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Mauritanie: plan social à la mine de Tasiast
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Diamonds Mauritania
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chercher d or en mauritanie
le kewlabe
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frome africa. Mauritania
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Mini gold Washery Mauritania
Get the price of machines: [email protected] ,for more details, here is our skype: billchanglei123 crusher has large output, low noise and high crushing efficiency and has solved the problem of abrasion of the old grinder hammer and the liner. Unique advantages of crusher lie in that under the same conditions, production can increase by more than 30% and efficiency can be improved by more than doubled. Vigorously carrying out green construction with environmentally friendly, ecological, low-carbon concept and developing highly efficient crusher have become the core concept of building materials industry. The machine can achieve simultaneously filling lubricants for all bearing at any time under the state of working and is convenient and efficient. Centralized lubrication systems achieves oiling without stopping the machine and is convenient and efficient for oiling on the road. We help users upgrade the system and update equipment mold. Periodic velocity fluctuation of operation of flywheel can be adjusted to make it operate uniformly and smoothly, increase rotational inertia, overcome the motion resistance and save more than 20% of power.
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Le Sahara occidental regorge de diamants, or et uranium !
Une entreprise canadienne révèle le potentiel du Sahara occidental de regorger des gisements d’or, de métaux de base, d’uranium et de diamants Kelowna (Canada) 17 août 2011 (SPS) – La société Metalex a rapporté hier l’ouverture d’une enquête géophysique aéroporté sur son permis d’exploration dans la partie du Sahara occidental occupée par le Maroc « , qui montre un potentiel pour plusieurs produits ». Une enquête magnétique et radiométrique de 85000 km est survolée parmi les 17000 km² de la license d’exploration dans l’ancienne colonie espagnole. Les relevés géochimiques complétées par Metalex montrent le potentiel de la licence de regorger de l’or, de métaux de base, d’uranium et des gisements de diamants. La prospectivité de la licence a également prouvée par la présence d’une mine d’or Tasiast de 20 millions de Kinross située à 100 kilomètres au sud et le monde de SNIM classe une mine de fer de 5,7 milliards de tonnes à 200 km à l’est. Metalex a conclu une joint-venture avec l’Office National des Mines et des Hydrocarbures (ONHYM) qui est le ministère marocain qui supervise l’exploration pétrolière et minière, le développement et l’extraction au Maroc. ONHYM détient une participation de 40% dans le projet et Metalex détient un intérêt de 60% du projet. (SPS)
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A Ride on Mauritania's Iron Ore Train
From Choum to Nouadhibou in an Iron Ore Cart. Posted at kylethatway.com
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Carte interactive de la Mauritanie
Décentralisation : Carte interactive de la Mauritanie Jaouhar LABIDI
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Century Systems Technologies Inc.
From the blowing desert sands of Egypt to the red-hot Ring of Fire in the James Bay Lowlands, the world's miners are increasingly making use of products created by Sudbury's Century Systems Technologies Inc. Using bred-in-the-bone Northern know-how, president Ray Auger and his team have crafted a series of Windows-based software products tailored specifically to the industry's growing exploration needs. "These are very important applications for the industry," says Auger. "It is very easy to sell, actually. It does a lot for them." This company's product line revolves around helping clients collect, validate, store and manage information related to drilling, surveying, and laboratory results -- in other words, anything a mining company needs to test its fortunes. This begins at the collection and logging of data from drill holes and point samples, through the proprietary DHLogger and Sample Station software. With MineMapper 3D, clients can map geological, geotechnical and geochemical aspects of open pit and underground mines, all in real time and in the field. Using the Fusion Central product, this information can then be fed back electronically to a central database off-site. This allows multiple users from a variety of locations and countries to simultaneously feed data to one spot, allowing for that information to be easily and securely accessed. This software also allows for settings and data tables to be set at an upper level and then pushed down to users, rather than having to configure them for each individual. Complementary products have also been developed to fit into the bigger exploration picture, with Report Manager allowing for this stored information to be easily extracted. Similarly, the Century Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) automates processes within mine site labs, drawing the information collected in the field from the Fusion servers. It then transfers this information to the lab tools, and the results are passed back into the central database. This means that once data is collected in the field, it can be used automatically throughout the exploration process, without fear of tampering. The entire line of offerings is marked by a modular approach, so clients can easily integrate any new Century Systems software products they adopt into those already in use. "You can go from a single license to a full multinational corporate solution, depending on how you grow." This value hasn't been lost on the mining industry: Century Systems now has clients in 45 countries, with 5,200 licenses spread across 250 sites worldwide. Twenty staff are scattered between its offices in Sudbury, Mexico, Peru and Argentina. Business is booming, so much so that Auger's efforts to expand the company's offices are in danger of being outpaced by its growth. Having just settled into new 4,000-square-foot digs in Sudbury's south end, double the size of his previous location, Auger is already eyeing another move as his team continues to grow. The genesis for this flourishing company came over a game of squash in 1996, when a friend mentioned he knew of a corporate acquaintance who needed custom exploration-related software. Auger, who had been working as an independent computer consultant with local firms such as Inco, saw an opportunity and created Century Systems. Following some partnerships with local experts, the DHLogger tool soon emerged. Even to this day, 13 years after its inception, the product remains the company's flagship offering, selling twice as briskly as anything else in the company's growing catalogue. It certainly has no shortage of prominent fans. It's currently in use by Noront Resources at the Ring of Fire. On the other side of the planet, Red Back Mining Inc has loaded the software onto durable tablets, which are then used for its Tasiast Mine in the deserts of Mauritania. Recently, a system has been sold to Vale, who will install it across 32 of its mines. Auger attributes much of his success to his people, all of which are from the region, and many of which had sought their fortunes elsewhere before looking for opportunities to return home. This shift to one's roots is at the heart of why he hasn't relocated his business to larger centres endlessly distant from the North. "This is where I'm from," says Auger with a smile. "This is where my camp is, and this is where I'm staying."
