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susong daLaga "tampakan"
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Tampakan mining project under fire
Militants are protesting government's approval of the multibillion-dollar Tampakan mining project in South Cotabato.
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Susong dalaga trail
taken last aug 16,2009 at susong dalaga tarlac.
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Morning in tampakan
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One of the most beautiful creations of GOD bestowed in Tampakan, South Cotabato. The breathtaking view and trek to it's hidden paradise will mesmerize you and entice you to go with your family, relative and friends and enjoy the one of a kind treasure the Tampakan hide for a long time. It can take an exciting trek before reaching Taal and upon reaching it, it will amaze you with its beauty. I have not yet discovered the origin of the name "TAAL FALLS" and on how they derived its name. But the important thing is that, TAAL FALLS is there to give you an exciting trek and showcase its wonder! - For more Travel Videos, SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Follow me on Social Media Facebook: Nel Penafiel IG: @abnerpenafiel - To those who want to support our upcoming Travel Vlogs, We do appreciate your support any amount or anything. Please contact me at 09389997609 or message me at my Social Media Account. Visit Tampakan, South Cotabato and don't forget TAAL FALLS!
Susong Dalaga Outreach Part 3
Susong Dalaga Outreach Part 3
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Taal Falls at Tampakan, South Cotabato, Philippines - July 26, 2016
Hey what's happening everyone! Just want to make a quick shout out to my buddies who are obviously in this hiking vblog. Anyways, thanks very much watching dropping by and watching another crappy video of mine. :) If you got this link from my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2 month later review, then I am happy to announce that the device was indeed water resistant. To me, the GS7 edge is a perfect smartphone for everyone who loves outdoor activities such as hiking. I used the Galaxy S7 Edge to record this video. If you are interested about my 2 months later review, this is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8D8tV7hHmI Anyways, the real highlight of this video is the spectacular beauty of the falls. It was absolutely worth it. The area is well protected and preserved. We even encountered a hibernating??? python. Not sure if pythons do hibernate tho. But yah, it was super fun! Awesome hike! Hope to be back on this waterfall again. Actually, we are planning to hike at Susong Dalaga (Teenager's Breast) just about 2-3 hours of hike from the falls. You can actually see it @ 1:48 ..... Well, anyways, I hope to see you again on my next hikes! As always, take care everyone and I will see on my next videos. Cheers!
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Mototrail at Pulabato, Tampakan part 1
Raul joined the mototrail at pulabato
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bendicion de casas..!!! "ZARZAMORA"
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Weekend getaway in Tampakan, South Cotabato
I spend my weekend (July 7-8, 2018) at Tampakan, South Cotabato. After five years, I finally come back and get the chance to catch up with my friends in this municipality. I got the chance to interview Pammie S. Malayon of Silek Band and see the Lamtaal Falls. ________________________________________ Di Munan (Noong Unang Panahon) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrdLF7khvzg Harapin ang Mundo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQKBo42A_bk&feature=youtu.be Read the full article in this link -https://www.yadukaru.com/2018/07/Silek-Band.html Catch more stories on Facebook Page – Yadu Karu - https://www.facebook.com/yadukarusblog/ Instagram – @yadu_karu - https://www.instagram.com/yadu_karu/ Twitter – @yadu_karu - https://twitter.com/yadu_karu Website – https://www.yadukaru.com
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Boxing liberty tampakan
Thank you for watching
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Santa's Clubhouse In Philippines Vlog (Tampakan) Part 1
Please watch at least in 720p HD. Hope you enjoy watching. Santa's Clubhouse (Part 1) We paid entrance fee for the :Adult - P150/head with free snack and Children - P100/head with free snack (3-10 yr old).. It was an awesome experience! Love it :) Highly recommended for everyone .. LIKE AND SHARE.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ..
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pulabato trail 2
mototrail at pulabato, tampakan
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Tampakan trip
A group of NDDU students embarks on a trip to Tampakan for their English 31 subject. WARNING: This video contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. SPECIAL THANKS to: Kim John Sia Cristobal Family Tampakan Locals Tour Guide Badoy John Jared Urian Mr. Salvador Bagaan Jr.
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Bagong species ng bulaklak natuklasan sa Tampakan, South Cotabato
Isang panibagong species ng bulaklak ang natuklasan ng mga eksperto sa South Cotabato. For more videos: http://www.untvweb.com/video/ Check out our official social media accounts: http://www.facebook.com/UNTVNewsRescue http://www.twitter.com/untvnewsrescue http://www.youtube.com/untvkasangbahay Instagram account - @UNTVLife Feel free to share but do not re-upload.
Seeing is Believing - Mine Tour at the Toledo Copper Mine Complex in Toledo CIty, Cebu.
