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Torq energy gels/raspberry ripple
Torq gels and bars are the best i have ever tasted!
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Best In Test: Torq Energy Gel
Men's Running Editor, Isaac Williams talks through this months Best In Test Energy Gel.
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Roswell Bicycles sells Torq Fueling performance products
Roswell Bicycles is your local point of distribution for TORQ USA high performance cycling nutritional products. TORQ is a nutrition company driven to increase the performance of endurance athletes. TORQ fueling products include bars, chews, gels, and powders.
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Energy gel that tastes like BEER??!!! (We find out if it really does)
The one where I made record-breaking Inov8 athlete Victoria Wilkinson eat ice cream on a sub-zero day below Pendle Hill! Sorry Vic, we just really needed to test how much these NEW gels from Torq really tasted like their names: Cherry Bakewell, Lemon Drizzle Cake and, la piece de resistance, Winter Shandy! Only the little cafe below Pendle Hill, in Barley main car park (it's lovely, defo check it out), didn't have any lemon drizzle cake so we had to improvise with lemon ice cream! Torq Cherry Bakewell gels http://amzn.to/2IauEC4 Torq Lemon Drizzle Cake gels http://amzn.to/2Ia5e7A Torq Winter Shandy gels were limited edition unfortunately, but they are always making interesting/crazy new flavours so keep a look out! They will send them to me too, so subscribe to Wild Ginger Films to stay in the loop. TOP TIP: Learn from my mistakes, if you do take gels, make sure you drink plenty of water at the same time, on the Druids Challenge 2017 I got really bad stomach cramps taking a gel when I had no water left. Bad idea. Personally I much prefer real food to gels but I do take them in races where real food will just go off or will be too difficult to eat Transparency: Torq sent me these gels to test out. I am not supported by them financially in any way and mine and Victorias views are our own.
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Sports fuel ! Yes they are good after using on various lengths of riding from 50kms to 300kms,great tasting and never had a moment where i felt sick or fed up from them unlike most of the other products out there. Many cycle shop are now supporting this company and selling the whole range so give them a go. Tried these? what are your thoughts? Please leave a comment below!
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The Taste Test: Torq Energy Gels
We thought we would try and see how many flavours of Torq energy gels we could guess right and here are the results! https://www.facebook.com/TotalWomensCycling
Torq /TeamBG A1C
Fitness experts Torq partner with diabetes fitness gurus Team blood glucose and introduce A1C 15 - A super fast acting carbohydrate blended gel, in a handy 15g size.
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MNR - Wiggle Energy Gels
A quick review of Wiggle Energy Gels
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Torq chew bar review!
A brief view on my thoughts on this bar.
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TORQ Recovery System
Prezentacja systemu regeneracji. Dodatkowe informacje na stronie: http://torqpolska.pl/recovery-regeneracja-2
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Sub 3 Hour Marathon On 10 Miles A Week What I Eat For Stamina
I eat 600g of carbs per day EVERY DAY REGARDLESS. Night before the marathon I drank 750ml bottle of water. Food and water during marathon morning. 3 Torq gels during the marathon. 3 before the start. 750ml of beetroot juice drank at 6am. Marathon started at 7am. 750ml of water drank at 5am. Had 1-200g of organic cane sugar in 750ml bottle. Drank that at aid stations and had my personal assistant drop it off each aid station when needed. Didnt run out of water or sugars during the marathon. Felt good. :) You also have to BELIEVE you can do it. If you don't BELIEVE you can then you FUCKING CAN'T! Thanks for watching. Leave your comments down below. If you liked the content please subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=durianreider My channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/durianreider/featured Sleep, water, sugar sufficiency must be the daily focus. Sun + sport must be the weekly focus. Making the world a better place for humanity, the animals and the environment must be the life focus. Here are some more tips from Durianrider & Freelee One MUST get consistent early nights to ensure success on a healthy weight loss lifestyle. More early nights means a healthier and faster metabolism + you will have greater nerve energy for the next day as your organs get the rest they need to function healthfully. High carb low fat fruit based lifestyles work wonders for long term weight loss transformations. Ive NEVER seen a fat fruit or rice muncher EVER. People sneak in fat and wonder why they get fat. Im talking FAT FAT not skinny fat cos someone doesnt move their body and they wonder why they dont have a tight stomach.Weight loss transformation WILL happen when you do the right things. High carb, low fat, early nights, consistent hydration etc. Participate in your fav activities to build the toned body that you want. Its easy to lose weight but to build a toned body you MUST MOVE IT! :) AND eat enough carb calories so that the active adventure filled lifestyle is EASY to maintain!! So many people make the mistake of not eating enough carb calories DAILY!! Thats like wanting to be a big spender on 5$ a day! CHOW DOWN THE CARB CALORIES REGARDLESS OF YOUR WEIGHT!! My recommendations for anyone wanting to get fit + stay fit + gain muscle + burn fat is 10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day MINIMUM (even on days off) and 1g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per hour when you're out training. I personally drink enough water so Im pizz'n at least 10 times a day CLEAR and a few times a night. If my urine is yellow or straw, I just knock back a quart and Im good to go. Raw food diet vegan high carb low fat style based on fruit keeps you slim naturally. How to get a flat stomach, how to lose weight with raw foods.how to start a raw food diet? all these questions and more answered by Durianrider & Freelee on our channels.
