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Starry Night Festival Rod -Harvest Moon ANB
No requirements, just be single and have Rod unlocked
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Harvest moon A new beginning:starry night festival(married)
I can't believe they actually show the kiss. I think its really cute ^ - ^ Sorry for bad quality. Thanks for watching.
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Cliff - Starry Night Festival ~ Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town
Cliffs version; Probably the best out of the four :L Xx
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Let's Play Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Part 59 - Starry night
We finally go have dinner with our girlfriend's parents, well grandma and little brother.
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Star Night Festival | Harvest Moon | Back to Nature EP.38
Just playing through Harvest Moon Back to Nature on the PS3 from the PSN store for 5.99 USD. Can be played on Ps3, PsP or PsP vita. Please Comment and Rate! It really helps! =) Follow me on twitter too! http://www.twitter.com/onlybentley Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheOnlyBentley Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/onlybentley Background Music from: Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music Sound Effects by http://audiomicro.com/sound-effects
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Let's Play Harvest Moon DS Part 43 - Starry night festival
After going back and NOT missing the trigger for the holiday, we have a nice sit down with Celia and Vesta. Oh and Marlin's there too.
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[Harvest Moon LoH] Pregnant Event: Soleil (Boy) & Starry Night Festival
❤❤❤Pregnancy Event❤❤❤ Did you think that was all? No no... after marriage comes children. One month after your marriage, you will have a child. You will need to purchase a Crib from Doc's Architects, however. Can't have the child sleeping on the floor! At some point before the child is born, you will be asked what gender you would prefer for your child, and your answer will determine what gender your child is. Requirements ______________________________________________________ 1) Crib ❤❤❤Starry Night Festival❤❤❤ The Starry Night Festival is a romantic festival held on Winter 25. On Winter 18, Rowan will provide you info on the festival and suggest you invite someone. You can then invite a bachelor/bachelorette to the festival simply by talking to them. On the night of the festival, go to your house between 5 PM - 7:59 PM to meet your date and enjoy the cutscene. ((Sorry for the background sound on the first half, forgot to deactivate it and was to late to ReRecord it again))
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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE | Ep31: The Starry Night Festival [No Commentary]
~~If you enjoy my videos, comments and likes are greatly appreciated. I very much enjoy interacting with my viewers and will always reply in a timely manner. Thanks for watching CHANNEL 90! ~~ ~=~=~=~=~=~=~ ~My BLOG http://blu-cup.tumblr.com/ ~TWITTER: https://twitter.com/blucup64 ~=~=~=~=~=~=~
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Harvest Moon FoMT: Knit Sock from Ellen
In order for Ellen to give you a knit sock, you have to be really good friends with her. If she allows you in her house at 6:30 AM, then yay! You two are close friends. In the video, I went outside the house to let time pass. You can go visit her later in the morning before 11 AM, I just wanted to show that she will let you in early at 6:30 AM if you're close friends already. *Sorry for the audio, it was suddenly not in-sync with the video after entering Ellen's house. The program I'm using lags a lot, so if you know of better softwares (free, *cough*) please do suggest some to me.* I tried this several times, but when I give her the yarn too early, she won't knit the sock. It doesn't matter what quality of yarn you give her, but give it to her a little before 11 AM. You will only be able to go out of her house after she knits. When that happens, it's already 6 PM. You will automatically be back in your house, with the sock already on the sock hook. If you're not yet good friends with Ellen, give her gifts everyday. She loves mushrooms, flowers, and rice cakes. Like the Harvest Sprites, she also loves flour. Do this during all seasons except Winter. Come the first day of winter until the 23rd day, try giving her the yarn for the sock in preparation for the Starry Night Festival on the 24th. Natsume. Nintendo. All Rights Reserved. Captured using Screen Recording Suite
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Harvest Moon 64 Starry Night Festival
Harvest Moon 64 Festival Gaming Natsume Nintendo "Video Game" Ann Elli Karen Maria Popuri Paradise
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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning | Glamorous vs. Slender (Random Event)
You need to have Rebecca and Camellia both at 20,000+ FP, and Olivia needs to be unlocked. The weather should be sunny. The UNoT guide also lists snowy and rainy days. The event probably would trigger on a snowy day since Olivia's store would be open, but I'm not entirely sure. The event probably would not trigger on a rainy day since the store would not be open, but again, I'm not entirely sure. So sunny weather is probably your best bet to make sure it does trigger. On a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, walk from your farm to the main part of town between 10am and 6pm to trigger the event.
