la Fuerza Aérea hacia Concepción. -Las federaciones de estudiantes de la Universidad de Chile (FECH) y la Universidad Católica (FEUC) están recibiendo alimentos no perecibles, ropa y productos de higiene, que serán derivados a la Cruz Roja. La FECH está en Periodista José Carrasco Tapia número 9 y la FEUC en campus San Joaquín y campos Lo Contador (Santiago). DONACIONES DESDE EL EXTERIOR Para ayudar desde fuera de Chile, por favor consultar en la embajada o consulado de Chile en su país. Direcciones y datos de contacto en:http://www.embajada-online.com/Chile-P36.htm o en http://chileabroad.gov.cl DONACIONES DESDE ARGENTINA Se reciben medicamentos, pañales, frazadas y agua mineral para enviar a Chile. Se necesitan antifebriles, antiinflamatorios y antibióticos. Se recepcionarán los días 1, 2 y 3 de Marzo de 10 a 18 hrs, en la Parroquia Santo Tomás Moro (Urquiza 1460 - Vicente López, Buenos Aires). Contacto e info: [email protected] y al teléfono 011 4791 5184. INFORMACIÓN -Cuenta de Twitter (de libre acceso) de la Cruz Roja con información al instante, recomendaciones y consejos: http://twitter.com/CruzRojainforma -CHILE AYUDA: Página web con info, recomendaciones, teléfonos de ayuda, voluntariado y búsqueda de personas http://www.chileayuda.com/ LUGARES EN CHILE DONDE SE RECIBE AYUDA Y SE PUEDE DONAR SANGRE http://bit.ly/ceOPe5 BUSCADOR DE PERSONAS Más de 36.000 personas registradas en un sitio para buscar personas o suministrar info de gente que perdió el contacto con su familia: http://chilepersonfinder.appspot.com/?lang=es Fotos sacadas de Emol.com Gracias :)
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Chilean Metals sees value in the company with assets in Chile and Nova Scotia
Chilean Metals (CVE:CMX) CEO Terry Lynch sat down with Steve Darling from Proactive Investors at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference to talk about the junior mining company that is focused on exploration for copper and gold in Chile and Nova Scotia.
Chile: Professional reporting live during earth quake of m8.3
Reporter of Tele13 Radio, Ramon Ulloa broadcast live the start of earthquake in Chile
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Paul Walker volunteering after earthquake in Chile
The Hollywood actor set up the charity Reach Out Worldwide to help those affected by natural disasters.
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Michelle Bachelet evalúa los daños por el sismo en Chile
La presidenta de Chile, Michelle Bachelet, entregó sus primeras impresiones tras revisar la zona afectada por el terremoto en su país. teleSUR http://multimedia.telesurtv.net/web/telesur/#!es/video/michelle-bachelet-evalua-los-danos-por-el-sismo-en-chile
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Earthquake in Chile Latest news and pictures 2 CNN 2
Vdeo Cm Direct Uplad
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Chile Earthquake
March 1, 2010 Chile rocked by 8.8 scale earthquake. Dr. Waverly Person, former director of USGS gives his professional opinion on the effect and implication of this event. This is a foreboding sign of what shall soon occur in New York City.
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6.3 Mag Earthquake Chile
A 6.3-magnitude earthquake has hit the Chilean coast, the US Geological Survey has reported. Powerful tremors were felt as far as Mendoza, located in Argentina’s Cuyo region. The quake struck at a depth of 31 kilometers (19.6 miles), with an epicenter about 79 kilometers (49 miles) southwest of the port city of Coquimbo, Chile, which has a population of more than 106,000. The nearest Chilean city of Ovalle (population about 104,000) is 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the epicenter, according to the USGS. The quake hit on Tuesday at 9:33 pm local time (00:33 Wednesday GMT).  Previously, the USGS placed the epicenter about 196 kilometers (122 miles) northwest of the Argentinian city of San Salvador de Jujuy (population over 178,000). There were no immediate reports of casualties or significant damage. Chile’s capital of Santiago, which has a population numbering in the millions, is some 326 kilometers (203 miles) away from where the quake hit. Multiple homes were left without power following the tremors, Chile’s emergency office said. There were also reports of rocks falling on the highway. Meanwhile, the navy has confirmed that the quake was not powerful enough to trigger a tsunami. Chile stretches along the so-called Ring of Fire, where the vast majority of the Earth’s quakes occur. Also known as the circum-Pacific belt of seismic activity, the Ring marks regions where neighboring tectonic plates violently clash. Most recently, a massive 8.3 earthquake in September of 2015 triggered tsunami waves that inundated the Chilean coast, flooding the streets and forcing people to seek shelter on higher ground. The incident left at least 13 dead.