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Facilitated Hydration
This short video demonstrates how adding glucose and sodium to water facilitates absorption. For more infomation please visit our website: http://www.torqfitness.co.uk/nutrition/torq-hypotonic
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Cyclist vs camper van!!!!
Only a bit of fun!! The road was jammed right up to the motorway so safest place to overtake is on the outside. Never under take traffic when it's jammed up because some fool is going to open there door on you also you don't want to ride in the gutter! Do watch for cars that get impatient and can suddenly pull out to do a u-turn etc!! This guy seen me but still had to put his fat foot down to prove what!? He was not going anywhere! Stay safe!!
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What a smasher of a night it was for this! Won't forget this one! Done a loop a few weeks ago but it cooled off between 3-5 am as it usually does,tonight it stayed warm the whole ride,totally epic! All i had with me was the jersey i am wearing,thermal base layer for those downhills and colder spots in the sticks,lightweight gilet which i never used. Just a steady loop really with no efforts,just energy conserving and enjoying the ride. Went into a town only to just miss my chance of pizza by a few minutes,nowhere else was open so service station it was for tins of fruit. So many great experiences riding all night,especially solo,the peace,quiet and solitude which is hard to beat,very hard. Being outside in this world when everyone else is asleep. Its not for everyone mind,i am just a very strong willed individual that if i have a goal or to do something i will do it,also by far a loner more being able to handle being on my own and getting the job done what ever that maybe. Cycling distance is for sure more mental attitude,being night changes everything,going from late afternoon to early evening as the sun slowly sets and temperature drops,the point where the sun is dropping behind hills and trees,its only then you start to feel and breath that special air,summer air which charges you as you gulp it down. Of course riding at night has its dangers but so does anytime anywhere,why is this? because it only takes one car or say one incident. Night time you are more visible especially with the advancement of light technology. What lights do i use?,i have various set ups,and have used many combinations over the years,this ride i had an older Lupine Tesla front light with the switch on the body not the newer programmable switch,also a Fenix Ld10 on my helmet. Rear lights were a Smart led on my bag,spare smart on Revelate bag and my main light was a custom led a friend made for me,its so bright the low setting is blinding,the high setting is just crazy,i have used it on this in daylight in very busy traffic with good results. Helmet light is a good idea because if you get a puncture or other issue its so much easier to sort!,another real bonus is you have better vision being able to look around,traffic can see you more to as you can look and point the light towards it. Any questions please just ask! Thanks for watching. Be safe as you can be and hope i inspired you to get out and ride. Please like this video if you liked it! LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-gb/ http://www.lupine.de/ http://www.fenixlight.com/ http://www.revelatedesigns.com/ http://www.camelbak.com/en/International/Sports-Recreation.aspx http://www.elite-it.com/en/products/bottle-cages http://bike.shimano.com/ http://www.kask.it/
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Energy gels and bars taste test pt 2.
Second part of the taste test.
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Energy gels and bars taste test pt 1.
An impartial taste test of gels and bars for cycling...
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Energy gels and bars summary plus carbohydrate info.
Just a quick summary of the gels and bars with some carb info, if you're interested. Hope you like it!
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Energy gels and bars taste test pt 3.
Third part of my taste test, hope you've enjoyed it.
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Bulu Box - The Scoop: Surge Energy Gel
Stephanie & Kate of Bulu Box share Body Glove Surge Gel's awesome energy and endurance benefits. Plus, Kate has a pretty sweet way to cart them around. Find them here: http://www.bulubox.com/surge-energy-gel.html#.UjCdbBY-J5g
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Trail Energy Bars, Gels and Gummies
My two cents on some of the more popular and common pre-made trail snacks. Be sure to watch part 2 to learn how to make pemmican! http://youtu.be/ZQT4cMPrRWY www.thesavagegentleman.com
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Random poem
I enjoyed that !!!
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Primera Sports - Benefits of Nutrition
Lewis from Primera Sports takes an in depth look at the benefits of nutrition products, including Hydration, Energy & Recovery drinks, bars and gels.
GSU Sports Nutrition: Choosing an Energy Bar or Gel
Created for Georgia State University Athletes.
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Sports drink unboxing
This is a joke, don't be hating