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Quete de l'or: Réussite pour certains et déception pour d'autres - El wataniya
قناتنا على اليوتيوب https://www.youtube.com/c/TawaturNetMauritanie صفحتنا على فيسبوك https://www.facebook.com/tawaturmauritanie :مباشرة تابعونا - Notre site web http://www.tawatur.net/ تابعوا حسابنا الرسمي على تويتر https://twitter.com/TawaturNet Mauritanie - موريتانيا - انواكشوط - Nouakchott
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ثروات الصحراء المسكوت عنها  من الماس،الدهب،اليورانيوم،الرصاص.النحاس
ميتاليكس (metalex) تكشف الشركة الكندية أماكن كتيرة في الصحراء من الذهب والمعادن الأساسية واليورانيوم والماس Joint-venture entre Metalex et l'ONHYM (gouvernement marocain) Metalex a une participation de 60% La zone couverte par la revendication couvre 17 100 km2 de roches archaïques du craton et du protérozoïque qui n'ont jamais été explorées auparavant pour des diamants ou d'autres minéraux de base. CIBLE JUSTIFICATION Superficie considérée comme potentielle pour les gisements diamantifères commerciaux hébergés dans la kimberlite ainsi que pour les gisements commerciaux d'or, de métaux communs et précieux, de métaux du groupe du platine et de minerai de fer pour les raisons suivantes: Une partie de la zone du projet est la section nord inexplorée d'un craton archéen dans lequel des diamants et de la kimberlite ont été trouvés au sud dans la partie mauritanienne du craton. La zone peut être explorée par un échantillonnage systématique du sol et du drainage pour les minéraux indicateurs de diamants et l'analyse géochimique des concentrés de minéraux lourds. La prospectivité de la licence est également démontrée par la présence de la mine d'or de Tasiast de 20 millions d'onces de Kinross située à 100 kilomètres au sud et de la mine de fer de classe mondiale de 5,7 milliards de tonnes de SNIM située à 200 kilomètres à l'est. TRAVAIL METALEX Depuis 2004, plus de 3 000 échantillons ont été collectés et traités. Les résultats des échantillons ont révélé une abondance d'anomalies: - Zone du Sud (Tichla): indicateurs de diamants dans 16 zones, or dans 28 zones, Ni-Cu-Co dans 18 zones, Zn-Cu dans 13 zones et uranium dans 3 zones. - Zone Nord (Awsserd): 2 zones présentent des promesses importantes pour les kimberlites diamantifères, l'or dans 10 zones, Ni-Cu-Co-Zn dans 8 zones, Cu-Co dans 4 zones, Zn-Ni-Pb dans 15 zones, Pb dans 1 zone et de l'uranium dans 3 zones. http://metalexventures.com/morroco/ http://www.wsrw.org/a143x1054 https://www.maghrebvoices.com/a/414464.html http://lakome2.com/index.php?news=34273 FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/RepublicainsMarocainsM.R.M?ref=bookmarks FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/republicanmoroccansradio?ref=bookmarks FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tachfine-Ahmed-Belkezize/405536086266530?ref=bookmarks TWITTER : https://twitter.com/REPMORRADIO BLOG : http://televisionrepublicainemarocaine.blogspot.it/ TSU : http://www.tsu.co/MRM_REPUCLICAINS_MAR TUMBRL : https://www.tumblr.com/search/MRMRADIO MRM T.V : http://original.livestream.com/tawra INSTAGRAM : https://instagram.com/rmradio/ MRM LIVE TV : http://original.livestream.com/tawraalmaghribia?t=648481 MRMPRESS : http://www.mrmpress.com/
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Elder Scrolls Online Exploration Grand manoir Linchal (côte d'or)
Le grand manoir Linchal situé au nord de Kvatch, dans la région de la côte dor
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