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5 Most Powerful & Shocking Earthquakes Caught on Video REACTION!!!!
Link to original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST9QcZxW1BE Here's my reaction to "5 Most Powerful & Shocking Earthquakes Caught on Video" Get your own 'Haul Ass Tee's/Tank Tops here: https://www.bonfire.com/stay-calm-and-haul-ass/ Business Inquires email: axaclass1992gmail.com #Top5s #Earthquakes
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Chile Earthquake 8.8 Thusanami
Chile Earthquake 8.8 Thusanami
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Japan Earthquake 6.9 February 26, 2009
Japan Earthquake 6.9 February 26, 2009
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Música Zombie Hoodoo Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ PAGINA WEB http://www.gabehash.com/ YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/Gabehash (Canal Español) http://www.youtube.com/GabehashTV (English Channel) TWITTER https://twitter.com/GABEHASH FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/losamigosdegabehash California: Un sismo magnitud 6 grados de acuerdo a la USGS sacudió la madrugada de hoy 24 de agosto 2014 el norte de la Bahía de San Francisco. Es el sismo más fuerte en golpear el área de la bahía desde 1989, cuando un terremoto se produjo durante la Serie Mundial. (Read more http://www.gabehash.com/)
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Simulacro de Terremoto y Tsunami en Arica
Cerca de un cuarto para las 12 comenzó el Simulacro de terremoto y tsunami, al pasar dos aviones caza F16 por los cielos de Arica
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Chile - Earthquake
(15 Nov 2007) 543863 AP Television Antofagasta - 14 November 2007 ++MUTE++ 1. Various of surveillance camera shots taken inside supermarkets during earthquake Tocopilla - 15 November 2007 2. Soldiers carrying large pieces of debris out of house STORYLINE: A powerful earthquake left 15-thousand people homeless in the north of the country. The earthquake destroyed or damaged more than four thousand houses, killed two people and injured more than 150, the government reported. Images taken by surveillance cameras in various supermarkets throughout Antofagasta showed contents flying onto the floor as the earthquake rattled the shelves. Tocopilla and the nearby mining town of Maria Elena were hit the hardest - causing officials to declare them disaster areas to expedite aid delivery. About 500 emergency housing units have been sent to Tocopilla. A portable military hospital was also sent to the port city and already operating on Thursday morning, after the local hospital was severely damaged. The quake, centered in Chile's Atacama desert near the village of Quillagua, was so strong it was felt on the other side of the continent in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The quake struck around midday on Wednesday 1,260 kilometres (780 miles) north of the capital Santiago and was followed by several aftershocks, according to the US Geological Survey. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/53bee066fe0f814a1fa1420ef65acc1c Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Colombia Volcán Galeras - Sismos y Daños 🔴
Ya lo dijimos al ilustrarlo con imágenes que no dejaban duda de lo impactante del fenómeno: la erupción de un volcán es tan bella como destructiva. Pero lo que ahora está ocurriendo es que la erupción del Kilauea está creando una especie de lluvia de gemas. No se trata de una lluvia como tal, sino del hecho de que en una de las fases de la violenta erupción de este volcán (que afortunadamente ya parece estar bastante más calmada) se han estado expulsando pequeñas gemas que han quedado en el suelo, cercanos a los flujos de lava. Se trata de unos cristales de color verde que, aunque son comunes en esta isla del Pacífico, no es habitual que vengan "del cielo". Un mineral común y una forma de aparecer que no lo es tanto A veces la ciencia tiene a bien bautizar de manera descriptiva y eso lo encontramos en minerales como el que nos ocupa en este caso. Se trata de olivino, un tipo de piedra que de hecho no es rara en Hawaii, sino todo lo contrario, como apuntan en Forbes. Lo que no es habitual es que vaya cayendo como está ocurriendo ahora, un fenómeno que como explica en Mashable la geóloga Cheryl Ganseki (que trabaja en la Universidad de Hawaii-Hilo estudiando la composición de la lava del Kilauea) se debe a la erupción, pudiéndose encontrar gemas tanto por esta "lluvia" como por haberlas dejado atrás la lava a su paso "tras destruir coches o tráfico peatonal". Así, al parcer pequeñas piedras de este mineral ahora ha estado volando por la isla en vez de aflorar del basalto como es lo común, debido a que la expulsión repentina de lava al exterior hace que haya un enfriamiento muy rápido y el olivino cree en forma