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Harvest Moon DS Starry Night Festival with Lumina
This festival must be set up the day before, on the 23rd of Winter. On that day find the potential spouse with a Green heart color or higher. The person will then invite you have a party with them the following evening. The Minaral Town characters and Keria do not participate in this festival. Just talk to her and she'll asks you something about the festival.
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HM: ANB- Starry night festival with Sokeki (as bf/gf)
Sometimes.... I think English is Iroha's and Soseki's second language. XD there's some grammar errors in their sentences.
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: Animal Parade 81: Starry Night
In this episode, we enjoy the Starry Night Festival. Be sure to keep up with updates on twitter: https://twitter.com/Thomal9
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town 91: Cow Fest
My Cow is the greatest cow of all time...out of the three cows in the contest at least.
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(HM64) Starry Night Festival
Winter 24th, with Elli, Married ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Sorry for shaky hands. Quality is poo.
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 43: Town Growth
Time to actually get some new buildings up and finally rearrange the town to take advantage of that new area of town.
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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility ✿ Part 65 ✿
We do some mining and then watch the Starry Night Festival with our husband.
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Harvest Moon DS Starry Night Festival with Witch Princess
This festival must be set up the day before, on the 23rd of Winter. On that day find the potential spouse with a Green heart color or higher. The person will then invite you have a party with them the following evening. The Minaral Town characters and Keria do not participate in this festival. Just talk to her and she'll asks you something about the festival.
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Starry Night Festival with Soseki
Be single and ask him
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Gameplay + Walkthrough) Part 71 - Starry Night Festival
Let's Play Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Part 71 - We take part in the Starry Night Festival and obtain the Starlight Note! If you've enjoyed the video, please like and share if you can! Thank you very much! ^-^
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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, Part 109: Starry Night Festival
Today is not the day of our honeymoon to be perfectly clear. No, today is a festival day and the first one we get to spend with our new Husband. It feels nice to sit under the stars after having a picture taken together. Harvest Moon belongs to Natsume
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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning | Amir - Congratulatory Gift (Purple Heart Event)
Please see the video description for info on triggering this event. Sorry for laughing a bit :P I couldn't help it. Choosing the "bad" option for this event cracked me up because of his reaction (the typo helped). Requirements: Amir needs to have at least a purple heart, and you need to have seen his black heart event. The mine also needs to be unlocked (but if you have Amir in town and still haven't unlocked the mine... you've been using Wifi a lot). On a sunny day between 6am and 6pm, walk into Amir's house to trigger the event. Also, you can't see black/purple heart events from other bachelor(ette)s if you're currently dating someone. And you can't see more than one heart event/confession event in a day either. The best option (the one that gives FP) is the ore pendant. The other choice gives you negative FP. Obviously. Since you made him mad enough to kick you out of his house.
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Harvest Moon A New Beginning - Witch Princess Black Heart Event
This Event is: when you walk in the Witch Princess House from 12:00 pm to 5:00 am on any non-festival day of the week by any weather Witch Princess has 5,000 Friendship Points or more
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 77: A Brand New Year
In this episode, we begin our second year. Also so much green.
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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (JP) - Allen's Confession Event (Normal)
SPOILER ALERT!!!! I feel like I should put normal in the title because there's two confession events - the reverse confession and the regular one. To do the reverse confession you have to give them a hundred gifts and wait for them to propose. I just don't have the patience for that, lol. Probably will do the reverse proposal though. I'm sorry if the sound lags!!! Stupid camera. Oh well. Also, there's a little part where it seems like it's frozen - it was just me putting in the nickname. I like how I recorded this a little past midnight. Pffffft.
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Rod's Pregnancy Event
Harvest Moon: A New Beginning bachelor Rod and the event of pregnancy.
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Harvest Moon : A New Beginning Pt4 - Meeting Iroha
We meet the new chick in town
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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning | Arm Wrestling (Random Event)
Emma needs to have 20k+ FP in order for it to trigger. Walk to the festival grounds on any sunny day between 10am and 6pm to trigger it. Apparently Charles also has to be unlocked, but I don't see anything about Kosaburo needing to be unlocked, so I'm not sure if that's a requirement or not, tbh. Emma sure does love her apples.