For many years, SMI brought many of our community stakeholders to mining projects around the country to demonstrate how mining communities and mining companies work together towards creating vibrant communities, safe, clean and green environment, and mutually productive enterprises.
Born in Leyte, Leyte, the family of ex-Barangay Captain Basilio Magan settled at Banga, South Cotabato. Earlier, his parents, Benigno Hermosilla Magan born & whose genealogy originated in Danao, Cebu settled also in Leyte but later migrated to Southern Mindanao in 1949. The place was Tampakan, South Cotabato but the place was found out to be barren,they vacated the place then, later the STONE AND COGON area they have left out, was discovered to have the LARGEST DEPOSITS OF SILVER UNDERNEATH. It was known that the government of the Philippines offered the settlement to mostly forested Mindanao lands. Mindanao harbors lumads or old inhabitants,e.g. Bilaans, T'boli, Tirurays, Manobos, Yakans, Davaoenos, Moros and lots more. These early dwellers then were not enough to cultivate the lands. Exodus of people from other parts of the country cascaded down to Mindanao Islands. Today the island is very progressive except maybe for some Lumads who refused to join the improvement for good but wanted to separate and liberate themselves from the main government system. Animosities are hard to ignore. This is also the reason why I'm having this broadcasting, writing and sharing my views. I wanted to take part with the solving, appeasing, and releasing the hatred developed within these people.
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Nature trail at Tampakan
Nature trail at Pulang Bato
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Half snake, half Human .3gp
one of the surprises of life FALANA OLAIDE SAIDAT 114072037
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Pulabato tampakan motocross.. hambala racing
Pagong stewart and john hambala
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maligaya tambay 8
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Tampakan South Cotabato Escapade
Family is Love
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budots sa tampakan
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Discover Tampakan South Cotabato
Hosted b Tintin & classmate
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people of tampakan, philippines
nice people from different neighborhoods of Tampakan in Philippines
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Uwak O Inidoro
Limang dipang uwak sa loob ng inidoro
piso scandal.mp4
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Exploring Malandag to Tampakan Shortcut Route (part1)
In this Trip gusto naming ipakita sa inyo ang natural na ganda ng Sarangani at South Cotabato Route, Sobrang ganda ng lugar na ito kung saan natural ang makikita mong tanawin. Ang nakakamangha ay di mo aakalaing sa ganito ka layong lugar na nasa gitna ng mga bundok eh, matatagpuan mo ang mga lugar na ganito at organisado. Malamig ang lugar na ito tamang tamang pag bakasyonan at pasyalan, Ngayong taon ay tinatakdang matatapos ang daanang nag dudugtong sa Malandag to Tampakan Alternative Road na kung saan makakatipid ang mga bumabyahe sa kanilang oras at gas, kasi di na nila kailangan dumaan ng Gensan para makatawid ng Koronadal City. At asahang uusbong din ang mga malilit na negosyo sa lugar at ang kanilang mga produkto. Abangan niyo ang aming Part 2 at babalikan namin itong lugar na ito para ipakita sa inyo ang kabuuan ng lugar na ito. Please leave comments and likes and dont forget to subscribe... #ExploreMindanao#AdventureTrip#Motoblog
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The B'laans of Tampakan [part 2]
http://ourphilippines.tv The B'laans are an indigenous group of people who mainly live in the south part of South Cotabato in the mountains of Tampalakan. The tribe is also called Blaan, Bira-an, Baraan, Vilanes, and Bilanes. They are notable for adapting the life of modern Filipinos while maintaining their own traditions and rituals. The B'laans' primary source of livelihood is through agriculture; growing rice, corn, sugarcane, papaya and other root crops. The crops are also used in exchange for other necessities and tools.