de cristal (independiente de la lava). Esto no significa que se hayan formado en esta erupción, sino que probablemente se formaron mucho antes, como comenta la investigadora Wendy Stovall (de U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)) a Mashable. Además, como apunta Michael Poland (vulcanólogo también de la USGS) es poco probable que vengan de la columna de humo (de la cima), lo cual es indicativo de que vengan de los flujos de lava. Ver imagen en Twitter Ver imagen en Twitter GEOetc @GEOetc2 Some olivines that popped out of an a'a flow. Kilauea's little gems. #hawaii #kilauea #olivine #lovevolcanoes http://www.geoetc.com 16:47 - 10 jun. 2018 173 61 personas están hablando de esto Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads Así, los hawaianos tienen ahora una nueva dosis de olivino, nueva porque como decíamos antes es un mineral común es la isla (y en la Tierra, en torno al 50% del manto superior terrestre según Forbes), aunque tampoco se trata de un mineral valioso como matizan en ScienceAlert. Llega a teñir playas de verde incluso, debido a las erupciones que se dan en el océano, al romperse la lava en pequeños fragmentos y acelerándose el proceso de separación de los cristales (como también explicaba Stovall). El olivino llega a Twitter Las redes sociales se han visto también teñidas de verde con esto hallazgos por parte de habitantes y otros colegas geólogos. Ya vimos con las imágenes que la erupción del Kilauea que las consecuencias habían sido masivas y que aquellos que se hallaban en las inmediaciones del volcán se encontraban grandes fisuras (se llegaron a crear hasta 22, y grandes) o los flujos de lava, arrasando a su paso con lo que hubiese, y del mismo modo los "nuevos" cristales de olivino han ido llegando a las zonas colindantes a éstos. Ver imagen en TwitterVer imagen en TwitterVer imagen en Twitter Erin Jordan ✔ @ErinJordan_WX Friends of mine live in Hawaii, right next to the area impacted by the most recent lava flows. In the midst of the destruction nearby & stress of the unknown, they woke up to this - tiny pieces of olivine all over the ground. It is literally raining gems. Nature is truly amazing. 7:14 - 11 jun. 2018 2.728 1.059 personas están hablando de esto Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads No obstante, en IFLScience aseguran haber hablado también con Stovall y que la investigadora parte de testimonios de terceros en cuanto a la lluvia, cuestionando el fenómeno en cierto modo. Aunque son varios los investigadores que hablan de la lluvia de manera segura (como la geóloga Ganseki que citábamos), y desde luego es algo que según ellos es poco habitual, pero posible. Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/tenshimex ¿Como pronosticar Huracanes? Clic aqui https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHl9EUP6poE Pagina donde se observa la evolucion del clima http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/mimic-tpw/global/main.html 10% de descuento en hospedajes CLIC AQUÍ https://booking.com/s/39_4/37b0b683 Canal Tenshi Game https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2PnjhFq0jY49-NMjuLETrg Apoya al canal en http://www.tenshimex.mex.tl Canal Tenshi Mex Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/TenshiMex Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TenshiMex Sigueme en Twitter https://twitter.com/TenshiMex Díganme que tema quieren ver en video? Para socios, empresas o contacto: [email protected] imagenes nuevas
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News Coverage of the 2010 Haiti and Chile Earthquakes
UMass Amherst students voice their opinions regarding the news coverage that the earthquake in Haiti received compared to the coverage of the earthquake in Chile.
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Sismo Chile con posibles tsunamis - Daniel TV News
Creé este video con el Editor de video de YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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terremoto 27 febrero 2010.wmv
a casi dos años del terremoto del 27/febrero/2010 dejo este aporte para nunca olvidar que somos un país sísmico
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안녕하세요 여기 라디오 한국 뉴스 스페인어판 [email protected] 빨리빨리 어머 어머. El fuerte sismo causó gran inquietud en la población de las regiones de Arica, Parinacota y Tarapacá, en las que había embotellamientos vehiculares mientras la población intentaba retirarse. El 01 de abril de 2017 a las 20:48 hora local ocurre un terremoto de magnitud 8.2 con epicentro en el Océano Pacifico frente a las costas de la Región de Tarapacá, al norte de Chile, afectando.
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Earthquake in Chile
Journalist Belinda Torres-Leclerq from the Santiago Times tells the Triple M Grill Team about the powerful magnitude-8.2 earthquake hit northern Chile.