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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning | Sanjay and the Female Mind (Green Heart Event)
Requirements: You must be dating Sanjay and he needs to have at least a green heart. Olivia needs to be living in town as well. On any sunny day between Monday and Thursday, walk into Amir's house between 6am and 6pm. The first two choices give positive FP (the same amount, I think), so those are the best options to choose... unless you want to get negative FP.
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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition - Nintendo Switch - Soleil Girl Note Events
And here finally the video of all note events of Girl Soleil! I LOVE her *-* Also, after her 4° note event I was able to invite her to the Starry Night Festival, I'll post the video next week, I think. Aaaaand, with time and patience, I'll record all the marriage scenes... time and patience 'cause I have just 3 saving slot and I have also a female character for recording scenes with the males so... it will take time, I have to organize myself! 1° Note Event at 0:11 2° Note Event at 4:49 3° Note Event at 7:22 4° Note Event at 10:32
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Harvest Moon A New Beginning Review
Etsamaru Reviews Harvest Moon a New Beginning for the 3DS. Talking about various things to do with the game. 8/10 Cows.
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Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning (Neil Yellow Heart Event!)
Sorry for the incredibly shaky camera and abrupt cut-offs...my cat kept jumping into my lap and jostling the camera, so I had to crop out some stuff (none of the actual heart event content, just footage of my phone falling everywhere), so all the dialogue and stuff is here. To get this event, you need to have seen all the others, and just enter Neil's house between 6AM-6PM on a sunny Friday/Saturday/Sunday.
Harvest moon:A new beginning-Midnight encounter
My second last random event now for my boy file.Will try to do the missing random events on my girl file,and random events for the girl character.
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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning | Soseki - Spring Harmony Day (dating)
Winter 14th is Winter Harmony Day. If you're a girl MC, then you can give chocolate desserts (or cocoa packs from Hana's store) to the bachelors. On Spring 14th, the bachelors will return the favor if you gave them a dessert on Winter 14th. If you're not dating/married to the bachelor, they will show up at your house between a certain time to give you a gift. If you're dating or married, walk into your house after 7pm to trigger an event. There are at least 4 variations to the dialogue that you have while eating the meal. If you save before the event and reload, you might get some slightly different dialogue. Here's the schedule for when bachelors will stop by your house if you're not dating/married (walk into your house to trigger the event): 8 - 9:30am: Rod 9:30 - 11am: Neil 11am - 12:30pm: Sanjay 12:30 - 3pm: Soseki 3 - 4:30pm: Allen 4:30 - 6pm: Amir
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town 16: Spring Cleaning
Getting a new backpack, cleaning out my old crops, and getting ready for Summer.
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Harvest Moon SNES - Episode 18: Under the Stars
Our second child is born! Then we cheat on our wife with 4 other women...or at least we see what the other Starry Night Festivals are like with the other girls. We go to the Bar with Eve, attend Church with Maria, star gaze with Nina on the Mountain top, bathe at the Spa with Ann, and celebrate with Ellen at the Public Square.
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town 112: Time Skip
Expect to see a lot of jumping around this winter.
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town 09: Expansion
Planting more crops, hatching more chickens, and buying useless stuff off the Home Shopping Network.
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Harvest Moon A New Beginning - Allen's Black Heart Event
i love this event this Event is: when you walk from Village to River area from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Saturday or Sunday by Sunny weather Allen has 5000 Friendship Points or more and the Restaurant has been built and Clement has been unlocked the right answer is the second one
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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning | Neil - The Ring (Normal Confession)
Please read the description if you want to know how to trigger the event. Requirements: Neil must be at blue heart or higher. You need to see his black and purple heart events before you can confess. Once you get a blue heart with any bachelor (or bachelorette, if you're playing as a guy), Hana will sell a ring at her store. You need to buy this in order to confess to someone. Give the ring to Neil on a sunny, non-festival Saturday or Sunday, between 8am and 11pm. Note that if you saw a black or purple heart event on that same day, you cannot trigger a confession, even if the event was for a different bachelor(ette), I think. ---- Added some random things to the end of the confession. Everyone in town (I think) will comment on you starting a relationship. Apparently you're not going to tell your own parents about all this, so Dunhill will tell them for you :P Maybe that's why, in HM games where your parents are alive, they never show up for your wedding or for the birth of your child. Because you don't tell them about it.
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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody ♫ Part 33 ♫ Starry Night
We attend the Starry Night Festival as we close in on the winter season.
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