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HODL, ATH, Whale - What Do These Mean? Crypto Slang EXPLAINED!!

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Have you been around Reddit, Facebook, or YouTube cryptocurrency communities and heard terms such as HODL, ATH, FUD, Shill, Whale, etc. and wondered what they all mean? If so, check out this video where I compiled a list of these common terms and define them! Let me know in the comments below if I forgot anything or if you are still confused about the meaning of a particular term! Also, if you like this video, please SUBSCRIBE because I will be putting out more shortly!
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Bitcoin for Beginners (1 year ago)
Hey folks, I hope you enjoyed this video! Please be sure to CLICK SUBSCRIBE and also join the sister Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254527885037034/ I'm trying to build a large community where everyone can learn about cryptocurrency and enter the broader crypto community as an informed and responsible member!
Gregg Clements (5 months ago)
I dig the mission statement. Great video!
Randie Rabideau (12 days ago)
Thank you!
Bitcoin for Beginners (11 days ago)
my pleasure!
Bitcoin for Beginners (1 month ago)
JTBSK2 (2 months ago)
Fork is not always a split. It’s just an update. It can lead to a split but not always a split
Bitcoin for Beginners (2 months ago)
You're right
adavari17 (6 months ago)
Great video good job
adavari17 (6 months ago)
No problem just subscribed to your page
Bitcoin for Beginners (6 months ago)
Yay thanks for watching
Organic Posts (9 months ago)
What Does HODL Mean in The Cryptocurrency? https://www.organicposts.com/what-does-hodl-mean/
dshibbs1027 (1 year ago)
hodl hodl hodl......
Evan Talks (1 year ago)
New song: “King of HODL (Hold Onto Your Crypto) https://youtu.be/okGyOlabiKs
Paul Mapleson (1 year ago)
Thanks buddy, very helpful for beginners 👍🙂
very helpful for bitcoin users and beginners.
So many shitcoins. I wish they didn't exist. It just hurts the market.
Bitcoin for Beginners (1 year ago)
They'll go away eventually
Leonardo Fringuelli (1 year ago)
Very helpful thanks!
Mr Hanad (1 year ago)
CryptoLos (1 year ago)
You forgot SHITCOIN.. like Bitconnect
Bitcoin for Beginners (1 year ago)
hahahh yep!
Rochelle El (1 year ago)
Thanks, this was really helpful!
Nominal Egg (1 year ago)
Many of these acronyms originate from the trading world, long before there were cryptos.  Acronyms such ATH, FUD, TA, FOMO, MOMO (you forgot that one) - and terms like fiat, whale, moonshot, pump&dump, etc have been around a long time.  HODL is a strange one, since in the trading world, HOD stands for high of the day and LOD low of the day.
Original FAMFAM (1 year ago)
Nominal Egg YE.
Nominal Egg (1 year ago)
Original FAMFAM (1 year ago)
HODL is the dyslexic way to say HOLD.
Bitcoin for Beginners (1 year ago)
yes you are correct!
Gorb Locke (1 year ago)
Very informative, remember folks Hodl!
Original FAMFAM (1 year ago)
Bitcoin for Beginners (1 year ago)
YES, 100%
Kristian Levin (1 year ago)
I was looking for this! Thank you!
Walla (1 year ago)
nice resume, keep up the good work ^^
josef herbst (1 year ago)
zombíci 3

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