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ArAw GaBI   by TaMpaKan`S PrIDe
NoG`zKiE - kristian mendoza RuSsEl .G. - russel mines like and watch lang po plsss
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lum alay dancer2
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Sagittarius Mines Incorporated. Anti- Mining Rally in South Cotabato 121011
December 10, 2011 NO TO LARGE SCALE MINING IN SOUTH COTABATO! Close to a thousand anti-mining activists were gathered at Koronadal City culminating here for their LAKBAYAN or Caravan from Davao City, Gensan and Tampakan! They were denouncing the presence of Foreign-funded, Multi-national giant financier, SMI (Sagittarius Mines Incorporated/ Western Mining Corporation ) for the supposed Grand & Large Scale Mining in Southern Philippines! The precious FIND, and touted as the largest in Southeast Asia covers more than 10,000 hectares of rich mineral deposits (not included the surrounding infrastructures already built), is located bordering the mountains of four neighboring (4) provinces. The center of attraction is Tampakan, South Cotabato where we can find the main entrance to the Mining site. On the other hand, there were reported inappropriate behavior by nearby provinces with regards to their future shares by also claiming their right to ownerships. The supporting casts of characters that claim the shares were coming from Davao del Sur, Sultan Kudarat and Sarangani Provinces! I'm a STRONG OPPOSITION TO THE ESTABLISHMENTS OF MINING EXPLORATION at any SITES IN MINDANAO! This kind of hazardous activity poses danger to the health of our people for absorbing the toxic wastes and tailings coming from the Mining sites. The nerve-wracking chemicals from the WORLD CLASS- HIGH TECHNOLOGY mining explorations carry with it THE TOXINS but to the POTABLE WATER AND ENVIRONMENT people living in Mindanao! The tremendous contaminations shall enveloped all rivers draining the mountains of Tampakan cascading down towards Lake Buluan, Liguasan Marsh and finally drains into the Rio Grande de Mindanao! This is horrible, a man-made catastrophe! THE NERVE damage brought about by Mercury & resulting destruction of human tissue cells shall convert the normally looking people of Mindanao to MONSTER-LOOKING FACE on top of other severe physical disabilities! NO TO LARGE SCALE MINING IN SOUTH COTABATO! My comment: Nganong WILD man kaayo ang uban nga nikuyog sa rally? Kun wala diay ko makapadagan kusog-ikyas gawas palayo sakay sa akoang sakyanan, namatay na siguro ko! Nganong dili man mo gusto kuhaan ug picture or video footage kay naa man mo sa public place ug sa dalan? DO YOU HAVE PROPER PROTOCOL? Or just plain arrogance? Mao diay kana ang inyohang pangdumala? Mao ba jud kanang mga tagabukid? Its UNRULY CROWD and wild-wild mob rulers on the loose (not all anyway)! Our advocacy is good but we have to behave properly in public; we can't just put the laws under our hands- or else NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BELIEVE THAT YOU WERE SERIOUS WITH YOUR CAUSE! Some may have that vested interest, to put up their own small-scale mining in the areas- for free! Because, I noticed some in the crowd were rude, sporting a rugged features, ANIMALISTIC, BARBARIC AND UNDISCIPLINED! Basig wala'y tulog, kapoy ug gutom lang ciguro; peru ayaw pud mog patakag dasmag dayon oi! - kolokoy man diay ka!- naputol nalang akoang footage ani! PAREHA RA TA ISOG DONG! KUN HERO KA MAS HERO KINI- sa maayong pamaagi ug diplomasiya lang ko! Kangaro man diay ka! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eh3lRWs2Ys December 13, 2011 I'm of course supporting the 'ANTI-MINING' EXPLORATION IN MINDANAO! My question to the ORGANIZERS of Rallies and sort; - whats your protocol for the rules of engagement? Along your path,why do some of your co-activists JUST GRABBED & HURT SOMEONE ALONG THE WAY with the intention of 'KILLING' by mere suspicion of xyzxyz 'PRO-MINING? My God, you're on the STREETS and its a public property! FOR ALL YOU KNOW, WE ARE THE SILENT SUPPORTERS OF ANTI-MINING. We resort to more SECURE method of airing our sentiments & were using these ELECTRONIC GADGETS to send the message around & ACROSS the World! You're such an unruly idiots and moron on the loose! Please, we have to settle things in proper venue, not by force or intimidation OR ELSE THIS LAND OF OURS does not need the LAW ANYMORE or we don't recognize the basic law of civilization, the RULE of Law & Order! We are not BARBARIC PEOPLE, worse, short of becoming animals & Cannibals! I'm going to raise my case to the Commission on Human Rights and to my fb friends -!! Please, Sir Joe can we still inject discipline down here? Lots of cause-oriented and BAYAN groups were there! Thank you! God Bless! I repeat, God bless!
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Medical Mission in Danlag, Tampakan, South Cotabato
Because of its remote location, medical services rarely reached the people of Danlag and the B'laan tribe. That is why medical services is considered a valuable commodity in this place. But through the IGLESIA NI CRISTO, in cooperation with other volunteer medical practitioners, on May 27, 2016, the B'laaan tribe in Danlag, Tampakan, South Cotabato enjoyed free dental and medical services, coinciding with the Pastoral Visitation of our beloved Executive Minister, Brother EDUARDO V. MANALO. INCTV
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tampakan group 2007
UP Diliman B.S.Geography Students Geography 192 Fieldwork April 30 to May 26, 2007
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Lambayong Tampakan Macho Gay 2008
MAcho Gay 2008 at Lambayong Tampakan South Cotabato sponsord by Sangguniang Kabataan Council headed by Sk Chairman Reymund C. Catalan
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Tampakan Xempre!
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SMI Community Resource Information Center
Newly opened Community Resource Information Center located at The Farm, Koronadal City, Philippines. To know more about SMI's Project visit http://informaticshub.blogspot.com/2012/08/smi-new-community-resource-information.html
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