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Chile hit by M7.6 aftershock Wednesday
Let's check on some of the stories making headlines on the global front... From another powerful earthquake hitting Chile... to the ongoing pilot strike in Germany... we go live to our Paul Yi... at the news center. Paul,... let's start with the deadly quake in Chile. We hear a second major tremor has prompted another round of tsunami alerts along the coastline. How does this quake compare to Tuesday's? Just one day after being hit with a strong, magnitude 8-point-2 earthquake,... Chile was rocked by a major aftershock measuring 7-point-6 on the Richter scale. No additional damage was reported,... but it has people in the South American country wondering how much more they can take. Our Kim Ji-yeon reports. A magnitude 7-point-6 aftershock shook the coast of Chile Wednesday evening,.. one day after an 8-point-2 magnitude quake in the same area killed 6 and damaged thousands of homes. The aftershock was centered about 40 kilometers southwest of the mining port city Iquique,... 10 kilometers beneath the ocean floor. A tsunami warning was initially issued for Chile and Peru, but has since been lifted. This was the strongest of some 140 aftershocks that followed Tuesday's quake, but so far there have been no reports of any significant damage. Experts credit the preparedness of the Chilean government and its people for the low death toll. Chile isn't the only nation feeling the effects. Panama recorded a magnitude-5-point-8 quake near the Costa Rican border Wednesday. Although no damage was reported,... some schools and hospitals were evacuated as a precaution. And as far as Japan, small tsunami waves washed up on the northern part of the island on Thursday morning,... the remnants from the magnitude-8-point-2 earthquake in Chile, a day earlier. And as for the damage in Chile,... it's still too early to determine how high the total will go, but early estimates are at around 30 billion U.S. dollars. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.
M7.1 earthquake strikes off Chile, 29 moderate aftershocks so far
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Massive 8.2 earthquake off Chile coast sparks tsunami | BREAKING NEWS - 2 APRIL 2014
Massive 8.2 earthquake off Chile coast sparks tsunami | BREAKING NEWS - 2 APRIL 2014 For more Latest and Breaking News Headlines SUBSCRIBE to https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperNewsPlanet A major earthquake of magnitude 8.2 struck off the coast of Chile on Tuesday, triggering a tsunami that hit the northern part of the country, but the government said there was no serious damage and no reports of deaths. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was shallow at 12.5 miles below the seabed and struck about 100 km northwest of the mining port of Iquique near the Peruvian border. The Chilean navy said the first tsunami wave had hit the coast within 45 minutes of the quake. Authorities evacuated part of the coast and a tsunami warning was issued for all of South and Central America's Pacific coast. Chile is the world's No. 1 copper producer but key mining firms said there was no serious damage to their operations. In 2010, an 8.8-magnitude quake triggered a tsunami that devastated several coastal towns in central-south Chile, a disaster that killed 526 people. Chile's ONEMI emergency office said late on Tuesday that landslides were partially blocking some roads and highways, and local radio stations said power went out in Iquique, but the government said it had no reports of deaths or injuries. Iquique is a key copper exporting port, close to Chile's main copper mines. State-owned miner Codelco reported no harm to its workers or mines, and said its operations in northern Chile were normal. Mining company BHP Billiton said it had not received reports of damage to mines. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that the coasts of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua were also at risk. "An earthquake of this size has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can strike coastlines near the epicenter within minutes and more distant coastlines within hours," it said. Authorities in Peru started evacuating communities in the southern coastal region of Ica, RPP radio reported. TAGS abc breaking news, bbc, bbc football, bbc iplayer, bbc news, bbc news america, bbc persian, bbc sport, bbc weather, bbc world news, breaking celebrity news, breaking election news, breaking late news, breaking local news, breaking music news, breaking news, breaking news alerts, breaking news canada, breaking news headlines, breaking news in atlanta, breaking news in nigeria, breaking news india, breaking news pensacola florida, breaking news plane crash, breaking news story, breaking sports news, business expensive news home media world, christian world news, cnn, cnn breaking news, cnn money, cnn news, cnn news breaking news, cnn news world, detroit breaking news, global news, headline, headline news, health care technology news, hot latest global news, internet technology news, las vegas breaking news, latest breaking news, latest celebrity news, latest information technology news, latest music news, latest news, latest news headlines, latest news update, latest sports news, live breaking news, local breaking news, local news today, msn breaking news, nbc breaking news, nbc world news, news of the world, news report us world, news today news, news updated daily, solar technology news, sports news today, technology news, the latest news, today news, us news and world, us news and world report, us news and world report magazine, us news and world report web site, us news world report, world news, world news daily, world news headlines http://www.makemeitexpert.com http://www.amwaynutrilitedaily.com Application Packaging And SCCM Training http://appinfotechnology.blogspot.in/
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Terremoto en virginia
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